Saturday, 28 March 2009

Day 48-An Indian Side Table

This post first appears on Dollhouse Diaries' Projects a few minutes ago.

I made an Indian side table for the evil Maharajah today. This is not the Maharajah whom I am building the palace for but another. You see, Maharajah Ranjit has squandered his privy purse so fast, (on the ladies of course), that he is now a carpet trader travelling between Persia and India. The table is in fact standing on one of Ranjit's priced Turkoman carpet bought from Turkey more than 10 years ago. So you can say it is an antique piece.

This post however is about his table and not about him or his carpet.

Now, the table stands at about 1 7/8" high and the top is about 2 1/8" wide. It is made from dismantling 2 fretwork Chinese fans I bought last week. I cut the ends for the base parts because they are stronger. I then cut the "floral" bits as embellishments for the table top as I have yet to master marquetry. For the top itself, I used the inside of a cover from the container of Body Shop's Coconut Body Scrub which cuts like butter and smells heavenly, until the paint, that is.

Before assembly, I spray painted the parts and after I fit them together, with Tiger Glue, I spray painted the whole table again. If you see the pic on your right, you will see that I had wanted a gold table top at first but the flaws were too obvious and nothing hides flaws like Homogeneous Wenge so there, until I can accomplish the making of Moorish tables like Kimberly (Day 25), I won't be too adventurous with colours.

Well, the table is no masterpiece but then again, Ranjit isn't exactly paying me top dollars either.

And so Ranjit, rather pleased with the table for the pittance he paid (emphasis added), tried it with the vase of flowers a.k.a Mahendra's Roses of Mis-givings which he had taken from the palace.
Oh, it was quite perfect! Too bad Prince wanted a matching carpet (which explains why the vase is with Ranjit) and not a table.

He then tried putting it at the verandah of his bedroom,

O dear, the table almost disappears into the timber flooring so out of the window it went..the idea, not the table.

Ahh yes! Are there not a new batch of gorgeous perfume bottles from all the way down south made by this really talented perfumer, Mercedes? Can we not use the table as a display stand?

Oooh! He cooed. What a versatile table and the perfumes look really expensive on it too , Ranjit thought with a greedy glint.

And while he is already counting the extra rupees he has yet to earn from the wares he has yet to display, what better use for the table than to hold his pot of hot assam tea as he dreams on.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I think you should consider making the palace yourself. You have tremendous creativity, and I think you can do wonders with a dollhouse kit and a whole lot of Chinese fans :)

Tallulah~Belle said...

LOL you make me laugh with your stories Sans.

The table looks really good.


Caseymini said...

Put that wicked Maharajah in his place! Then come and pick up an award over on my blog.


Liberty Biberty said...

Love the evil Maharajah! Love the antique carpet too. Great idea making the fan into a table, very clever! May one enquire as to the length of time it took?
And Sumaiya is right you should be building the palace yourself.

Jean Day said...

The table looks so perfect, that is exactly what they look like! Love they way you used the fan, thanks so much for sharing this.

Sans said...

Thank you Guys!

Sumaiya & Mercedes: I am going to try to modify the termite house and you guys are tasked to, with hand on heart, brutal frankness, even tactless bluntness, tell me whether I should build the palace myself after you see the house. (I still can't let go of Rajiv's capabilities) Will probably start that soon :(!

Jayne: I love that my stories make you laugh. I always thought I am funny, contrary to my siblings' opinions.Thanks to you, I have faith in myself again! "D

Casey: Popping right over!

Jean: Your comment is perfect, even if my table isn't, and ever so encouraging. As Kiva pointed out, it helps that you keep staring at a picture of the real table as you craft! Great too that we have fans like this at our S$2 shop :D but I am running out of spray paint.

rosanna said...

Susan, you always surprise me. Such a clever idea and your stories are enthralling. You and Casey are my best loved storytellers. I'll seat down on my knees and wait for the next to arrive. By the way, Mercedes' bottles are soooo god on you table. I think the evil maharaja is to much a lucky boy to own them.

Sans said...

Rosanna! Yes, Evil Maharajah is lucky to own me too :D! Love you, love your comments. Flattered that you think my stories are as good as Casey..she is funnier, only slightly more :). I think she is hilarious and her Tessie..if she ever comes to India, my girls will put a bomoh (witch doctor) on her for sure!

Sans said...

oh yes, Mercedes, the table took 4 hours (including drying time). Why does it always take 4 hours? After the temple? This one is easy measy, lemon squeezy.

My TV is down, broken and out :( so if you think I am perpetually here blogging, I am. Sigh

rochambeau said...

Hi Sans,
It is a pleasure to meet you today and have a chance to tour your fine Palace!!
You are a talented person! I'll be back!


rosanna said...

Hi Susan, there is an award for you....;o)))

Mary said...

I love this side table so much! Nobody would guess you made it from a fan just by looking at it! Very clever idea--and I had to go Googling just to come up with the table pic I sent you. But it's neat how you chose the parts just the parts of the Chinese fan that had Indian motifs.

Sans said...

That you actually took the trouble to google the pic just warms my heart :). Thank you for your encouragement, Mary :).

Pubdoll said...

Great work on the table, it really is nice! As Rosanna said about the perfume bottles, much to nice for that evil Maharaja :-)
"but then again, Ranjit isn't exactly paying me top dollars either." Lol!

Sans said...

Oh Helene, Ranjit will pay eventually, as you already found out! But only to!

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