Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day 181-187 -Real Life Gifts For My Palace

You know you are completely consumed by your hobby when you refuse to acknowledge that it is only a hobby. No, no, no, you insist, it is too much a part of me to be a mere hobby. It is LOVE, ART, PASSION (emphasis added with bold, CAPS, underlined) Hobby has suddenly become almost a dirty word and the word, cute? Intolerable! 

And when family and friends gift you with only things related to your L.A.P. you know the body snatchers have invaded. It is so easy to make me happy now. I have become totally predictable and as easy to read as ABC. Even my life size gifts are meant really for my minis.

This is a bird cage given by MarG. Picked by her wonderful assistant who also loves mini making, here is a perfect little Mughal birdcage, almost Indo-Saracenic or Indo Goth in architecture.  I think it will make a perfect firefly park, or perhaps mum's Indian peony garden  or maybe even both with fantastic creatures like phoenixes and exotic birds like Oriental hornbills. Thank you, MarG ! Thank you Pam!

As if to feed my all too ambitious dream to go where I have never been, MarG and FaiZ went shopping for the most basic airbrush tools. Specifically for someone who has never done it before. Funny how I have always wanted one, long before I discovered miniatures and way before I even knew I could paint.

To serve as an inspiration and perhaps another palace annex, Win bought me a Vrindavan Activity Set (For Children 3-13), all the way from India. The description on the back of the card reads

The exotic temple traditions of India comes alive through this beautifully illustrated model of a temple courtyard complete with altar and figures of Krishna, the cowherd boys and girls, curious cows and mischievous monkeys. Several activities,  prayers and songs provide a glimpse into the magical lives and daily worship of the inhabitants of the sacred village where  Krishna and his friends played thousands of years ago. For youths 3 to 13, this introduction to Indian temple life captures the imagination. Nothing this elaborate or engaging related to the East has ever been produced for children. 

And here is one more to add to my Gods of Small Things.  A gift from Rosanna, this is a Thomas Sabo bracelet  where you can pick your own charms from about 4-500 varieties. It apparently took Rosanna a  long while to choose between this Ganesh and  a teeny elephant with a pearl at its trunk At the end of the day, the fact that the Ganesh can double as a mini God in my palace triumphed of course. 

Another one from Rosanna, this is a plate from Provence with a garden motif. At the time of making this post, I placed the plate inside the birdcage just where the base of the dome head is and it fitted perfectly. It seems this plate may well be the foundation of  a park or a garden. Kismet.

Next are the lovely scallop shells from Flora. Flora uses these shells as palettes and after reading my last post on the artists' workroom where I also used mini shells as palettes,  she has sent me these.  I took the pictures of these shells with the four bamboo clams from No Signboard Seafood Restaurant. Rosanna and Walter had treated us to a most exquisite dinner and the bamboo clams was the 1st course.

One of the bamboo shells will be sent to Flora and the rest, together with the scallop ones will be my real life palettes. As I have written to Flora, these shells will remind me always to nurture my skill, one that I never thought I had until now. 

And to top it all,  I have had the best gift of all,  great company, aplenty,  both virtual and real. Now together  with great music (selection from Lush Tiga) and my L.A.P, what more does a girl need?  

Thank you, family and friends, and thank you, X' for the music.


GB said...

I think it speaks of who you are, that you have such generous and thoughtful friends, dear Sans!!! your L.A.P. is inspiring, and everyone wants to help you create!! Your posts bring a smile to my face...

That vrindavan activity set is amazing!! I could play with it (can you get specifics of where it was purchased?) Must have for me now!!! I wish I could draw and paint like that, i would have made one right now, I want it so bad...

rosanna said...

Oh well.... we know that it IS much more than a hobby. You understand that when you realize that going out is not so much fun if you have something to do with your hands. When you feel annoyed towards people who call you on phone and even towards family members who dare speak to you. But, as you so well stated, it's a real work of love and passion. You know I cannot call it art, yet, but I dare call it artisanship and I'm proud of it.
And I love sharing all this passion with near and far away friends. Keep us informed about the park progresses. Hugs Rosanna

Sans! said...

Gagan, I just read the name of the manufacturer and would you believe it, it says :

1585 Folsom Street
San Francisco CA 94103 USA
mandala@mandala.org www.mandala.org
1999 Kim Waters

Made In China (!!!!)

I will ask my brother exactly where he bought it:). Should either be in Gurgoan or Deli where he was, Will also check for how much :). He's just left for Bangkok today or is it yesterday, already? O boy, 1.30am here! LOL. I will email him about the set and see what he says :).

