Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Day 417-418- Garden Variety

Ginger flowers

There's something soothing about the commonplace.  

Star Lilies

In its uncomplicated and unremarkable way, it works its magic. 

Digging, potting, seeding. 
Earth, gravel, dirt. 

  Oleanders In A Wheel

In the mundane routine, I find my calm. 
In the ordinary of my flowers, I find my pleasure. 

And in watching fresh blooms growing side by side a passing one, 
I find my gratification. 

Perhaps this is the secret to success,

our ability for pleasure in the simple. 


The base for the abandoned house and thus the garden.

I often find myself veering longingly for my miniatures when I am most stressed at work. In the last weeks, expanding the garden of my abandoned house has worked wonders for my nerves. 

Even in gathering moss from the garden, I found myself smiling. 

Is it like that for you too?


The Old Maid said...

Lovely flowers! Knowing your skills it is going to be a fantastic garden. :)
Yes, I have the same feeling no matter if I work on orders or juzt for myself I completely forget I have bills to pay, lol!
Hugs and kisses

Sans! said...

I am still working on the garden, Ewalina :). Progress has been really slow :). Realised that I have slackened on my rusting skills too. :) Unlike you, I have sen some amazing work of yours!

And forgetting about bills is exactly what we want sometimes, dear sis. Right?

Daydreamer said...

Ohhh!!! You are Gardening again!!! :):):)!
I wish I could get myself to start making the flowers and plants for my houses.....:(
I keep putting it off... thinking I will start "soon" to learn the methods for each plant and flower.... I think I need to just stop putting it off!
Your garden is Beautiful... the plants are so real and easily recognized! I agree .... the simple and mundane tasks are soothing and it takes away the stress of the "Real World" when we allow ourselves to get lost in the mini worlds! *Sigh*
Deciding Which project to "get lost in" is my current Problem! LOL!
You are an inspiration to me!

Elizabeth S said...

Yes Sans, there is nothing like gardening whether in Big or Small, to take your mind off of the daily stresses of life. Your garden for the Abandoned House is so consistent with the theme of your house and I LOVE IT! I love the use of the tire as a planting pot and the placement of your plants in your garden, is as deliberate and as fascinating as the assorted pots and jars that you have on the inside shelves. Everything is just as the artist in residence would have it both inside and out.
The weather here in Canada is now more wet than dry and there is much to stress out about both at work and otherwise, but like you, I continue to find time to relax with my miniatures.
I am so looking forward to your next garden installment Sans, so please, keep on keeping your fingers in the dirt. :))


Ilona said...

Hmm, yes, gardening make me quiet and calm and making miniatures for others, or for myself does the same to me: it makes me feel silent, keeps me on going and I can live in my miniature world ;)!
Thank you for sharing your progress in your garden, Susan, it will be wonderful if you've finished :)!
Hugs, Ilona

Dakota said...

Precioso jardín con preciosas flores!


BiWuBär said...

Isn't there a saying about if you wanted happiness for your whole life then you should have a garden? ;O) Great to see you working on the garden of the abondened house - it promises to become fantastic... with many beautiful flowers. So please get your hands back into the dirt and go on to dig and plant and create!


claude said...

simples mais fantastiques, a beautiful work

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I love the red flower vine!

Sans! said...

Betsy, I am constantly inspired by YOU. Your perseverance and creativity knows no bounds! And your ability for multi-projects! WOW!

I almost always can't move on till I am done with that one, unless it is a gift or a very small project that I can finish in 1 sitting. My brain is incapacitated that way..haha!

As you know, I don't usually make my flowers from scratch. I also use real dried ones which seemed really effective. With some acrylic paints, they can last. The paper stock that i buy I cut and paint them to the style I want. And then there are the gifts from friends I used to much with delight.

I love flowers and plants and I see now how I use them all the time for all my projects. Even in a junk yard :). Just can't resist them.

Sans! said...

Oh my, I have just seen your most spectacular garden E! Thank you again for your encouraging words.

If not for the fact that I am a little under the weather and staying home to rest, I would have once again missed reading all that's happening in your wondrous miniature world.

I really need to set aside time to hone my skills and to chat with all of you, exchanging ideas and just indulge in doing what we love. And I will again!

Sans! said...

Ilona and Birgit, thank you for the push and encouragement :). It is so comforting that you are all here.

I have been working on the garden almost every weekend and becoming more and more reluctant to leave it after. Sometimes I think I can really live in my mini world full time and come back to the real one for a holiday on and off.

Of course I may yearn for this world if it is really gone. teehee

Sans! said...

Thank you Dakota, Claude and Sumaiya (so good to see you again, Sumaiya!)

MelyGiunta said...

these flowers are gorgeous!

Fabiola said...

This is a lush garden. Everything is perfectly willing.

carmen said...

maravillosos colores en tu jardin...

Norma said...

It's a really magic place that you are making Sans. I can't say that I share your love of RL gardening though, it's a chore for me and I envy people like you who really enjoy it since at some level at least it's a necessity.

Maria Ireland said...

Your garden is looking amazing. There is always something magical about your creations. I cant wait to see more of your beautiful garden.
Hugs Maria

rosanna said...

Were you inspired by the gardens on the bay? cause yours are as lush and plentifull as them.
I love your flowers and how you arrange them.
Alòas I am doing literally no minis ! I spent far too much time in open air and far too little at home.
Yet, as much as I enjoy all my activities, I feel minisick and I long for some dreary, wet days to sit and play and dream.
Hugs my dear, to you both :o)

Drora's minimundo said...

It's going to be the garden of Paradise, judging by the beautiful colors. I love it.
Hugs, Drora

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