Monday, 17 December 2012

Day 362-Celebrating The 4th Year

How shall I celebrate my 4th year

A question that has plagued me for days while I laboured over this anniversary post. It came to me when I was lighting up this incense, thinking how my 4th year drifted by so fast, it was like the smoke through my window, dust in the breeze. Then it struck me. Perhaps I shouldn't only be asking the question how, rather, it should also be about what. With that, the answer was clear as day.

With incense and perfume, for friendships and love.

 Rosanna's Gift in 2010 with an incense holder I bought only yesterday. 

Perfume and incense makes the heart glad, but the sweetness of a friend is a fragrant forest- Proverb 27, Bible

In a weird and wonderful way that is blogland, great blog friends can become constant companions who never met, confidants with no need for conversations, chums who know you sometime better than you know you.

There's not a word yet, for old friends who have just met- Jim Henson, favourite Songs From Jim Henson's Muppets 

Like this porcelain trivet that Ro brought me from Provence in 2010. It was  her 1st visit to Singapore and only the 2nd time we met. The trivet has a garden motif and appears now to be the harbinger of things to come. Be it serendipitous or acumen, gardens figure significantly in my creations this year. Was I thinking about this trivet or inspired by it? The answer would have to be no .Ro however could already see back then how much I love plants and gardens. 

What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies- Aristotle

On Saturday, I walked into a 2nd hand bookstore and quite unexpectedly found a pre-loved, Oriental incense holder going for a token S$3, definitely not something you would find in a bookstore.  The French trivet flashed through my mind and I knew immediately that I have found for it a sister from the East. I came home, placed one on top of the other and it was a if they were made to match. Incense and perfume. I brought it to Our Dollhouse and finally knew what I wanted to write.

With suitcases and flowers, travelling to afar.

Can miles truly separate you from friends...if you want to be with someone, aren't you already there?- Richard Bach

This year started with fulfilling a wish I had way back, would you believe, also in 2010, just after a year of blogging. I had dreamt of making a trip to meet 3 blog friends, picturing all 4 of us having a picnic under the stars. So I travelled and I did it in 2 ways. The far and wide one took me the whole of this year. This was me celebrating the friendships in my 3rd year. 

Some of the materials for building the suitcase gardens

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you... I could walk through my garden forever- Alfred Tennyson.

For the time that I was building your garden, my friend, you were in my thoughts, constantly. Your colours, your pets, your projects, your words. Even though I didn't travel with the suitcase garden, it was as if I was there, watching your expressions when you opened them. In this way, my rusty suitcases and I went to Poland, Spain, Germany, America, Israel, Italy and hopefully Mexico. Sometimes I was spot on, sometimes I caused puzzlement, sometimes the reaction came much later after the initial what the hell  should I do with this? I finally only finished the last 2 just this month. It was not easy, building each and every one of these suitcase gardens but it was small recompense for your constant companionship, unfailing support and generosity.

Flowers I picked while trekking with Ro in Liguria- March 2012

You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes - A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh.

Europe 2012 will remain forever and ever for me, one of Life's most beautiful experiences. And if  forever and ever can be measured in any way, then it surely must be the same way they measure the warmth, care and attention showered upon me during that trip. A trip so incredibly amazing and made possible only because of  my extraordinary friends in blogland.

Ewa's candies for the girls in Spain, April 2012

It takes a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye- Anurag Gupta.

With a lump in my throat, I thank you,  Eva, Ro, Birgit, Sylvia and Ewalina, you and your dear sweet family. You had offered me your home, food, even your bed and treated me like one of you. We have travelled together, sometimes across states, sometimes across countries and sometimes just for a drive or in a train but every single one of that journey has left an indelible imprint in my heart. I can never forget and only pray that one day, you will allow me to do for you what you did for me.

I thank you, Roberta, Ascension, MaLu, Maria Luisa, Marta, Gina, and Eva Fernandez for taking the time to meet with me. And you, Teresa and Margriet, for your thoughtful gifts. To the ladies at the Arnhem Fair, thank you for the laughter. And to the others I have yet to meet, thank you for always being interested in me, my life, my work, even my journeys.

