Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Days 341-346 & 347- The 4th Car

10th Saturday, 30th June 2012

The 4th car took quite a while longer than I had expected even though I knew it would be tricky. Before we started work on the 10th Saturday, all 3 of us watched a how-to video again to learn how it could be done. It was our 2nd time watching the video, the 1st being on Durian Day. Of course, the video made everything seemed really easy. 

This was the part that Nat was really looking forward to making for 2 reasons : the idea intrigued him plus he loved painting. Watching him finally taking an interest in the project again was a reward in itself and the treat was doubled with Jewel's infectious enthusiasm. 

The painting of the dark patch was to give an illusion of depth or so the How-To video claimed we could.

I was painting too, except it was the 4th car. If you had noticed the mallet and the hammer in the previous picture, you might have guessed that the hammer was used to knock a few holes in the roof here. The mallet? My dear nephew was using it to try and kill ants! 

After the kids finished with the painting and moved on to the preparatory work for the hubcap garden, I took over the junkyard to finally glue everything down for the blue garden since we had demarcated the area for the 4th car. 

I also planted some cactus and bamboo for the yellow garden. Nat did not like the cactus because he thought they didn't look realistic. Too thin, he insisted, too thin. I was surprised when Jewel agreed with him.

Picture taken on 9th July 2012

I wanted the cactus for the yellow but I took into account what the children said and added another more succulent species of green desert plant to give an illusion of thickness to the ensemble. I completed both the blue and yellow gardens rather quickly because we were all impatient to start....drum roll please...

Picture taken on 30th June 2012 after 1st failed attempt at water, 10 minutes after Realistic Water

...on the 4th and suppose to be sinking car! 

The Tree from What Dreams May Come, a movie I love.

Some of you may remember Nat and my shopping trip on 1st June 2012. It was then that we bought a bottle of Realistic Water and another one of Water Effects from Woodlands Scenics- click through for video. A water feature was therefore in the pipeline since then. The idea of a pond was in fact suggested by FaiZ as early as May when he saw the empty patch meant for the 4th car. I then thought of using a convertible as our 4th car so that I could have a sort of weeping willow growing out of the car. The effect would be like a fountain but instead of water, we have drooping branches from a tree assimilating cascading water. Nat then threw a spanner in the works when he persistently refused to let me have the mini cooper. The light bulb moment came when I thought why not a sunken car? Then all I needed was a roof and I could  still have a tree growing out of the roof. I knew Nat would buy into the idea because his current craze was sunken ships.

1st July 2012 after the 2nd failed attempt

You must therefore appreciate how anticipated this day was when we could finally build the pond and how disappointed we were when 10 minutes after we poured the Realistic Water into the grass mat, the water disappeared. I found out later that I was supposed to water proof the catchment area using white glue. I tried but the white glue just left a real mess on the grass mat. Thinking that maybe the 1st pouring might have waterproofed the area, I then pour another round of realistic water. The next day, the water disappeared again. The grass mat was so porous that the Realistic Water had seeped through. 

Taken on 5th July 2012

Plan B- Forget Realistic Water and use the resin and hardener method which I did for my pail of water. In order to seal up the catchment area, I placed tiny orange pebbles at the edges. Each and every piece of the pebble was painted because they were originally pinkish red. Very finicky work as the pebbles kept getting stuck to my brush. I then made stones out of egg carton and lined the stones behind the pebbles with craft glue. 

Egg cartons are really ideal as stones. I didn't even have to do very much. Just tear, glue and a few dashes of black water.

Third try at the water and it was a success. I even managed to create a ripple effect for motion. The car however did not sit properly so I had to add more.

7th July 2012

more water, a bit of grass 

7th July 2012

and a tree that Jewel helped paint.

Can you spot them?

The 3 cars and a roof?


Plushpussycat said...

What fun! Who wouldn't love a fake pond with a submerged car in it? Can I come and play at your house?

Thanks for the durian tips, BTW. You know so many things, Sans!

xo Jennifer

Plushpussycat said...

OMG, Sans! I just saw the Holstee Manifesto in a restroom earlier today (for the first time ever!), and now I see it here on your blog. I LOVE IT! Thank you for hosting an awesome reminder! xo Jennifer

Daydreamer said...

