Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Day 363- Christmas Afternoon

Birdcage from Margriet- Europe 2012

Christmas afternoons are just like Christmas mornings where I live. December is so cool here that afternoons feel just like early morns with the sun barely peeking through the clouds. 

This is the time I wake up, usually after a night of partying with family or friends. I love being with them but I really welcome the day after when I have it all to myself,

doing what I love.

I therefore wish for you as beautiful a Christmas Day
as I am having right now. 

And Margriet, I hope you are not too shocked at what I am doing to your lovely birdhouse. It's just that it is a prominent feature in my next project!


carmen said...

feliz navidad!

Margriet said...

Mery Christmas dear Sans!! Enjoy your quiet time :-)
Beautiful photos!!!

Hugs, Margriet

Katrina said...

Wishing you joyful Christmas and Happy New Year. Hugs Kati

Piikko said...

Enjoy your day dear Sans!
T wish you a lovely x-mas day!♥
It has been snowing here almost 24 hours now. Si I send you the warmest x-mas greetings from snow white, Finland. HUGS! piikko

Ilona said...

Dearest Sans, I understand you so well, I feel like the same: being with my family and have a lot of fun, but then I need rest and some time for myself to make miniatures :D!! The aged birdcage is wonderful, the bird is set free......
I wish your family, my little friend Nat ;) and you, Sans!: a Merry Christmas and a healthy and good 2013!!
Warm hugs, Ilona

BiWuBär said...

Enjoy this special time - and I think there has to be a time for everything... a time for party and a time for tranquility... ;O)

Merry Christmas!

The Old Maid said...

To you, dear, and all the loved ones of yours : have a great Christmas! :)
I can't wait to see more of what you did during your free time ;)
Hugs and kisses

Daydreamer said...

Merry Christmas, Sans! I am still getting ready for Christmas on this side of the world, LOL! My sons are home and are just waking up as I type this..... so much still to be done! But LATER.... I am with you and will spend Hours and Hours quietly making minis!!!
I LOVE the glimpse of those flowers you are making......
Much Love to you and yours on this Christmas Day!!!

malu2 said...

Querida Susan!!
Te deseo una Feliz Navidad en compañia de tu familia, que seas muy feliz!!
Feliz 2013 !!
Desde Barcelona un gran abrazo
Malú y MªLuisa y un beso de Pol.

Alexandra said...

Dear Sans,
I wish you a merry christmas and an good, healty and happy 2013.

Lots and lots of kind regards,Alexandra.

Flora said...

Oh, how I understand you! Here it is now late in the evening and I just finished washing the last few dishes and silverware, after a day I would call at least INTENSE.
Nice to celebrate with the family, but when they go away and you're taking again possession of your home .... is wonderful!
So long that I do not write comments, but come back here makes me feel at home :-)
Merry afternoon Christmas

Plushpussycat said...

Merry Christmas, Sans! I'm glad you're enjoying your quiet time. I need that too! :-) xo Jennifer

Neomig said...

May you have a beautiful year with your loved ones and with your wonderful music!

Sans! said...

Margriet, I am sure you recognise your birdcage :). I have just added the following to my post which I wrote in a bit of a hurry yesterday.

It says " Margriet, I hope you are not to shocked at what I am doing to your lovely birdhouse. It's just that it is a prominent feature in my next project!"

For you, a lovely boxing day!

Sans! said...

Piikko, you have white snow, I have green mold :). Yes, it's the time of the year for me again..:)

Have a great boxing day!

Sans! said...

Flora, :) I know there will be some of you who share this feeling with me :). I want to make it a tradition that I spent Christmas morning making minis :). I started this since 2011. It's like me giving myself the best Xmas present of all :).

Sans! said...

Dear Betsy, reading your comment is like being there with you on Xmas morning :), waiting for your boys to wake up. Thank you for taking your precious sweet time to spend here with me :). You guys are the really the best guests to have on Christmas Day :)!

Sans! said...

And I am sure all of you girls are having a good Christmas, right?

Carmen, feliz navidad :):)

Katrina, thank you for being here on Christmas morning :).

MaLu,muah muah muah y abrazossss

Alex, so great to see you!

You too, Neomig! :):)

Sans! said...

Birgit, did the postman ring twice or was he too distracted at your famous Xmas Market?:)?

Sans! said...

Ilona :), I will let Nathaniel know that someone out here thought of him this Xmas. His response will likely to be a very cocky "wow, I am famous" :):). Forgive my 7 year old brat because he did something quite wonderful at our Xmas Eve party. He built a microphone and 2 small "ukele" like guitars with Lego bricks so that he and Xander could give us an impromptu Christmas concert. He sang his own version of funny Xmas song but the guitar broke before he could finish the song. I congratulated him for holding the best rock concert ever and breaking the guitar, just like the best of rock stars :). He didn't like it that he only got to sing 1 song. hahaha

Sans! said...

Ewalina, I am trying my darnest to finish the bulk of it before year end :). Ok I will go back to work now.

Margriet said...

Dear Sans...yes I recognized my bird cage...you didn't demolish it beyond recognition LOL
No, I'm not shocked at all...I'm very honored that you're using it :-)
I made one for myself too last year...and it has its bars broken...I always want birds to be able to fly out..I don't like caged birds ;-)

Sans! said...

My same sentiments Margriet. I think birdcages should only be for flowers :).

Jollie said...

Merry Christmas to you too and yours dear Sans.
And a very Happy New Year 2013! ^-^
Hugs Jollie

Susanne said...

Hope you had a wonderful christimas, Sans, and I wish you a happy new year with lots of miniature inspiration!
Love, Susanne

Ilona said...

Oh Sans! Nat and his nephew with their own made guitar: so great you are telling it, it feels if I was at your place, thank you dearie :D!! Sounds as a lot of fun...
Hugs, Ilona

Ascension said...

Hola Susan
Me he perdido un monton de entradas de tu blog.
Espero que hayas disfrutado de una bonitas Navidades.
Voy a darme un paseo por tu blog y ver todos tus nuevos trabajos.....hasta ahora mismo...
besitos ascension

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