Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day 350- A Night In Heaven

I have never seen a more flawed bloom 
nor a more beautiful one.

And when they grow by the dozens,

they entwine, envelope, embrace

and I have never seen more freedom;

nor more life in a dead red car.


The Old Maid said...

Awesome! With this sound and photos it's a great story! Love the way you can capture life in miniature, dear Sam.:)
Sent you a message today.:)
Hugs and kisses

Daydreamer said...

I'm THERE!!! With the night sounds and dark Mysterious pictures.... I can feel the cool night air and the presence of Time Gone By...! Your Creation is MAGNIFICENT!!! Just
Unbelievable how REAL this feels!!! And I Adore the Words you write about this Place.... you bring the Whole Concept of a "Junkyard" to the Highest Metaphysical Plane... Heaven for Dead Cars...! Overgrown with Flowers... Abandoned..... Free!!!

Remco said...

Looks like a perfect place, is this car for rent?

Love it!

Drora's minimundo said...

I wish every junk yard looked like this! I love your work and I love your photos
Hugs, Drora

BiWuBär said...

Did I ever tell you I love the way you're taking your pictures? Seeing your camera in reality was kind of irritating, I would have expected you to have some sort of a 10 pounds camera monster... ;O) And did I ever tell you I admire your skill to spread magic in the poetry you write? And did I ever tell you I'm glad this artpiece of you and Nat isn't a junkyard anymore but a heavenly heaven for dead cars? I did?! Well, that's good!


Ana Anselmo said...

wow!!!! this is magic, this is a magic place, caming loke a dream from the other side of the globe...thank you Snas for this wonderful moment!

Ilona said...

Hi Sans! Heavenly poetry of a dead red car...........fantastic work!
Greetings, Ilona

rosanna said...

Nothing to add to a perfect moment.
Loveloads, Ro

Sans! said...

Darling Ewalina, I am so keeping my fingers crossed :). Now when I find time today, I shall let Ro know :)

And kisses my dear SS, for all the beautiful words :).

Sans! said...

Oh Bets, your words just sent me floating and if I am not burdened with an afternoon's worth of relentless work, I may have just kept floating on to heaven :).

This post was meant to be a long, long one but last night, I decided that last "nor more life in a dead red car" was an appropriate juncture to end the post.

Nathaniel loves the sunken car but my favourite has to be this one with the rambling roses.

Heaven for Dead Car was conceived right when I was creating the creepers for this car. You are looking at "the source of heaven", so to speak ..LOL

Sans! said...

You want to rent the red car, Remco? Too expensive to rent (we charge by the number of roses) , too uncomfortable to sit and you are way too young for heaven! :):).

Sans! said...

Drora, I wish too that junkyards can look like this so that we have a really beautiful world :). This project is our dream for the world :).

But I can understand that not everyone sees beauty in decay. Maybe they still want the dead cars painted like new or totally covered in green.

Sans! said...

teeheeheheehehee , Birgit, trust you to remember my little nondescipt and totally unimpressive cybershot. I guessed you were one of 4 who have met my camera up close and personal. You will be pleased to know that Mr. Sony C has finally conked and died and even the repairman refused to repair the camera telling me it might be more worth it for me to pay a new one :(.

I feel a little lost without the camera that's why I am a little slow in blogland. These "night" pictures were one of the last few sessions I used this camera on my minis :).

The camera was a present from my sister and Faiz and so I felt a little heartache having to throw it away or to replace it.

Maybe I should build a heaven for dead camera.

carmen said...


Sans! said...

And Birgit, you know I always love your blog posts where you share famous sayings :). May I share this one with you, something I found on a facebook page on fashion (would you believe it!) just a few days ago:

I think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things human make, I want to see scars, failures, disorder, distortions.- Yohji Yamamoto.

Personally I am not sure if perfection is ugly but I have said it often enough, it sure is boring ..heh heh :).

Sans! said...

Awwww Ana :) thank you!!!

Don't you think our art AND craft is so remarkable that way? The ability to create any magic world we fancy and then look at it from any and all angles.

Quite literally, I was *ahem admiring the pictures of the car from the top view and thought, those were so easy to take because they were minis :).

I really love this little piece of heaven and it thrills me no end that you all enjoy it .

Sans! said...

Thank you Ilona :). Such high praises from someone who is a master at flower making. I am sure you would have made each and every flower by hand :) and created something even more spectacular.

Perhaps one day, you will build a Zen Garden?

Sans! said...


Just finished and will whatsapp you soon.

Sans! said...

Gracias Carmen :)

Piikko said...

Oh Sans, this post is magical! Awesome!♥
Hugs, piikko

Maria Ireland said...

Wow so much beauty in such an unexpected place. Your flowers are wonderful. You have the magic touch to make something seen as ugly into a piece of heaven :)Fantastic post.
Hugs Maria

Ana García said...

¡Una imagen muy poética!

La vida, se abre paso entre chatarra.


Un abrazo.


Craftland said...

Daydreamer said : I'm THERE!!! Yes, I'm also. Wonderful mystery.
Hugs from Craftland

Kikka said...

O`Yes... wonderful dream, with those frogs and birds, the sound of water I can almost feel like sleeping there in my sleepingbag under the sky..

Amy said...

When nature takes the world back it should look almost as beautiful as your miniature junkyard.

Sometimes it's so humid here that I think that when I go out to my car in the morning, it will be filled with flowers and vines too-(I forget to close the sunroof). I can only hope it would look so beautiful, like a rolling greenhouse...

Ascension said...

Hola cielo
Muchas gracias por tu amistad y tus palabras.
Esta siendo muy duro y mas teniendo que ir a exponer a la feria sin ella.
No he podido traducir tu texto, porque me he quedado sin ordenador y estoy con uno del siglo X............
Solo puedo comentarte las imagenes tan fantasticas que has subido y te tengo que decir que habeis hecho un maravilloso trabajo.
Te quiero....
besitos ascension

Margriet said...

I think this is the most magical, original, wonderful miniature project I have ever seen. It is perfect Sans!!!
And you're a poet with words and with your creations!

Eva said...

Just looking your pretty pictures and listening the sounds...magical

Ascension said...

Donde estassss?????
besitos ascension

Daydreamer said...

Chirp, Chirp, Dear Sans, I hope you are okay? :)

dalesdreams said...

Truly lovely! :)

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