Sunday, 17 February 2013

Day 377-Celebrating 365

On Day 365 when I was bashing the sunflowers and dreaming Van Gogh, I was also reflecting on how far I have come. It has been 365 days worth of making, writing, travelling, museums, books and buying; all relating to miniatures. 

Of those days that I blogged about, 200 of them were about making minis. If that translates to about 1000 hours, averaging 5 hours each working day, that means I have 9 more years worth of making before I can master my craft. The sunflowers I made on that day are far from great but give me another 9000 hours, I promise you, I will get there. 

For the rest of the 365 days, I blogged a little about the countries I went to, sometimes about minis I love but mainly, they were about the friendships. The amazing, giving, beautiful relationships I have with many of you through this blog, all because I fell in love with dolls' houses that December in 2008 and decided to write about it.

Today I have 439 of you whom I have met, yet to meet or never met but who nonetheless thought my blog interesting enough and I am grateful. 

How may I celebrate my 365 with you? Can I offer you something of that day? If you wish, I will like to send you the basic sunflower kit consisting of 3 of the flowers and 3 stalks of leaves made by the Thai artisans so that you can cut and paste your own Van Gogh. It will be really fun for me to see your versions which I have no doubt will far exceed mine, in terms of artistry, beauty and craftsmanship. Some of you  may wish for my dirty or messy versions because, I don't know, you are nuts? It will nonetheless be my pleasure to make them for you but I have a tendency to take a really long time. 

So if you have been or has become a friend on my blog, silently visiting or always leaving something here to make me smile, let me know in the comment box if you will like either option. My humble gifts are going to as many of you as the number of flowers I have now. 

You know you will still make my day if all you want to do with your comments is to sing me praises or tell me a funny story or just to say I was here.


Fabiola said...

Your blog is one of my favorites. I love your work.
Your sunflowers are fabulous. I like your dirty and messy version.
Bye Faby

Daydreamer said...

Oh, Sans!!! You know, my Dear, your blog was one of the first I found in this blogland... before I had known about Blogs even... (Was I ever that Isolated???).... and it So overwhelmed me to read about your new found Passion for the minis... and to see the many projects you were building.... jumping in with all your energy even when you had never tried something before... and to read of your creative ventures... and the Stories you told with your little people... and your TRAVELS to see other Blog friends!!! I was So Astonished at the enthusiasm and energy and Love that you brought to this mini world... not to mention your Dream of the Palace...!!! I Have to tell you that Your enthusiasm Fed mine... and your creative Courage Inspired mine...!
Would I LOVE your flowers??? Kits or Messy ones made by your hands??? I would ADORE either one!!! And I can't decide which would be more fun... No, I take that back... the Kit please... I feel a Van Gogh moment in my Future... Thanks to YOU !!! :):):)

Drora's minimundo said...

Dear sans,
You are more than generous. I love sunflowers (Who doesn't?). Thank you for your offer. I'd love the original Thai artisans' version for a Van Gogh scene. By the way our fields of sunflowers are for commercial reasons, oil and seeds. Nevertheless the sight is pure joy.
I've never counted the hours I dedicate to my miniature hobby. You opened my eyes here. Even with the little time I spend, I feel guilty of neglecting my retired husband and family.
Hugs, Drora

Margriet said...

Oh yes, pleasepleaseplease...dirty messy Sansflowers...I want!!!!!!

I have an empty dollshouse where someday there will live a painter who adores van Gogh...he/she could use a few examples :-)

Remco said...

Hi Sans,

Well I guess the flowers are a bit to large scale for me, and a funny story... Euhh we met and kissed on our first day.
Okey it was a farewell kiss but it was a kiss!

Think I put the smile on your face now!

And about your blog, always fun to read, and amazing what kind of work you produce!
Also I like you visiting mine blog, even if I got smaller minis.

A big hug from me!

Maria Ireland said...

Wow Sans what a beautiful thoughtful offer. I have been sitting here a while trying to decide which ones I would like lol I will go for the original version. It is always a pleasure to visit your wonderful blog. Near to where I live we have not a sunflower field but a field of lavender and it is wonderful to drive by the colour is amazing and the smell wow. Thank you for the hours of wonderful viewing :)
Hugs Maria

Rosamargarita said...

Mi traductor no funciona.
Pero tus girasoles son estupendos

rosanna said...

I am here!!!
Yes,please,I'd love your sunflowers but can I ask you for the messy. dirty ones? I love thembut I now that I shall never be able to mess a kit...still too much Goodie two shoes ;o)
Big hugs dearie,big big hugs <3

The Old Maid said...

