Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 335 & 336- The Red Car

Not much work was done to the junkyard in the next 2 Saturdays. June has arrived and afternoons became excruciating hot. Attention spans grew shorter and Nat whined about the heat every time we worked in the kitchen. Even I found myself drifting and grouchy, sweaty and sleepy. All I wanted to do was to lie down in the cool of my bedroom with the industrial fan blowing noisy wind in my face, close my eyes and dream about autumn.

Nat with my blue shades, going out for supplies

There was, of course, no chance in hell my darling nephew was going to let me. So on the 1st Saturday of June, SuZ, Nat and I decided we would get out. On days like this, I find myself agreeing, albeit reluctantly, with Lee Kuan Yew and hail air-conditioner as one of mankind's greatest invention. Thanks to the foresight of this leader who wanted his people to work as many hours as they could, Singapore has become an air-conditioned nation. From cars to malls, offices to walkways. My home, except Faiz's bedroom, may well be the last place in this country that has still not succumbed. 

That was how we spent the 6th Saturday, shopping for supplies, in the cool, cool world of Art Friend and Daiso. 

9th June 2012
The Saturday after started with me still drowsy from the heat. In order to stay in bed a little longer, I let Nat used my laptop. The page to my blog was opened and Nat saw my posts, the cars, pictures of himself. His questions were incessant : Did people think we left the cars in the open to rust? That is cheating, right? Is that why you showed us painting? When I showed him the comments and compliments we have received, he went, Does it mean I am famous?

Write something and say hello to everyone, I told him, and sign off as Nat so they don't think you are Ta Ta Ah Yee.

Ok, he said, but I don't want girls to chase me.

I finally dragged myself to the kitchen about an hour later and found Nat playing with, crashing more like, the cars. I was about to scold him when he said while turning the car over, Tata Ah Yee, look! You didn't paint the wheels properly! You see, you see, I can see the white plastic parts. That's so unrealistic! 

I sighed, took the car from him and proceeded to make good my mistake.

Once I started, I did not stop and continued working even after Nat left. It was mainly painting the plastic flowers we bought from Daiso, in preparation for the big scene. And then I worked on the red car some more.

This was what I did on the 7th Saturday with Nat. That and making the suitcase garden for Drora.


Remco said...

Well Nat is famous here in Holland!
Cool work with a little help of Sans ;-)
Love what you have done to the mini.
Keep up the good work, you two!

Have fun,
Greetings Remco

Plushpussycat said...

"I don't want girls to chase me!" That is just classic, and your nephew is precious. Thanks for sharing, Sans! xo Jennifer

Ascension said...

..............jejejeje, que bien te ha pillado jejejejejeje
Es un niño muy inteligente.
Dile de mi parte que va a ser todo un artista y seguramente si le perseguiran las "nenas" jejejejej
..por cierto te mandare fotos de algo que esperas jejeje
besitos ascension

Drora's minimundo said...

I'd love to hear what Nat has to say about girls chasing him 10 years from now. He is adorable.
An airconditioner is a must. I can't imagine working under a fan with all the bits flying around.
The flowers growing out of the bashed car are a brilliant idea. I think the yard could do with a suitcase too. By the way, I love mine more and more each day.
Hugs, Drora

rosanna said...

Tell Nat that, if he doesn't stop being so cute, this Italian auntie will chase him for a kiss ;o)
Good work with the car, the weeds and flowers are so becoming it.
Cannot wait to see it in real :o)
Hugs, Ro

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Tell Nat he is indeed famous :)

I love the red car with the flowers taking over. I can sure identify with you on the heat, we don't have air conditioning as we are usually not this hot. It seems to sap all my energy :( But nights it cools off so well.

Give Nat a big kiss for me :)


Susan said...

That talented and also gorgeous young man will soon have girls after him whether he likes it or not - I think he'll like it ;) Wonderful work on the red car, I don't know how you do it!!!

Eliana said...

Nat definitely conquered all! You are a perfect duo.
When will the next vacation? ;)

carmen said...

Nat es un artista....jaaaa

Fabiola said...

You're a perfect couple of artist!
This car is a masterpiece.
Bye Faby

Ilona said...

Nat is an adorable young man, but he need not to be afraid of the "girls" who are chasing him :D! I saw on the pictures that he is replying on my comment (did he really do that??), but he doesn't know I am an old woman, hahahahaha! Please Susan, don't tell him! He is so cute, your Nat!
I love the work at the car. Nat is a real artist and he was right: its not realistic to see the white parts of the plastic wheels, auntie auntie ;)!
I am looking forward to more posts with starring Nat!
Have a great week. Hugs, Ilona

BiWuBär said...

Your sorceress' apprentice is not only a young man of exquisite taste (strawberry chocolate... good choice... teehee) but with a good eye for detail and perfection, too. That white spot at the wheels was for sure a no-go (But I know about things like these myself, it looks right when you hold it in your hands, but then you take pictures and stare at the monitor in full shame because all those little mistakes come brutally in sight). Now the car is perfect, flower power in its true meaning. And please tell Nat we can make a deal, there won't be any bloggirls chasing after him as long as he will appear on your blog every now and then, bringing us so much joy while working with his fabulous Auntie... ;O)


Daydreamer said...

