Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day 174- Talk The Walk







happily ever after .

I made these shoes sometime in June. A pair has gone to New Zealand and another to the States.  One pair is awaiting Norway. I am keeping a pair for the tribal house although it really has too many shoes already. Anyway, I got pretty bored with taking pictures of the shoes until I thought, maybe I should make the shoes tell a story. The above was my very half baked attempt at photo essay, more to amuse myself .  And  maybe also to let the new owners know how these shoes were once connected  to a love story.

And speaking of connection, the next 2 pictures are  for Betsy or Daydreamer of  About My Dollhouses.

On 29th August 2010, she made a post entitled Chinoiserie where she showed a 1:12 scale mural that she did for her dollhouse after the walls were installed. Yes, she painted the walls as if she was painting the real walls of her home. I thought she was crazy and brilliant and inspiring, all row into one. She spoke about my Tree of Life post where I talked about how some of us in this community seemed connected in some mysterious ways.  

Betsy, I took these pictures on Sunday, 29th August 2010, the day you wrote Chinoiserie.  He is a frequent visitor and we thought he could be a kingfisher because of his large beak.That was the first time I captured him on film. Today, I found out that you may have painted him on your wall too.


GB said...

He's beautiful!! and I liked the shoes, fighting and making up. :)

Ara said...

Love the photo story!!! And the cute birdie! We just put up a bird feeder in the back window when I discovered we have a family of cardinals that come to visit regularly! Thanks for the link to her blog! Those wall paintings are amazing!!! -ara

The Old Maid said...

Great photostory! And pretty bird!
I love to stay here longer because of the music you've got here too;) Sometimes I keep your blog open after reading and posting a comment just to listen to the music ;)

rosanna said...

I wish I saw him! he is so beautiful.We saw a blu bird in Bali at the golf couse; he was so brilliant that sparkled against the trees. A wonderful view! and I think that the story is so funny; shoes can be rather talkative, can't they? Hugs, Rosanna

Ascension said...

Esos zapatitos tan preciosos, tienen como los abanicos aqui en España la falcultad de decir cosas segun los pongas.....me ha encantado tu imaginacion.
Ese pajarito es una preciosidad, seria maravilloso saber pintar y plasmarlo en un lienzo.........pero no voy a ser yo quien lo haga, pinto fatal jejeje
besitos ascension

Fiver said...

Your little shoes are so cool, Sans! And I think only you could tell an interesting story with pictures of miniature shoes, lol. I love it.
The bird is beautiful - great photos! I saw the mural too, and was really impressed by it.

Kim said...

The shoe stories are toooo wonderful! I love them! I am so proud that one pair of those shoes lay beside the bed in my dollhouse- I simply adore them- they are well loved!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Love the shoe stories! All your shoes are amazing sitting on the shelves. The kingfisher is beautiful and Betsy's walls are out of this world :)

Neomig said...

Lovely shoes! Devine music!

Pubdoll said...

I love the shoe story and the shoes, I feel so lucky to be one of the happy receivers of a pair! So nice to see the colours in advance too, it can help me choose the tiles for the new den :-)

The blue bird who's perhaps a kingfisher (what a great name!) is lovely and I'm still in awe over Betsy's murals!

Daydreamer said...

Oh My! Sans! He's beautiful! I feel so connected and blessed! The Kingfisher's Technical Family name is 'Halcyon'...... which has both mythical and common meanings of peace, joy, serenity and great good fortune.... :)! My dictionary says "halcyon... a mythical bird, usually identified with the kingfisher, said to breed about the time of the winter solstice in a nest floating on the sea, and to have the power of charming the winds and waves into calmness.." and the common meaning "calm; peaceful; tranquil; rich; wealthy; prosperous; happy; joyful; carefree as in 'the halcyon days of youth'..." ....What more can I say?
I looked up your kingfisher.... he is the 'collared kingfisher', and to be absolutely precise, I think it was his cousin the 'stork billed kingfisher' that I painted on my walls. The one that comes to New England is the 'belted kingfisher' ;)!!
I am so touched that you mention my blog and my post.... but I can see that it was because of the way that kingfisher came and looked at you.... as if to say he had been hearing things about his cousins in the "ether-net"!
And I will confess that I must have heard him whispering in my ear on Sunday... I don't usually blog about the work I have JUST finished... it usually needs time to turn into a story worthy of a blog post.... but there I was, staying up way too late because the "Tree of Life" couldn't wait to be shared!
Here's to The Tree of Life!

Sans! said...

Just a silly story, Gagan :):) but dreaming up the scenarios, put me in the shoes of those shoes..hehe!

Sans! said...

