Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Days 426, 427 -Chinese Tea

The pleasure of tea is doubled 
when you have company sharing it.

Great having you over, Carmen, Claude, Fabiola, Veronique. 
Thank you for bringing your own cups. 

Happy to see familiar faces from way back and far away, Josje, Piikko, and Maria Ireland. 
Glad you like Chinese Tea.

Warm welcome back, Drora, Illona, Kikka 
You who have shared and have warmed my heart.

Grateful for the company of friends whom I have not spoken for a while and yet linger constantly in my thoughts, Birgit, Ewa, Betsy.

And always thrilled to share our regular chats again, Ro. 

You brought colours to my living room in the garden and gave nourishments to my tea. 


Flowering tea leaves - Before

My dad loved Chinese tea. He taught me the subtle yet distinct differences between good and great Oolong and showed me the simple but rigid steps to brewing.


We learnt from him and mum how a cup of tea is more than just a beverage. It is a powerful instrument for expressing emotions that often beggar words; and it bridges what may appears to be the irreconcilable. 

For us Chinese, presenting a cup of tea on our knees is not simply saying I am sorry, it is also showing sorrow and remorse for having hurt so deeply. 

On your wedding day, it is an expression of immense gratitude for all the years your elders have loved, protected and gifted. That cup of tea says at once: thank you, I am now leaving your shelter and I am sad yet glad and I know you are glad yet sad too. It is that flash when your life before that cup of tea were instances when you were educated, scolded or praised. It was for all the tears and laughter leading up to this day when you are finally no longer a child but a man, woman, spouse and maybe parent.

I bought the 2 tiny teapots and the teacup from the National Palace Museum of Taiwan in 2009. Taiwan was also a special trip I made just with my mum and dad in 2013 over the Chinese New Year that year. 

In my little world and the abandoned house, that Chinese teacup from Taiwan will always be dad's special cup.


Kikka N said...

Dear Sans, thank you for introducing us a wonderful idea of sharing the Tea! And the tiny Tea items on your dollhouse are like a 'memory lane' to your (and our) heart /hearts to remember your dear Dad. What a heartmoving idea! Warm Hugs kikka

Ilona said...

Dear Sans! Your words touch my heart....
I knew that the drinking of tea has a tradition of its own, it's very special. Now I thank you for inviting us to learn even a bit more about this special tradition. Like Kikka I think it's special to have your memories, like this special tea cup of your dear Dad, in your miniature garden.
Warm hugs, Ilona
PS I still have one of your tea flowers and I think it's time to drink it on one of these days. To see the special magic of your beautiful tea flower once again: thank you Sans for introducing and sending these special tea flowers to me xxx!

claude said...

thank you for sharing
beautiful teapots

Fabiola said...

Thanks for sending this magical tea to me.
Beautiful tea mini pieces.

AM Minnaard said...

Hello Sans, thank you for this amazing post. I enjoyed reading it very much while enjoying my cup of green tea. Hugs AM

The Old Maid said...

You made me touched once more dear SoulSis... it is about your friendship, written words, memories, colours and music of course.

Maybe it is not an abandoned house anymore but living paradise of dear memories?

I did take the photos of your blooming tea but can't remember if I ever published them anywhere.

The tea pots and the cup are lovely and very special.

Good to read you again.

Hugs and kisses from the 3 of us

Remco said...

In Holland it's normally in the afternoon teatime.
Personal I am not a big thea drinker, but it took quite some (Thea)time to see another post of you here Susan, so glad to see you back and cheers lady!!
I was worried about you all the time!!!
Nice small teapots these are!

Greetings Remco

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! Who could have known all those years ago when you bought the tiny teapots and the little cup, that they would end up here with such a powerful message of Love, Enduring Attachment, and Letting go! It always amazes me how these things come together and we discover their meaning... often after we have assembled the pieces almost aimlessly!
Your teapots are beautiful and filled with Love. But none more than that cup which will always be for your Father.
I, too, still have one of the Flowering Tea Blossoms.... waiting for that moment.... I look at it sometimes and think "would Sans know if I made a pot of tea with this blossom today....?"

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

I am drinking tea as I read your post, it makes a pleasant occasion even more enjoyable. Tea helps on sad occasions too. Sharing a pot of tea is something I would like to do with you Sans.

BiWuBär said...

Maybe you need to think this over once more... it is hardly an abandoned house with all the wonderful memories living in it... ;O) What a wonderful way to put a very special memory of your Dad into your wonderful project - it's a small detail... but as we all know it's the small things that count.

Birgit (who is still over the moon having you back in blogland again)

carmen said...

tengo todavía una flor mágica de té que me enviaste, estaba esperando para abrirla con mi nieto ...quizá ya sabe apreciarlo ahora ...feliz navidad!

Drora's minimundo said...

Dear Sans, you touch my heart with your words.
Drinking tea is something special even here in our informal society. We
do it, in glass cups for some unknown reason.
Your little teapots are lovely. I love their shape. The little china cup
is beautiful.
I am very happy your are back and posting.
Hugs, Drora

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