Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 306-326- Blog Friends Are Real Friends Part 2

In Germany,

Birgit with Flutterby or Fluby, Wankendorf, 26/3/2012

Birgit. That lady gave me pause and I had to take a break from the last post before I start on this enigma. A Mrs. Columbus on her blog, she was at once a mystery and yet an old friend. Her blog persona struck me as one extremely witty and bright. More importantly, I knew she must be kind because she loved bears and made them adorable. I also knew I had to meet her if I were to travel to Germany.

Birgit looking at presents, Wankendorf, 25/3/2012

Birgit up close, was one who woke up at 3 am on the morning of 25/3/2012 to make sure she was at the Neumunster train station to meet Ro and me because our train was scheduled to arrive at about 5 in the wee morning. Due to daylight saving, she was not sure whether the train would pull up at 4 or 5 so she waited an hour at the station in the wintry cold. Just so we would not be alone when we alighted at the station. 

When we asked How do we recognise you? We don't know how you look like?, she told us to look for a lady wearing a wide grin on her face. That grin was easy to spot since there was only one other person at the station at that hour and he was a man.

Needless to say, she made me a bear and call him Singa P.Ore.

Mama Silke at her kitchen window, Wankendorf 25/3/2012

And because she knew I love marzipan, she made sure there was a dish of the best marzipan chocolates in our room when we arrived, enough for our stay and then some, for me to bring home.

Unforgettable was the Sunday when Mama Silke baked this huge marzipan cake for tea. And it was she who quietly pointed out to us while we were at the table, the 2 blue birds that had found their garden. If Mother Earth is personified, I swear she will look just like Mama Silke.

Birgit and Fluby nosing, Wankendorf 26/3/2012

Unforgettable too was when Birgit showed us a Germany I didn't expect. An open air museum  and acres upon  acres of rural farm houses with flocks and flocks of birds over a clear blue sky.  What more can I ask? And as if that is possible, there was more.

Most unforgettable- listening to Hey, Soul Sisters in Birgit's car while we drove through the most beautiful sunset strip I had ever seen after stopping at a most beautiful lake.

That 2 days with Birgit was like being in the Wonderful World of Disney. And like the perfect icing on a marzipan cake that last night at Wankendorf, I got a text message on my mobile asking me if I was ready for Poland tomorrow.

In Poland,

 Ewa- main market square Krakow, 28/3/2012

Ewa, who must have been born between a Monday and a Tuesday for she is both  fair of face and full of grace. I remember the 1st time I saw that face. It was a picture she had sent so I could recognise her at the crowded airport. I had thought she looked like a movie star.

Ewa at a flower shop, Gdynia,, 27/3/2012

It turned out that she is even more beautiful in person and in greater ways than I have expected. Yet, that beauty belies a diffidence that is almost vexing. You see, she doesn't know she's beautiful. 

P'Nilli when I arrived, Gydnia, 26/3/2012

Ewa gave me her bed and bedroom, cooked me my 1st meal in Poland, a hearty and tasty Goulash and made me fall in love with Zurek. And just in case I still did not feel welcomed enough, she made her doll hold up a placard for me. How can I not be moved? I didn't even mind P'Nilli calling me Auntie although I think we are of the same age. 

 Me and Ewa @ lunch, main market square Krakow, 28/3/2012

Me and Ewa @ lunch, Gdansk, 27/3/2012

I don't know how 2 people who have never met can have so much to say to each other. From the moment Ewa and Papa Jacek picked me up at the Gdansk airport and in the cab ride to Gdynia, Ewa and I chatted and laughed without pausing, not even for air. And a good thing too that we hit it off immediately because we spent almost all our waking hours in the next 4 days in the company of one another. 

Ewa, who made my dream trip to Krakow a reality. From visiting a dragon castle called Wawel, to staying at a convent with the nuns of the Ursuline Order, from experiencing Mariacki Blue to exploring the Wieliczka Salt Mine protected by UNESCO. 

Papa Jacek cooking an incredible lunch just before we left for Krakow,27/3/2012

Those excursions paled however when compared to what was for me the most significant of what Ewa made possible. She made it possible for me to truly experience bigheartedness. To be embraced by her family like I was one of their own,  to be indulged in so much giving and generosity, I was often loss for words. And finally, to feel a part of a tie so strong it didn't seem like they could ever lived apart (not even for just 2 days in Krakow) without talking or texting each other at least a few times a day. 

