Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 399- Tools of The Trade

Have you ever looked at a set of old tools and wondered

how many holes must have been drilled;

how many nails hammered;

how many twists,

how many turns;

how many things broken,

and how many more things;

beautiful, wonderful, amazing things

were built;

before they became this old?


In case you are wondering......


 this time, I did paint them.


Neomig said...

I like these very much . They look authentic!
Best Regards

Remco said...

Cool stuff this is, small hangers I see.
Original and simple idea.

Now only learn how to use these, hahaha

Emanuela Valenza said...

Cara Sans ai tuoi splendidi lavori abbini sempre le giuste frasi che fanno pensare, sei molto brava!
Un abbraccio♥

The Old Maid said...

You know, dear Sam, I am always impressed by the way you can make things looking really fabulously old.:) This time is no exception.:) GREAT work.:) Great addition to this charming world you're creating.:)
Hugs and kisses

Yolanda Morán said...

Me encanta el resultado es fabuloso, una maravilla.
Un abrazo.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: the tools are fabulous. They look real. . We continue in contact

Lucille said...

Hi Sans! The tools are so very well aged! They look like they've been handed down from one generation to another. They suit the little house to a T.

Maria Ireland said...

Wow Sans Your tools are amazing. They look really old well used and loved. Fantastic work.
Hugs Maria

Ilona said...

Fantastic weathered tools, Sans! These tools are awesome, love it!
Hugs, Ilona

Elizabeth S said...

Hello Sans! Your tools are full of history and good use!
When it got down to the photo of the tools with the paint brushes that you used to paint and age them, I thought that the paint brushes were in miniature! Then I saw the tools and realized that the brushes were full-sized! You are fooling with my head Sans! Your work has suspended time and what is real and what is miniature! You are a magician and you are Amazing!


Eva said...

El cambio que has dado a estos objetos es estupendo, ahora tiene una historia detrás. Un saludo, Eva

Susan said...

You work your magic on every thing you touch. The tools are wonderful...I love vintage tools, I have a small collection of RL size!

Plushpussycat said...

Very realistic! Old, battered, worn-out tools--they're beautiful in their own way. xo Jennifer

Sans! said...

Thank you Neomi! :)Authentic is the best form of compliment :).

Sans! said...

Remco, I should have tried making a mini soldering iron! :)

Sans! said...

Cara Manu, la ricompensa per le mie parole sono le tue parole :). Grazie di cuore.

Sans! said...

Thank you, Ewalina :). It is so much easier to make new things old than it is to make old things new. That will be my real challenge :).

These are only some of the tools I need for this project but they will do for now. :)

Margriet said...

I love old tools...I always feel the presence of the people before me who used them! And these tools look so old, they must have been loved very much :-)
You really have a talent for making new plain objects into little objects of art!

Josje said...

I like your thought Sans. Old tools have such a charm and I think part of that lies in the life they have had. Oh the stories they could tell!
You have done a marvellous job with your paintbrushes, the tools look wonderful.

maragverdugo said...

You are so talented at painting things old and rusty. I love old things too.

Ana Anselmo said...

I was wondering!!!!!!!!!!(LOL) and thinking, wow, how Sans did them?
Anyway, the tools look fantastic!

BiWuBär said...

And here it is again - a very good amount of that well-known and beloved Sans!' magic... I can only say, please, go "On and on and on" (teehee) with your weaving of magic. Your tools look fantastic, telling stories of what they did during their lifetime... it was amazing to see they were simple charms before they were glad to meet Her Highness, the mastress of changing dumb new into beautiful old!


Kikka N said...

Yes, I have been wondering...
And you have done perfect job: Your tools look now like the worker has been working for decades with those old tools :)

sylvia said...

Susan, you did a great job
They look really OLD ;-))
Hugs Sylvia

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias! Sus sofás, Yolanda, ya que estos son realmente increíble!

un abrazo

Sans! said...

Hello from Singapore, Marta :). Good to see you here again. Kisses to Barbie and her friends and you of course :)

Sans! said...

Lucille, they have been handed down from the Old Man :). I am afraid they are going to be chucked somewhere where you can't really see. Maybe one day, I should do a roombox of old tools :)

Sans! said...

Thank you Maria Ireland and Illona. These tools are well loved. I was just thinking, no matter how you abuse tools like this, and unless they are very badly made which means they won't last a few months, these tools can really be passed from one generation to another.

Sans! said...

Wow, Elizabeth, I am really flattered! :).

You know,sometimes I am not sure how I can just make some things right, like those paint brushes. I work almost entirely out of instinct most of the time, and yes, pictures of the real thing or the real thing definitely helped. For my paint brushes, I have my 2 tubes of brushes- real life ones, sitting right where I can see them while I was making the mini ones. :)

I am guessing you too work instinctively :).

Sans! said...

