Monday, 11 November 2013

A New Queen In The House

She is Amitis Shahbanu and she's the reason why I haven't been able to get back to working on minis like I was planning to this weekend. 

I, who am not Persian.

We brought Amitis home from the local animal shelter (SPCA) only yesterday. Our meeting was serendipitous to say the least. In the course of the past week since we have decided to finally adopt a cat again, she was my 7th and only successful attempt. 

Ginger aka Pretty

It all started with Ginger, who had to be returned to the shelter because someone in the new adopter's family was allergic to the cat. We got back to the new adopter too late and that cat went back to the shelter, to be renamed Pretty. 


Then there was Coco, Sisi, Naim,  Golem (the kitty above and I don't know her real name but don't you think she looks a little like Golem, and I mean it in a cute way) and Sherry, not counting Pretty. If only you could see me the 6th time I heard the words Sorry but...

Amitis in the living room

You see, once upon a time, we had 2  long haired cats and we had them for a long, long time. The white one we named Xerxes and the other a solid blue with just one eye, we called Moshe. They were both named after Persian rulers. Xerxes was the last to pass on and it was only now, after 4 years that we were finally ready to adopt again.

Artist Impression of Queen Amitis Shahbanu

Imagine my thrill when after the 6th sorry, the staff, Ellen from the SPCA, to whom we owe our eternal gratitude,  pointed her out to me and said I think maybe Misha is still not taken. That was when I first laid eyes on 2 year old Amitis and  I swear I thought I saw the reincarnation of both Xerxes and Moshe combined. Except she is a girl and the other 2 were tom cats. Like Xerxes and Moshe, Amitis who was named Misha by the SPCA was also listed as a Persian which accounted for why we named her after a Persian queen. 

I am not sure what is her breed but I doubt very much she is a Persian. She has the characteristics of a Maine Coon cat but it really does not matter because she is a Queen in our book. 

Hiding in a dark corner when she first came

I still don't understand how anyone can bear to give her up of course. The story was that it was due to family problems.

I don't mean this flippantly but I guess that family's problem has turned out to be my family's fortune. After a mere day, Amitis is no longer hiding and depressed. She's eating and pooing in the litter box, torturing bugs and jumping at lizards. And of course, she's already got all of us at her beck and call. 


Daydreamer said...

Oh! She's Beautiful!!! And so Lucky to be with You!!! I LOVE her name... and Of Course she is Queen!!!
I am partial to black cats.... have had many come to live with me over the years... but I am a firm believer in the magical connection that brings the right cats and humans together! So she was waiting for you.... in spite of all the hurdles... she found you!!!

Eva said...

A big welcome to your new beautiful cat!!!! :) :)

malu2 said...

Oh, Susan, que preciosidad, es guapísima, me ha encantado saber de ti, que te gustan tanto los gatos, Malu y yo somos unas enamoradas de los gatos.
Besos de las Malu´s.

Cindy Teh said...

Can't wait to to meet her!!!!

Cindy Teh said...

Can't wait to to meet her!!!!

Sans! said...

Bestie :):):), Amitis apparently means "wise friend" although I am not sure in what language.

I love black cats too and I just can't resist them if they are made with fabric and cotton :). I am still looking for Felix the Cat ! I hope there's a revival soon. Once a black cat did come into our house but she left just as suddenly.

It is really kismet, Amitis and us. We are completely smitten :).

Sans! said...

Eva, I was thinking about you and your little doggy when I was writing this post. I remember how excited you were and how we are mirroring that excitement right now. :):)

Sans! said...

Malu, pensé que era un amante de los perros hasta que llegué a un gato. No lloré cuando mis perros murieron, pero todavía hoy arrojan un pensamiento lágrima de mis gatos .. jejeje.

besos y abrazos de un amante de los gatos a otro

Sans! said...

She's like a dog, Cindy. :)

Margriet said...

She's beautiful Sans!!! And what a beautiful name you've given her. I'm glad you met her, because she already looks as if she has settled in :-) I can't understand why people give up animals, but thankfully there are wonderful people like you who are willing to give them a new home!!!

