Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 85-Baby Bohemia

Greetings from the Kingdom of Siam!
This is my 2nd day in Bangkok and tomorrow I will visit what I hope is the miniature heaven, J.J. formerly known as Chatuchak market. I am here with my sister and Dad. And right now, I am sitting next to SuZ in our room at the Ibis Hotel which explains the pictures I am posting today.

They are from a photoshoot of one of Lifebaby's collection, Baby Bohemia which according to SuZ was inspired by My Maharajah's Palace after she did the rendering of my palace on Day 13.

Some of the saris used in the photographs as backdrop are the ones I bought from India when I was there this January with SuZ.

In the picture above are bird mobiles bought in India as well.

This was the reason we were in India.

And now they are here.

Lifebaby's contemporary interpretation of My Palace Fashion.

Is it any wonder this is currently my favourite collection?

On another note, I went to watch Harry Potter and the 1/2 Blood Prince at Siam Discovery Centre this evening. I am sorry to say this has to be the worst instalment. I actually fell asleep at one point and woke up only when someone screamed. I had apparently missed a scary moment, the only one in the whole movie. I am sure I am alone here as everyone else seemed to love it. Please don't shoot me.

It was a good experience though, watching a movie in Bangkok. The King is so revered here that before the start of every show, there will be a short documentary on the King and everyone in the cinema will stand up for the whole duration of this docu, (about 3 minutes) as a mark of respect.

And the best thing is the popcorn set they sell. The containers are designed to match the theme of the movie and these are the ones for Harry Potter.

Do yours come like this in a cinema near you? Not ours for sure. Not in Singapore! If I live here, I will probably start collecting popcorn paraphernalia. Good thing I don't.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

beautiful photos ... they certainly capture the spirit of the Maharajah's Palace ...

My friend watched Harry Potter and had the same reaction :)

Liberty Biberty said...

The Bohemia collection is my favourite!
Here the popcorn at the movies costs an arm and a leg and I've never seen such wonderful containers.

Katie said...

OH My!!! I so need a hundred pairs of the pants in the second to the last picture!! I hate jeans! And those would be perfect!! Too bad my legs are to long to fit into kiddie stuff!!! The whole collection is perfect!!

Hope you enjoy your stay!! And good luck mini hunting!!!

rosanna said...

1) the children have grown up and they are BEAUTIFUL.My best loved is , as always, your nephew. I could eat him!
2) Matteo and i went to Harry's movie.We did not fall asleep but the movie can I say...pretty?!
It's a teen movie with lots of teen loves and a few scary moments. I loved the beginning, the death eaters race through London.
Matteo thinks the same: fine but forgettable. I hope nonone will hurted by my critics.
3)I do not eat popcorn, I hate people munching during movies, the noise do not let you concentrate on the movie, but these containers are great! I should have bought them.
have a great time in bangkok, I shall hink of ou. Big hugs to you, Dad and SuZ

dora said...

!Que criaturas más preciosas!! Y fuente de inspiración.

Pubdoll said...

Both I and my daughter love the clothes! SuZ is really talented! (as the rest of her family) My daughters favourit was the first dress, and I just love the outfit in the second last photo! The children are adorable, is the boy your nephew, he really is too cute!
I hope you're enjoying yourself in Bangkok and that you have found many wonderful miniatures!

Sans said...

Wow, I didn't know this post was up as I could not upload it on Friday night or was it Saturday wee morning.

Thank you all for your lovely comments.My sister was curious as to what you all may think of her collection and she says to tell that your feedback is really important! A shameless plug here for her "they are all going to be available online soon. :)"

Sumaiya, my sister SuZ is quite a good photographer as well and supervised these shoots.

Mercedes, lol! Yes, Viva La Vie Boheme! Movie going used to be my fav past time until prices sky rocketed! So I only do weekdays when I can at 1/2 the price.

Katie, I hate jeans too!! These pants were also inspired by the Thai pants here in Bangkok. If I can find them, I will send one of these to you although they are not as pretty as my sister's of course :).

Sans said...

Oh Rosanna, yes, they have and I am a little sad. My nieces are already 8 and 6. My little nephew is still small (4) though but hanging out with older siblings and adults make him a little "grown-up" in his conversations. I don't know how I will feel when they reach Matteo's age. So I try to spend as much time with them as possible :).

Actually I only love Harry Potter for the scenes and story, never the acting. The rooms and settings are dream material but the children, they irritate me with their acting. lol. You are so right on, it's a teen movie now.

Sans said...

Dora, I do love these children to bits and they are the source of many of SuZ's inspiration and mine :). They are my nieces and nephew from another sister, Shir. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother and there's a new Tay in the family Xan (my brother's son who arrived in Dec last year), who will, I am sure, model for Lifebaby as well in time.

A mi me gusta tanto estos niños y ellos son la fuente de la inspiración SUZ. Mina demasiado:). Ellos son mis sobrinas y sobrino de otra hermana, Shir. Tengo 2 hermanas y 1 hermano, hay una nueva adición en la familia Xan (el hijo de mi hermano que llegó en diciembre del año pasado). Él, estoy seguro, como modelo para Lifebaby así, en el tiempo.

Hope I translated that well! BY the way, I love how your palace is coming along, Dora

Sans said...

Dearest Helene, I am just back from JJ or Chatuchak and I didn't have enough time to explore at all!!!

I just showed my sister your comment and she's absolutely thrilled. I am going home tomorrow and will write some more! :):) So many elephant stuff here cos elephant is the national animal/symbol of Thailand, especially the White Elephant ..I am serious!

MiniKat said...

What adorable children and lovely clothing!

I wish our cinemas had special containers for popcorn, but they haven't for years. When I was much younger they did for special films. But now I don't see them.

Sans said...

Thank you, Kat :)! I am now having problem with luggage space and lugging the popcorn containers back to Singapore is no longer a fun idea lol!

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