And you are leaving us hanging there????
I Really want to see MORE!!!
I LOVE the vine engulfing the car... for Sure it is a Wild Rose.... all thorny and enchanted...
And showing the painted rusted car on a real rusted backdrop is visually SUBLIME!
Nat is Awesome! So Real. So Present in the Moment.... SO Enchanted with Life and the Wonder of it all... As children are! (The older I get the more I think that Children are Wiser than Grown-ups!)
Don't tell Nat but it is too late... he has hundreds of "girls" in love with him already!

Sans! said...

Thank you Remco although it's just another girly mini :):). Seriously thinking of getting a real one for myself..haha..working on the mini mini is making me wanting wanting..:) but there not be a single grain of rust in my real one!

So is Nat really famous in Holland? As famous as your sister ? ;)

Sans! said...

Jen, he was reacting to Ilona's comment where she said "I love Nat. Tell him that .."

heh heh heh :).

Sans! said...

Oooooooo gracias Ascensión! ¿Puedes elegir 5 pares por mí? Realmente no puedo elegir! :) :)

Espero que Blogger es todavía alrededor cuando Nat está persiguiendo a las chicas! Tendré el mayor placer de mostrarle este post! :) :)


Sans! said...

Drora, I am really glad you are enjoying the suitcase..I wanted to make a few suitcases for this junkyard but the scale is wrong so I made yours instead :).

I can't work in air conditioned rooms and not much fan either because of the paints and glue. I spray paint a lot. I also don't like dust in enclosed space. So on hot hot days like now, I rather sleep ..LOL!

And Drora in a few years, Nat will be the one chasing girls

Sans! said...

hehehehehe Ro!...I told him you are coming and I am trying to teach him how to speaka-de-purrrrfect-italiano! :)

Remember how when my niece Qesha told me she could speak Italian ? And then she went and recited the lines from the "purrrrfect Italiano Cheeze" ad?

Darling, you must watch the "Perfect Man For Perfect Italiano" ads...hahahahaha..rolling on the floor funny and so purrrrrrfect for you and me ..

Ok, go to these links and start watching! I insist! I am crying from laughing!!!

There may be more :)

Sans! said...

Vic, even the nights are incredibly hot here! There are nights when I just toss and turn till 4am in the morning like last night ! We are all acquiring a tan just by walking to the gate !

Sans! said...

Thank you Susan! :):):)

And I don't know how you can knit that small and that perfect!!

Sans! said...

Eliana :):) Nat is back in school since last week but he comes over to my home on Saturdays for our project.

We should be finishing the junkyard very soon.

If you are asking about my next is sooner than even I thought..hahahaha :):) You will read all about it, I am sure:)

Sans! said...

Carmen, Nat es un CON-artista (estafador?), jajajaja!

besos y abrazos y muchas gracias

Sans! said...

Thank you Faby :):) This red mini is my fav :)

Sans! said...

Yes yes yes, Ilona , he was replying to you ..You asked me to tell him you love him remember? In your comment?

I think it totally didn't cross his mind this thing about age. Where he is concerned, all women are girls and the evil ones like to kiss him! Marrying his mummy one day is very natural to him :).

I just love that about children.

You know once I asked him what race was his friend, Zach. Think he was about 3 or 4. I was bringing him home from kindy and we met his friend, Zach, who looked Caucasian. Nathaniel asked what do you mean "race"? Like F1? Kids don't have this concept of race. It is apparently a very common answer . They only know F1, not Chinese, Spanish or Indian.

After I tried to explain to him, he asked if his father is Malay because he is from Malaysia.. :). I gave up after that :).

Sans! said...

Birgit, :) I might have sighed when he said that but I told him he was absolutely right! And even though no one will see that part of the car, he and I would know we did everything we could to make it real..After he pointed out this 1 part, we found to our horror that all the tires were not painted completely. Nat made good the yellow one and I did the red one.

About the blog, you know the Nat and his sisters came and stayed over the Thursday after and Nathaniel tried to make his sisters read the blog but they rather watched Taiwanese serial drama ..hahahaha! He was whining about how Qesha didn't love him and was not interested in him etc etc ..guess he already thought the blog is about him :).

It was funny watching all 3 of them lying on their bellies on my bed with their heads sticking out watching the Taiwanese drama on my laptop. Even Nat didn't want to read the posts :)

Sans! said...

Betsy :):):) how's this for cliffhangers:

a) I am a really hoping you will like it when I show more. In particular, you :)

b) This week, I thought we could finish and then one major hiccup. You will know what I mean ..

c) Nat is already asking about our next project and we already know what it will be :)..guess who's not working on her haveli any time soon???

And about kids, they are the best apprentice, co-workers, muses and directors. They are clever, funny , surprising and evil.:) They are the best examples of life at its best IF they visit only once a week heh heh :)

malu2 said...