Ilona said...

A warm welcome to your beautiful cat, Sans! What a beautiful name too.
Unfortunately I am allergic for cats and for some other animals :(! So we can't have a cat/dog here at home, but since I was a little girl I've always loved red and white cows, but for them I really have no room :D!!
Hugs, Ilona

The Old Maid said...

She's beautiful! Congrats to you and to her.:) I am sure you will live happily for long long years!
A cat is someone I would like to have home one day. Truth is - except for the fact my parents don't want any big animals home ;) - I never got used to the fact that our little Friends live much shorter than we do. Well, maybe I should get myself a big turtle... ;)
Congrats to all of you!
Hugs and kisses

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Susan ya sois uno más!!! Besos para todos y saludos gatunos

Veronique Blommaart said... love a cat. It's like loosing oneself in the furriest and purrrrriest of universes. When you look at her, contently cleaning herself, your heart swells with love. Of course next thing you know, Madame wants, food, cuddles, for you to open a door, no wait close it again, on second thought it looked better open and what's that? A dollhouse? Looks like a box to me. Mine!
Oh, true happiness

Kikka N said...

Dear Sans: Congrats on having wonderful Amitis as your Family-member! Cats are so Cool, they for sure are the Best! :)

CWPoppets said...

Your little beauty is a Norwegian Forest Cat, Sans! I know that because I have one myself. :-) Just found out two years ago after having him for ten years. I got him from a shelter, too. They are the most gentle and loving souls. Mine never ever scratched me or bit me or did anything naughty ... really! They are wonderful. Congratulations!

sylvia said...

She is beautiful and I think now this will be the first thing you save out of your house (LOL)

BiWuBär said...

Congrats to the new family ruler! *grin* Looks like some kind of fate that you had to find each other. And for sure she's no Persian... I would go for Maine Coon, too... but after all, who cares? She's beautiful and her name fits. Oh, and adding to what Sylvia just said... isn't it good that we human beings have two arms? One for Amitis and one for Mini-Sans! - nevertheless you shall never come into a situation when this should become necessary...


rosanna said...

WOW !!!
I read your mail just a few minutes ago and here she is , in all her glory ! the new Queen!!
Sans, she is gorgeous, absolutely beautifull and if she is truly a Norwegian cat she will be the sweetest companion ever.
My cousin Nicoletta had one named Fiocco di neve aka Snowflake and he was the sweetest, gentlest cat in the world. He was daily tortured by hers three kids and never, ever lifted up one single finger, ops claw, against them. And trusted me, he could have well be forgiven for it since the 3 little "beasts" were most ungentle with him. They loved to cuddle him with all their strength and he always suffered with the greatest dignity ;o) Only once in a while he tried escape inside the washing machine ;o))
Nonetheless I agree with your idea of preventing a too close encounter between her and Mini Sans: two Queens might be too much in one house.
Hugs and give her a good stroke for me, Rosanna

Emanuela Valenza said...

Ma che meraviglia di gatto! E te sei molto buona ad ospitarli e mi sembra che godino di ottima salute!
Un abbraccio, Manu

Plushpussycat said...

Congratulations! Your new baby is adorable and already fits in so well. I'm thrilled for everyone! xo Jennifer

Drora's minimundo said...

Congratulations and welcome to your new family member. She is very beautiful. I too, can't figure it how someone could give up this adorable creature.
Have fun.
Hugs, Drora

Daydreamer said...

And is Amitis now leading you to your next House project???? Are you starting to Dream up what you will be doing with that Lovely Yellow House.... that surely will not remain yellow....???
She looks so Beautiful and Happy!!!

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

des chats heureux.

Sans! said...

Wow, Christine! Thanks a mil for that heads up! I think you may very well be right because her markings are very similar to the ones I just checked out online!

Poor Atimis, first a Persian then a Maine Coon and now a Norwegian Forest! She must have felt really "misunderstood"..hehehehe

Sans! said...

Sylvia, hmmmm.. frankly I don't know. There will be 3 other people in the house who will want to save Amitis but mini Sans only have me :)

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