Papa Jacek; now if Ewa is a Monday's Child, then he must be a Saturday's for he is full of loving and giving. He calls me Samantha even though Ewa told him it's Susan a few times. I think he knew that I have never really liked my name.

Unforgettable was the time he insisted Ewa show me that part of the bathroom wall where he stuck some paw prints on because he thought it would tickle me. 

Most moving for me was how everyone, including Ewa's gentle and beautiful mother were packed into a cab to suffer the hour long journey to and from Gdansk just to see me off at the airport. 

I am experiencing a little ache in my heart even as I typed, as if a part of it is missing. I think I must have left that little piece right there in their home. 

Back in Spain,

Chicken Lunch at Eva's Terrace, 31/3/2012

And back to being spoiled by another loving family who went to great lengths to make my last 2 days no less memorable.  

Eva made sure 31st of March was a big day for me, a day she planned for even before I left Singapore. This was the day I was to meet the other Spanish blogfriends. 

Me showing MaLu Teresa's gifts, Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

Six of them arrived, promptly at 5, one or two after the other. And Teresa Martinez who could not make it, made sure her gifts were handed to me. 

Ascension and me, Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

Firstly, Ascension who holds a special place in my heart because I know her the longest amongst the 6. She visited my blog so often and chatted with me so much, I felt we went through thick and thin together. If I ever learnt Spanish, I would have to credit her as my teacher for neither of us spoke the other's language.

Ascension, Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

From the moment she stepped through Eva's door, I could totally tell why we got along just by the way she dressed. This lady was clearly as eccentric as me. We both also share the same love for loud earrings. On her left ear, she wore the quintessential red and white toadstool, pretty but poisonous and on her right, a green gnome, both her creations. Crazy as they seem, I knew when she finally put them up for sale, they would be gone in 60 seconds.

Ascension is a gem and you don't need to meet her to know that. She is generous to a fault and will need an agent to manage her mini business fast because her gifts are too extravagant. Some of you may have already seen the overboard swap she did with me. Short of building her a house, I can never match what she did for me. 

Maria Luisa (MaLu)  pointing at the bowl of sweets from Ewa. 
Next to her is her daughter, also Maria Luisa
Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

MaLu too visited my blog all the time. Not only does she share the same name as her daughter, Maria Luisa, they share the same love for minis and even share the same blog. No one really knew who wrote which post sometime. Their bond and the love between them was clearly extraordinary. I think they had enjoyed so much love from each other that they were quick to shower others similarly. In the weeks running up to my European tour, MaLu sometime chatted with me through Facebook, telling me how much she looked forward to meeting me. I was drawn to her in no time. 

Maria Luisa Jr was pregnant when we met. At the time of this post, baby POL was already born but not before MaLu gave me updates everytime she commented on a new post I made since I came back on whether POL has arrived or not. One and half hours after Pol Pol Poco came into this world, grandma MaLu already took a picture of him and emailed me. 

Gina, Marta & Eva Fernandez, Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

 2 of these friends I met for the 1st time.

The elegant Gina, amiable and charming , who sat in a corner for sometime quietly putting the finishing touches to the prettiest rag bears (Birgit, you will absolutely love it) so she could give each of us one. 

And Marta who spoke rarely but when she did, she made so much sense that everyone listened. She was one of two of them who could speak and understand English, the other being Eva, and she helped interpret the excited chatter that went on so I would not feel left out.

Lastly, the effervescent Eva Fernandez who was so irresistibly lovable and warm and enthusiastic and spirited, she was decidedly the life of the party and made everything fun. She suggested I showed them how I rust plastic and while I did, oohed and aahed at the right places. And at one point, she made me take pictures with everyone as if we were at a wedding and I was the bride

Me & Eva Fernandez, Teressa, 31/3/2012

Me & Gina, Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

Me & Maria Luisa Jr with me feeling POL, Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

 Me & MaLu, Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

 Me & Marta Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

Me & Ascension, Eva's Terrace, Teressa, 31/3/2012

How can I even begin to tell you this was what I had longed for for so long?  Just to be able to finally meet these friends, who do not speak your language, who struggle to read your posts (especially my long, long ones) with lousy translation and then still try to tell you how great and wonderful you are. Just to be able to give them un abrazo and beso, the real ones, I mean. Just to be able to say a thank you but in person. I think only fellow blog friends in the mini community can truly appreciate how such seemingly simple gestures can really mean so much.

