Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day 350- Another Night In Heaven

                                 I look down, 


                                   Back again at last.
                                                        It's been awhile.


                                          my breath


                                           my heart 



                                                in shock

                                           as it 

I  charge down the hill,

                             I rush past the rocks,

                                              I leap through creeping vines

                           I brave treacherous thoughts.

                  But even the puniest bushes seem crowding,

                            dewy hyacinths, menacing,

I feel the creepy crawls and the crawlies creeping and they are coming, trapping, overwhelming.








                     and just when I think I can take no more, 

a light shines through,

and I can see the water 

and the water is clear, 

as clear as crystal.

In the water, 

there are roots, 

and the roots are strong,

steady as they cluster. 

And I see green,

ever and eternal,

giving the cool, crisp air

with its sweet, sweet, smell,

and I breathe.

And as my eyes travel,

I see the trunk,

the tall, tenacious trunk,

with  a willpower 

that makes my heart swells.

And I smile.

                               I look up,

so happy.

                                  And I know,

                I will stay for a while.


The Old Maid said...

Everytime you show it. dear Sam. I am surprised by the fact that you show something new again and again.:) Great place to wonder. To be affraid. To be delighted.;)
And great poem.:)
Hugs and kisses!

rosanna said...

Hallo dearie, Ewa has been quicker than me.
I am so happy that you found time to sit down an enjoy your own creation and relax. You are a poet my dear and I love your miniature heaven with its many corners and perspectives.
A big big hug, Ro

PS I bought a new table , no more the huge round one which has been "temporarily" around for the last 21 years !!need for changes goes on ;o) I'll send a pic to you :o))

Sans! said...

Good wee hours of the morning, SS! These were photos that I took a long time ago with my dearly departed Sony Cybershot. Nothing new to show really :).

I think you know where my little poem is coming from. heh heh. After all that hustle and bustle, I am really so happy to be back here at blogland, taking a "walk" in my heaven, pretending another adventure !

biggie biggie hugs and kisses Ewalina!

Sans! said...

Rosanna, a new table!!!! Oh my, how extravagant! teehee :). No seriously, I am happy for you! Change is GOOOOOOOD!

My parents love round dining tables but not me. The traditional Chinese dining table is always round so that family members can face each other. Since our food is communal , it is also more practical than a square or rectangle table. I still remember the old dining table which we had that was designed by my dad. It had a lazy Susan and my dad was so darn proud of it :). They were quite cross with Susie for making them give it up when they move to the current place because the dining room could not fit a round table. :) Till today, my mum dislike the rectangle table we have! :) It's been almost 20 years too! Perhaps they should have a new table if they want :)

O Rosanna, I absolutely love that table setting you did on Sunday. I showed Fai and his jaw dropped when I told him you made everything!

Kikka said...

Sans..It was Lovely and exciting to walk with you in this beautiful poem of yours and to wait for : what is there to come?

Ascension said...

Hola Sans
Ya estaba preocupandome por ti....y de repente oigo el ruido que hace el agua al correr y leo esa preciosa poesia y pienso.......que ha valido la pena esperar a esta maravillosa entrada.
Es fantastico poder ver esas preciosas imagines y meterte dentro de ellas, esperando que ese pajarito que pulula por las ramas en cualquier momento se dejara ver.
Quizas estare un ratito mas en tu blog, oyendo esa magnifica sinfonia...........
besitos ascension

Eva said...

I will stay for a while too...I am happy to read you again, I miss you dearie.
Hope you are more least this entry and this magical sound makes me feel very relaxing

Maria Ireland said...

Wonderful pictures and a beautiful poem. Every time you show this yard there is always something new to find :) I hope to see more of you soon.
Hugs Maria

Craftland said...

I stick to you for a while in this place. It's so quiet and you just hear the water rushing. It is so relaxing.
Hugs from Craftland

BiWuBär said...

So good to see a new post from you - and as always you manage to enchant me. What a lovely, poetic post, about black and white, good and bad, yin and yang - or simplier, about life with all its varieties, all of this in a heaven for dead cars. Btw - beautiful picture-taking... I feel so sorry for your poor camera...


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

That was beautiful Sans!