And thank you Gagan, for your always supporting and encouraging words :).

Sans! said...

Rosanna, are you suffering from jet lag??? LOL You have been up for so very long! I am going to bed now, maybe, after a few stitches LOL.

By the way, I went shopping for a lamp today so that I can stitch properly on my bed.

I wore my specs instead of my lenses to work so that I could stitch.

And of course, I forgot that I had scissors and craft knives in my bag when I went through security today ..LOL!!!

I am freaking obsessed! And proud of it, like you said :).

Clara said...

¡Que preciosos y practicos regalos! Sé que todos, todos te los han regalado con el cariño que te tienen y con la pasión que tu tienes por las miniaturas. ¡Felicidades por tener personas que te quieren tanto! Besos Clara

Susanne said...

Well, hobbies, what does that mean
Great gifts, and I am glad to hear that you spent a wonderful time together with your friends.
Love, Susanne

Flora said...

As I have written so many friends on the blog, any more than I can appreciate this kind of gift, since I still get on every occasion, only flannel pajamas and oven cooking :-(
So, I'm really happy that my humble scallop shells to serve such a noble cause :-)
Moreover, it is in their fate: the Middle Ages, were the symbol of pilgrims traveling to the shrine of Santiago de Compostela, the "Camino de Santiago"...
A long and arduous journey but crowned by the great feeling of achievement :-)

Daydreamer said...

What beautiful gifts Sans!That cage is beautiful... and I know you will do something amazing with it! Isn't it wonderful when the people who love us "see" who we really are and give us those things we will treasure the most? My Sister gave me tiny things for my dollhouse ....even though she was very poor and I wasn't "doing" anything with my dollhouse! But she knew my heart! And my sons gave me a power drill one year (with their Father's help) because I was always borrowing his to build things..... Many people would not appreciate such a gift!
And isn't it wonderful to be following your Passion?
I brought home some big seashells from the shore this time... to try them as paint pallets... I see them in the medieval miniatures too! So your L.A.P. spreads its influence far and wide, touching many of us with its vision!

Pubdoll said...

I realized I haven't come out of the closet yet, because I still call it just a hobby :-)

Your gifts are wonderful and there's so much love and thought behind every single one of them! I love, love, love the bird cage! Knowing the magic you do, it will make a fantastic garden and firefly park!

And that Ganesh charm is perfect, so much better detailed than mine, but I love mine all the same :-)
And that wonderful plate! And beautiful Vrindavan set! And.. and.. :-)

Happy belated birthday my dear!

Tallulah Belle said...

Indeed more than a hobby. I hate it when I tell people what I do all day & they think it is not serious and i just sit about all day playing with doll things grrr.

I adore than bracelet.

The bird cage is wonderful....so many possibilities.

Katie said...

LOL....My kids constanly roll their eyes at me when I pick up a piece of 'trash' and say something like 'Don't you think this would make a good mini table or something", lol!!! It's hard not to get totally into miniatures!!
LOVE that birdcage!!! And the fact that the little plate fits perfectly in there! I think it would make a perfect firefly place:) With little lights flickering....So fun!! Can't wait to see what you do with it:)

Glenda said...

L.A.P. and friends to share it with - what could be more creative, satisfying, inspiring!!?
We mini-makers are always being challenged to work out how to make new things we wouldn't have thought of before, and this simply adds depth and knowledge, not to mention self esteem, to our lives. In developing such wide-reaching interests how can we not grow?
I can call it a hobby, but with a definite look in my eye - anyone who dismisses it as inconsequential can get out of my way!!
I usually say 'I'm a miniaturist' which shuts them up while they try to work it out! ;)

Sans! said...

Clara, me siento agradecido, muy agradecido de que tengo tanta gente que se preocupa por mi amor por las miniaturas :).Pero sobre todo, me siento bendecido de que comparten mi pasión. Y un día, espero ser capaz de hacer que la gente aprecia el arte. Gracias Clara, por sus visitas que siempre calentar mi corazón.

beso y abrazo

Sans! said...

Susanne, your question about what are hobbies really made me ponder.

You see, I came from an environment and maybe even a country where I swear, few have hobbies. Back before I discovered miniatures, whenever I hung out with my friends, we don't talk about hobbies, only because we don't have one. Of course, we read, some of us run but that's "lifestyle", "exercise", "wellness" :). Not something you do whenever you have free time for relaxation or pleasure. Maybe reading but also not so all consuming.