The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again- Charles Dickens,Nicholas Nickleby

Have I told you yet that Rosanna and Eva were 2 of the 3 friends I wanted to meet together in 2010? By now, we have visited each other 4 times, Ro and I, twice with Eva but Rosanna and Eva did not meet, That changed in August this year when Rosanna went to Barcelona. I was almost as excited and happy as the both of them. New friendships fostered, closer bonds established.

The link I dreamt of in 2010 is almost complete, pending the big reunion and in 2012, I wish for more links, further links, one after another until we are all real friends, all 429 of you.


Piikko said...

Dearest Sans, I am already are here... Miles can not separate us! Hugs♥

Rosamargarita said...

Una entrada entrañable querida Susan! Emotiva, cálida, tierna y adorable.
Tienes en Guadalajara una amiga de esas muchas, dos almas, un solo cuerpo.
Muchos besos

Ascension said...

Querida Susan
Que emotiva entrada, me encanta formar parte de esos preciosos recuerdos de amistad que siempre vamos a compartir.
Me encanto conocerte y disfrutar de tu calida compañia y tu asombrosa sonrisa.
Fue un momento muy especial, que aun con el problema del idioma, me parecio entenderte y conocerte....desde siempre.
Ya sabes donde tienes a una amiga que te quiere muchisimo.

Drora's minimundo said...

Dear Sans,
Your post brings tears of emotion to my eyes. I never met you yet but feel as if I did. My home will be open for you if you ever come our way. blogging brought me so close to people all over the world. I'm not very expressive, especially when it has to be in English. Your words are what I feel.
Thanks to being here my friend and
congratulations for 4 years of blogging. Hugs, Drora

BiWuBär said...

At first I was just staring in awe at that first picture, what a wonderful photography! And then followed this post... THIS POST... with owerwhelming kind word, pure poetry - and bringing back sweet, sweet memories... While visting Ilona's blog these days I already had the same feelings, her wonderful project of the old farmhouse of her grandparents brought back the memories of that magical, amazingly sunny Sunday in March when we were visiting the outdoor museum in Molfsee. When I started blogging I would never even have dreamt that something like this could ever be possible, that people you've never met can become true friends.

Thank you very much for this - even for you - extraordinary wonderful post!

rosanna said...

Dearie, no words.
Ti voglio bene

Daydreamer said...

Dearest Sans! The Love you Get is equal to the Love you Give.....
Can it be any Wonder that you have Blogfriends all around the World??
You have welcomed so many into your heart and your dreams...! Your Generosity and kind encouragement have touched so many fellow miniaturists... and your Creativity and Fearless "bashing" have certainly been an inspiration to me! I only hope that One Day we will meet in person... here or there... and make that Circle complete... although perhaps it can never be complete because it is ever widening like the ripples on the pond...!
This Post is so Moving... is it any wonder you are so Beloved?

Margriet said...

What a wonderful post....I'm so moved.

Maria Ireland said...

Sans this is a truly beautiful post. Congratulations on 4 years of blogging. May 2013 bring even more wonderful meetings between friends. I truly believe that blog friends are very real and it is so wonderful to get the chance to meet!!! these friends. I also had this chance this year and it is unforgettable. Enjoy your friendships my friend :)
Hugs Maria

Kikka said...

Dear Sans: what a wonderful post!
Thank you for being with us in this wonderful blogland!

The Old Maid said...

Ehhhh, what am I supposed to say now? Yes, again you moved me deeply. Can't wait to meet you again and meet in real life more of these fantastic "Bloggers".:)
Hugs and kisses from all of us.:)

Ilona said...

No words........speechless, while I look to the first picture, because this is the blogosphere for me.

Susan, congratulations with your 4th blog anniversary, thank you for this wonderful post, I am really touched.
Warm hugs, Ilona

maria l. said...

Haces que lo sencillo sea espectacular y te felicito por ello
Buen año 2013

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

What a Beautiful post Sans! It is true we find friendship from those we have never met. Some of my closest friends I have never met but you can not deny the connection. You are blessed with many wonderful friends.


carmen said...

que bonita entrada....feliz navidad!