WOW! What an AWESOME Idea!!! I LOVE it!!! And your persistence paid off... that submerged car wreck looks SO Realistic! Only a Lost Junkyard in the Jungle could be this wonderfully Overgrown and Mysterious! And the detail of the Tree growing through the roof is Exactly what happens... I have seen old junk cars out behind Barns with trees growing up through the Engine!!! And to think that you painted Every pebble!!!
WOW! What an Amazing Project! And it is so true that children will willingly get involved if the project is about the things they are intrigued by!

Susan said...

I am shaking my head over this amazing scene, I can almost smell the dank odour of rot! Absolutely fabulous, you are a brilliant miniature artist. I bet those two children are over the moon happy!

carmen said...


Drora's minimundo said...

Fantastic scenes! I love how enthusiastic the children and you
are with this project. Persistance pay! Once again I have to compliment you on your amazing photography.

We have Casuarina trees here and their dried fruit are sold as potpurri. It's interesting how seeds can resemble miniature fruits.

Sans! said...

Jen, you know you are always welcomed :):). When you are here, we can stand on the roof of the car and shout out to the world or we can build another tyre swing and let our legs hang over the water while flying in the air :).

Holstee Manifesto..seriously , I think for many of us, that's already who we are, in part :), living our dreams, sharing our passions :), going out and creating :). It's just what we do in poetry :):).

And no, I don't know many things..the internet helps and Google Translate makes me look like the world's best linguist. teehee I am as fake as my pond and the submerged car but I don't care, lalalalala! heh heh :)

Sans! said...

Betsy, THANK YOU for that resounding endorsement! :):) Thank goodness for photography because this project is so overwhelmed with details that the sunken car is a bit hard to examine in detail. Your head is almost amongst the branches if you want to see the water closely :):).

But I love the water, a million kisses to resin and hardener ...heh heh :). I probably will have a water feature in all my future projects now that I am comfortable using this method . I just want to experiment with creating motion in water.

Not sure what I should do with this project now that it s finished. How do I even protect it from dust?

Eliana said...

Amazing, Sans. I do not have enough adjectives for this work you have done. ;)

Cote said...

sensacional, fantástico!!

Sans! said...

Susan :) those are such generous and heartwarming compliments that you have given me !

This project is very much a collaboration and I think that's why the result is unexpected and maybe even unusual. It's great to do this with children who tell it like it is: I like, I don't like, I love, why??????? :):)

And about over the moon happy, I have no doubt that I am experiencing way more thrills than they are because of all your feedback :)

Sans! said...

Gracias Carmen!!!! besosssss :)

Sans! said...

Drora :) If you spray paint the casuarina fruits green, we will have mini durians ! We will then need to make dolls with their hands pinching their noses :):).

And thank you for praising my photography. It was extremely difficult to photograph this project because I just could not get the 3D effect :) So everything looked very flat. You can see from my photos that I had to use a mish mash of different dated pictures and some are before not after etc etc ...LOL.

Sans! said...

oooooooh Eliana , 1 big big megahumongous hug to you firstly for thinking of me and sending me the link to this great Brazilian miniaturist :). I am already a follower but I was really moved that you thought of me :).

Thank you for your words, I can feel each and every letter and no other adjectives are necessary :).

contar said...

es un trabajo genial, y muy especial al tener la colaboración de los niños, se ve magico el estanque aunque sea el de una chatarreria.
un abrazo

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias Cote :):). Simple comentario , no de Google Translator hehe :):)


Sans! said...

Contarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ha sido un largo tiempo! Muy bueno verte por aquí, mi amigo :). Y para salir de esas palabras dulces también! Mi sobrino estará encantado de saber que un amigo varón se ha detenido por :), Gracias, gracias, gracias!

The Old Maid said...

AWESOME, Sam!!!!!(Need to buy this resin finally.;)) The effect is stunning! And I love that you manage to involve two children in this project! I am sure they will remember that and they will soon want to do more with you.:D

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Sans,
Thank you for your visit.I will clear up your confusion in a second.
But first let me say that this junk yard project is one of the greatest things I've seen in creative ville. Your talent, and now your kids...LOL... Go beyone the imagination for sure.
Just to cool.
Last Oct. I had a kitchen fire and ill health all at the same time.My whole house was messed up.That is why I have not blogged in a long time. My friend Sherry...of Edie Marie's Attic had some trouble blogging on her blog.
Since I cannot blog much she has agreed to help me on my blog.So we are partners. When I need to post a project or say something she does all the work.
But she also post her projects too.
I hope I did not confuse you more.
Go look at my post below this one and check out my new doll.Thats all me...LOL
Hugs Sweetie,
Marie Antionette

Maria Ireland said...

