Thursday, 7 March 2013

Day 374-MMoT& Dinotopia-Treetown

Is this life or what?

Well, that was but one evocative detail  of a multitude of such depictions in another Bill Lankford's creations at the Miniature Museum of Taiwan. 

Dinotopia-Treetown was commissioned to celebrate the museum's 15th anniversary. A slice of heaven where homo sapiens live in happy harmony with dinosaurs.

I stood and stare as my life in an alternate universe unfolded.

This is where I can paint;

and I can fly.

My home.

My work.

Flying in to my office.

Always aerial transporting.


 A Wonderful Life.

Just some reasons why this one was my favourite.


Remco said...

Amazing, the painter is my favorite here!

Kikka said...

Dear Sans
This is amazing! Tree-house, that is a dream of every child, and I guess inside me there is still that child.. ;)
All those little balconies or terraces are so adorable with the flowers, and a good place for the artist!
Happy you!
Thank you for sharing these photos with us!

CWPoppets said...

Can I move in ? Pleeeease ! ;-)

The Old Maid said...

It's only looking so peacefull because there is no....T-Rex around! LOL!
No, no, seriously: great mini world, I am not surprised you liked it so much.:)In my perfect world there would be Arabian horses instead the dinos of course.;)

Hugs and kisses

Kim said...

oh my goodness--amazing!! I can only imagine the hours that went into this. I think I would stand and stare at all the details all day long!

Fabiola said...

This is a fabulous world!
Thanks for sharing.
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland said...

Wow what a wonderful world. It looks like a paradise. I so want to fly :) Thank you Sans for sharing these gorgeous pictures.
Hugs Maria

Margriet said...

can I come and live there with you!!! I so understand why you love this, it's beautiful and magical!!! I would feel so at home :-)

Lady Jane said...

Such a magical place....

BiWuBär said...

I lack the words... this is breathtaking in the true word of the meaning. I can truly understand why this took you away - it did the same with me just looking at your wonderful pictures. But I have to support Ewa... an Arabian horse here and there would even add to the magic... and I can already hear Fluby... there need to be strawberries... ;O)


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Oh Sans, what an amazing exhibit of the Dinotopia Tree-house! As I looked through all the photos, I love all the details...the houses, the plants, the dinos....everything.
Hugs and thanks for sharing!

Norma said...

It's really incredible, both in the imagination that conceived it and the talent that put it all together. My dinosaur mad 4yr old grandson would want to shrink himself and get in there for sure! Thanks for sharing it.

Ilona said...

Sans! this is really a magical world, I can imagine why you kept this artwork to the end :D! It would be so lovely to shrink and to walk around in that magical world of this artwork!
Hugs, Ilona

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! My Sons and I read those books when they were young!!! Have you seen them??? This three dimensional creation is Breathtaking!!! (But so are the illustrations from the books!!!) I LOVE the painter... the violin player... the flying to work!!! (You should see the water-fall paintings in the books!!!) The Tree-Houses are just as I dream of how they should be...! It must have Hours worth of looking in that one Exhibit!!! Just Breathtaking!!!

Ascension said...

Pero que maravilla!!!
Ojala fuese una realidad y se pudiese convivir tan facil como el lo ha pintado.
Preciosas fotografias y una escena fantastica.
Gracias por compartirla con nosotras.
besitos ascension

Piikko said...


Anonymous said...

Que preciosidad!! me gustan mucho el trabajo y las fotos. Quién pudiera verlo en persona. Un abrazo

AM said...

AWESOME!!! Best miniature ever!
Hug AM

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