Sunday, 11 November 2012

Day 357- Abandoned House Revisited

It has been 3 weeks since we found the abandoned house and not a day went by that I didn't think about going back. So despite the fact that we had all just finished running another punishing half marathon race this morning and I could barely moved without eliciting an involuntary ouch, I decided to take a drive down in the late afternoon to see if I could find the house again. It didn't take me long. 

Imagine my utter surprise though to find the verandah totally void of the awful landscaping. Then imagine my amazement at what I could now see. 

There was a pair of matching relief murals that must have been carved and painted onto the wooden walls after the house was built. Needless to say, weather, time and creepers had altered the artwork considerably;

yet, I couldn't help noticing how resounding they now echoed with their environment. 

Nothing significant really was taken away from the art, instead they had been seasoned to harmonise and perfected to blend. I stood in front of the faded vases for a long while, looking at them and then looking out at the wilderness and then back to looking at the painted foliage. 

The artist must have intended this; this nurturing of his art. How clever, I thought, if that was indeed so, to be collaborating with the greatest artist of all, Mother Nature. 

Soon, the shadows grew longer and the evening breeze gathered close and it felt almost like I was in a fairy house as the light of the moving leaves danced around me. 

Perhaps it really is a fairy house.


Fabiola said...

It looks like a magic house.
Bye Faby

rosanna said...

Ouch ?? I wonder how you can move after a half marathon.
Love the carvings and the paintings with the matchy tiles.
Cannot wait to see more :o))
Loveloads, Ro

The Old Maid said...

Which place Sam? Which? I am sure you were the first! You are always the best for me! :)

I love the floor! I love the murals! And I love the window!!
Oh, go inside next time pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaseeeeeeee!:D
Fantastic pictures! Great sounds in the background.:)
Hugs and kisses!

Ara said...

Would give quite a lot to have floors like that anywhere around my house!! I can't wait to see if there is someone to meet inside! hugs, Ara

BiWuBär said...

A fairy house... yes, could be true... at least it's beautiful and spiritual and magical and addictive, so there's some enchanting going on. And not to forget the most enchanting storyteller ever... you're a real blog poet! ;O)


Maria Ireland said...

Yes it must be a fairy house I can see the magic in this house :) wonderful story I am looking forward to seeing more.
Hugs Maria

Ascension said...

....yo apuesto por una casita de hadas,
Me parece ver revolotear algo brillante y magico.....que puede ser??????
Seguro que a pesar de tanta herrumbre hay algo hermoso escondido en esa fantastica casa...
Estoy desenado saber que es.....aunque puedo esperar algunas entradas encanta disfrutar de esas imagenes fantasticas.
besitos ascension

Janice said...

Everyone needs a fairy house in their life.

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Que imagenes!!! Transmiten abandono, dejadez, pero a la vez magia, magia de haber sido un lugar encantado y bonito.
Estoy deseando saber de que se trata.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Oh, a Fairy house :) my next project is a fairy house. Have you been holding out on us working on a new project??? I am in love with the colors, I need to see more......


Sans! said...

Sure felt like it, Faby :):)

Sans! said...

Ro, nothing like running to make your body feel alive and yes, painful!!! My sister actually asked me to go shopping ! No car, take the train she says ! Way easier to "visit" my abandoned house :)

Sans! said...

O yes, Ro, I am sure you can't remember (or maybe you can but cannot recognise them) but do the murals look familiar?

Sans! said...

Ewalina, are you wondering if I came in first for my race? teehehehehehee, that's so funny even as I typed because I only came in my group of 4 , heh heh heh :). That was what I said when I came home to A who was half asleep. He asked me how I did in my race and of course I told him "I came in 2nd". "Wow, so good," he said and promptly went back to sleep :):):).

Ewalina, I can't wait for you to visit. How about next year!?? With Ro! :) Then I will bring you all to see the house :).

Sans! said...

Ara, those tiles have some very oriental motifs. I swear I can spot blue lotuses in the pattern. In some really old Peranakan houses, you can still find similar ones. Now they are very expensive. Go to this site to see how these beautiful tiles are used to decorate tomb stones :)

Sans! said...

Thank you , Birgit :) and you are every blogger's darling commentor :):).

I love how you too can see the beauty and magic in what most will consider a dilapidated house ;) . *hooking last finger with you, Friend!

Sans! said...

Maria Ireland, I know I can count on you to be here when I write more about the house.

