Saturday, 10 December 2011

Day 290-293 Baby

My mother always said: If you want a handsome child, pick a picture of the cutest baby you can find, put it where you can see it everyday and when your baby is born, he will look just like the one in the picture.  You may think it is just a housewife's tale but if my mother says it's true, then surely  it must be. 

Taschen's Indian Interiors

So this was my picture, one which I had been looking at since 2009. The idea of a tribal baby was conceived right after I decided to build the Rolla's tribal home in July 2009. I loved this baby so much, I remembered wanting an exact replica. An artisan's doll like my Palace Maya, I had thought, but that was then and before I became so involved with the stories of my dolls. 

Not surprisingly, Baby M was the hardest to actualise. Despite being the 1st character conceived,  he was the last to be created. There were also no stories spun around Baby, until the post before last that is, and only thanks to Jennifer's gifts.

Then Rosamargarita came to the rescue. It was only after I received her knitted baby wear that I finally felt some sort of inspiration to start on Baby. As you can see, Baby is wearing Rosamargarita's blue sweater. Regretfully, I had to dirty it a little. Alright,  maybe not so little. 

I did practise some restraint though and knew I could not possibly dirty RosaM's hat too so I made Baby one from ribbon and sock. I then fed him sticky Indian sweets, dirtied his face and everywhere else I could find so that there was no mistaking our baby was a boy. I even blackened his eyes fiercely. Sadly, when I passed Baby around to all at home, no one thought he looked anything like the baby in the picture. Some even wondered if he was a she. 

Off went his frilly hat and the crazy eyeliner and I gave him a turban made from Maya's sari. It was just like how mum used to dress me and my siblings. 

Until I was about 12, my sisters and I frequently wore similar dresses made by mum. The pattern differed slightly but the fabric used was the same. Everyone in our neighbourhood knew we 3 little girls were siblings just by looking at what we wore. We didn't even have to say anything since mum had told us not to talk to strangers. Strength in numbers, my mother always told us. Once people know we were sisters, they would not want to try anything funny, she said. That was how we ran errands for mum, the 3 sisters together, since I was in primary school.  But I digressed....

I hope RosaM forgive me the liberty I took with her sweater. I had to give Baby only the best because he was so dear to me. Too much so perhaps because I gave him all the knitted wear she made.

And although he looks nothing like the perfect baby in the picture, I love him anyway. Can you see how Ro is keeping an eye on him right now? She can  barely contain her smile looking at her child. And neither can I. 

What shall we call our Baby, dear friends? 
His name must of course starts with an M, just like his sister's.


Snowfern said...

*smiles so hard* he's beautiful :) i'm glad you didn't go with the grubby version me babies smell and feel like baby powder (not milk powder like people tend to say?)now he plays the part hee hee.

glad to see you've found some time to mini, MISSED YOUUUUUUUU

carmen said...

a Rosamargarita le encantará tu bebé ...y a mi!

Daydreamer said...

Oh, Sans! He's SO sweet! He's Perfect in his grubby boy baby-ness! I think you have made a perfect costume for him! And the sweater is just right...... any baby I have known knows how to mess up sweaters faster than you can blink! I think his name should be Mateo.... Mo for short!
But I know you will "find" his name .... it always amazes me how babies seem to "come" with a name.... and their parents have to figure out what it is!
I am glad you are back here to tell us about this little one.... he is a Treasure.... and I have missed your stories!

Sans! said...

CINDY! Saw you on fb 2 mins ago and wondering why in the world you are still awake! I am going to bed so that I can wake up in 2 hours!!! Argh :(

I am still going with the grubby version lah but he smells heavenly to me..hmmmmmmmmm :)

I am so dying to meet you both. We must make 30th/31st happen ok? I want to make a post about it :)

Rosamargarita said...

Que maravilla de historia (Mi madre siempre dijo eso también y mis abuelas!!!)
Has hecho un maravilloso atuendo para ese divino bebé!
Me fascina!
Muchos besos

Sans! said...

Awwwwwww Carmen! Gracias, muchas gracias

Sans! said...

Bets, I really need to go to bed because it is 4am here! I am going running at 6! Arghhhh but I just have to tell you, that name you suggested is just too uncanny! Or maybe you know the background ? hmmmm

Part 2 of this comment tomorrow :)

Kisses kisses kisses

Sans! said...

