Monday, 7 December 2015

The Day He Left - Nirvana

This was a mini sculpture I made in October last year. Shortly after, my dad was taken ill and was admitted to the hospital. He never came home.

What do you say when someone you thought would be there always leave? Everything and nothing really. 

On 3 December 2015, we commemorated the 1 year since my dad left with a meal. I echo here my brother's words to him:

Hey dad. We bought some of your favourites tonight for dinner. It's been a year now. We're all doing great. And yes, we know you're with us. I know you always are.



Kikka N said...

Dear Sans: my sincere condolences with warm Hugs! ...I kind of new that there is something big on your life... I am so sorry for your loss..
Happy to see that there are so many with you who have been sharing the same sorrow.
Please take care of yourself my friend,

Ilona said...

Dearest Sans, I'm so sorry for you loss, my sincere condolences!!
I had the same thought as Kikka: there had to be something going on in your's good to commemorate him with your whole family, it's a great tribute to your Dad.
I really hope you're doing better in the meantime...?
Love and warm hugs, Ilona

claude said...

my sincere condolences

Veronique Blommaart said...

My sincere condolences.
Big hug,

Fabiola said...

My sincere condolences, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Piikko said...

Dear Sans, I am very sorry for your loss.
I don't have words... Hug. My sincere condolences dear friend. Huge hug. -piikko

The Old Maid said...

The whole year we've been thinkig of you and I've been sending prayers.
Guess noone knows for real what to say and sometimes the words are not really needed, it is good to see the whole family smiling. I am sure He is watching over you.:)
Dear SS, we miss you and hope you are doing fine. :)
And we miss you on this blogland too.
Hugs and kisses from all of us.

Daydreamer said...

My Dear Sans!, I am so saddened to learn of your loss of your dear Father. I know there are no words to help with the sorrow. I hope your Mother is doing okay and has all you children there to support her. I think of you so often and hope you are doing well. And as with the others, I feared something had happened. You are missed here in blogland! And how Beautiful that the sculpture you built has a beautiful bloom emerging from the dead-looking stalk! It touches my heart!

BiWuBär said...

My joy about seeing a new post from you (FINALLY!!!) was frozen at once when reading about these sad, sad news... I feel really sorry for you and your family - I almost lost my father this summer but I was lucky enough to get him back. My best wishes for you and your dear ones... and your brother has chosen wonderful words.


Drora's minimundo said...

Dear Sans,
Somehow, like the other friends, I felt something bad has happened in your life. I'm sincerely sorry and sad about your loss. It is good however, that
you keep together and have your father in your hearts and in your thoughts.
May you know no more sadness.
Hugs, Drora

rosanna said...

Read this after the last one....
One year, how fast time flies and yet how near it seem.
All my love to you and your family

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