Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 328- Suitcase Garden For Betsy

Chirp, chirp, chirpity, chirp-chirp

Hear that sweet sound of bird songs? 

 It's what often greets us when we pop over to Betsy's blog 

 Now imagine a suitcase garden with baby green plants 

and one or two early blossoms....

White flowers, maybe ? Or purple? 

Why not both?

And of course her favourite.


And shall we make them grow tall and unusual,

bi-coloured and in pairs?

With pretty purple centers

just so they match the little ones?

Posing in front of Ascension's Gnome House


let's make what is seemingly impossible.

 A suitcase garden that can sing that birdsong

and tell a story.

To my friend, Betsy,

a lover of words, roses and birdsongs,

I make this suitcase garden.


This garden is not an original idea by me but one heavily inspired by a real life suitcase garden that you can see by clicking through to here


rosanna said...

Very sweet, Betsy must be in love with it.
Why cannot I find your pics on FB ? I want to see you arriving at the end of your run !!
Hugs, Ro

Anonymous said...

Ohh and I was just thinking I have to tell you, dear Sans, I saw suitcases gardens in front of a flower shop over here. I was more than certain they must have seen the idea on your blog first!;D
And yessssss please!!!! Where are the photos of you running?????? We are WAITING!!!!!!
Hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous is me, The Old Maid - don't know why I have problems with commenting AGAIN.:(

Eliana said...

I love your gardens in suitcases. Your source of inspiration is a beautiful photograph.
Congrats on your beautiful work.

carmen said...

que bueno, ahora el jardin-
maleta con habitante...

Ascension said...

Una preciosa maleta-jardin, seguro que esta encantada con ella igual que todas nosotras jeje
.......por cierto me gusta mas la que tu has hecho que la del enlace.
besitos ascension

malu2 said...

Muy bonita!! te quedan perfectas!!!
Besos de las Malu´s.

May said...

mmmm, me gustaaaaaaaaaaaaa, felicidades besos

Ilona said...

Gorgeous work, this suitcase garden for Betsy! I now jump over to her blog, I don't know her blog. Thanks for sharing, Susan!! Thank you for your comments on my blog!
Hugs, Ilona

Fabiola said...

Wonderful! Betsy will be very happy.
Bye Faby

Amy said...

Sans, I saw your wonderful suitcase over at Betsy's and marveled at it, both the idea of a garden sent from halfway across the world - (I'm sitting in an airport right this minute, so it has even more resonance for me now), and the ingenuity and skill and artistry involved. Having just met the lovely Besty in person, I know it cannot have a more perfect owner, one who will love it forever. We were mutually marveling over your alchemy, the way you take objects most people see only one use for and turn them into treasure. And we kept telling people at the gallery opening about your magical trips, the way your Undecona ifiliblog friendships have turned into real friendships, because the common denominator is you.

Maria Ireland said...

Another fantastic suitcase garden. Each one so individual and perfect. I am sure Betsy is very happy with her wonderful gift.
Hugs Maria

Amy said...

Sans, Please forgive the typos and misspellings in the comment above, I'm still getting used to this little machine and its ways, but you get the idea, even when I type too fast and misspell Betsy's name!!

BiWuBär said...

I've already admired it on Betsy's blog - it's gorgeous. And now after having seen a few (and owning one myself... eh... having it in my house owned by my bear) I must say it's fantastic how you manage to make it so perfect for the person who receives it - we have a saying in German "Fits like the fist in the eye". You really spent a lot of time thinking how to make it special for the receiver - and I think it's the loads of love you put in them that make them so special - plus the extraordinary artistic skills of course!


Sans! said...

Rosanna, read your email :):).

Just for all my friends out here, I have pictures I absolutely hate and invariably they are of me running! Not a glamorous pose!

Sans! said...

From Ewa :

Ohh and I was just thinking I have to tell you, dear Sans, I saw suitcases gardens in front of a flower shop over here. I was more than certain they must have seen the idea on your blog first!;D
And yessssss please!!!! Where are the photos of you running?????? We are WAITING!!!!!!
Hugs and kisses!