I finally understood "hobby" only after I was introduced to dollhouses and mini making. I wanted to spend all my free time doing it or researching about it or talking about it. LOL. But now, it is even deeper, because suddenly, there are aspirations of becoming better, of bringing dollhouses beyond fellow enthusiasts to see if people who are not into miniatures can also appreciate them as art instead of toys, of doing something for the very small community of dollhouse lovers here. I don't know but I feel I am not alone in this. And at this point, I am still not sure at what point does it cross the line of "just being a hobby" to something else. Perhaps it has not...but it is so good to be able to share this here to hear what everyone's views are on this :).

Let me see what Wiki has to say about hobbies being an obsession :)and I will come back here after lunch :).

Thank you Susanne, for the question and sorry for rambling. You may not believe me but it was thought provoking for me :)

sylvia said...

I love all the gift, but specialy the bird cage!!!!!
Love Sylvia

Sans! said...

I found this on wiki about hobbies:

Development of hobbies into other ventures

Whilst some hobbies strike many people as trivial or boring, hobbyists have found something compelling and entertaining about them. Much early scientific research was, in effect, a hobby of the wealthy; more recently, Linux began as a student's hobby. A hobby may not be as trivial as it appears at a time when it has relatively few followers. Thus a British conservationist recalls that when seen wearing field glasses at a London station in the 1930s he was asked if he was going to the (horse) races.[citation needed] The anecdote indicates that at the time an interest in nature was not widely perceived as a credible hobby. Practitioners of that hobby went on to become the germs of the conservation movement that flourished in Britain from 1965 onwards and became a global political movement within a generation. Conversely, the hobby of aircraft spotting probably originated as part of a serious activity designed to detect arriving waves of enemy aircraft entering English airspace during World War II.[citation needed] In peacetime it usually has no such practical or social purpose.

:). That really opened my eyes :).

In the same article, they also mentioned "Scale Modelling & Dioramas" as one of the common hobbies. You can read more about it here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobby

Sans! said...

Flora, :) I went and read up on the "Camino de Santiago" and I think I would love to do it one day. 4 weeks to walk the whole route,what a journey it will be, a pilgrimage.

I was reading this blogger's own experience and in some ways, I feel him speaking about my own experience here. This is what he said:

The Camino de Santiago is for everyone, young, old, fit, unfit, religious or otherwise. One of the surprising observations I had was that people I thought would drop didn’t – and most of the people I saw with problems were younger people – perhaps trying to push their walking too fast. One great bit of advice I got was – slow down – a Frenchman I met kept telling me this – I listened after a while and traveled as far, but with much less pain and strain.

I did not set out on a Spiritual or religious journey – but it ended being that way – accident? I don’t know… Maybe that is just the Camino de Santiago at work....

I walked into Santiago de Compostela, the same way that thousands of pilgrims have done before me. The biggest surprise was being there so quickly on the day I arrived..... I had come to the end of something and was a bit lost as to what was next.

I was in no hurry to rush back and was fortunate that I had time, so I wandered back to another life slowly.

I missed the peace of the long quiet days on the mesita, missed even the rain of Galica. Being back in cities no longer seemed to suit me, and has me wondering about my city life since then. But now comes the real challenge, to keep what I got. How would I be able to do that? I did not know at first. The memories would never leave me I was sure, but I wanted more, still though uncertain of what that was or would be.......

ME: Eventually he did find peace back in the city (read more here if you want: http://www.caminodesantiago.me.uk/santiago-de-compostela/)

Hmm, more food for thought....but thank you, Flora for opening my eyes too. And don't worry, there will not be flannel pajamas or cooking oven from us :).

Sans! said...

Haha! I just got a message that the URL request is too long blah blah, I think it meant my reply is too long! ..TOO FUNNY!! :)

Sans! said...

Betsy, I think it is Flora we must thank for the art of using seashells as palettes :). Last night after dabbing some paint onto them , I left the paints on for a while before I washed them. It was so easy! They feel so luxurious too and rather decadent if I might add only because they are so beautiful and so fragile. But I love them to bits.

I love your anecdote about your sister and the power drill :). My sis is the same. I treasure more her time to build my tent top (which she did over 3 hours with cane and strings for the frame) than if she should pay to buy me a new iphone :). And when my brother buys me a fold out temple and altar meant for a 3 year old knowing full well that I would be over the moon when I see it, its clear he knows me like the back of his hand :). Only too well :).

