Saturday, 20 December 2008

Day 10-Palace's Pillars

I FOUND my pillars! The pic on the left is not the one but is inserted for reference only, like most of my other pics since it's a pain resizing my photos.

There will be 6 pillars for the ground floor main halls, each standing at a statuesque 16.5" high and 41/2" at its widest which is the base.

The 4 gold and green pillars will go into the Durbar Hall, the centre ground floor room and the 2 silver and red ones are for the Mirrored Hall, which will be the room behind the Durbar. This means that both rooms will have to be expanded to accommodate the columns.

Win has already planned for the 2 main halls to have double volume ceiling height since his 1st version so the height is not a problem. The width however will probably have to be expanded to about 14" from 12. Definitely not your typical dollhouse size.

My pillars have fairly intricate designs. They actually came only at 12" high but I added capitals . Gorgeous carvings of 4 elephants for Durbar and 4 Buddha statues for the Sheesh. I really hope the proportions work out. Don't want those beautiful pillars going to waste.

I was out from about 11am till 6pm , mainly at Mustapha's in Little India sourcing for materials to build the interiors. You can really find almost anything there (even a boyfriend I suspect) A most fruitful day but boy, am I bushed!

Anyway, not only did I find my pillars but I think I may have solved the problems of treating the oh-so-impossible inlaid walls, not to mention the Herculean Sheesh Mahal. It is still Herculean but not impossible. I am just too tired to write down what I think may work after walking for 7 hours except to say I will be using plastic sheets and plastic table cloth. I also found lovely bamboo blinds (coasters), wall lamps , and bed heads (jewellery),pots for the Pavilion and yes, I finally bought some tools like a saw and at least 6 pairs of scissors.

Before I pen off , I must also mention these wonderful "village" dolls I found. There are 4 of them, about 2.5-4" high. I haven't decided where they should go yet, probaby the Art Room which I can create now that I will have 15 rooms or is it 16?


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

They could be dancers at the wedding, although they are pretty short for the 1:12 scale. I can't wait to see the elephant pillars. I like collecting elephant themed carvings.

San said...

Sumaiya, you will go nuts in Little India cos the elephant themed carvings are absolutely lovely and going for a song. About the cloth dolls, they are definitely not to be used as "people". (How can they come close to your dolls??!) The cloth dolls are dolls for my dolls :) that's why they are in the "Art Room" cos they are "made" by Maya.

San said...

Just to add that I love the cloth dolls cos I love folk art.

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