Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Day 412- Elevating The Mundane

Mundane is when you start having to worry about laundry. 

But it does not mean there is no art involved

or meaning

or the celebrating of genius. 

Laundry day at the abandoned house is every bit art, meaning and genius as it is ordinary.

With the brilliant yet simple contraption made by my friend Remcodrying on the retractable rack are moments of marvel at its inventiveness and engineering prowess, the precision of each solder. 

Now do you see Remco's milk carrier right beneath the drying rack? That is to be my bottle garden of natural dyes. There will be little babies of dahlias and french marigold, rosemary and hibiscus. What is there not to love I ask, of this everyday object,  right down to every rusty bits. 

Finally, there's the tub, a gift from my friend Eva. A lotus pond in the making perhaps? But for now, it makes the chore of washing one of smiles and nostalgia for it reminds me  of all the times I have the pleasure of spending with her. 

Here's a thank you to my friends, for making washing day at the abandoned house  a really special day.


Remco said...

What no sexy lingery on the rack...

Bit serious now..
Maybee it's handy to make the stuf more old looking, like said before it was just for fun to make something in your big scale, and I am not into the old lokking stuff (that is the other part of the family, just a bit of solder fun.

The mik carrier is something I did remember from the time I was a young boy, many, many, many years ago. Looking for another object to make this came up.
So if you have another idea, I will try to make it, no problem.

Have fun with it!!!

The Old Maid said...

I can't wait to see your bottle garden! I know it will be a very special piece, dear Sam.:)
Remco's miniatures are fab!

Oh, lately I was dreaming I was writing a letter to you, lol, it's my quilty conscience calling... I know it. I will I promise. Soon.;)

Hugs and kisses

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: nice trail of clothes. You are very creative. Keep in touch

BiWuBär said...

Ah... this is sooooo beautiful (and it also gave me a good laugh reading Remco's comment... *grin*). This rack is such a fabulous work and the carrier cries for a carrier garden! I like the idea of combining the mundane with art... I try to do this in real life, too. The room in the cellar where the white ones (washing machine, dryer) stand is called Hobbyroom 1 and the room where the ironing has to be done is Hobbyroom 2... well, at least it sounds better than torture room... *LOL*


Kikka N said...

O' the colors!
The retractable rack is so cool!The washing day at the abandoned house looks so fun: I wonder, How to make one like that rack? :)

Eva said...

The Washing machine or the soap does not work very well...hahaha...LOL
Seriously you are so creative.
Happy that you use the rusty tub.
Lots of besos!

claude minipatouillis said...

nice to painting the scene: beautiful patina

Veronique Blommaart said...

Remco's miniatures are awesome, even if he's not into the old making business :-) Your scene somehow reminds me backpacking and wandering in forgotten streets and alleys, away from tourist attractions. There's an air of summer with a light breeze. Traffic is rushing in the next street but here, only here, it is calm, quiet and imagination runs free...

Daydreamer said...

Sometimes it is the Mundane that is the most soothing and reassuring part of life! We need it to be there... waiting for us when we are ready... just like your Gorgeous rusty folding laundry rack!!! It is so Beautifully made... skillfully as well as Lovingly...! (Don't we all wish we had a Remco out there to send us mini folding laundry racks???)And the bonus bottle rack that will become a mini Dye-garden.... that is a Wonderful idea!!! And then on top of all that useful treasure you also have a rusty old tin washtub!!! It is these humble gifts that mean so much... how many times will you wring out the damp cloths and think of your friends from afar.... moments that are all the more precious Because they are wrapped up in the Mundane... Laundry day!!!

Margriet said...

The rack is wonderful (and I know because I have one too :-)) Love the carrier too, it wil be perfect filled with bottles with dyes! The tub is beautiful too, love how aged it looks!

Sans! said...

Now, now Remco, some people think an apron is in fact a piece of very sexy lingerie!

On making things old, I thought all diorama lovers make their things old. I don't mean to sound sexist about this but I do notice that many male mini makers love the grunge feel.

Those 2 pieces you gave me will remain my 1st ones that were made by a guy :). I really marvel at all the teeny solder joints. I don't know why I just can't solder to save my life! I know you have said it was because I am afraid of the heat and I totally agree with you. Fear is always the biggest hurdle to achieving anything.

I think if you want, you can really make these to sell.

By the way, I know you are a reluctant "ruster" but the rust on the 2 items are real. That's why I love them even more.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Lady Fanaberia said...

Great photos :)

Ilona said...

Dear Sans! congrats on your beautiful new old wash rack and milk carrier made by a man with golden hands ;)! I visited his blog and I know he can make the tiniest things, it's wonderful!!
Now you can enjoy your Monday laundry day, at first I thought the word Mundane meant the word Monday, but it was not ;)! That reminds me for......putting my washing machine on :D!
Hugs, Ilona

Sans! said...

Eva, you don't know my apron. The stains are very bad and no amount of washing can get rid of them. That's why I do not bother. hahaha. Only in the mini world do I "wash" it.

You know when you gave me the rusty tub I will just love it ! It is so perfect in many ways.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Eliana said...


Fabiola said...

The rack is wonderful.
I like the scene.

Dakota said...

It´s all lovely. Great photos too!


rosanna said...

Love it to bits.
Remco made one for me as well but I still have to take pics...my camera exhaled its last breath a while ago and I still have to buy a new one :o(
I think it is a masterpiece! and the bottle basket too. We are two lucky gals.

Ascension said...

Hola Susan
Un gran trabajo de Remco.
Y unas preciosas fotografias.
Incluso yo seria feliz haciendo la coldada...jejeje
besitos ascension

Sans! said...

Jeje, Ascensión. Estoy tan feliz de verte aquí, mi querido amigo.

Día de lavandería Mini es un buen día también porque sólo tengo que lavar 3 pedazos de ropas. jajajajaja

besos y abrazos

Sans! said...

Yes, Rosanna, Remco is like Father Xmas. He's made many "little" girls happy with the retractable rack.

I have decided that it will go to possibly the most special little house of mine.

Emanuela Valenza said...

Un bellissimo lavoro ha realizzato Remco e le tue scene sono sempre molto reali e vissute!
un caro saluto, Manu

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Sans! You know that every time I read the name of this project of "Abandoned House" I am amazed at just how "Occupied" it actually is! Every bit of neglect and decay is a testimony to how much life continues to live within its textured walls and decay. I love the laundry rack because it again reinforces the sense of love and occupancy. Hey, isn't that your famous 'Sans apron' hanging on the line?


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