Rosam .... ¿Me perdonas?

y fuiste tú quien hizo su vestido, no yo. Su vestido hecho que el bebé sea muy especial, Rosam. Estoy muy agradecido a usted!

besossssssssssss MUCHOS

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! If I know something.... then I don't know that I know it..... if you know what I mean?
I Just got incredible goose-bumps all over me....
Go to sleep and have SWEET Dreams!

The Old Maid said...

He is so sweet and so is the story! As usual of course!
And the light on your photos is so good. It is dark so fast now over here.
I found the site with Indian boy's names so maybe:
Madan(the great) or Manik (ruby)
or Mehul(rain) or Mihir(sun rays)or Mohit (charming - for sure he is!)
What ever you choose it will be right for him for sure!
Sweet dreams!

rosanna said...

Tee hee, I giggled when I saw Betsy suggestion ....
He is so charming and sweet , as cute as a button
But I must disagree wit your Mum: when I was pregnant I looked at many, many, many pictures of beautiful plimp babies but when M was born my first thought was :"OMG , how ugly is he ?!"
I felt very guilty immediately after but , honestly, he wasn't a pretty baby. Far too thin and long and with funny ears sticking out.
After a couple of days he was gorgeous!! but may be he was because I looked at him with my mummy eyes ;o)
It is nice to have you back, hugs, Rosanna

rosanna said...

I wrote plimp but I meant PLUMP.

malu2 said...

Oh Sans, el bebe es tan bonito!!! solo que esta sucio!! con un poco de jabon se arreglara!!! el jersey le queda muy bien, el nombre podria ser Merlín!! que te parece?
Besos de las Malu´s.

Ascension said...

Me encanta tu bebe, incluso despues de haber pasado por un baño de chocolate jejeje
Rosamargarita estara encantada con el atuendo que has preparado con su ayuda.
Es una cosita adorable!!!!!
Me encantan tus preciosas fotografias y tu fantastica historia, que siempre te hace soñar en el cuento.
besitos ascension

BiWuBär said...

It's so good to have you back with yet another beautiful post - baby is just darling and I have no doubt Rosamagarita will forgive you. Sweet children need sweets, don't they (LOL). I don't know much about Indian names starting with M... only Mowgli came to my mind, as far as I know it means frog. I think this fits although baby is so cute and far away from looking froggie-like, but we all know the frog in the fairytale turned into a handsome prince... ;O)


cockerina said...

your baby is very cute, even with the dirty face of chocolate! ha ha!
I even when I was pregnant with my two children always looked at photos of children beautiful and blond, with blue eyes ... the result? my two boys have hair and brown eyes, but they are beautiful!! the most beautiful children I have seen in my life! ha ha!
I really like the cradle suspended, with the bells .. very sweet ..
when I do not read news on your blog, I know you're doing something spectacular, so it's always ... it is now, not me I was wrong!
welcome back!
xxx Caterina

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat said...

Wow! What an adorable baby and scene! I love his hanging basket bed and his little basket on the floor! This is fantastic! BTW, is there a baby in your life too, Sans? I meant to ask you last time but forgot. :-)

Snowfern said...

nonono i meant 'grubby' as in too much eyeliner XD oops sorry middle of the night = i me babies are always spitting up or mouth smeared with food, so that's a 'normal' thing and included in the package XD


Sans! said...

Ewa! I was just about to email you when I saw your comment! So let me tell you here, you nearly made me cry last night! I finally opened your box and what treasures! It felt like you remembered so many of my old posts from way back when. I am really really moved, Ewa. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a thousand flying kisses! I am very determined now that we must meet :). I am going to impose myself whether you are ready or not :)!!! But one thing, don't move any of your mini things or workshop or tools ok? I want to see everything..haha

I spent so much time taking pictures of your treasures that by the time I finished everything including this post, it was 4 am :). I have had only 1 hour sleep since then.

So funny that you are looking at the same names that I was . I too was thinking Madan (like Maya) or Mehul (rain) and Mirza (prince) :). Just could not decide :)

I took the pictures last night with a white lamp , Ewa. I liked the 1st one and wondered to myself how you would feel about it. :) We both seemed to connect over photographs as well :).