And about following your passion, it is crazy wonderful :). I feel incredibly lucky that I have a passion, not to mention following it! hahaha.

julie campbell said...

what wonderful presents Sans :0)
I really love the bird cage, it is so beautiful !
"Hobby" just doesnt sum up the passion we feel about our miniatures does it, its not a hobby,its a way of life and we look at everything differently when we know we can find a miniature treasure in the simplest everyday items !
When people who arent miniaturists visit our home they always comment on my dolls houses and many ask "Do I sell them ?" !!! I always gasp in horror LOL they arent for sale , they are aren't just houses they are memory boxes filled with special memories, how could they ever be sold :0)
julie xxx

Sans! said...

Helene,would you believe I only came out ? And then not entirely, one foot is still in the closet.For the longest time, I didn't tell anyone that I love dollhouses "). Or that I blog about it. I am still shy about this so much so that I don't tell some people my blog's url :). hahaha! But these days, I no longer hide my passion like a guilty pleasure.

I know now why I take it so seriously. It is as if I had to justify myself to the people who could not understand this madness that it is a form of art and not because I am still a child :). Or maybe it is just my competitive nature. Or a bit of everything..hehe. Although very frankly, I don't usually care what people think of me. I have been branded eccentric and nutty amongst other less savoury names since I was 12! And I do like toys. Toys R Us is one of my fav hangout and I can never resist any toy stores when I walk past :).

It has been so good to talk about this. Took me a while to admit my own complexes :).

Thank you Helene ;).

Sans! said...

Jayne, I just shut down when after about 2 sentences, I know the person I am talking to won't ever understand what being passionate about something is all about :). Or sometimes,I will go, nahhhh, you won't be interested in what I do.

Often enough though, people do tend to be in awe of how we can shrink everything into something so small. Even big burly guys I thought was only interested in real estate and commerce have asked me in depth questions which show real interest.

These are the people I can talk to about dollhouses, dioramas and miniatures being an art form. :)

Sans! said...

Katie, I really love that birdcage too :). What a stroke of good luck to have something so suitable for an Indian palace in a Chinatown shop :). Pam is very clever .

I get looks too for keeping so much junk. From my colleagues and my housemates :). I must say I agree with those looks though. I have way too much junk! I used to be very good with throwing trash away and keeping the house neat and clean. Now I am fast becoming a dangerous hoarder and I think if I don't check myself this can be a real problem ! hehe

I am trying to live by this motto: Until I really need it, I don't need it.

May said...

Despertar y encontrate con tantas regalos es una maravilla, pero si te llegan de la mano de tus seres queridos que te comprenden, entienden y comparten tus aficiones, es una bendición.
Aunque sea de una manera virtual, haces muy fácil llegar a tu corazón. La sensibilidad con la que transmites el día a día y tus trabajos, hace imposible no quererte.
Besitos, May

If you wake up and you find yourself with so many gifts is a wonder, but, if you receive these presents from people who loves, who understand you and share your hobbys is a blessing. Even in a virtual way, you make very easy to get to your heart. The sensibility with which you transmit your day to day and your work makes you impossible not to love.
Kisses, May.

rosanna said...

Do you know that my friend Diana and I are seriously thiking about going to Santiago? Alas we could do only a part of it, we don't have 4 weeks to spare but it's something we really want to do. Catching back to the human pace, taking time to talk to other people, looking around, this s the greatest gift that the Camino gives to its followers. It's like going back to the real roots of our traditions and culture. W doesn't agree with, it would be a solo trip but may be it would be even better because of it.
BTW no jetlag up to now, only iron table sickness ! and today I went back to the shop.... OMG, isn't anybody on holiday in Genoa? Hugs Rosanna

Sans! said...

Glenda, I really wouldn't be able to say it any better than you did! The empowerment of creation , omg, is it any wonder that the fire never dies? I know exactly what you mean by the feeding of the soul and self esteem that each success at trying to create something new brings :). The support of this community and everyone's encouragement just fuel the confidence and with that, you can only improve and flourish because you never stop creating.

By the way, I think I have also acquired that look now when I tell someone I love dollhouses or that I make miniatures. :). Its a "don't say anything rude look" for me ..haha!

Time for bed again :). Goodnight, Glenda :)

Ascension said...

Es normal que tengas tantos regalitos y tanta gente que te quiere.
Las miniaturas unen mucho, pero une mas ser "buena gente" y tu eres un cielo de persona, por lo tanto hay que quererte.
besitos ascension

Sans! said...