You know I am looking back at the pictures and now I remembered something. In the Reunion, I was trying to portray through the shoes how 2 of the 4 people chatting are especially attracted to each other. Don't supposed anyone noticed..LOL.

Sans! said...

Ara, what a great idea to have a bird feeder in the garden. I am super lucky , we have these wonderful visitors. I wanted a birdhouse but our trees are so big and tall. Unless I hollow out a dolls' house ..hmmmmm. Another project!

Sans! said...

Really Ewa? I am glad you like the music :):). The 2nd /3rd and 4th songs are from AR Rahman, the composer and singer in Slumdog Millionaire and Jodhaa Akbar. I just love his music. I keep my blog open for the music too..LOL until Andrew complains that the music keeps him awake :).

Flora said...

Sans, your slippers are gorgeus. I suppose you've sewn them well, all the way they have to do ...
Will the new owner very happy :-)
The blue bird is beautiful, reminds me of a story I read as a child on a Japanese emperor and his nightingale, do not know why ...

Piikko said...

Sans, your slippers are wonderful and story too! :D :D
Greetings, piikko

Sans! said...

Rosanna, I can tell the kingfisher is here every time because he pecks at the basketball board. All the visitors make a lot of noise, like my shoes :):):). It is also a pity that you did not get to see the hornbill or the orchids. I think they didn't want to compete with the birds or flowers in Bali.

Did I tell you that Fafa wants to buy a house in Jogyakarta? It is very near Borobudur, which is where the ancient temple (9th century) is . The one you were supposed to go? Anyway, it is her dream to open a bistro there and we all promised to grace the opening day. :) See if you can too when the time comes .:)

We are making pasta pesto again next week when I am off my diet for a while.

Sans! said...

Ascensión, estoy dispuesto a apostar con usted en que puede pintar! Prométeme, mañana o tal vez el fin de semana, coger un pincel y pintar algo? ¡Cualquier cosa! :) Utilice papel de calcar para trazar una imagen. Sólo la pintura. :) Luego nos muestran cuando pintas algo que les apetezca. Estoy seguro de que será grande.

beso y abrazo

Sans! said...

Hey Kristy, its soooooooooooo good to see that you have popped by! Our worlds crossed with that blue bird :). Yours is just as glorious!

Thank you for your compliments ..hehe. I am happy to get points on the amusement factor for the story and nothing more.

Not sure if you know my love for shoes and I love the platform types or the ones with killer heels. They make a lot of noise when I walk in them from my bedroom to the hall. Always wake the whole house with the clakkety clak clak.

Sans! said...

Kim !!!!!! THANK YOU :).

You are always so generous with the compliments :). You know, nothing warms my heart more than knowing that something I made is being used. Thank you, dearie :).

Sans! said...

Victoria, I don't really understand why shoes evoke such strong reactions but I always say the way to a woman's heart is through her feet (ok, for some of us). I just love them . Maybe it's because you can always shop for them no matter how much weight you have lost or more likely, gained :).

I also noticed that the cute factor for mini shoes are extremely high. I get that reaction when children see mine in real life and it does not matter to them that they are not exactly made with precision :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Neo:) . My bf's surname is Neo too :):).

Sans! said...

Hope you have received and read my email about how this pair of shoes is for Polly Line :):). Maybe her bedroom slippers? Or something she uses when she's gardening? A few years back (maybe 10-20), cloth loafers were the craze here. These shoes reminded me of those loafers. Not very comfortable long distance but since when have comfort been the most important factors in shoes for women. If they are, we will all be wearing CROCs!! :). hmmmm, although I am not a fan of crocs in real life, I can imagine how they will be so darn cute in minis! :).

I am equally in awe of Betsy's talent. I still think she's insane to do it the hard way :) and she should get an award just for that.hehe :):).

Sans! said...


Too weird and wonderful, right? I am also very thankful for that piece of information you gave me about my kingfisher. I could not decide whether it's a kingfisher or woodpecker cos it pecks like crazy! I have tried numerous time to look it up in google but I just wasn't sure. It was only with these pictures that I got a close up view and saw that the beak is huge! Anyway, we have always called it the blue kingfisher.

Maybe all this is telling me that I should build a tree of life scene in my birdcage :).

Besty (:):):)) we want to see more your art :).

Sans! said...

Flora dear, you think too highly of me :)/ Alas, I do not have fairy fingers like Rosanna so no, I did not embroider the slippers. I used ribbons for the shoes.

I saw that you have won Caterina's giveaway! Wow! That's two in a row, one Rosanna and one Caterina. All of them in Italy! Congratz, dear! Now pass some of your lucky dust here! :) Nahhhh...who needs lucky dust when we have friends right? :)

I think the story you mentioned is called "The Nightingale" . :) Maybe it's because it is about a Chinese emperor that you thought of this story?