There was one point when Eva actually hushed everyone and asked me if there was something I would like to say to them. All eyes turned to me expectantly, waiting for The Speech, I guess. Of all the things, I began by rambling about the packet of Polish candies that Ewa had passed to me specially for the Spanish girls during this meet. I started to tell them about how Ewa had prepared the sweets even before I was in Poland and how she knew about this meet because I had been emailing her about it since before I left Singapore and how I talked about it so much because this meeting had meant so much ..and then 

horror of horrors, my eyes started to well and a lump came to my throat and tears started to fall and I never finished that sentence, not to mention The Speech. It really didn't matter because apart from Marta and Eva, I bet you no one else knew what the hell I was going on about. Maybe even Eva and Marta didn't see how a packet of sweets could make me cry. It was embarrassing to say the least.

When I came back to Singapore, I found out on some of the girls' blogs that Ewa's bowl of sweets had become the subject matter of a few photos. Maybe my little episode made them see those sweets in a different light? As for me, I could never look at those candies again without wanting to crawl into a hole. 

On the 20th Day,

Me and Dali, Figueres, 1/4/2012

I finally met the man I have been crazy about, the one I will never stop being infatuated with, my unrequited love. 

Unforgettable is that magic he built in Figueres and a dream come true that I got a chance to finally see and experience the vision of this genius and understand what greatness is all about. 

Eva and I , Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres, 1/4/2012

Unforgettable was also that day when I held Eva's iPad in my hand, attempting to navigate the roads of Spain, from Barcelona To Figueres, Peratallada to Pubol while she drove; how we had to cross that shallow river , drove that narrow road and how when we returned, we met with the car that was on fire. And me urging Eva to drive away before the car explode only to be told by Alex when we got home that cars only explode like that in the movies. 

That was you, Eva, making the 20th day happened for me. 

Talking to Petra on the phone, Figueres, 1/4/2012

And then as if the 20 days refuse to go away quietly,the phone rang when I was having lunch with Eva at Figueres. The caller was Petra.

Petra is a blog friend living in Germany whom I share an unusual connection with. Like some kind of good friends, we don't talk regularly but when we do, we share deeply. Petra knew I was in Europe so she emailed me and gave me her number so we could finally talk for real in the same time zone. 

It was so good to finally put a voice to that name and like the promise of a sequel to a great movie, we made a pact for the next time. That is when we will meet, Petra and I  so I can put a face to that voice.


One last thing I want to say before I pen off (of course it is already almost 2 am). Of all the photographs I have taken, I am most proud of the ones I have taken of my friends here. I didn't edit the photographs beyond converting them to greytones and cropping.  I hope you see what I see in these photos; their unadulterated beauty.


The Old Maid said...

Ohhh ... all right! I forgive you posting my UGLY photos. Only because you made me cry... Really!

You are a part of our family, no dobts about it. My Dad was just asking if the Żurek arrived to Sam yet? LOL!

Lov'ya Girl!!!
Thank you for making me seeing all these beautful Faces of the Friends whom I know for last 2 years!
AND special thank you for posting Brigit's photos!! I always knew she is Sweet and Beautiful!!!
Like the rest of the Ladies are too!!
Thank you, Dear!
(Sent you reply today. Maybe you will find the time to see it before you leave?)

Margriet said...

More tears here LOL Thank you for sharing your moving story about meeting so many friends!

rosanna said...

OMG... that is what was lacking to me, the last part of your trip.
Birgit's pics are so sweet and endearing, exactly as she is.
Ewa is so BEAUTIFUL !!!! Ewa, you don't truly know how beautiful you are !
The Girls in Spain are simply wonderful.
What shall I say?
Thank goodness there is blogland which makes miracles come true.And friendship IS a miracle.
Hugs, Ro

Maria Ireland said...

Wow this also made me cry. Wonderful post. I have really enjoyed your journey. I believe its a dream a lot of us here in blogland have to meet so many wonderful friends. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.
Hugs Maria

Drora's minimundo said...

You made me sorry the trip was over.
I was going along with you all the way. I hope there will be many more wonderful journeys and through you we'll meet more online friends. Maybe one day you'll be having plans to visit my country too and enable me to make you welcome.

Eva said...