From me:

Ewa dear, your comments showed up on my email but not here on the blog. I think its because I disallow comments by anonymous persons. So I post it here.

Hehe, I believe suitcase gardens are in existence since the invention of suitcases :):). I am not that old!! But thank you, I too like to think your flower shop visited my blog.

I was half-hearted about posting about Borneo and talk about my running. Shall I do it?

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! What can I say, but how LUCKY I feel to have "met" you here in Blogland.... let alone be the recipient of your Very GENEROUS and Talented Creativity! From the first moment I discovered your blog.... more than two years ago now... I have been So Inspired by your Wonderful ability to Create what you need from the most amazing materials... to kit bash and experiment and tell moving stories along the way! Your blog is an adventure.... and You are the shining star..... who makes friends through the ether and travels the world to share your passions! And here I am LUCKY enough to have my Own Signature Sans! Rusty Suitcase Garden! LOVE is almost inadequate to describe my feelings for this Gift! But Love it is!
Thank you again, my friend!

Sans! said...

Eliana, :). Like you, I am often inspired by life, nature and the wonderful creations of other people. Glad you like this mini imitation :)

Sans! said...

Gracias, Carmen :)

Sans! said...

Ascensión, su casa es muy fotogénica :). Tengo algunas ideas sobre el jardín para ella :)

Sans! said...

Betsy :) how about that? We are on the laptop at the same time!!! It's 7.30am here and must be evening over at yours :):)

Right after this comment, I will have to get ready for work :) but what you said will leave a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling despite the long day ahead :).

I have to admit, when I saw the picture of the real suitcase garden, I thought of you immediately! (thank you, genius one or whoever created that lovely suitcase garden that inspired mine for Betsy).

I am so glad to read that you and Amy met. One day, 3 of us, maybe even Ro :):). In the US. :):) Talking about today :)

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Que bonitas te quedan Susan. A ver cuando encuentro el momento de ponerme yo a hacer la que nos regalaste. Un beso

Ana Anselmo said...

Those suitcases are just lovely!!! the all idea is fantastic, and works so well in miniature...

Kikka said...

Hi Sans. Wonderful suitcase :) With all the lovely details in it, so adorable! You are the Artist!
I wonder if the bird is the one we call "Mustarastas" here ...

dalesdreams said...

I think this is your best one yet!

I love all of the pics leading up to it, makes it all the more intriguing. :)

Daydreamer said...

I still Smile EVERY time I look at it... and here it sits beside my laptop! So I get to smile a Lot....:):):):)!
And Someday.... WHEN you come to America... we will Have to try to meet....!!!

Rosamargarita said...

Betsy es una chica con suerte! que bonita maleta/jardín!!!!
Gracias por tu visita
Entiendo que leíste, son días malos... Perdía a una amiga (son más valiosas que mil diamantes en la mano)
Muchos besos Susan :)

Sans! said...

RosaM, esta mañá, eu estaba camiño para o traballo, eu estaba pensando en ti :). Eu tamén xa perdín un amigo, a semana pasada, para cancro de estómago. Ela tiña só 36 anos de idade.

Imos vivir as nosas vidas tanto ben para conmemorar os nosos amigos. Eu sempre adoro o dito "O Soño de como pode vivir para sempre, vivir como se vai morrer hoxe".

Vostede é unha persoa incrible incrible, entón imos celebrar iso! O seu xardín é o seguinte! :)


Sans! said...

Oh Betsy! I am not coming to America UNLESS we meet :):):). That flight to the US from here is way too looooooooooooooong ! LOL

Sans! said...

Thank you Dale :). It's totally not original , that's why it's good :):)

Margriet said...

Another beautiful little garden!!! I love it how you make every suitcase garden so personal for the one who receives it!

Piikko said...

CHiRp!♥ TwEEtTweeEEEt!♥♥
:) piikko

Norma said...

I had no idea that suitcase gardens existed in the 'real' world! I certainly LOVE all of your mini ones, each one is a special delight.

Carmen said...


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