Sans! said...

Heya Piiko :).

Thank you, my dear :). Love the light show you posted! You know, we only do that n a big scale on National Day?

Tallulah Belle said...

Love the story thought the shoes...you are so imaginative :-)

I love that blog as well.....she is so talented. I'd love to paint my real walls like she does...wow.

The bird is a white collared kingfisher. do you have water nearby ?

You don't need a feeder for the other birds...just sprinkle down some seed and they'll come.

Tallulah Belle said...

here you go


rosanna said...

Is Fafa really buying a place on her own ??? great !!! I wish her all the luck she needs and deserves, and who knows? we might even hop for a quick visit. But she must cook the meat and veggies that Walter loves so much ;o)
Big hugs to you all.
PS I've seen the trishaw site Darn funny ! they even used the pic with W playing Assan!

Daydreamer said...

Gosh, everbody.... Thanks! I had no idea my painted walls were so deserving of so much praise! I am very flattered! I just love to paint.... and I can't tell you how long that dollhouse room painting has been waiting for me to get around to working on it!

As for seeing more art, Sans!, you are way too good for my ego! Haven't you realized I am the Queen of the Unfinished art project? I am sure many more bits of my art will show up in my blog.... especially since you ask.... but it is a big order so it will take time to pull together.... so you will have to be patient with me! :):)

I had to sell my old house and leave behind my unfinished murals because there was never going to be enough time to finish them the way I wanted them to be.... I love details... and I wanted to paint ALL the details.... at least in a dollhouse I have a hope of completing something.... so you can see why I HAD to paint it on the walls!!! That's why I am a miniaturist..... if the painting is tiny.... I eventually get it done! :)

Sans! said...

Hehe, Jayne, boredom is the best breeding ground for nonsense----Susan T.

By the way, I am positive your lotus wall in the guest room will be stunning. I see you are on a painting streak too. Love the Japanese/Oriental Cherry Blossoms piece that you did. Really!

Ok, gonna go check out the link you gave me after a bath :).

Sans! said...

Rosanna, this girl has dreams, big ones :). I am so jaded I told her running a bistro is going to kill her. She told me no way, I am not doing the cooking or cleaning, haha! Love her gumption. Anyhoo, I will ask her for the recipe of that dish. I think you should be able to get the ingredients at your end, maybe an Asian market?

This morning as I was running to Botanical Gardens, I thought of how I am going to do the post on the trishaw :). Heh heh!

It's so nice to be able to tell you where I went knowing you know the place like I do :):). More amazing when you can tell me where to get what in my own country!!! This weekend I will go to Mustapha, 4th floor to look for the needles, like you told me.

Sans! said...

I always look forward to your new post, dear Betsy :). Even more so now with the promise of more art work, illuminated pages etc etc.

This morning, I was talking to FaiZ about our "loves" and passions, mine is of course mini and his, music, particularly his guitar. I told him working and practising on his guitar does not seem like fun, unlike when I am working on my dollhouse, how it is so fun I can work 3 days in a roll stopping only for meals and sleep. He said it is all about discipline so that you can learn a song . The satisfaction is when you finish and can master that song. But he hesitated and then added, of course by that time, I have already grown sick of the song....hahahaha.

Maybe that's why we take our time to finish our creation, Betsy :):).

Snowfern said...


i know i'm slow XD

and now that i understand the post, it's like, so darn romantic can?!??!?!? :) love love LOVE it.

gonna show bf :)

Sans! said...

Darling Jayne, wow, you found a Singapore site on White Collared Kingfisher. :):) THANK YOU!

You know for such an aggressive bird, it sure is handsome. Although I don't live near water, the park is just behind my home. Loads of trees here. So far I have only seen one. I hope they multiply soon!

Sans! said...

Hehe, Cindy :). You are such a romantic at heart! :) One day, I will write you a love story :).

I am still so tired from last night's reunion. 30 years of not seeing so many friends, we actually stayed out and came back only at almost 4am! Slept till 12 noon but I felt like I haven't slept a wink! :):)

I have been working on the cupboard today for about 3 hours . Hope to finish tomorrow. Will post and show you :).

miniaturist59 said...

Susan, I am confused!!! These are beautiful slippers (and I want a pair, damnit), but are they miniature of life-sized?? I adore them, either way!!!

Sans! said...

Miniatures, darling Kiva :).

I love these loafers too in real life :). I will keep an eye out for you for the real life version and you will of course, have to collect them in person :):)

Tallulah Belle said...

Hmmm I was sure you had to be near water...kingfishers generally don't stray too far from water.

Such a beautiful bird.

Sans! said...

OMG, Jayne, you are absolutely right. The compound next to ours has a swan lake !

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