I was here.:P

The Old Maid said...

LOL. Well, as much as I adore everything you do, my dearest Sam and I know there will be a lot more Bloggers wanting flowers, your flowers, messed by you and because you are always spoiling all of us rotten that's why I am only writing I am so grateful I found your blog some time ago and have a pleasure to read your posts and was honored to meet you personally.:):):)
(You know you are a part of our hearts.:)) And I hope you will continue your mini adventure sharing it with all of us.
Hugs and kisses

Plushpussycat said...

Hi Sans! These sunflowers you made are gorgeous!!!!! Your photography is incredible too. I always enjoy following your work, and now you've made this wonderful offer! I would adore a flower-making kit, if that is possible. I'd know that you put together the kit with your own hands, and then I'd have the pleasure of putting together the kit, thinking of you as I made each flower. Thank you so much for your generous offer--I am thrilled! xo Jennifer

Kikka said...

Dear Sans, I am almost wordless with your offer :)
I Love Your "dirty/messy Sunflowers!"
If it is really possible... can I ask for the dirty/messy ones?
I am thrilled!

Ilona said...

Sans! dearie, I don't wish your sunny flowers, no, my biggest wish is that you send them to everyone who can need a bit of sun :D!! Will you do that for me, please??
Your blog is such a fantastic place to be, to see with what you come up to every time, the wisdom in poems, the tears in my eyes when you quoted a writer or a poem, or to see your lovely miniatures! It is a feast to be here with you!
Warm hugs, Ilona

AM said...

Hi Sans, your sunflowers reminded me of summers spend in France. Driving by these giant fields filled with sunflowers, the smell of summer but most of all they reminded me of stopping once in a while and just enjoy the simple things in life such as a beautiful sunflower. hug AM

BiWuBär said...

I'm here! ;O) And I have this on my to-do-list for this year - taking pictures of sunflower fields in late summer/early fall for you. And of course I'll do my very best to get better pictures of those fields of rape my part of the world is well-known for - just to show you the yellow I've told you about. I can only hope the weather will be friendlier for taking pictures than last year... It's still a miracle to me that at these two magical days in March the sun was shining so kindly on the three of us... ;O) But I got a little sidetracked by the yellow... so I'd better get back to the point. Your blog is like sunshine to me and I praise the day I found it. It would be easy for me to choose between the two options - of course the grungy, dirty, Sans!y version because this would have gone through your hands. But I think others deserve this gift much more than me - I've already been spoiled rotten by having met you personally.


Anonymous said...

Que girasoles tan fabulosos. Me encanta tu blog, las fotos son geniales, Ya tienes una seguidora más. Seguiré tus trabajos. Un abrazo

Norma said...

Congratulations on your 365 day anniversary, and a huge thanks for all the inspiration, entertainment, encouragement and friendship you've provided to those of us out here in blogland.

I still treasure the flowers you sent me previously, from memory it was to celebrate 100 followers. They make me smile every time I see them (which is very often actually), partly because they are so pretty and partly because they remind me of your kind and generous spirit. A bunch of sunflowers 'a la Sans' would be wonderful to have in my hands because they represent your sunny heart so I would like to accept your kindest of offers if it's possible, and I don't mind at all how long it takes. A big hug to you my dear!!!

Lina said...

Hallo Sans!

I'm sure you remember me... I'm "Taenia" from "Taenias Miniatures"!
The girl from Europe who made the suitcase for you several years ago ;-)

Nice to meet you again and thank you for following my blog!

See you soon,
Hugs Lina

Sans! said...

Just a quick comment here to let you know (while I am still at work) that I am or will be emailing all my replies directly asking for addresses. Except of course, the darlings who thought, maybe to their eternal regret?(except Ilona), that they don't wish for my sunflowers/kit, then I shall reply here openly. :):)

Chat with you soon!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I Love the Sunflowers Sans! Both versions are perfect. Do not send me any as I have just received the wonderful gift of the Broom Garden which Hattie loves. Hattie just returned from her HoneyMoon and can't wait to show off her Wedding gift.
I want you to know I Love your blog, it is always a special treat to read filled with Beauty and inspiration.

Big Hugs,

Lucy Coles said...

Yore blog is looking lovely. I love the sunflowers.

Eliana said...

I'm always here. Few times in silence and you know that. ;)
I prefer your version of Sunflowers, they represent some of your great talent that I enjoy so much.

