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Day 333, 336, 339- Experimenting Blue

Day 333

19th May 2012

Day 336

9th June 2012

Day 339

17th June 2012

17th June 2012

17th June 2012

17th June 2012

The Blue Garden would eventually turn out to be the smallest one in the junkyard. Nat wasn't happy and complained a couple of times about how the red one was too big and the blue one so small. 

As at 17th June 2012, I could not progress any further beyond finalising the Red Garden because we had  not found our last car and I could not be sure of the layout. As you can see I am not the type to plan on paper. I need to see, touch and work with the actual pieces. In the last picture, the flowers and plants below the blue car were not glued down hence the title of this post : Experimenting..

Actually by that day, I have already spotted another broken toy car at my mum's (Nat goes there after school when his parents are at work) and it was perfect because it was another mini cooper in the same scale. The roof was already a little loose from the body. I asked Nat for it a few times but he persistently refused. 

Nat: No, Tata Ah Yee, the mini is not broken yet and I can still play with it. We can only use cars that are already spoilt right? But you can take my corvette, it's a convertible....

Me: But the corvette is not the same scale!

Nat: *blank look

Me: I mean the corvette is not of the same size as the rest of the cars. It's too small.

Nat: Oh ya..

Me (screeching): And until we have the last car, we cannot work any further on the junkyard !

Nat: Ok! (ran off to Ipad)

Clearly, I was the only one fretting about not being able to work on the junkyard. So I began to plot how I could con the last mini out of him...


The Old Maid said...

Hahahha can't wait to read more about the plot! LOL!
Maybe if you convince Nat he still can play with the cars he will give you the last one.;D
The blue is so deep and pretty.:)
We really must have been Soul Sisters as I am the one that is not planning on paper too.:)
(But I must be completely blind as I've heard this Solo Piano a hundred times and only now I've noticed the nylon stocking...LoL!)

Sans! said...

Hehehe, Ewalina, I myself has just noticed the stockings thanks to you!

And I get a heart attack every time Nat played with anything in the junkyard, you think I will tell him he can still play with the car? Nahhhh, I don't think soooo..

I was most unsure of this blue garden. Everything poked out..as prickly as my nephew's hair :)

Good night , SS! Kisses to everyone at home!

Sans! said...

arghhhh.. typos ! Have , have, have!

Eliana said...

The blue section of your junkyard is as amazing as the red one. Lovely!

rosanna said...

Hallo dearie, I am sorry to say that , altough I do love blue, this garden leaves me a bit cold. May be too much blue ? or simply the flowers poke out too much exactly like you said? don't know....
But I know that you'll go on experimenting and will find the PERFECT combination. Hugs, Ro

Maria Ireland said...

Lol I sure hope you can persuade Nat to give you that last car. I just know it will be as amazing as the others. I love the little nest and blue eggs. Sans I have enjoyed this project so very much. Thank you for the wonderful journey :)
Hugs Maria

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Dearest,
Its been along time since I visited.
I love the idea of the junk yard. Its just to amazing.The mini cooper is really cool.I love the blue garden.I don't put things to paper either.Fresh from the mine to the eye.
I look forwaed to your next visit.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Margriet said...

I love the color blue you used, but I'm not quite sure either, I think it is a bit too much...maybe a bit less around the wheels?? Hope you don't mind me saying!
Oh...I remember you saying something about honesty...so I bet it is alright ;-)
Buy Nat a new car and swap it with the one you want :-)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

love the blue garden :)

Good luck getting the car from Nat, he sounds like a stubborn one...like all men LOL.


Remco said...

Poor Nat, another car.....
But if you pick one, take an old model (the mini is a new version)
I like it all, but a lot of bleu, so personal I like the red one more, but still love this project!

Have fun you two, and be gentle on Nat ;-)

Ilona said...

A:Nat is starring in the movie called: The Yunkyard, so he behaves like a filmstar, Susan :D! If you're wise: Don't let him read this comment!!!
B: blue is beautiful I say, I am the greatest fan of the color blue!!
C: put a lot of yellow in the third car and you have your elemantary colors. It means that the blue looks like green (because of the yellow)and the red color can look like a bit of purple in combination with the yellow and the blue. Does that make sense to you? I hope so;)
Send Nat my love+kisses ;)+:D!
Hugs, Ilona

BiWuBär said...

