Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 310- The Portals of Genoa

En route to Santuario della Madonnetta 

Santuario della Madonnetta

1:6 nativity scene in church

1:6 nativity scene in church 

En route to Lift and Academia 


En route home

Genoa greeted my arrival with a bright and sunny day. I am getting a tan from Europe. Rosanna and I spent an incredibly beautiful day walking through  a romanesque church and then ancient backlanes, alongside the quaintest and most charming landscape of  Genoese houses. I love Genoa then and I love Genoa now and being with Rosanna makes me feel like Genoa is my home in Europe. In the evening, I spent a warm and loving time with Rosanna and her family. While we indulge in the fattening but oh so good frittell meal cooked by Rosanna,  Papa Rolla was so funny that I laughed like I understood every word of Italian they spoke. I went to bed, tired but smiling. 


Eva said...

Yesterday finally rain and was cold. The road that we took through the Natural Park to go to Talamanca is snowed in some parts ^_^. It seems that the sun is following you :)
Love the doors and love that are having a cozy time in genoa with Rosanna and her family. Keep blogging!!!
Un beso my grande

Garden of Miniatures said...

Beautiful pictures of Genoa,thanks for sharing Sans. Have a wonderful time there together with Rosanna!!!Jeannette

Sans! said...

Teehee, Eva . I cannot believe my luck as well. Genoa's weather is as quaint as the city. One moment it is cold, then quite hot like being at the park in Terrassa and then you turned a corner towards the sea, the breeze swept past and you shivered.

If it had rained here, Ro was going to bring me to a Turkish bath. Heh heh.

Incredible that it snowed over there!! I got a tan from Talamanca !

Sending a food package to you probably today or tomorrow. Watch your mail.

Sans! said...

Jeanette, Genoa is incredibly scenic and quaint. You will love it, really.

malu2 said...

Fantastico reportaje!!! Génova es muy bonita,disfruta muchísimo!!!!!
Besos de las Malu´s.

Gemma said...

Unas fotos preciosas.Un beso

Debbie said...

Beautiful Pictures Sans. Thanks for sharing them with us. Give my Love to Rosanna and her family x

Kikka said...

Extrabeautiful phototravel continues... Thank you for taking us With You!
...and you did even found some "rusty" points to have beautiful shots... :D!

carmen said...

me encanta ver a través de tus ojos...

cockerina said...

what beautiful pictures, so colorful and fascinating, even if they are old houses falling .. ha ha!
I'm curious to know Genoa closely now! thanks for sharing .. and about the sun, I think that it is not following you, but you're the one who brought the sun wherever you go!
kisses and hugs, good fun, again, again and again! :))
xxx Caterina

Piikko said...

Thank you Sans for showing us these beautiful photos! I'm traveling with you... :)
Hugs, piikko
Sweet greetings to Rosanna!

Ascension said...

Me alegro de que te "persiga" el sol jejeje
Sera una forma de disfrutar mas tus vacaciones y tener mas fotografias como estas tan fantasticas que estas haciendo.
Gracias por compartir, es como dar paseos contigo por donde tu vas.
besitos ascension

Drora's minimundo said...

A very unique city and good weather seems to follow your everywhere, may it continue so. Have fun! Hugs to you and Rosanna.

Maria Ireland said...

Beautiful city Your pictures are wonderful thanks for sharing. Keep having a wonderful sunshine time.
Hugs Maria

Eliana said...

I'm glad for your wonderful day. ;)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Genoa looks like a fascinating city. I love the photo of the rusty blue door ;)


BiWuBär said...

Genua is such a wonderful city - and it's really not surprising that YOU have an eye for its beauty... and especially the particular beauty. I loved all your photos, but the last one most, wonderful cobblestone and such an impressive shabby door. That's the difference to Germany, here would the neighbors say (behind your back, of course): They need to paint their door, how ugly and no weather protection... ;O)Speaking of the weather, I'm convinced now that you will bringing the sunshine with you. It's already in your name... leave out the "sa" in the middle and what will you get... pure sun... See you soon, SUsaN *smile*


Daydreamer said...

Well, Sans! I MUST add Genoa to the list of Beautiful Old Cities I hope to visit one day...! Your Photos as usual are Gorgeous... Evocative... So full of the Sense-of-Place that you describe!
It is Lovely that you are finding yourself at home with your Friends in Europe! And it is Wonderful that you share it with us all!!!!
Thank you for sharing your Joy!
(Rosanna is Lucky to live in Such an Amazing place!)(Waving to Rosanna Too!)

Rosamargarita said...

Hola Sans!
Me alegro mucho por ti. Génova es una ciudad de cuento de hadas! Y tú eres una artista con la cámara, continua disfrutando de ese FANTASTICO viaje
Muchos besos (espero ver más fotos)
Un abrazo

Sans! said...

Grazie mille, MaLu :). Come stai ? Jejeje,
La práctica de mi Italiano pero todavía se ríen en espanol :)

Sans! said...

Besosss y abrazos Gemma :).

¿Cómo es el clima en España?

Sans! said...

Rosanna and I send you kisses, Debbie :). Thank you for being here:)

Sans! said...

Haha Kikka , my camera is attracted to rust like a magnet to metal. Sometimes I don't even know I photographed rust until I see my pictures :).

Sans! said...

Carmen :),
es una lástima te quedas un poco lejos de Barcelona. i le hubiera encantado conocerte :).
que son siempre un gran apoyo. Muchas gracias, mi amigo :).

Sans! said...

Caterina!!!!! Hugs to you:). I saw your fantastic minis lovingly displayed by Rosanna in her home :). You are a marvel :).

If you have a chance, if anyone has a chance Genoa ai a must see. So much history!!!!! We went to Liguria and had a picnic lunch at Portofino yesterday. We were in the ferry AND WE SAW DOLPHINS!!!!!!! omg! 1st time in my life . So beautiful , camogli and Portofino , my memory card ran out and I had to use Rosanna's camera :).

Sans! said...

Pinko, you are great company :).

Cindy Teh said...

*sniffles* OMG so nais!~! nnghhhhhh i wanna go tooo!!!!!

*works harder*

Alexandra said...

Sans!!!! What super that you're in Italy
I see the photos are so beautiful.
What a nice pictures.
I enjoy with you.
I heard you've purchased new clothing.
Italy is the country of "fare la bella figura".
Have a lot of fun and I follow your trip with lots of interest.

Greetings Alexandra

Jollie said...

What a gorgeous pictures of a day that you will never ever forget!!
I can imagine you went to bed with a smile ;-)
Have lots of fun dear!

Hugs Jollie

Mona said...

Fantastic photos!
Maybe next time you can comne to Norway too?

Lisette said...

Hoi Sans,
Leuk om je ontmoeten!!
Groetjes Lisette

Amy said...

It's all so beautiful, my head is spinning! Some of it doesn't look real, like a diorama.

To get to spend time with the lovely Rosanna, and her family...

dale's dreams said...

I love, love, love all of the still moments you captured. :)

The dolphins are fun, aren't they? :)

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