Eva, es maravilloso verlos aquí! Gracias por sus palabras igualmente maravilloso :)

Sans! said...

Ohhh Susan, vintage tools??! How I wish I can see them! :)

I have this thing for hardware store I myself can't explain. Love it since as far back as I can remember. I see one, I'd have to walk in even though I don't know what the hell most things were for. I think it must have been the manifestation of my very neglected inner being yelling "its time I work with my hands"!

Since about 4 years ago and after I started making minis, I have been buying tools. Finally! haha but there are still many I have yet to learn how to use.

Like Remco so intuitively observed, my fear of heat, fear of hurt to me, others, the tools, is also inhibiting my learning speed.

Sans! said...

Jen, :) I am one of those strange types who love the old more than the new.

Sans! said...

Awww, thank you Margriet, giving you a big hug now for those warm words.

I think there's nothing more intimate-making than when you are trying to transform something new to old. It's almost like a mother nursing a child sometimes, except it's at superman speed, the child grows up then grows old in a matter of minutes or hours.

In those minutes, you give whatever you are transforming a lifetime worth of history. My drill for example have been battled and abuse and used by the fearless who have no problems pushing it deep into concrete walls. My drill is a strong one.

heh heh heh

Sans! said...

O yes, I agree with you 120%, Josje. Old tools and their stories. And how they look too, right?

It is so wonderful that I can walk into a hardware shop today and still get a tool that looks like how its forefathers looked hundreds of years ago. Like a hammer (one of my fav), chisels (most used), scissors. Good designs last forever. :)

Sans! said...

You and me both, Maragverdugo. I love old things too :). I just realised that I love old so much my stories almost always have an old man. :)

Sans! said...

Ana, you wonder , I wonder, we wonder about each other ! :):)

You should put those pots with crackled flowers up for sale soon. They are LOVELY!

Sans! said...

Birgit! Are you abba-dabbadooing still? Love it! So, gimme gimme gimme.

Thank you for the wonderful accolades and titles, my dear! Yes, I just love those titles, mastress, Highness, priestess although I don't deserve all of them.

Psst but I tell you a secret. I am indeed a Queen though. A Dancing Queen!!!

Aye! *jumping up and shaking my booty : I can dance, I can jive, having the time of my life! See that girl (*pointing to myself), watch that scene (*making a circle over my head still shaking booty), digging the dancing queen.

"Digging the Dancing Queen" huh? Never knew what that last sentence really means. Do you?

Sans! said...

Thank you Kikka!

What is the favourite tool of a frog?

A toads-tool! he he he

Sans! said...

Thank you Sylvia.

Now that's the real mastressest mastress of old. (*pointing to Sylvia and shaking booty...still)

Daydreamer said...

Oh, Dear Sans! The Queen of Rust has struck again! They are So beautifully done... (they look Just like my REAL Old Ones do!!!) that when I first saw them I was not sure how little they were! But you remind us that it is not just the tools themselves that we are looking at.... but the History... the Stories... the Lives they have been part of.... and the Things they have done.... You Elevate the Tools to a whole other level of Connections!!! That is one of the Things I Love the most about your Blog.... you make us Think and Look in ways we perhaps didn't take the Time for before now.... and remind us of the Bigger World that our Little Creations are just a Shadow of.... in a way that Enriches Everything!

Liduina said...

Dear Sans, the tools look so real, it's hard to believe they are in miniature size, but seeing them next to your brushes; there is no denying it! Stunning!

Elizabeth S said...

Sans! Digging the Dancing Queen means Watching the Dancing Queen with enthusiasm or Thinking that the dancing queen is groovy, hip and happening: THAT is what " Digging the Dancing Queen" means.
I should know because back in the day, I WAS the Dancing Queen. Yes, I used to hip and happenin too. Now nothing is happening Because of my Hips! That's life. hahha I pass my dancing queen crown to you Sans! After you outrageously funny comment to Brigit, you deserve it!


Sans! said...

Bets, painting those tools made me very introspective. I am sure you know what I am saying.

It is those "er..that sounds a little loony" moments whenever we are spending a lot of time bend over with something very small. You start talking to yourself and then your mind wanders and suddenly it seems as if your life is fused with that of the very tiny thing you have in your hand. :) Sounds familiar?

I am also working backwards here. You will know what I mean in due time ;p :).

Eva said...

wow, wow, wow :)

Ascension said...

Hola Susan
A partir de ahora prestare mas atencion a las letras en cursiva jejejejejeje
Ya sabes que soy una enamorada de tus envejecidos y sobre todo en lo referente al hierro.
Que habran construido con estas herramientas (.....has visto como me meto en al historia que narras tu? jejejejejejejejeje9

Mona said...

You have done a great job painting your tools. They look so real and like they have been used for years.

Virginia Isabel CoMa said...

Parecen tan reales... Menudo cambio.

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