Thursday, 29 November 2012

Day 358-Our Doll House, The Workroom

This has to be my single most loved item in the workroom; this little radio given to me by my dad specifically for use here. The sight of it could bring me back to a time when I was just as little, frolicking with my sisters outside my granny's house; while my dad and uncle sat on an old canvas folding bed with a radio that looked almost like this one, playing night music. 

It's almost a ritual now; once I am at the door, I'll switch on the fan - and yes, blessed are working fans even if they are noisy 

or terribly rusty-

and right after switching on those fans, it will be the radio and then I'll light an incense or a mosquito coil in a clay burner that I bought from Little India as long as 10 over years ago. 

This type of burner has been in use since my mother or maybe even her mother's time and I am glad they are still commonly found in shops near my home today.

Then as if the mosquitoes cannot be more poisoned, I'll also burn some aromatic mosquito-killing oils in My Maharajah's Palace burner.

This is the other side of the room, dominated mainly by the ingenious bench-bed designed and built by my cousin Ko who also fixed my fan. On it lay an antique kilim runner bought when I was in Pakistan in the late 90's. The cushions are covered in tatami. By day, they served as seats on the bench.

By night, the bench can be extended into a bed. This means that the workroom can also double up as a guest room which translates into more blog friends visiting. This piece of furniture has been neglected and left outside in the corridor for a long time but I stubbornly refused to have it thrown away. Never if I can help it and now there'll be no reason to because it finally has a home.

This replica Ban Chiang pot was acquired when SuZ started working at a designer furniture store shortly after her graduation.They were then selling limited numbers of these pots and it was at her insistence that I bought two. Made in the style and tradition of ancient Ban Chiang earthenware, the original of these pots were found to associate directly with human burials. As it was a custom in the ancient times to bury the dead with their prized possessions, these pots, which could have been used for storage or cooking, were commonly treated as part of funereal wares. The earliest pot to have been discovered is believed to date back to 3500 B.C. Ban Chiang, an archaeological site in Thailand where these pots were found and therefore so named after, has been declared a UNESCO heritage site since 1992. 

Currently, this Ban Chiang pot, which came from my old office premises, is serving as a glamorous bin for us to store some materials and day old rubbish. 

Finally too, is a proper place to display some treasured gifts from friends. The little gnome house was a gift from Ascension when I was in Spain this year. It has suffered a little from the long distance travelling but I will make sure it be repaired soon so that I can show off Ascension's wonderful creations to you. The magnificent and very distinctive tree was made specially for me by Eva and she gave it to me when she and her family visited Singapore last year. I just love how they look together in this corner on the planter stand.

Rosanna bought this miniature bonsai at a shop in Marina Bay Sands when she was here this year. She bought it because she knew I loved it and she gave it to me just before she left Singapore. I was at the shop with her when the shopkeeper told us this was a real plant preserved and shrunk to this size using some kind of patented method. I still remember Rosanna and I studying the plant in disbelief and exchanging notes on why we thought this could be handmade. One day, I will break the plastic case holding the bonsai so I can have an even closer look. 

The top of this cupboard holds some of my waiting-to-be-bashed doll and animal collection. As you can see, this side is for elephants and the one I prized above all others is placed right in front. This bejewelled creature was bashed by Birgit for me after she read my post on the elephant parade that was in Singapore.It was a birthday gift moons ago and along with it came loads of marzipan and other gifts. Those gifts that are not already in my stomach, I will show in more appropriate posts.

If you are wondering where I store all that stuff in the old cupboard I threw away,I am pleased to share that quite a fair bit was thrown out with that cupboard.

For the rest, the not so pretty things I kept inside this cupboard. The Mac laptop box underneath as well as the small hemp sack on top hold my tools and the mini oven next to the sack belongs to Cindy.

Here are the pretty ones which I display according to colour and use. I was surprised that they took up so little space once they were neatly arranged. I even have room for a memento like this card which I bought from Krakow when I was with Ewalina

With that, I believe you have seen almost all of this small workroom of ours.