Jajajajajaja, Nat es un artista,ya lo conocen de todas partes del mundo!!
Aquí en España, también hace muchísimo calor!!!
Besos de las Malu´s.

Sans! said...

Malú, que estaba en Málaga hace 10 años en verano. Creo que España durante el verano fue aún más caliente que el de Singapur ... no sé .. pero estoy seguro que de todos los lugares que he estado, Abu Dhabi era el peor! El calor era tan intenso que me duele la cabeza de inmediato cuando salí de una :) edificio con aire acondicionado. Yo ni siquiera podía caminar a un restaurante para el almuerzo sin querer correr, que me hizo aún más caliente!

Roberta said...

It's so much time that I want to pass from your blog for a regard. After our meeting my project is drastically stopped, cause my daughter's accident , but perhaps I now succeed in putting again us the hands above.
And speaking of the famous peach tree ...Rosanna has bought for me in Paris a kit of Pascal G, so I won't become crazy in making little flower!!!
Big hugs

Sans! said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Robertaaaaa!! It is so goooood to see you here. 1st, kisses to both you and your girl. I gather things have looked up now? I must visit your blog when I am home. I am still at work! :)

Dear sweet Ro, yes, I remember your peach tree well, hahahaha:). But that peach tree will still be tough to make. You can do it, my dear friend!

Did you see my picture of you in my post, Blog friends are real friends Pt.1 ??

I wish my Italian is as good as your English!

Debora said...

What a coalition! You write wonderful and it is a treat to see you both progress, in life as well as in miniature.

teviro said...

Cada vez que lo veo me parece más real. Es impresionante y si falta algun detalle ahí esta Sans Para corregirlo.

Solo con leerte, me ha entrado calor, asi que no me extraña que quiera ponerse al fresquito, por aquí ya hace bastante calor.

Seguiré viendo vuestros avances, porque me encanta.

Maria said...

Nat sure is famouse in Holland,my stephdaughter promise she won't shase him. I love the mini, very realistic! I also love the suitcase you made for Drora.I am very curiouse about your next project both are the perfect miniature making team.

May said...

tienes un regalito en mi blog, ksss

Sans! said...

Deborah, really happy you are here to share with me :)

Sans! said...

Teviro, me encanta que estés aquí :), diciendo cosas dulces que me alegró el corazón. Es increíble que he comenzado a compartir gran parte de mi vida en este blog. Esta comunidad ha sido una increíble comodidad y alegría para mí :). Gracias, Teviro por ser parte de esta maravillosa comunidad :)


Sans! said...

oooooh Maria, you have a little girl ? Maybe I will ask Nathaniel again :). He actually gets along very well with girls and is very popular with his sisters' friends :). So that remark came out as a surprise for me as well. :)

This project should finish soon :). By this weekend , I think :)

Sans! said...

May :)muchas gracias por premio ! :):) Me encanta y me encanta que estés aquí aún más!

Que te mejores pronto, mi querida May!

Amy said...

Yes, Nat is famous, but in thie best possible way! He is famous over here for his talent and attention to detail and his sense of humor!

We both live in places that would shut down at noon if it weren't for blessed air conditioning...I don't think I would get anything done. But thankfully, I get to witness a wonderful collaboration unfold before my eyes...

I've been meaning to ask you, Sans, isn't there a brand new magnificent garden opening up in your beautiful city? I keep seeing photographs, it looks incredible...

The Old Maid said...

Yup, Nat is famous over here too!:) Hehehe girls chasing him, what a sweet age!
(O.K. I wanted to write that from the first time you've written about him.;) I'd better not arrive to Singapore now, for I'd steal him for sure! But I'd send him home when he is 10 or 11 because over here children at this age are impossible!;D)
The car looks so...sweet now!LOL! No, no! GREAT work Sam!
Will write email to you today.:)
Hugs and kisses!

Sans! said...

Really Amy? Our Gardens by The Bay made news even in Florida? Wow!!

It is pretty amazing and I was so moved the 1st time I went there, I blogged about it in my other blog :). .

I am now dragging everyone who visits to the gardens. You will go there too when you are here . Do you know Singapore was called the Garden City ? This, I will really have to applaud our ex Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew for.

So in this next phase, we are moving from Garden City to City in A you see why I lament my own non existent gardening abilities except in miniatures? Gardening is a nationwide obsession here.

After a run last Monday around the gardens again (about 30 minutes run from my home) I was so inspired that I started building something for the junkyard last night till late. I am staying home from work to hopefully complete the preparatory work :). This Saturday, Nat will hopefully complete it.

That, Amy, is the magnificence of our gardens :).

Sans! said...

Yay !!!! Email from Ewa :):).

After reading email:

Ewa, this morning I had a vision :):) It was a picture of you and Papa Jacek and Mama Krystyna sitting in my living room :):). You think it's possible?

AND no stealing my nephew..anyway he's already a bit impossible. I tolerate him because he's funny and has a head full of good or outrageous ideas and is brutally frank (tata ah yee, we shouldn't have put those cactus in , they look fake !" LOL and he looooooooves me and has me round his little fingers :).

I will write you today. Let me take a break from the computer.

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