Sans! said...

*wide wide smile*

Remco, there was a farewell kiss? Was there tears too? teehee

I love that you are here, Remco. You belong to a family of miniaturists and I always feel like you are representing this clan of really talented people whenever you are here. Maybe you are even related to Van Gogh since like I said, Van Gogh lived in a place bearing your family name. WOW! That's a mind blowing thought! A Van Gogh descendant, right here, reading my blog :):):).

By the way, I love seeing what you are up to. Now, that always make me smile because your characters are hilarious!

Sans! said...

Ewalina! Without this blog, we wouldn't have met. It is unthinkable now!

You still owe me an email, darling. :):)

Rosamargarita said...

Ahora lo entiendo!
Me encantarían unos hechos por tí, tendrán mucho más valor si son hechura tuya.

Sans! said...

Ilona! Your wish is my command. This is the Royal Decree, ladies and gentlemen, from the Queen of Mini Flowers: All who needs sun and will not mind sunflowers from sunny Singapore, write immediately to Sans! And she will send you some :)

Ilona, you know what I want to try next? A mini ikebana arrangement with dead sunflowers :):):). I know it sounds morbid but there is beauty from decay, I assure you. I have seen real life ones that are breathtaking! :)

Sans! said...

AM! I really envy all of you who could drive by fields of flowers. I can imagine the surge of happiness, bliss and gratitude when you are audience to such beauty.

A field of flowers is a true collaboration of art between Mother Nature and mankind. When you are standing before that field, you are witnessing a reward, like watching a flock of birds fly by. I have learnt to say thanks whenever I am lucky enough to see beauty like that.

Sans! said...

Birgit, your comment touched me to the core. I will really really really love pictures of your yellow :). Sunflowers are supposedly my star sign flowers. And yellow my colour.

But my current favourite is green. I don't always change my favourite colours. There's really only been 2 colours I love, blue and green . Always colours of nature :).

Those days of sunshine in Wankendorf is something I will remember for the rest of my life. Probably one of those things I won't forget even if I should suffer from dementia . :)

Sans! said...

Norma, we have known each other a looooooooooooong time :). Those flowers were for my 1st anniversary :). This one will be my 4th :)

I will send you an email for the address :):)

A big THANK YOU for being a friend all these years!

Sans! said...


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the lady who stupefied/astounded/amazed me with the generosity of this community.

There is no chance that I will ever forget you, my dear. I still remember how incredulous I felt when you offered to send me that beautiful luggage out of the blue. It was the 1st time I have ever been on the receiving end of such amazing generosity from someone I have never met and who decided to send me something just because.

Lina, know that you were my 1st teacher of giving :). You are an amazing person :).

Send me an email if you wish for some sunflowers :):). They are small recompense for what you have done :).

Sans! said...


I am just so glad to see you back here, Vic :):). That suitcase garden is for Hattie but the sunflowers are for you if you want :). 2 different persons right? Unless you are telling me that you are also Hattie? :):):):):)

Sans! said...

Thank you Lucy! Will you like some ? :):)

Ilona said...

I quote:
Ilona, you know what I want to try next? A mini ikebana arrangement with dead sunflowers :):):). I know it sounds morbid but there is beauty from decay, I assure you. I have seen real life ones that are breathtaking! :)
I know about the beauty of this arrangements, dearie. Oh Susan, how I love to get some pictures about an ikebana in that style and to try to make them in miniature. On the internet are so many pictures about ikebana, but it is so hard for me to find out if it is original from Japan or not!! I would love to make an ikebana in the Japanese tea ceremony style, but I have no idea of a "original" one.
I just read this reply of you, sometimes I know (by intuition) that someone has answered :D so I did now!
Thanks for answering and that you know what I meant by my comment in the good way, Susan.
Warm hugs from a very cold Nederland (-Dutch ;)), Ilona

Eva said...

I have a very bad friend sorry my dear....
Sometimes I feel that I can do everything but friendship is something too much valuable to forget.
It's amazing how you can tunne evrything, included sunflowera, and look all so pretty!!

Beautiful post my dear

Sans! said...


You will always be a damn good friend and not reading my posts does not make you a bad one! You should know better *scold :):)

This morning was so nice that I had thought : Eva will love being here in this weather. You both work really hard this year because my friend, next year, I expect that you come and visit!

By the way, you know that I wasn't in the picture right? It cannot be that long ago that you don't remember how I look anymore. :):)

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