Love birgit's pictures and yes! Ewa is soooooooooo pretty!
I am sorry, ^_^, but I remember perfectly clear your "speech" when you were talking about Ewa' s sweets and how important for you was that mini meeting. I think that although you were speaking in English everybody feel your emotion. I have never tell you but you touched me in that moment because I realized then how magic was all the trip and the mini friendship between so many different people around the world. Amazing!
I have to say tat for me, and for alex too of course, your trip and your days at home has been one of the most beautiful experiences, really.
By the way I am excited again because in summer I will have two guests more ^_^.
Thanks again for all the love trough these pictures and your words.
With all my love,


malu2 said...

Estoy tan feliz de leer tus vivencias y formar parte de ellas,que no puedo expresar lo que siento,guardo un recuerdo muy especial de la tarde que pasamos juntas, que pasaron las horas rápidamente y que fue posible gracías a Eva, sin su generosidad no hubiera sido posible.
Como siempre, me ha gustado este post,escrito con tanto cariño y sensibilidad y he podido poner cara a las amigas de la blogosfera.
Muchas gracías por ser como eres y emocionarme.
Un beso bien fuerte de las Malu´s.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Thank you Sans! It was so nice to see my blog friends :) Ewa, you are as beautiful as the photographs you take. That must have been the trip of a lifetime, I have so enjoyed it.


Daydreamer said...

Oh Sans! I am so Moved by your Journey! You tell it so well... you bring HUGE Smiles to everyone's faces! Your pictures are Beautiful! It is wonderful to put faces (Beautiful Faces!!) to the Bloggers I know only from their words and creations! You know I have been following every stage of your Journey.... Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with ALL of us!
I ADORE this Blogland!!!!

cockerina said...

how can it be possible that I cry every time I come here, to read? damn, I'm a strong woman, I never cry!
but seeing these pictures, it's too beautiful and moving!
dear Susan, the world is small, and the people you've met are all smiling faces, because you, like the sun, you brought happiness in Europe!
You say you left a piece of your heart in every place where you were? but I think that instead, you took with you in Singapore a piece of each of the friends that you've met .. ha ha!
a very strong, big hug!

Sans! said...

Ewalina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 30 packets of Zurek have just arrived!!! Like 15 minutes ago(took me this long to find a place to hide them in my office..heh heh so no one else can eat any of them without my permission). TREASURE! Wooohoooo! AND Happiness :):)
Thank you,muah muah muah and wuv wuv :). I see you have also given me the cereals we had when we were in Krakow :). Those I have in Singapore as well but what memories that simple packet brought :).

For that, my dear, I shall let you get away with calling MY photos UGLY! I love them no matter what you say.

I have to admit this post was difficult to write. I took the whole of yesterday. It was really LABOUR day for me . Had to take breaks so many times because I kept drifting off to those days. Every moment was significant...

Send my hugs and heart to Papa Jacek and Mama too, ok?

Love Loads

BiWuBär said...

I still lack the words... had to sleep a night over it... and still nothing else than: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this post, for your words and for making me a part of this extraordinary dream.

Mrs. Colombo of Blogland... ;O)

Eliana said...

The photos are beautiful, the girls are beautiful, the memories are forever, my gratitude to you is huge, you let me know so many wonderful people.
Thank you.

Ascension said...

Me ha encantado ver la carita de Birgit, ya se como es (...y me encanta) cuando hable con ella.
Ponerle cara a Ewa, a sido una agradable sorpresa.......Ewa eres guapisimaaaaaa.
Ha sido emocionante seguirte durante todo el viaje en este diario de vacaciones "miniaturiles"
Que pena que yo rompa lo bonito de las fotos "no salgo bien.........jejejejejjejejeje"
Espero tener la oportunidad de verte otra vez muy pronto, porque me "supo a poco".
Ha sido tan bonito este post...............
Gracias tesoro, por estar siempre....
besitos ascension

The Old Maid said...

Good to hear they arrived!!! For a moment I was thinking if the customs will let them through and won't think it could be something else... LOL!
Thank you for this Labour of Friendship.:) Must have been hard but the result is soooo beautiful!!

Hugs and kisses dear Soul Sister!!:)

Sans! said...

Margriet..will you believe I am actually a little taken aback that this post has moved so many of you, friends whom I have yet to meet..

I kind of know a little now what Birgit meant when she said " have to sleep on it but still can't find the words except thanks.."

So thank you, Margriet, a simple but heartfelt and fervent one.