A cacophony of the discarded, much neglected, the very old, the pretend to be old,

if there is indeed a decor style at all for this room, it will have to be reduce-recycle-reuse-chic.  

Asuka has taken to calling this space Our Doll House and I think there are no better term than these three words to describe how I  feel about this precious space.

It's late now. 

So goodnight, Our Doll House!

Till our next meet!


Kim said...

what a beautiful tour! I think the thing I love the most about coming to your blog is that I always learn new things. I so appreciate that you share with us the history behind your treasures :)

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Sans!, thank you for this unique tour. Each gift presents a spirit of a person who gave it to you. What can be more desirable than to be surrounded by your friends all year around? Blown away by a Bonsai Tree!

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Sans!, thank you for this unique tour. Each gift presents a spirit of a person who gave it to you. What can be more desirable than to be surrounded by your friends all year around? Blown away by a Bonsai Tree!

The Old Maid said...

Oh darn it.... you made me moved again! You know what I thibk? Maybe you should try to write a book? I would buy it for sure.No matter the price! ;)
Great post, dearest Sam! Good to know you have a bed for me there once I arrive there one day!;)

Have a good night and day too!

Hugs and kisses

BiWuBär said...

Ah, exactly what I needed today... another beautiful new post from my dear friend, the highly talented storyteller, the Queen of rust and lover of marzipan (Hey, Ewa, we'll keep that up, talking Sans! into finally writing a book!)It's the best name you girls could ever have come up with - Your dollsroom! Have loads of fun there - of course a selfish wish, because this will lead to some beautiful results we all can admire in the future... ;O)


Margriet said...

The workroom......the most magical room in the house because there we make our dreams come true ;-)

Loved the tour!!!

Piikko said...

what a work room! Even your 'the not so pretty things' are looking beautiful. I love the cushions on bench-bed which btw looks like calling me. ;) Never know..maybe one day! :) I also have burner but i haven't ever seen palace burner like yours. It is very pretty.
Sans, good night to you! :)
I'll try to get some good dreams tonite too. But..I'm having a running nose. Trooot! :(
Should I but my burner on with some aromatic oil...

Ilona said...

Hi Sans! Thank you for this wonderful tour in your workroom, Our Doll House :D!! All those gifts from (blog)friends are so lovely and thoughtful, thanks for sharing.
Warm hugs, Ilona

rosanna said...

A Doll House for real people....sigh....
Dearie, it is nearly like being there with you, nearly :o(
The cushions moved from the guestroom to the new bench bed,good omen:new guests are coming :o))
I am far too moved to write more,may be it is the music,may be the memories,may be nostalgia.
Big hugs, Ro

Maria Ireland said...

Your dolls house is fantastic wishing you many many happy hours creating :) I love the bench and what a wonderful way to keep your friends close.
Hugs Maria

Eliana said...

I loved every detail. ;)


Daydreamer said...

AAAAWWW! *Sniff* What a Wonderful Name.... for a Wonderful Room... for a Wonderful group of Wonderfully Creative and Caring people!!! Such a Tribute to You, my dear Friend, for being such a Wonderful Friend to all who come to share this Mini- blogland with you.... Those gifts from other blog friends around the Globe....!!!
Your Doll House is Beautiful and Such a Special place... I can feel the warm and creative energy... the Dreams taking shape.... the plans and projects being built....! Hooray!
And Sleep well.... and Dream....!

Sans! said...

Good morning, Kim. Right now as I typed, I am waiting for my ride to work. I look forward to the mornings when work means a short walk to Our Doll House :):).

It is so easy to share here :) and I am glad you find it interesting. I am a lot more scarce with my words when people actually visit.

Sans! said...

Natalia, the Bonsai is from China. It comes with a little leaflet which explain the how and what. I will definitely let you know what it actually says.

The thing you say about being surrounded by friends is so true. There really is no space more suitable than here to put some of the gifts from afar. These are not mere 'things' because they create for me a very comforting space.