Sans! said...

Betsy, not sure if you have read Rosanna's comments but yes, your guesses are goosebumps worthy alright!

You DO KNOW! :):) That's how well we all sync even at a subconscious level. I don't even bother asking why anymore. I just accept and enjoy the connections. I regard what I experience here as some of the best things in life! :)

Sans! said...

You know what Rosanna? This picture thing IS a housewife's tale :) but we all do it anyway..teehee.

I have almost never met a newborn who's good looking. Either too red, too tiny or too fat. Some look like my grandpa! But after a month or two , they change . And most of them become absolutely cute when they start to talk. I remember how a good friend and I tried to outdo each other with how cute our nieces or nephews are and you should hear us. It was so irritating listening to both of us insisting that "we are NOT biased!"

I have wanted to make Baby M for so long and always wondered about your reaction :). In some ways, I have come to know your baby so well, you know.

By the way when Nathaniel was just born, his eyes were disproportionately big for a small face. And he had a habit of staring at his mum in the eye. One time, my sis actually told my mum that he scare her especially when she was nursing him. I asked her if she thought he was Damien from the movie can one be scared of one's own son? Talk about ugly! :) Of course, he's the cutest thing now and so smart too and no no, I am not biased.

Drora's minimundo said...

I love the cute baby and I love your story. Had fun reading it.
It is so nice when gifts one receives are displayed this way.

Margriet said...

oooh, he's so adorable!! I'm glad you finally gave life to baby M.!
And it's great you're back with your wonderful stories we all enjoy so much!
Choosing the right name isn't that probably know already or else you haven't heard/read it yet!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

He is so cute!!! The grubby version reminded me of my grandson LOL. I do love his hanging cradle too, so perfect. I am no good at names so I won't even go there, I know you will find the perfect name for him. I am really loving the addition of your new family members.


Eliana said...

He is the most beautiful baby in the world! I'm in love with him. =)

GB said...

Awwwwwwwwwww. what a little munchkin!


Miniatures by Natalia said...

Sans! First of all your baby is adorable, as always you did a great job with your own personal touch!
It was so funny to read all comments about the cutest and the ugliest babies, but you know what? THERE ARE NO UGLY BABIES! They all are our reflections! It was nice to hear from you and thank you for your comments. I hope you will start stitching soon...:))))

Sans! said...

Merlin, Malu? ¿Qué hay de Malu? jaja pero Malu es el nombre de una chica, ¿verdad?

Estoy muy contento de verte por aquí Malu:).

besosss Malu!

Sans! said...

Hola Ascensión! Tú sabes que yo trataba de leer su comentario en español? :)

Pensé que podría haber escrito esto: "..! Estoy encantado con su bebé, y le encanta los chocolates como yo Rosamargarita se ama lo que han preparado con la ropa para el bebé es adorable me encanta tu preciosas fotografías e historias fantásticas."

jejeje. Yo estoy cerca, ¿no?

Me encanta tu comentarios! :):)

besos y abrazos

Sans! said...

Mowgli will definitely be his nickname , Birgit! You had me laughing real hard and two days later, I am still laughing!

By the way, how do you know I always call people "toad" (uglier version of frog?) when I mean "crazy" or "evil" or "a$%" hehe. Like "hey toad" or "you toad" really mean "hey Evil!" or "you crazy!" If they are extra evil, I call them "toadek", a name I coined myself.

Sans! said...

Yo Caterina :) So good to see you here. Usually when I am not blogging, it means I am away from doing things I love. :)

You know, dear, if you want a beautiful baby, just look at photographs of yourself! :) I am sure your boys are heart breakers!

My sister SuZ helped me built the cradle and she was the one who suggested the bells too. :)

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Los bebés sucios de chocolate son lindíiiiisimos y este lo es.
SEguro que le encanta, con su jersey, super bonito, todo manchado,jajaja.
Un besito Sans

Sans! said...

Jennifer, I am very lucky. I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews and they will always be my darling babies :). I play with them when i want and shoo them home when I don't. It's easy for them to love me because I just spoil them and let their parents do the disciplining. They think I live in a house filled with rats and pythons (sometimes true) and so they clung to me for dear life whenever they are at my home. I feel very wanted when they are with me :) and it is easy to make them do what I want . I just ask them sweetly: you want to sleep with snakes tonight?