Sans! said...

Ro, I still can't get over how we have spent a third of those wonderful 20 days together :):). I want our WALKS!!!! :)

Just today, I was thinking now that I know you can walk so much, I know what we must do when you are next here in Singapore. We can finally walk from my home to MacRitchie Reservoir ! We will wake up really early like 5 and set off and get to the reservoir by past 6 so that we can catch the mist rising from the water and watch the orange of the sun creeping through the trees. Monkeys may attack us but the view will be worth it :).

By the way, do you know the 1st picture of Birgit was taken by you ? :):):). Remember the one we insisted we wanted only 1/2 the face with Fluby in the centre? Very Annie Leibovitz no? Am I good or what? :):)

Sans! said...

Maria Ireland, if you dream to meet your blog friends hard enough, I truly believe your dreams will come true! Just a dose of faith, pinches of desire and many many portions of great blog friends :). Then when you meet, don't forget to add a few spoonfuls of craziness :). And the onions, in case you cry and need an excuse :)

Sans! said...

Drora, you know I love the Middle East :) and thank you for the kind offer. I am going right over to tell my friends that now I have someone I can meet in Israel! Wooot! :):)


Sans! said...

Eva,do you love the picture of all of you at the terrace? It is so amazing for me that somehow, all the pictures with you guys just turn out so well. All of you are so photogenic that even I become photogenic if I am in the same picture with you!!! Before this, I always feel like how Ewa feels (although for her it is because she is psssst crazy!) about my pictures. And you and Alex are truly the expert of one arm shooting (taking pictures of oneself with one hand only :)).

Beautiful is you, Alex and Arnau by yourself but especially as a family :):). So many of my unforgettable moments will be missing of not for you :).

And I am sure you and your "guests" will have even more magic moments and I absolutely cannot wait for you all to come and see me again! Will email you when I am back from Borneo. So many things to catch up!

Sans! said...

Ok, Malú, o María Luisa, que uno de ustedes acaba de dejar el comentario ¿eh? haha

No importa que, quiero dar las gracias a los dos! También Nunca olvidaré ese día. Con este post, será registrada en la historia. Ni siquiera estoy seguro de que el traductor que trabajaba fo. Este post es tan largo! :) Me fui de España con mucho amor en mi corazón, porque todos ustedes se tomaron el tiempo para venir a visitarme y Eva. Realmente me encanta la comunidad en miniatura española. Que las niñas son muy, muy especial y maravillosa, cariñosa y de apoyo.

besossssssssss y abrazossssssss

Sans! said...

Victoria, this trip has clinched the top spot for Bestest of the Best Trip no, not just trip but GIFT for me :).

I must also thanked these girls (some of them I didn't asked for permission) to post their pics :). Although if looking terrible is what they worry about, then I don't think they need to worry right? I really truly and sincerely believe everyone looks wonderful!

Sans! said...

Darling, Ascensión! Realmente tengo que ir a la cama porque tengo un día muy, muy largo mañana y voy a estar volando a Borneo a las 5pm, pero no puedo ir antes de decir esto.

USTED ES HERMOSO! Todos los que conozco te ama! Te quiero en el momento que te vi. Tengo tantas solicitudes para darle abrazos, (Birgit, Ewa, Cindy) no me atrevo a decir en voz alta en el caso de todas las demás chicas recibe terriblemente celoso! jeejeje.I que las fotos de usted es absolutamente maravilloso, porque demuestra que usted sea peculiar, un artista, amable, alegre, y todo lo bueno :).

La única cosa que hace sangrar mi corazón es el pensamiento que usted no ve lo que veo, lo que todos ven, que son muy, muy talentosa e inteligente, y muy buena en lo que haces, que eres un artista y que son único. Haz que mi corazón se detiene el sangrado!

Amor, abrazos, besos y zzzzzz :) :) :) :)

Miniature Treasures said...

A truly wonderful post :)

Patty said...

What an incredible journey! I have savored every post of about your European tour!! It all seemed so wonderful!

Piikko said...

All those smiling faces, happy looks, warm hugs....
I'm so happy for all of you!
Thank you for sharing your photos.
Now I can feel those hugs too.:)
Kisses, piikko

Janice said...

Wow!! Your post has brightened up my day.

Rosamargarita said...

Es cierto, los amigos de los blogs son reales, muy reales!
Tienes otra historia-reportaje que merecería publicaras un libro.
Muchos besos

Sans! said...