My ride is here ! Chat later!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I Love Your Doll House room! May you spend many happy hours there ;)


Mona said...

A pleasure to take a tour in your Doll House room. I`m sure you will have many fun hours there.

CWPoppets said...

Hey Sans,
I'm always intrigued by your stories and the oh-so-different world we live in.

Sans! said...

Ewalina, you know I really cannot, cannot, cannot wait for the day when I pick you up from the Changi (remember this name, pronounced Cha-ang-eee) airport :) and no, you will be sleeping in the other guest room, not this one. There will always be a bed here in my home for you even if I have to sleep on the floor! :):) or we can always swap room because I don't mind sleeping in Our Doll House :):).

I am going to make you come here even if I have to go over to Gdynia to drag you here :):):). Expect something from me soon, dearie.

Sans! said...

Birgit, you are the Queen of Sweet Comments, the Mother of High Praises and the Goddess of Kind Words :):).

By the way, my brother's profession is a writer and he writes mainly on his blog. So maybe we have all "published our books" already except that these days they call it blogs and not books :):):).

Be that as it may, my writing is so personal only friends will appreciate them :):). Thank goodness for you guys...
*hundreds of kisses flying

Sans! said...

Margriet :):):):), I am always so happy to see you :). I hope someday you will be a real guest at Our Doll House and bring some of your magic here. This room can definitely do with some witchy humour. :)

Sans! said...

Piikkoooooo! Yes, yes, the bed is calling you...."little Piiikkkkooooo, come here"

"but bench-bed" Piikko protest "what a hard and uncomfortable bed you look!"

"All the better for you to lose sleep so you can spend more time on making minis, my dear :):)"

There are many reasons you should visit, Piikko, the weather here is nice and warm compared to where you are and you won't be suffering a cold. Maybe some mosquito bites but you can bring your own burner :):).

By the way, I bought this burner because it was a palace and there was even a cover over the dish shaped like a dome but that broke and I have thrown the cover away.

Sweet dreams, it's once again almost 2am now :):)

Neomig said...

Your retreat is so peaceful! I adore especialy the girl-boy cusions and the huge burial pot.

Ara said...

I love that you call it your doll house!!! Each piece is so carefully chosen and loved! hugs, Ara

Drora's minimundo said...

It turned up to be a very unusual, pretty and practical workroom. I am sure you'll be having fun working with your friends there.
Hugs, Drora

Craftland minis und anderes said...

Thank you for sharing photos from your wonderful work room. I think you are a very lucky lady. My room is a great chaos room ;)

Hugs from Craftland

Sans! said...

Thank you Ilona, for being a part of this community :) and visiting our doll house :). And thank you, me dear friend who contributes so much to this world of mine :). You will be surprised how big a part you play :).

Sans! said...

Ro, I hope you are having a great weekend! You will be pleased to know that my 1st piece of work in this room has a lot to do with you :):).

It's so wet here in Singapore. It's the time of the year when the stairs in the tribal house turn moldy and wasp build their nest in there...sigghhhhh. I just got rid of one nest 2 days ago. Otherwise December in Singapore is a great time to visit if you love tropical rain like I do.

Sans! said...

I love that bench too, Maria I. :):) It's rare to find someone like my cousin in Singapore because most of us don't do our own construction. I don't even know how to drill a hole in the wall properly. :)

Sans! said...

Thank you Eliana :):)

Sans! said...


Thank you for being a part of my mini world. You and everyone here who makes this community such a special place. This was where people I haven't met, people who hardly knows me can be my friend. I don't think I have enjoyed as much giving anywhere else.

Your comment has inspired me, Bets, like you never fail to do :). THANK YOU!

Sans! said...

Vic!!! Finally, your turn! :):)

You will know what I mean soon :)

Sans! said...

Thank you for being here, Mona :). Your mini library is turning out great! And about that blue table, you can never go wrong with blue :)

Sans! said...

