Saturday, 9 August 2014

Celebrating National Day

Mass rapid transit train (metro) running in front of a block of flats

We celebrate National Day today. 

Exactly 49 years ago, Singapore gained independence from Malaysia after a rather unceremonious expulsion from the Federation due to racial tension.

Flat with playground featuring Dragon slide

Since then, this country celebrates the 9th of August, rejoicing in how through the very difficult early years, we have built a nation where people of different races now call home.

Flat with clothes hanging out- a typical sight

Typically, in the days leading up to our National Day, many events with themes revolving around the country's achievements are organised. 

Of special interest to me this year is the Recycled Project organised by Yeo's, a  Singapore company that pioneered the use of tetra pak .

Hundreds of kindergarten children came together to build miniature blocks of  HDB flats (our public housing) using Yeo's tetra pak drinks packaging.

90% of Singaporeans live or have at one point in their life, lived in such a flat. Today, more than 80% of us still do. 

Looking at how creative the little ones were with these recycled packaging truly inspired and amazed me. All the attention to details made me want to build one too.

Vertical gardens are more and more common in our high rise these days

Most of the material used was the packaging of course but there was also paper, plastic, straws and strings.

The children even used little cut-outs of themselves to illustrate how myriad the households in a flat can be.

Many of the flats were of course decorated with flags and string pennants to commemorate the National Day.

What I especially love though are the playgrounds, so many of them reminiscent of my own childhood.

Playground with Dragon Slide

Park made entirely with paper

"Water Tanks" and "Pipes"

Walking through rows of these miniature structures, I was brought back immediately to all of my childhood homes, the last of which I left for good only after I turned 26. 

So kudos to all the little children and their teachers and thank you for the special memories. You are all creative geniuses.



The Old Maid said...

Most of all: happy national day - although it is probably gone by now. ;)
The kids seem to have endless imagination which is good for their future.:)I hope you are inspired enough to show us your new works soon! :D
All these 10 storey flats are alike these over here too.:)
Hugs and kisses from all of us!

Daydreamer said...

WOW! Those mini recycled constructions are Amazing!!! They are just the sort of worlds children make from scraps... so colorful and full of tiny realistic touches! The places that are important to them... the playgrounds... the stairs and the terraces.... what an Amazing project!!!
And Happy National Day!!!
And like Ewa, I hope to see the things You are making from scraps...!

Neomig said...

Happy 9th of August to your country!
The project is a great idea!

carmen said...

feliz día!

rosanna said...

Happy National Day !!
Have you been out of town for a trip? I still remember ours very fondly :o)
Love the buildings, the kidsand teachers have been absolutely great with them.
So much colour and so many details, truly wonderfull.
Hugs, ro

BiWuBär said...

Happy late National Day... ;O) What a beautiful project - thank you so much for sharing this. The kids have outdone themselves, everything so well made - and art showing up in the details. Awesome!


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Sans ,
Wow the work of the children and their teachers is AMAZING! Love that they are into recycling things to make art. :)
I have missed you over at my blog. :( If you have a minute or two please visit. I have two New posts. Please leave a comment if you can.

Elizabeth S said...

Totally fascinating story Sans! I love the different interpretations the children used to denote the variety of buildings and playground equipment! Children have such great imaginations to begin with and the way that they used the packaging is as creative as what can be seen in Modern Art Museums around the world today! Well Done!!! :D

p.s. I received some wonderful tea not long ago. A flower bursts into bloom when hot water is added. The flower is friendship :))

Remco said...

Pfff, first I had a shock reading 49 years on that building, but it was a national holiday... ;-)
I must say it's fun to see these houses made to celebrate this day. Love this idea, and the looking nice as well!!!
So congrats you young lady!!!

Margriet said...

Those kids really made wonderful buildings, thank you for showing the photos!!

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