Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 304- Suitcase Garden For Birgit's Flutterby

In the last weeks running up to the time I was due to leave for Europe, my schedule at work went into high crazy. I was nonetheless determined to make time to finish a few suitcase gardens for the friends I intended to meet. One of them was Birgit's Flutterby or Fluby.

I have never built a garden for a bear before but the idea for this one was almost too obvious. Everyone knew Fluby was obsessed with strawberries so of course, I wanted a strawberry field in that suitcase.

The field was to be strewn with the best tasting strawberries so much so that strawberry fans would flock to visit. For 50 cents, a strawberry fiend could pick as many as  her/ his/its mouth could carry.

Alas, any hope of mine to grow a good crop of bright juicy strawberries was quickly dashed. Try as I might, I just could not make my fruits look half way like decent strawberries. 

You can see for yourself here exactly what I meant. That sign is really an offer to pay someone 50 Euros to get rid of the strawberries. You know Fluby, I did tell you many a times that I am not a strawberry fan. In fact, after this, I am quite certain that I will never like them. 

Everyone is going to think I am a terrible gardener. If only Fluby loves apples instead..because I know exactly where I can get mini apple plastic plants for a song...

I was at first disappointed that the suitcase garden did not arrive in time for my visit at Birgit's. I think now that it was a blessing in disguise. Cringing long distance, far far away from Wankerdorf, is way better than doing it right in front of Fluby.

Now you know why I had to pack Ms Strawberry Farmbear into the suitcase too. That girl is renowned for being able to grow the best strawberries from anything! Legend has it that she was so good, she nearly turned herself into a strawberry too. 

Psst, Fluby, don't tell her but I actually used a picture of Ms S as inspiration when I tried to paint the strawberries.That's why the strawberries look like they are slightly moldy. 

This was my last sight of you, just before I left Lubeck, Germany for Gdansk, Poland. You were climbing to the top of that building pretending to be either Superman or King Kong.

That's why I think you will like this music video of  Coldplay's Strawberry Swing. Turn off the music and watch it and tell me if I am right.  


Eliana said...

I love your gardens. The Fluby's strawberry garden is fabulous. But if not ... I would be won with the Clodplay song anyway. :) *I love them

Minnie Kitchen said...

Sans, This is beautiful! Wonderful job!

Fabiola said...

This suitcase garden is wonderful!
Birgit and Flutterby will be very happy.
Bye Faby

Kikka said...

Wonderful Beary garden and even strawberries :) Love it! Adorable work!

The Old Maid said...

Hahaha I LOVE the video! Yup Fluby must be a Supebear! No doubt about it!:)
Your garden for Brigit and Fluby is AWESOME! (although P'Nilli added I should right that HERS is THE Most Beautiful of all!)

I know why you don't like strawberries, dear Sans! You just HAVE TO come to Europe Germany or Poland during May/June and try the REAL strawberries!!! You will LOOOOOVE them! :D

Sans! said...

:) Eliana . When your strawberries are not great, play a great music video instead..heh heh

Sans! said...

Minnie thank you :). Pick some strawberries for your Marie Antoinette cakes?

Sans! said...

If you insist, Fabiola! And thank you for your kind words

Sans! said...

Kikka, I would have really believed you if you didn't say "even strawberries"! Heh..I know what I know. Ms Farmbear better get to work.

Sans! said...

Ewa, you know me. Big big Coldplay fan. So thrilled when I found this video. Just the perfect one for Fluby too. Actually it is being repeated 100 times on my comp ( I have turned off the music on the post..LOL)

I don't know if I will love your summer strawberries but one thing I know, I am bloody addicted to your Zurek! Last night, I opened 1 packet of the Knorr Zurek for dinner. OMG! Absolute heaven and it wasn't even half as good as the ones I had with you! I went online to see if I can buy them ..heh heh! I think you can be my purchasing agent of Zurek instant soup.

AND You, better reply to my email soon! :)

Cote said...

que maravilla de trabajo, felicidades!!!

Drora's minimundo said...

Ms Strawberry Farmbear is sooooo cute! Lucky Flutterby to get the garden and the lady and the wonderful song.
Welcome back Sans.

Ascension said...

Me encanta pasear de nuevo por tu blog y en esta ocasion estoy feliz de ver el gran regalo que le mandaste a Fluby y Birgit.
Seguro que a Fluby le encanto (......fresas uhmmmmm jejeje)
A mi me parece un precioso regalo.
besitos ascension

Maria Ireland said...

Flutterby's Garden is amazing. I love Ms Strawberrybear she is gorgeous. The video is fantastic great choice. Congratulations on your wonderful work.
Hugs Maria

Piikko said...

I ♥ Ms Strawberry Farmbear!
A huge hug to you Sans!

rosanna said...

Your suitcases are wonderful!
I went and Googled about Zurek: must be really yummy!
Too tired to write more, big hugs, Ro

malu2 said...

Hola Susan!!!!!!
Cuantos días sin publicar!!!jejeje
Ya he leido que has tenido mucho trabajo!!!! el regalo que le has preparado a Birgitt es precioso, que va a decir Fluby cuando vea que llega tu Fluby tan sucio!! lo va a bañar rapidamente,jejeje.
Bueno Susan el bebe no a llegado todavía,se llamará Pol,ya te lo dire cuando tenga buenas noticias.
Sin duda buena música!!!
Un beso fuerte desde Barcelona.

BiWuBär said...