I love being an aunt :).

Sans! said...

Cinds, I am sooooooooooooooooo excited about our impending meet!!!! It won't rain and even if it does, we are swimming! Woooohoooooo! Have you read my email? I haven't checked if you have replied.

About grubby and chocolate-faced, I know because of my nieces and nephews. Even at 7 or 8 years old, they still did that to their faces . Every time I need a good laugh, I just buy them chocolate ice cream :). I make them eat outside the house of course!

Sans! said...

Drora,thank you :). Everyday I look at my tribal house, I feel a bliss. I see so many contributions from my friends and the house just radiate with love. It's as if the house itself is a living thing you know?

I have packages and packages from my friends here and there are enough for many many more projects! I am blessed with the generosity of so many great talents and that include you :)

Sans! said...

Margriet, hey, your name too starts with M :).

It is difficult for me when it comes to names. So I just call them what it is , Baby for a baby, Old Man (OM) for grandpa and the Rolla's House for a house owned by the Rollas..haha.

Thank you for being here, M!

Sans! said...

V, you are a grandma???! No way! Really? WOW!

I think chocolate face cross cultural barriers. ALL babies are the same that way , right?

And panda eyes cross age barriers. Anyone here knows a secret to applying eyeliner without it smudging by the afternoon? TELL ME if you do know!

Sans! said...

Awwwww Eliana...the most beautiful baby in the world? nahhhhh...but ok, if you insist :)

Or you mean the one in the picture?


Sans! said...

Baby says "zankew" Gagan :)

Sans! said...

I so agree with you, Natalia! No ugly babies and even if there were, they were only so for a few moments right after their births ..teehee :)

I intend to start stitching very soon! Maybe right after all these replies :)

Sans! said...

Me alegro de que no soy responsable de lavar su camiseta, Eva tata:). No se sabe cómo ger deshacerse de las manchas! Así que bueno verte de nuevo Eva ")

Cinderella Moments said...

What a sweet baby! You did an amazing job. The whole scene is amazing!

Sans! said...

Thank you for such an awesome show of encouragement, Caroline! I think you are amazing too!

Susanne said...

Hi Sans, I realize I really did have a lot to catch up upon. Didn´t know you got Baby M., he is sooo cute ;-) As always I adore your decorations, what marvellous interiors!
Love, Susanne

-P- said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I have managed to read only a part of your blog, but I love it! It's like an adventure, so much to see and feel. And somehow positively different. You make all the colorfulness look good and your style of writing is beautiful. I'll continue reading..

Piikko said...

Dear Sans, congratulation for your beautiful Baby M. He is very adorable. He is perfect baby and sure you love him very much. I also love him and your lovely story and photos.
Hugs, piikko

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat said...

Oh, I see, Sans! Yes, being an auntie is very nice--I totally agree! I must have misunderstood with your post about "Baby." I thought there might be a little more to it--tee hee! My mistake! I'm loving the soundtrack to Mama Mia!, by the way! Thanks for everything--your beautiful posts, your friendship, and (not) most of all, thank you for the music! ;-)

Sans! said...

Hi Susanne , I find myself catching up all the time. But it is fun to read a few posts at once :) and taking my time to enjoy the details.

Haven't had time to make anything at all too. Realise that Decembers were always when I run low in my creative tanks. I blame Xmas!

Sans! said...

Piiiiko! I am holding your face like a baby's and giving you quick kissesssssss. 1 for every nice word you said so that's 3 dozen kisses!

Sans! said...

You are most welcome, Jen. :) Our Last Summer was my sister's favourite song.:) I love it too especially the version sung by Colin Firth.

Flor said...

Pues si que el bebé es muy simpático !! Me gusto mucho la cunita con todo y cascabeles y los colores de todo el conjunto.
Un besito

Norma said...

Baby is an absolute delight San's. I'm a bit late welcoming him so by now he'll be quite used to being admired by us all :)

As always this post is a feast for the eyes, so much colour and texture.

dale's dreams said...

I love the thought of the three of you dressed the same by your mother's own needle. Something my mom or I would do, as well. :)

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