Sunday, 29 January 2017

Day 419- Still Life

"A Small Blue Table" 
by Sans!
October 2014


A small blue table sits at the east of my abandoned house, right under the rambutan tree. It is a still life not because it is a work of art in any way but because it succinctly describes the state of my mini life.

It has been close to a year since I last made anything and more than since I blogged.  The silence was mainly due to love; then loss and finally in 2016, life.

A Small Blue Table - detail 29 Jan 2017

I remember it was also after a lull when I went to work on the table 2 Septembers ago. 9 months into 2014, and I have only made Painting Nature and a rambutan tree.

It was not easy. Starting again after such lack of practice. But I wanted to make a table to display some gifts which I have received from blog friends. Some of these gifts were received so long ago that, regretfully and quite unforgivably, I simply cannot recollect who they are from...

like this wicker which spoke to me in volumes when it said bash me

or the blooms in a bead

or the littlest, and my absolute favourite, perfume atomiser.

Then there is this plastic can.

One of the challenges I gave myself was to rust this plastic. Alas, 9 months of no practice was telling in the results. I didn't like it then.

But now it sits as a gentle reminder to myself not to leave my mini world for too long. It is never far though. How can it when it is already a part of my very real world.


Riitta said...

Hi Sans, Beautiful Still Life and photos! Happy that you are back!

Daydreamer said...

Helloooo Dear Sans!.....!!!!! :):):)
Can I believe this tiny gorgeous Still Life has been sitting Still for all this Time...? Well, of course I can..... there are so many partly done .... Still waiting.... pieces and projects in my Own mini World... That is just what seems to happen! A project half done and Life or another urgent creation must take precedence. And the first piece waits ... and waits.... like my Castle... too!
It is so wonderful to see a glimpse... an update... a whisper of the Creativity that you share so beautifully! No matter how long ago.... or far away... this Tiny world joins us together with the creating we love! Your tiny Still Life fills my heart with the Joy of its beauty! It is Wonderful to see you still here... again! :):):)

rosanna said...

Dearest Sans, welcome back. I just send you my love and my happiness for seeing you mini making again, May be I'll follow your path. Tight hugs <3

Drora's minimundo said...

Dear Sans,
Hello and Welcome back. I missed you and will be more than happy to see and read your posts again. Happy mini crafting!
Lots of warm hugs,

carmen said...

que bueno leerte de nuevo!

claude said...

A universe always full of charm, very pretty

Maria Ireland said...

Welcome Back it is wonderful to see you here again.
Warm Hugs Maria

Piikko said...

Hello dear Sans! <3 How great to hear from you! Welcome back to the miniworld. Sometimes we have to travel away to get back home. :) Hugs, piikko

Elizabeth S said...

Dear Sans, It is such a welcomed SURPRISE to see a post from you after such a long spell. Life happens to us all and often the Sabbaticals stretch out a little longer than what we initially intended. Nevertheless, no matter how long it's been, it is always good to hear from a sweet friend.
Your post as usual, has a mystical quality to it which is so indicative of your unique style of writing. No one writes like you do! :D

Welcome Back

Sans! said...

It has been so long since I logged into Blogger that it blocked me for a while..haha. Which explains an extended delay.

Thank you, my dear friends for visiting. I have missed blogging only because of friends like you.

My gosh Riitta, it is really good to hear from you again.

And dear dear Betsy, I have to make time to see your world. You are the most prolific mini builder in this circle back in 2014..haha.. got to see if you still are.

And Drora, were the Blooms in a Bead from you?

And my dear Ro, yes, spare some time for mini if you can :). Since we "speak" ever so often, I know you are just as bz.

Claude, hugs back to you. And you, Maria!

Carmen, gracias!

Piikko, how poignant your words..but how true that this is home.

And Elizabeth..your words are sweet, warm and always cheering. It's good to be back.

Fabiola said...

Welcome back! Your work is beautiful, as always.

Veronique Blommaart said...

Welcome back! Life does that, accelerate time and propell us on an alternate route.
But it's good to know we can always come back and see that in the end not that much has changed.
Beautiful pictures of some delicate treasures.

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