Thank you,Sylvia :). I wonder what you will do if the bird cage is in your hands :). I am sure though that you will first dirty it (hehe) :).

Sans! said...

Julie, I really do love the creative part of my dollhouse craze the best :). You now you said you can never bear to part with any of your dollhouses, it was not that long ago when I could not throw away anything that I have made for the houses, even disastrous pieces. I know this sounds silly, but I was a little amazed that I could spend so much time trying to make "a toy" with my hands. To me they were precious because of the time spent :). I also kept them to remind myself of how far I have come or NOT :).

I am a little sad now that the tribal house is 1/2 way done :).

Julie, if you do not sell your houses, won't you run out of space?

Sans! said...

May , me siento muy bendecido de hecho:). Y ahora que me dan las herramientas, es mi sueño de construir una habitación en miniatura para cada miembro de mi familia:). Pero me lleva tanto tiempo. He querido construir una sala de la escuela para mi sobrina desde hace más de 1 año ya .. LOL!

Usted está realmente tan dulce para mí dejar comentarios tan amables:). Muchos besos para ti!

Sans! said...

Hehe, Rosanna, iron table sickness , jejejejeeje! You always crack me up!

You know, my dear, I will NEVER forget the day you and I walked into the spectacles shop and how you just went into this auto mode where you took over the job of the sales executive. I am sure you know way more than he does on the kind of sunglasses I should wear , whether it has polarising lenses or not etc etc. I can still see his face,smiling and nodding at everything you say until of course, you went, omg, so expensive here ..HEHEHE!

I have some bad news for you , my dear, people go to Genoa for their holidays because they want their eyes to be examined by you. You are seriously great at your job. You know, the next time I am in Genoa, I will want you to prescribe my glasses as well. No time to rest for you ..haha!

I have been talking to my close friends about Camina. I think it will be great to celebrate my life with the pilgrimage, to mark another milestone :). I will want to go alone too. In fact, I think it is good to do this one without the baggages so that one can be truly free from any concerns. I hope to do this within the next 5 years :).

Sans! said...

Ascension, muchas gracias.

También estoy empezando a pensar que los amantes de las cosas pequeñas tienen un gran corazón. :):). Y tú, hijo mío, debe ser el mejor amigo de la Suerte de la Virgen:). Veo que usted ha ganado otro premio de Silke:). Felicitaciones de nuevo!

Snowfern said...

*sighs wistfully again*

it's great to see where your mini journey has taken you, outside of boundaries you thought you once had. or maybe i am just speaking for myself. for me, minimaking is far far, FAR cheaper and more satisfying than therapy! hihihihihihihi!!!!

-_-" is like a flat face, where the eyes are half closed and the mouth is pursed, with sweat drops on the side of the head. it's one of my fave emoticons...i do it in real life to bf all the time! XD

(happy belated birthday!!!)

Sans! said...

Hehe, Cindy! Cute emo. It's been another busy week but things should quiet down after tomorrow where work is concerned. But on Saturday, I am babysitting 5 kids (from 5 -10) ! OMG!!!!! I wonder how they will feel if I just let them loose while I go into therapy (make my mini cabinet) haha!

Maybe I will teach the older ones to make something for the dollhouse. But the mess! Maybe we should just go out and watch a movie or go to the playground. :)

O dear, what do you do to keep 5 children amuse for 2 hours? I hope it's just 2 hours!!!

Sans! said...

Gagan, my bro could not remember where exactly he got the set except I bought it it was at discount section of the children's racks of one of the bookstores in one of Gurgaon's shopping malls!!!!???

It did come to me in broken packaging :)albeit nicely wrapped on the outside with pretty papers. :)

I think you can try online?

Jorge Cubells said...

Como me gustaría tener ese palacio, en mini y en grande, puestos a pedir, eh Sans?

I would love to have this palace, mini and large, made to order, eh Sans?


Sans! said...

Jorge/Atrus :):)!! Sus deseos son órdenes para mí!


May said...

Pasate por mi blog a recoger un premio.
No quiero que te sientas obligada si no lo quieres.
Besitos, May

May said...

Pasate por mi blog a recoger un premio.
No quiero que te sientas obligada si no lo quieres.
Besitos, May

Sans! said...

My dearest May, gracias por pensar en mí:). Por supuesto que lo quiero! Yo vengo por ahora:)

Besitos :):)

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