Saturday, 13 September 2014

Colours of Bangkok

External Wall of Building With Birdhouses as Mailbox for Tenants

This trip took a while coming, happening almost 7 months since Indochina. After much persuasion, we agreed on a short sojourn, our 1st holiday. Bangkok seemed ideal as SuZ was there for work. We were also in the thick of the coup and the city was quiet.

Flower Arrangement at Anantara

Garden Sculpture in Anantara 

It was new and lush

 House by the Mangrove River

but it was also old and quaint.

Water-Vendor sailing away from Bangkok Seaview Restaurant

We saw a Bangkok we never knew and ate at a restaurant sitting in the middle of the ocean where the only form of transport to and fro was a long boat.

Seats at Bangkok Seaview Restaurant

Great food, good friends, laughter and love.

 Street Food

Coconut Dessert

Condiments for Coconut Ice Cream

And of course, the inevitable Chatuchak Market, coconut ice cream and all the miniature supplies I will need for a while. 


The Old Maid said...

Another of your fantastic trips! It is always great to see where you travel and how you see the places you visit.:)
Thank you for sharing, dear SS! It is good to know you have a good time.:)
Hugs and kisses from all of us

carmen said...

maravillosos colores...

claude said...

thank you to share your beautiful photos

Margriet said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip! I always enjoy your photos, I hope I will be able to travel to your part of the world someday!

Remco said...

Your trips are amazing Suz, and the photo's are so well taken, like it a lot.
The birdhouses in the first picture are so cool, I might make one like them as well.
As always its fun reading about your trips!

CWPoppets said...

This looks wonderful!

BiWuBär said...

Beautiful impressions from an obviously lovely trip. And the first one really made me smile - this is as nice as funny... and a mailbox like this would be totally impossible in Germany. *grin*


Eva said...

Wonderful pictures full of colour. Happy that your trip has been so great!!!!

Ilona said...

Hi Susan! I've enjoyed very much seeing your colorful pictures. It must be so special and great to be there, the food, the houses, the people........that all together seems to me a beautiful country!
Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us, we all can see that you had a great time :D!
Hugs, Ilona

Drora's minimundo said...

Dear Sans,
Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.
Glad you had a great time.
Hugs, Drora

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Sans,

Hope you had a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I love all the beautiful colors.


Fabiola said...

Fantastic trip and wonderful photos.

rosanna said...

Oh so lovely and colourfull!!
I feel the warmth of life through your pics.
I am back my dear and very glad to meet you all again
Hugs Ro

Maria Ireland said...

Wonderful pictures thanks for sharing. I love the first picture. The coconut icecream sounds delicious. Seems like you had a fantastic time.
Hugs Maria

Kikka N said...

Dear Sans!
Wonderful colors, love the photos!

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