Sans! said...

Gracias Ascensión! En cierto modo, esta casa me hizo pensar en la casa gnomo que construiste para mí :). ¿No es un poco extraño? Su casa es tan limpia y bonita y éste, éste es viejo, roto y abandonado. Creo que es porque ambos tienen un cierto :) magia. De acuerdo? :) :)

abrazos y besooooossss

Sans! said...

Once again, in total agreement with you, Janice !

Sans! said...

Ola Eva Tatalamaru :) :) gracias :) :) Estoy muy contento con mi nueva cámara. Se capturaron gran parte del humor de esta casa y un poco más :). Realmente quiero mostrarte más. No entrar en razón cuando lo hago :) :)

Muchos abrazos y besos :)

Sans! said...

Ooooooh Victoria, et tu? :):):)And no, I won't hold out on you guys. You are almost always the first ones I show any work to, even those work in progress ;p

Have a great day, V! Have a great day, everyone! *waves

Kikka said...

The Floor is so amazing... You must be a real Magician ! And at the first photo I Love the frames of the window...the color goes into my heart! :)

Eliana said...

The wall and floor hidden by the abandonment ... pure poetry!

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! I am late to comment... but I did come here last night... but you have rendered me speechless!
At first it was the missing vines... the messy landscape you called it... those Glorious vines are Gone? I thought... What is she thinking? (thought I)... but then I saw what you have revealed... and you KNOW how much I LOVE painted walls!!! So you can Imaging what MY imagination is thinking... how much mural is she going to Create in order to "Destroy" it...Ruin it... Transform it to the most Sublime Ethereal... Mythical.... barely there wisp of the Imagination... whisper of the past.... figment of illusion.... distantly remembered Dream....! OH! What IS this House???? What Are you tantalizing us with....? Please can I see More.... More, MORE???
I'm so sorry to be so late!!!

Rosamargarita said...

Yo creo que de verdad es una casa de hadas, que magníficos murales!
Tienes mucho arte.
Un beso

Kim said...

oh my the floors! So beautiful- and the aging is so perfect- I think you are such a gifted artist Sans. I will be visiting your blog when I start to really age my steampunk house. I love the carvings also- I will be dreaming today of who may have lived in this house and why they abandoned it.

Sans! said...

Dearest Kikka, do you know who's the real magician? YOU! You who have already mailed out 2 Xmas packages!

By the way, that floor was the first thing done to this house. The rest only followed weeks later :).

Sans! said...

THANK YOU, dearest Eliana. You who make poetry and magic everyday with your immaculate minis. Praises from you = high praise and I am terribly flattered! And humbled ..

Sans! said...

Late is me, Betsy :). You, NEVER! :):)

I think we both share the same love for vines. Do you truly think they are gone? Perhaps they were never there in the first place.In any case, Mother Nature will never allow them too far from an abandoned house :). So maybe they were, are and will be there after all. teehee.

My own house has them crawling, hanging and creeping everywhere and they are quite beautiful, so say the lazy gardener wannabe.

You know something, I am very very curious myself, about who lived in this house. But I think I like him already.

Sans! said...

RosaM, mi ángel :). Siento lo de la parcela. Yo no envié a lo registrado. Pero va a llegar a ti. Estoy orando :)

Sans! said...


I am really happy to see you here again.

I have to tell you this, for a while there, I actually forgot how I used to age my minis. It's been so long since I did any painting that I had forgotten how to do it properly. That's why I recorded my process. As you can see, it's mainly for myself!

I can only share one attitude I have when it comes to aging. Be bold. :):) Mother Nature is relentless and tough and not many sees beauty in her work. Except the odd one like me. My friend actually told me once I was merely "romanticising decay". :). My sister thinks I am nuts :):):)

But why not, right? Call me a "romantic" or a "fool", I truly think, believe and will go as far as to say that I KNOW that there's beauty in decay.

I digress :):). I guess if we want to mimic Nature's work, we will have to think like her :). Relentless and tough and yet always leaving room for the wonderful:).

carmen said...

hace semanas que mi reader va mal y me estaba perdiendo estas maravillosas imágenes!!!

Cinderella Moments said...

A fairy house! I love it. It's thoroughly enchanting. I can't wait to see more.

Margriet said...

I'm really late :-)
Those wonderful and beautiful colours......I just love the way you make everything look so warm and magical. This abandoned house is perfect!

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