Bets, it was most definitely them who brought me my smiles :).

I will so love to witness your own journey soon ;p. Make it happen ok?

It's been great having you share mine. Although when Ewa and I were at St Mary's Basilica, it was like having you with us virtually :).

Sans! said...

That, Caterina, is a most moving and sweet comment you left me. I am so, so touched :).

These girls have truly opened up my world. Being with them is like the beginning of the song Rocketeer (3rd song in this post)

Here we go, come with me,
There's a world out there that we should see,
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I'm a rocketeer

Sans! said...

Birgit, :) I will tell you and only you:

My Pick of Most Beautiful Museum I have ever seen- The one you brought us.

As you can see, I am wordless too . Can't even think of any bear jokes to break the quiet :)

Sans! said...

Eliana :) I wish for you the chance to meet some of us in person, yourself :):):):):).

Thank you for being here:)

Sans! said...

Thank you, Tony :) but it's always the people who make it wonderful.

Sans! said...

And I have savoured every comment you made while I was on this journey, Patty :)

Sans! said...


That's from me to you :)

Sans! said...

You've brightened mine too, Janice!

Ana Anselmo said...

Reading this wonderful post, I must confess something, a great, great regret, you couldn´t visit Lisbon....I hope one day you can visit Portugal, may be you can make an Iberian miniaturist tour, visitng friends from Portugal and Spain.
Lots of hugs

Ilona said...

Susan, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and stories of so many well known bloggers in the blogosphere. Now I have seen the faces behind their blogs and I like it very much, it becomes reality, thank you for that!
Your way of writing your posts is for me like reading a good book. I have told you before, but it is! I also saw some of your famous suitcases on some blogs, they are beautiful, Susan, my compliments! Thanks a lot for stopping by at my blog and put your comments.
Greetings, Ilona

Amy said...

Could you imagine, when you were a little girl, and dreamed of pen pals all over the world, that when you grew up you could actually make this come true? That you could find such wonderful warm, glowing people, that where you traveled would be more than a new place but a new place with friends waiting for you, making their homes and their everydays yours as well. Whenever anyone uses the Internet poorly, I think of Sans and her beautiful use of this net as a way to gather up everything that is good, and I smile and know that this is the way it should be.

Ara said...

You have hit me straight in the heart today with these past two posts! For the past week I have been feeling the pull back to blogging. I remember loving to read about my blog friends lives and you all cared so much for me through my pregnancy and still care to hear about Bella. Plus I have been having issues with friends that I see everyday here that just don't get me! I miss my blogging buddies and I think its just beautiful how you have met all these friends in their home town. And I have to say your photography is moving! I can see emotion in every angle! Sorry to get so wordy but really these posts were meant for me at this moment. Sans, you are such an amazing spirit and I am so thankful to know people like you are in this world! It makes me expect more of myself and the people around me! Much love, Ara

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Sans, are some beautiful pictures and an unforgettable experience.
I'm glad that it was a nice trip for you as well as unforgettable.

Sans, son unas preciosas fotos y unas entrañables vivencias.
Me alegra mucho que haya sido un viaje tan bonito para ti así como inolvidable.

Jollie said...

What a beautiful story again Sans!
I read it with tears in my eyes and I am glad to read, when I hit the comment button, that I am not the only one lol! ;-)

I enjoyed your trip very much thank you soooo much for sharing these beautiful pictures and experiances!!

Warm hugs,

Craftland said...

I love to read about your journey to some blogfriends in different countrys. I'm feeling the friendship between all womens. I think it was a great time for you and all friends.
Hugs from Craftland

Kikka said...

Wow...sorry for the trip is over now! It has been a pleasure to be able to travel with you! Thank you for sharing this all with us! You have such a warm and perfect way of taking us all to travel with you!

dalesdreams said...

This is so so special! I write with tears in my eyes for you... what a lovely time... I love it when you take us all on vacation with you and I love that I get to see some of my favorite bloggers through yours.

What a precious adventure you have had. Much love to you dear one. :)

Norma said...

What a truly amazing time you had Sans, and it proves that blog friends ARE real friends, and very very special friends at that.

If each of these women were jewels you would have a treasure trove that would make the loot in the caves of Ali Baba look like a pile of rubble - each one of them is sparking and precious beyond price - as are you!!

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