Sans this project was truly a work of art. I love it. To have two children so involved in such a wonderful scene I am sure they will remember always. The sunken car wow it is the jewel in the crown. Amazing work congratulations to all three of you.
Hugs Maria

BiWuBär said...

What else to say but: This is fun, this is art, this is magic... and it brings me so much joy to sit here and watch what you're doing. That pond is such a wonderful idea, and I was chewing on my nails after your first failures... phew... I love happy endings. Never dared to work with resin and hardener so far but who knows, maybe I will give it a try sometime. I really hope this will continue for some more posts and that the three of you will start a new project after that. Perhaps an innocent I-pod drowned in another pond or aquarium - just to make sure there will be two helpers for you... ;O)


Ara said...

How is it that every single step makes your projects more and more perfect! More perfect than I could have imagined in my head! You are a brave woman messing with that water stuff... it scares me! hugs, ara

Susan said...

Sans, when I 'play' with my grandchildren they always show me possibilities I don't think of myself. I love the way children are so open and have such brilliant imaginations. I still think the kids are lucky to have your expertise to help bring their ideas into reality!

Sans! said...

Ewalina, about the resin/hardener combo, it is really easy to use. Just mix equal portion, stir gently so that there's no bubbles (even if there are some, its ok) and then pour into the area, gently again. Ascension said if you wish transparent string, you can create pouring water effect. Never tried but will want to soon after I find some of these strings.

I haven't given up on Real Water. One day, I may make a waterfall .

Sans! said...

Shikes, Marie A! I am glad things are ok now with you. And good of you to pop by. Thank you for the compliments, way too generous!

Ok, I will go right back to your blog to read about those dolls :). You know I love them :).

Sans! said...

Maria I, I too love the sunken car :). It can sink better though , heh heh but I shan't nick pick :). When I hammered the top for the hole, I really wrecked the sides and then the water was messed up a bit bla bla :):)

Hmmm, I do wonder if it really look like a sunken car or just a roof floating on water :):).

Sans! said...

Ouch! Birgit! It's my Ipad! Anyway, you know who will jump in to save the drowning iPad with no hesitation right?

Just 2-3 more posts I think on the project and I think we are done :). This sunken car is hard to beat so I hope you won't be too bored :).

Our new project has been sitting on my dining table since Durian Day. Looks like I am working on smaller scale despite my misgivings :)

Margriet said...

I love it!!!
Love the tree through the roof, love the sunken car...I love everything about this project! :-)
And it really looks like a sunken car..not only like a floating just see it like that because you made it ;-)

Sans! said...

Wow, Ara, perfect? Nooooooooooooo ..hehe :):). I like imperfect :):):) but perfect from you is certainly high praise :).

Water always makes me apprehensive. That's why I thought this part would take some time just not as long as it actually did.

Resin and hardener need 24 hours to harden and if it doesn't work, the next round is another 24 hours. So you wait with bated breath. But trust me, I have tried many ways, the last being real water. Resin and hardener beats them all.

Get a good brand like Craftsmart. Superdupe easy. :)

Sans! said...


Thank you :). I am in complete agreement with you on kids. I love that they don't have our inhibitions or cynicism or fear. Everything is possible, nothing is too crazy. After this project, I am already thinking of working with each and everyone of my nieces and nephew (2+1 more apart from Nathaniel) on a project but the educational system in Singapore is crazy demanding.

Soon even Nathaniel won't have time to come over anymore. I hardly see his sisters, the eldest one is having entrance exam this year. :(

Sans! said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Margriet! You just cheered me up loads with the assurance :).

Just as I was reading your comment, Rosanna texted me from Barcelona and told me "A perfectly drowned car!!!" :):):):) So that's like double happiness :):)!

Margriet, would you believe I was thinking of you just this morning? Wondering if one day soon (like next year?), you and Sylvia might visit me think it's a premonition? LOL

Margriet said...

Wouldn't that be wonderful Sans!!! I hope you're right...but I'm not promising anything yet ;-)

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Que bien te queda, consigues un efecto tan real. Besos

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias, Eva Tata :) :) :) La frase: "Que bien te queda" significa "bien hecho"?