The Blue Bug of Happiness... *grin* Love your blue section, but as Margriet said, honesty is important, so forgive me saying I find the colour of the eggs too extreme and the blue flowers under the car way too many. A little less of them would be better in my opinion... And I can foresee a tragic accident of that Mini - do you have a hammer at hand? *teehee* Oh, and don't forget to say "Oooooops"...

BiWuBär said...

Oh my, so busy making up nasty suggestions, I forgot to say the following:

Have a great week! ;O)

Sans! said...

Yay!!!! Finally!!!! Ok, I will have to answer Birgit 1st because I am so pleased with all your comments.

Birgit, I LOVE compliments but I am seriously more gratified with comments like yours. Honesty but with a large dose of tact and kindness. I am always a little more forthright with the friends I feel closer with and I really appreciate this kind of feedback :).Only way to improve.Real reactions are good to know.

I wasn't sure of this blue bit and i share a lot of the reaction I get here.

Thank you! thank you! I feel like I am finally amongst friends :):)

PS I threw a drunken party 2 Fridays ago with my dancers and in a state of inebriate, the choreographer told me how she really thought the eggs didn't belong there! Too big! Too big!!! The scale is wrong. Huh?? I said, a little drunk myself. How can it be too big? It's car eggs! It will grow up to be little chick cars in the same colour! hahahahaha... seriously, the eggs do not belong in this junkyard but I love robin's eggs and wanted to make them since forever :). We'll see. Another drunken party and they may be fed to the lizards!

Daydreamer said...

Hee, Hee, Sans! I HAVE to laugh at your last comment.... NOT your post!!! The eggs ARE a bit too large.... just Make them Smaller... I LOVE the idea of a nest in the Junkyard!!!
Color theory 101.... Red looks Perfect with Green all by itself because they are Opposite each other on the spectrum, so they are Vibrant together. Blue is too close to Green to be perfect by itself... (because Green is made from blue and yellow together) it needs the opposing contrast color of Orange (my preference)or Yellow. Throw in some tiny yellow buttercups or better yet some Enormous Orange day lilies and you will see how it comes alive! As for Blue itself.... You KNOW how much I LOVE Blue....!!!! It is the Rarest of colors in flowers.... and SO Beautiful!!!
I can't wait to see how it evolves.... and to find out how you get the car from Nat.....
Perhaps he really doesn't want the project to get finished...???

Sans! said...

Eliana, I love how you are so encouraging but I am afraid the blue garden doesn't quite deserve the same accolade as the red :):). Although it looked like I spent 3 days on the blue garden and only 2 on the red, where the hours are concerned, I think it was more like 10 hours (red) v less than 1 hour (blue).

BUT the blue garden is very small, only as big as the circumference of the car and blue is also a difficult colour for a setting like nature.And well, all my creations are like my children, how can I say I love one better than the other ?

So I AGREE with you! All my children are amazing and I LOVE THEM EQUALLY! teehee

Sans! said...

Ya, Ro. I must say this blue garden is quite controversial. :):) I also didn't like it at first. All that blue under the wheels, the prickliness. It was intended to be "masculine" as opposed to "maternal" for the red. So all the pokes started coming out..heh heh..I assure you it was subconscious!

On 17/6/2012 when I took that picture, the plants weren't glued down but they are now. In fact, just before I wrote this post yesterday, for some reason, the car became unglued and the nest came apart so I applied stronger glue and weighed them down some more...isn't it ironical that of all 3 cars, this is the only one glued down? It was also the reason why Nathaniel was so reluctant to supply another car :/

Too bad, too late now to change anything:):)

Sans! said...

Maria, you will soon find out about the last car :). You can see how the centre of the junkyard is left empty? All for that precious last car :):)

Sans! said...

Marie A :):) I hope you had a glorious birthday :). Kisses to each of your white peacock and many more for you :):)

I must learn how to make a credible mini peacock! I know! I can make believe the eggs are peacock/peahen/pea-eggs!! They are after all 3 times the size of chicken eggs but they are not robin egg blue of course! Well you can't have everything...

Sans! said...