Heya Christine, I find your world fascinating too! As I was writing this post, I was just wondering how many of you really know what a mosquito coil is :):). If you look at the poster of vintage things in Singapore, you can actually find a mosquito coil in there. Clue: it spirals :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Neomi :):). I love those cushions too. Rosanna was right, they were from the guest room inside the house and now brought out to the workroom.

During Chinese New Year here, you can still see little boys and girls dressed in these costumes :) without the cap :). The locals hardly wear hats here and not many of us wear sunglasses as well although it's a tropical country :):).

Sans! said...

It's thanks to Asuka for giving the workroom its name, Ara :).

Seriously, I did't pick the furniture for this room. They all had to come here or they would be in the warehouse or junked. :)

Sans! said...

I am sure of that too Drora :) although I still work mainly in the house ..LOL. I couldn't move all my glue, paints and many other stuff to the workroom. If you see the way I work, you will understand why it is very hard to have everything in 1 place for me. Just to make a suitcase garden, I need materials from 4 different places, the guest bedroom, the dining room, the kitchen and the workroom! Today, I managed to mess up 2 tables and a bench :). Yes, just for a suitcase garden ! :):)

Sans! said...

Haha Craftland, trust me if I work only in 1 spot, that space will be chaotic too!

I am a bit of a neat freak though and I can only do 1 project at a time. LOL. Less messy but still messy.

I do agree with you though, I am very lucky to be able to have a workroom to play with my friends :).

Rosamargarita said...

Es un lugar de trabajo magnífico Susan!

carmen said...

que lugar tan encantador!

Ascension said...

Me encanta ese encantador lugar de trabajo, seguro que hay las tres podreis disfrutar haciendo minis.
Gracias por pensar en mi y buscar un rinconcito para "tu duende", me encanta compartir espacio con mi amiga Eva.
Eres un amor, tienes que ser una gozada poder compartir vuestro nuevo espacio y en los descansos "contar chismes" como dice Birgit en su blog los domingos........una taza de cafe, chismes y un gran trozo de tarta jejejeje....
besitos ascension

Eva said...

Love to know that you have a new space :) And thank you for placing ascension hnoms house besides the tree, this is so nice.
I am sure that all of you will be inspired and will creat a lot of wonderful things in this cozy room

Amy said...

Sans Sans! I've been locked up in my own studio, not going anywhere, or reading anything, getting ready for two shows opening at the same time, and feeling really overworked and stretched and not very creative, feeling like the studio was a jail cell! So I've been neglectful of my blog friends, obviously. But am I ever happy I finally pried myself away from myself, because all I needed to do all this time was to see your shared studio room in all its intricate beauty! You reminded me of the joy of creating, and the wonderful tools of creation, and the inspirations, and the shared experiences, and the way a studio should be a microcosm of the outer world mixed in with your inner world. I love it. The details make my imagination dance. And when I'm finished packing up my work and sending it out I'm going to take this inspiration and re-do this crazy studio of mine. Thank you for the spark!!!

Sans! said...

Eva ! :):) You know maybe we will have a bigger space when you next visit :). And that tree of yours, i just love it so much :).

Sans! said...

Holaaaaaa Ascensión! Espero que este fin de semana voy a ser capaz de pasar un poco de tiempo en esa habitación. Ha sido bastante descuidado! Tengo ben tan ocupado en el trabajo! :) Pero tal vez, quién sabe, y nunca digas nunca, usted podrá disfrutar de la sala, sentado junto a yoru casita :), tomando un café conmigo, ja?

Besitos y abrazoooooos

Sans! said...

Amy :):):). It's so nice to see that you have decided to pop by here when you have a little time to come out of the water and breathe :):).

I remember your last comment on a shared studio and how difficult it is to have a shared space when you create. That is true even here for the 3 of us. At the end of the day, this is a space for us when we decide more to interact, discuss and share rather than create.

I still find it difficult to paint in this room or work in any substantial way. Even with the workroom, the important materials are still kept at various locations in the house. :).

But this space is a good place is think, imagine and be alone :). The only time when I don't dread the isolation (and maybe even demand or crave it) is when I am working on my minis. :)

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