Sans! said...


A little bird tells me we will meet one day :).

Sans! said...


Siento mucho que mi jardín maleta no te alcancen. Han pasado casi 2 meses. Hice la maleta para celebrar su amistad con el gran amigo suyo que había fallecido. Realmente espero que lo recibirán en breve.


Sans! said...

Mi querido Ascensión, el sentimiento es mutuo definitivamente! Pssssst, quiero decir, tengo un don. Soy muy intuitiva. Lo que puedo decir por muy pronto que usted es un muy cálido, persona dulce y generosa. En realidad, usted es generoso en extremo, pero eso es también por qué estás tan querido. Sí, es imposible que no te quiero :).

Sans! said...

Drora :):). I ACCEPT! :):) But you must try , my dear , try as hard as you will, to also visit me. In fact, why don't you come over first :). By now, you must heard the 2 attempts I made to go to Israel. :) So your country is definitely on my list . And now with you, there are more reasons to do so.

It's amazing that I have been around blogland for 4 years. So long that I can even remember how you first started your blog :). Drora, you have grown from a new kid on the blog ;p to a really popular and loved blogger. I am glad I am one of those friends who watch your blog grow from Day 1 :).

Sans! said...

Birgit , *), how can I forget that day. Never, ever , ever . So funny, I hardly use the word never ( I don't even believe in "never"), or ever.

The other day I was talking to FaiZ and complaining that I couldn't even remember some of the places I visited in Sri Lanka. Yet, I can remember a remote train station in Germany called Neumunster. :) Or Wankendorf or Gdansk and Gdynia. Now Molfsee. Ok, Molfsee think Wolf and see or Mossies (mosquitoes). It's still my favourite outdoor museum :).

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Birgit :) and kiss that handsome, sexy friend of yours :).

Sans! said...


*muah *muah *muah

Sans! said...

Betsy, how can we not meet? It is inevitable, in the stars, a matter of time.

There is a new "4" this year. Remember this , picnic, stars, gardens :). It will happen !

The circle will get wider and then interlock with other circles. Haha, we will be the Bloglympics!

Sans! said...

Thank you Margriet. I am just writing from my heart. Anniversary posts are the hardest to write :).

Sans! said...

Maria Ireland, I read all about your meeting :). I can really feel your thrill in your post. There is an image in my head of a smiling you with Jen :). Reading your post reinforce how we all feel about this dollhouse community in blogland and why we love this place :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Kikka, for being part of my world here.

Sans! said...

As usual, kisses and hugs to my family in Poland :). Ewalina, after this I am going to read your last post, I got a shock when I saw that I have missed your last post!!!!

We will meet again and you will have other circles. :). I am sure many here want to see this cheerful , beautiful and talented girl I have been raving about so much, up close and personal! :)

Sans! said...

Ilona :):). You must be as special as Birgit say you are :). And to me, that's how the link expands too, if you are a friend of my friend, then you are my friend :):). We may start that way but of course, by now, you are also someone I kind of know directly.

Today, I read something that struck a real chord with me. Wishing to be friends is quick work but friendship is a slow ripening fruit says the wise Aristotle.

4 years into blogging and if the people you knew 4 years ago are still people you keep in touch with , then surely those fruits have ripened? :)

Sans! said...

María I, yo me ugave demasiado crédito! Nada es fácil conmigo :) :). Gracias por estar aquí!


Sans! said...

Indeed, I am , Vic :). And with your funny and hilarious stories and creations, I have enjoyed your blog tremendously.

Has Hattie got her wedding gift yet? Any day now :).

Sans! said...

Gracias, Carmen :)

Flora said...

I have one of your gardens in the suitcase so now I have the duty to cultivate our friendship with love and patience, so that the plants do not dry ...
I believe that, in the international scene, you are one of the most sensitive and imaginative blogger (at least those that I attend!).
Come visit you is like walking into a magical world where colors and scents and ideas come together in an atmosphere parallel, and sometimes hard to believe that this is the reality in which you live ...
Anyway, thank God for four years you make our lives better :-)
Keep writing, please ...

Eva said...

Wonderful words. You touch me and we love you dearie!

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