Sans! said...

Margriet, a girl can only hope :):)

Amy said...

Sans, when I was a little girl I had an aunt who knit and did needlepoint, and that was wonderful to me. But imagine if I had an aunt like you are to Nat and Jewel, who makes such wonderful projects, such an imaginative diorama world-within-a-world!

It's so interesting, I'm reading a book called The World Without Us, about what would happen to the planet if people suddenly vanished. Your autogarden could be the book cover, the way nature has taken over and made its way with the machines we value so much. I can hardly believe how fast the forest takes the world back, drifting and tangling and drifting back onto all the things we have built. Your project is so much more profound than I imagined it would be when you all first started...

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

I love all the colors you used in this project! Never boring to look at it.

Sans! said...

Amy, actually it is I who feel really blessed to be able to spend time with a child like Nathaniel. If he remembers me fondly and thinks me wonderful because of our Special Saturdays, then my life has added meaning to it. :):). I hope your aunt felt that way about her life :).

There is a documentary series on History Channel called Life After People. I watched only 1 episode and only for 10 minutes. I think it was somewhere in the US, an industrial town :). Yes, there was a lot of dilapidation and rust and toxic air :). But I believe that with time, Mother Earth will make everything right again without humans' destructive ways.

This project took a turn after we made the 1st flowers :). We really started out trying to make a regular junkyard just to see if I can. I really love the masculinity in model building. Guess this is not one of those project :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Natalia :). I am now searching online on how to display it in a box or something.

dalesdreams said...

This is so cool! I am loving you spending time doing something so creative with your niece and nephew. You must be the "cool" aunt. :)

It looks so wonderful, you all did such a fab job.

I remember those steps and those ants, I could have used a mallet! ;)

Sans! said...

Hahaha Dale :):) yes, the steps and the little corner of the garden where you spent a lot of time :).

Dearie, I may be visiting the States in a year or two :):). Will email you if I happen to be round the corner...teeheehee

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Oh my, Sans!, I badly want to see a frog on the sinking car! You know those with yellow, rusty warts? Do the frogs live in your garden?

So, why Memphis Tennessee? Are you finally coming to the USA?


Playmobil said...

Very creative and really amazing. It was a good idea to encourage your kids doing such things like this.

Ascension said...

Susan al final volvio Jewel, era de esperar no podria haberse perdido esta maravillosa experiencia.
Se les ve muy atareados con el trabajo.
Es una hermosa escena, donde la naturaleza ha decidido crear donde solo hay deshecho.
Si llego a saber lo del agua te hubiese mandado gel del que utilizo para mis peceras.......
Has conseguido un efecto genial en esa "charca", enhorabuena.
Por cierto Rosanna ya tiene el paquete, cuando lo recibas y lo veas me dices algo.....
besitos ascension

...........enhorabuena a esos pequeños miniaturistas!!!

Norma said...

This is incredible Sans, and how wonderful to make it a 'collaboration'. You really are developing an amazing and unique style. I'm truly in awe!!

Sans! said...

Natalia, I was seriously thinking about other lifeforms in this project other than plants. At first, I wanted birds, butterflies, yes even frogs :). The direction then changed and you will find out why I have decided against the birds and the bees (teehee) except eggs.

We have frogs in our garden but only when it rains. These days, it is not often I hear their croaking.

About Memphis, well, I will write you . Its quite separate from me visiting the US. I am planning a trip there though and if I am near you, I will love love love to meet up :).

Sans! said...

Thank you playmobil ! I grow up with your toys :).

Sans! said...

Ascensión, yo estaba pensando en ti y los geles de agua cuando se estaba construyendo el estanque! Pero bien está lo que bien acaba! Mi estanque está hecho con un material muy bueno y estoy muy feliz de haber encontrado una buena manera de hacer que el agua.

Cuando quiero hacer una fuente, todavía le piden consejo :).

Usted sabe por ahora me encantan los aretes. Por favor lea su correo electrónico también :) :).

Sans! said...

Norma, I am thrilled to read your comments! Collaboration often yields unexpected results and a different style. Perhaps what also came through was how much I have enjoyed building this with the kiddies :). I am glad it has impressed you :):):) and knowing that really warmed my heart!

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