Margriet, nahhhh... a new car for the old is like too easy ..heh heh. This is a battle of wits between me and Nat. Conning is THE CHALLENGE! :):)

I agree with all of you on all that blue! When I first experimented with the blue, the sea lavender were the only blue flowers I had. Nothing looked right, whether it was just round the wheel, or across the full right side of the chassis..so I started adding the prickly ferns and more greens underneath after shopping at Daiso. But I needed the blue because it has kind of become a theme with this junkyard, red car-red garden, blue car-blue garden, yellow car-? (you complete). So I thought, never let's soften the sharp pokey look with something totally off like a nest of Robin eggs. So this whole blue portion is like a series of unfortunate events strung together:).

Of course by this time, the junkyard is already finished and this bit no longer looked like a scary car-eating blue plant on a bad hair day! teeheehee

Sans! said...

Vic!! This is the garden for wicked witches and count draculas :):) so I can totally see why you'll appreciate it! :):) Kisses from Mr Blue and Big Haired CARnivorous Horror! I dare you to kiss back heh heh heh..

Can you tell I am so enjoying replying to all of you ?

Sans! said...

Remco, an old model? No need! I am an expert at making everything new look like they are from the pre-historic ages!

Nat is not the one you need to protect here..that guy is a bigger con than I will ever be :).

You know when this junkyard started, I just wanted a place for all Nat's broken cars to hang out. I have seen some junkyard projects and I really love those vintage models they use and the truth is , I do have some of these vintage models that I've salvaged from Nat's collection. People really wasted their good cars on this boy who just wanted to crash them!

One day, when I want to build a real junkyard, maybe I will use the collectibles...but the thought of rusting them make my toes curl in horror!

Sans! said...

Ilona, a hi 5! I have done the whole red, blue, yellow thing and I just can't wait to show you guys. But more bizarre things are going to be unveiled before the finale. So just keep your honesty coming!

I am so pleased that this post is exacting this kind of participation from all of you :). Today, I felt like the collaboration between Nat and I have been expanded to include my friends here :).

This has got to be the best thing that comes out of this blue garden :). Love *10 times!

Sans! said...

Bets, Nat is already talking about the next project so I think he does want this one over and done with :):):):).

I think the syncing of our minds is almost uncanny, you and I :) because the next plant that I am showing does sound like a orange day lily although it may not look like one :). And buttercups too! Again not quite the regular kind :). 2 in 1 :):).

Tell me what you think ?

Marta said...

Hi Susan. I think is a wonderful garden, and a great job. Hugs.

Sans! said...

*muah muah muah Marta and hugs hugs hugs :)

Ascension said...

jejejeje, que mala eresssss...intentando engañar a un pobre inocente jejejejeje
Ese azul es precioso y estoy de acuerdo con Nat en lo de los colores.
Me encanta el detalle del nido y lo bien que combinas todo, eres una artista...........pero intenta "contenerte" para no engañar a Nat.
Aunque yo "engaño" a mi nieto cuando me einteresa algun juguete suyo jejejejejejejejej
besitos ascension

Sans! said...

Ascensión!! ¿Dónde está mi factura de PayPal?? Enviadme AHORA!

Gracias, mi amor, por tus palabras de aliento :). Me encanta cómo siempre estamos aquí, no importa lo ocupado que está. 100000 besos, un abrazo grande y las cargas de amor!

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Que bonito todo Susan, me encantan los tonos. Un beso

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Sans,
Wow love the blue junkyard!Everything is coming along divinely!

Eva said...

Mi más sincera admiración por el trabajo realizado. Me gusta tu osadía al utilizar los colores.
A mi también me gusta jugar con los colores, combinarlos de forma no convencional y especialmente dar a los objetos colores que no les corresponden. Un saludo, Eva

Sans! said...

Eva, muchas gracias por sus amables palabras! Admiro a muchos fabricantes de modelo y lo que realmente me parece más de su trabajo es "la audacia". Una vez que he decidido dejar mi miedo y las inhibiciones en la puerta, me gustó mucho trabajar con los colores, la herrumbre. Estoy muy feliz de conocer a alguien que comparten el mismo enfoque! :)

Déjame ir a tu blog ahora! :) :)

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