Sunday, 18 November 2012

Between Days 354-358 Converting An Abandoned Room

We have a room in the extension of our home that has been abandoned by a housemate who left the country and never came back. 

He was going home to the US for an operation in September last year and left some of his belongings behind assuring us that he would be back. After a few months, when we failed to hear from him, we tried to contact him through email and text messages but there was just silence. We did not know what to make of his disappearance so his room was just left vacant with all his things the way they were. 


It was a year later, on 4th October 2012 that a decision was finally made about this room. On one of our Saturdays Mini Meet, rather spur of the moment-ly, while chatting with Cindy and Asuka, I asked them if they would be interested in having a workroom here with me. They were both really enthusiastic and excited and that got us planning almost immediately on what had to be done. 

As I have just shifted to my new office, we had a few furniture items that could not fit into the new space stored away in a warehouse. I told the girls that if I could fit these furniture into the workroom, I could save on the monthly warehouse charges. 

Some of you may remember this cupboard. It was placed just outside the house on a small walkway to the extension. 

It was where I stored some of my supplies, collected, bought and saved since 1999. Those pictures were taken in April 2010. 2 and a half years later today, the door with the mirror has already fallen off completely and even more junk was thrown in there. 

Darling Cindy very kindly volunteered to help me pack those things into a box so I could junk the cupboard together with some of the stuff in David's room. So on 30 October 2012, while I was going crazy with my schedule at the new office, Cindy and Fafa did the unenviable task of emptying this cupboard without my help. 

The next day, the workers came to remove the junk and painted the room. The old and faithful cupboard that I had kept for 16 years was gone but we kept the door because Cindy  had a brilliant idea on what we could do with it. 

My wonderful cousin came and fixed the ceiling fan in the room and on 15th November 2012, Day 358, the furniture that were stored away arrived.

I took that day off  to clean up the room and ended up working for more than 12 hours, thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. When I was done, I messaged both Cindy and Asuka, asking if they would come down today to see the room. They both readily agreed.


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

How exciting to have a craft studio :) Now if only I could peek behind that curtain LOL.
I hope your friend who abandoned the room is ok.
Can't wait to see.


The Old Maid said...

Oh, lucky you three, Girls!
What a splendid idea! I can't wait for more of room-to-workroom change!Hope you'll post more about it, dear SS!
I am sure your room is bigger than my workshop since it can accomodate 3 persons at once! lol!
Relly can't wait for more!:)

Hugs and kisses!

Rosamargarita said...

Un espacio propio! es maravilloso, me alegro de tu decisión.

Rosamargarita said...

Un espacio propio! es maravilloso, me alegro de tu decisión.

rosanna said...

You BAD BAD girl !!! why don't you show us more??????
You know I am dying to see it!
Big hugs and a kiss to forgive you

Drora's minimundo said...

You mean you waited such a long time to take over??
Congratulations and happy working together!
Hugs, Drora

Eliana said...

This is a test of patience. Can hardly wait to see what a beautiful curtain hides. ;)

GB said...

Oh I looooooove stories of transformations. Especially those that involve rooms that will be used as studios/craft spaces. Can't wait to see the big reveal! :)

Also, how fun is it that you'll have two friends to share the craft room with?


Norma said...

How exciting to have a new workspace, and be able to share it with friends. Can't wait to see how it's all going to look.

BiWuBär said...

If you could see me now... I'm writing this with tears of joy and thankfulness on my face and on my knees... I'm not the only one where the storage of stuff looks like your cupboard... YEAH, life is bright again... *grin* - What a mysterious way to get this wonderful room, how strange for your mate to vanish and disappear like this... but a wonderful idea to have such a fantastic workspace... and with your darling helpers this will without any doubt become a very special place. Please don't let us wait for more too long how this will turn out!


Cindy Teh said...


*grins somemore*

Thank you and FaiZ and Fafa and your cousin for all the hard work in making this possible for us! Can't wait to start on our first project together in the room. It is far far FAR more beautiful than I could have ever imagined....:D :D :D went to bed very happy last night. Exciting times ahead. :)

Daydreamer said...

OOOOH! How Exciting to have a whole Room for working on your projects!!! I miss my Old Studio more with every passing year! Please show us MORE of this fantastic space as SOON as Possible!!!!
And show us the Projects too!! (See how Greedy we are? Pushing you to share your new Space...!)
I am so Happy that you now have a Room for Creating in, and that you get to share it with your mini friends!!!

Mona said...

It look like a wonderful room, looking forward to see what you have done with it!

Ilona said...

Hi dear Susan! Your own workroom? GREAT, congratulations!! Now you have to unveil this room for us, dear friend, I can't wait until the curtain is away and shows us the work space of you and your friends.
Thank you for your comment ;)!
Warm hugs, Ilona

malu2 said...

Un taller de minis para ti sola!!
Yo me quiero ir contigo!!jejeje.
que felicidad tener todo en un mismo lugar, sin tener que tocar nada!!
Besos de las Malu´s.

Kim said...

oh how very exciting! I cannot wait to see more. I would be sooo curious about what happened to the old roommate- how do people just disappear without telling people they lived with?? It is your advantage though- how great to have a workroom!!

Amy said...

Sans, it starts with a mystery worthy of a novel, and ends with a room that will not only be a place for you to work your magic and alchemy, but a place where you will share - what a wonderful generous idea! I'm sad to say that every time I day dream about the perfect workshop studio it's mine-all-mine. But the idea of a shared space, for ideas to grow and multiply, that's perfect. Think of all the serendipity! Ideas coming from a mixture of so many elements, and the imaginations of a workroom are endless. Plus, it looks like a really great room. What more could one need?!

Ascension said...

Seguro que en esa habitacion van a crearse grandes trabajos.
Ademas os lo pasareis genial.
Estoy deseando ver lo fantastica la dejais.
besitos ascension

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