I am the luckiest and happiest flutterybeary in the whole wide world - because I own a wonderful strawberry suitcase garden made especially for me from a very dear friend. And btw - this pic of me pretending to be Fluby Kong wasn't our last look at each other... remember us kissing goodbye at the airport *blush* Thank you for this beautiful video and song - which I knew before, of course. Some kind of a question of honour for a strawberry lover! I loved John Lennon's "Strawberry Fields Forever", too - until Birgit told me this is about an orphanage and not about endless fields with yummy, sweet, tasty, red strawberries... *sigh* But ooops... Birgit is coming... I'm in trouble now...

* * *

Yes, I will have two or three words with Fluby about writing comments on my computer without permission and totally on his own. Those little bears... not always easy. You sew them, stuff them, give them love - and they turn out to have their own bearsonality... for example being addicted to strawberries and falling in love with beautiful strawberry gardens. Good you added a talented gardener, Fluby only knows how to pick them from the plants... But what we both wanted to say yet once more: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Fluby and Birgit

Rosamargarita said...

Es una bellísima maleta Sans!
flutterybeary debe estar fascinada!
Tu música me ha ayudado a salir de una situación incómoda en casa, por aquí me quedo un rato.

dale's dreams said...

Sans! You have such a sweet heart. :)

The suitcase is lovely and I'm sure the cringing was not necessary at all. <3

Ilona said...

Hi Sans! You have made the right (strawberrie)beautiful suitcase for Mr. Fluby himself ;) He only knows how to pick them, so if Fluby recognizes your strwaberries:it is okay!!;)
I love the suitcases you make and especially this one for Birgit. She is (from the beginning of my blog) a dear friend of me in bloggerland, where I travel with my suicase and meet many friends.
Have a great week. Hugs, Ilona

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! I can BEARly contain my excitement as I see all these Wonderful Personalized Suitcase Gardens!!!! StrawBeary is Soo Cute! Each little garden is so thoughtful and full of tiny details that are just Perfect!!!
(Did you know that we have native wild strawberries over here that are each the size of your baby fingernail! They are Tiny, Sweet, and UnBearably Delicious! But they take an hour to collect even One Small Bowlfull!)
I am looking forward to..... seeing what will be in mine! :):)

Eva said...

Un trabajo admirable. Un saludo, Eva

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Un regalo fantástico Susan. Yo ni de lejos creo llegar a hacer la maleta así, con pintarla me conformaré, jajaja.....los complementos son lindísimos, como el osito, me encanta!!!
Un beso

Sans! said...

Bets!!!!! Last night, I finished yours :):):). I hope to take some pictures tonight and then it shall be on your way :).

Sans! said...

Birgit/Fluby, about Strawberry Field by John Lennon, I also found out that this is now the anthem to commemorate his assassination. Can you hear the gunshot at the end of the song?

And nothing more to say about the humble garden for you except that The pleasure's ALL mine! :)

Sans! said...

llona, I can totally understand why Birgit is a dear friend of yours. I have met her and over just 2 days, she's already my dear friend too :). She is an incredibly thoughtful, sweet and generous host. I am patting myself on my back now for insisting that we should meet :)

The garden is not the best in the world by far but it is one I built from my heart and I am glad Fluby enjoys it :). That's the best gift for me :)

Sans! said...

Gracias, Asxension :).

Ayer, mi amigo, Pamela me visitó y le mostró la casa de los elfos que me hizo para su jardín maleta. Mi querido, casi se desmayó en la cantidad de trabajo que usted hizo. Ella, como yo, aman cada pedazo diminuto.

Me temo que necesito algo de tiempo para poner los pedazos juntos, porque el transporte de la donación hasta alcanzar las aduanas de Barcelona, ​​etc Qattar han hecho muchos de los artículos se caen de la estantería! Será necesario en algún momento para tomar fotos también. Y luego voy a publicar para que el mundo vea :).

Gracias de nuevo, mi querido :)

Sans! said...

Hola hola Malu :) :)!

Ayer estuve buscando y editando las fotos que tomamos en casa de Eva. Así que por supuesto, no están muy lejos de mi mente. Me estaba preguntando si Pol está aquí todavía! :) :) Tan feliz que me has dicho ahora. Cualquier día ..... y yo estoy esperando también :).

Sans! said...

Drora, I haven't forgotten yours :). I think after Bets, it's you ...I have to go and look at the emails again ..LOL.

Sans! said...

And you too, RosaM! :)

Sans! said...

Gracias, Eva!!!

Sans! said...

Jajajaa, Eva Tata :) :) Sí, el jardín de embalaje para el envío es siempre un dolor de cabeza! Puedo publicar las fotos en mi blog para mostrar a los amigos en el que todo el interior de la maleta debe ser.

No me fue posible la construcción de todos los que conocí en Europa un jardín, porque yo no estaba seguro de que me iba a encontrar. Así que me engañó y trajo sólo el :) maletas. Espero que todos ustedes hará que sus jardines propia maleta.

Sans! said...

Waves at Cote :).

Gracias Cote :):)I just visited your blog and saw that you are attending a workshop and one of the things you have made is a stalk of Marigold in a rusty can! LOVE IT! :)

Dru said...

Que detalle mas bonito, es una preciosidad, quien tuviera una maleta asi!!!! Enhorabuena.

Amy said...

I'm just loving not just the suitcase but the very idea of being able to send a garden all over the world. Wherever it goes, wherever you go, just open it up and you have your backyard garden right there with you. Better than a lap top, right? And delicious, too.

Margriet said...

The bear-suitcasegarden is soooo sweet!!! Flutterby is a very lucky bear :-)
Love the photo of Flutterby! Yu are a very lucky persn to have met him for real!!!

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