Big Hugs,

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! So Good to see you here again!!!! (I have come by often....!)
You are out of breath...? From running and Diving too long...? Thank Heavens you see the Light and grasp the roots...! This Drama is so Deep and Dark.... but we all get under the water sometimes and hopefully find our way back to shore... before we are smothered.... and here we find the cool air and sweet sounds of the night and rushing water... and the blossoms of the tangled vines wafting their scent... and the Roots of that Eternal Tree, the trunk reaching upward.... yes Life is very Powerful....!
You are an Artist my Dear.... and this mini world is so Rich with Layers and Meaning!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Margriet said...

So good to "see" you again dear Sans, I missed you!!!
Love your photos, I hope I may stay in your little heaven for some time too, I could use some peace and quiet at the moment :-)

Sans! said...

Kikka, thank you!

Best part about all these "walks" are the friends who join me on the way :).

carmen said...

sin palabras...!!!!

Sans! said...

Ascensión querida, siento que he pasado tanto tiempo sin dejar siquiera una palabra. En las últimas 3 semanas, he tenido una media maratón de correr, un evento de caridad para preparar (una danza nueva) y cambié de oficina. Fue todo un dolor de cabeza moviéndose de un lugar que hemos estado durante los últimos 16 años. Sí, me sentí como si hubiera estado corriendo sin parar, saltar a través de los lagos y volar sobre las montañas! Sólo esperando el momento en que puedo sentarme en algún lugar de mi cielo, sólo para respirar un poco de aire limpio y mirar a los árboles ... jejejeje.

Me alegro de verte Ascensión. Muy muy contento :). Y espero que usted se quedará :)

abrazos y besos

Sans! said...


Yes, things have settled down a little bit down in the office. The move is almost complete and I can now concentrate on decorating it rather than unpacking !

I have just gone to your blog to catch up with what's been going on in your mini world. Glad to see that you have been really creative and that you and Ascension had a great time at the fair. :)

Sans! said...

Hello Maria Ireland :) I am so happy that I finally have a little time to play with my heaven :). Now to find some time to make more minis, that will make me even happier :). Thank you for being here!

CWPoppets said...

Hey Sans,
I've missed you! Glad you are back.

Sans! said...

This is where I run to seek some solace, Craftland :). Could be quieter....maybe the next time :)

Glad you are here!

Fabiola said...

This place is a paradise!
Kiss Faby

Ilona said...

Hi Susan!! Glad you're back, I missed you too, just like all the others :D!! You've a very interessant kind of telling a story or this time it was a poem, love it. You took me with you through the thrilling poem;) You're a truly writer, dearie!
Hugs, Ilona

Ara said...

Beautiful! The view and the poetry! I am thinking you should write your own book of poetry with photos of all your work!!! hugs, Ara

Ana García said...

¡Que maravilla!

He disfrutado, correteando por cada rincón de tu entrada.

Felicidades por este arte tan especial.

Un abrazo.

teviro said...

Hacía mucho que no me pasaba por aquí. Y como siempre me dejas maravillada con cada foto que pones.
Magnifico trabajo y ese agua...Si hasta se puede oir su sonido.

Sans! said...

Firstly, dear Birgit, thank you for the gentle nudge that got me to finally sit my butt down to write this post :).

And yes, good in bad, yin/yang is every bit what Heaven 4 Dead Cars is about :). It's an extension of my beauty in decay theme :). I just can't seem to shake it off.

I really could not bear to throw my camera away so it is going to someone who will repair it and hopefully put it to 2 more years of good use. ;)

Sans! said...

So good to see you Vic :). And thank you :)

Sans! said...

Dearest Betsy, I love love love that postcard you sent me :). LOVE! And Love even more that you were thinking of me :).

It's been so crazy this last 4 weeks and I really was going a little bonkers. My mini world seemed so far away and it was easy to just let each day go by, preoccupied with life's madness and tell myself I don't have time. In the end, it was really about making time. Make time to sit here "in" my tiny little heaven and just smell the roses and then to tend to working with my hands again before they turn rusty and drop off...teeheehee.

I MISS everything about this world and I have missed "chatting" with all of you :) most.

Piikko said...

What a place! Everything is balanced and in harmony. Thank you Sans for giving us this peaceful post and beautiful photos.

Sans! said...

Margriet,I am thrilled to see you :). The last time you were in France, I believe :).

I too have been busy with "adult" stuff like moving office :):). After 16 years, it was no easy feat. I can't imagine what it would be like to move my home!!! And all the little homes I have/ will be creating.Nightmare!

I think I need another trip to "my heaven" just to calm down..teehee :)

Sans! said...


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