Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 224 & 228-River Fishing In The Rain

             About five miles and an hour's walk away from the Rolla House, behind a tall tall Bonzai Tree, lies a mysterious, meandering creek. The villagers call the creek Longkang Ganga as many believe it to be a tributary of THE Source of Life itself, Mother Ganga or the River Ganges. BUT no one really knows where the creek originates from or where its mouth is as the rivulet seems to go on in an endless infinite stream

AND despite being nestled amongst the isolated hills and rocky ridges of the harsh Rajasthani desert,  the river never seems to run dry. This is a river revered, a gift from the Gods for with its abundant fish life, the river also holds a promise for the hardworking that they will never go hungry. 

That is, if you follow a few simple rules....

 Use only the traps and baskets made by your own hands. 

And if it rains on the day a brand new set is used, 
your harvest will be quick

Eat what you kill and do not kill more than a week's worth.

And so it was on a mid-winter's dawn that Om took his baskets and trap, weaved only the night before,  and started his l o n g walk to the creek. He was just about to step into the creek when the 1st drops of desert rain started pitter-pattering on him. And the trap had barely hit the bottom before Om felt the morning's 1st catch. A single, glimmering, beautiful river trout. Ro will be so happy, OM thought, happy himself.

Now, Om hardly had time to open the fish's gills to gut it before two more appeared..

and  before he could utter Namaste to the new arrivals, another one came and then...


until we have S   I   X  ! 

That's just nice for a week  as the family goes without meat 
once  a week on the last day. 

So quickly, 
Om removed the trap from the river bed, 
store the fishes safely in his basket
 and began 
his long but satisfying walk home.

Will you agree with me if I say
you just can't get them any fresher than this?

Or any more realistic... Fishes by Kiva Atkinson, of course. I commissioned Kiva on 4th Feb 2011 to make me some river fishes and I landed these beyond awesome trouts on the eve of Valentine's Day. When I emailed her that I have received them together with her gifts of fruits and platter (which I will show in another post),  she was having a meal with Lance at a Chinese restaurant, probably steamed fish. 

My brother had held one of her creations in his hand and said "This is reeeeeeeal!" I swear they are too. One of them kept flopping out of the bamboo tray wherever I lay them! Look, if you don't believe me.


Josje said...

O wow! I thought they were real! Really real! Fabulous. The setting is so beautiful too. With the rock, water, plants and baskets. And the drops of water on the fish...and to top it all, the sounds of birds and rain. Love it.

malu2 said...

Bonita la historía,y que regalo más magnifico y bien hecho,has recreado muy bien tu relato,las cesta son inmejorables,la escena te ha quedado

Drora's minimundo said...

The fish are great, unbelievable life like. The story teller even greater.

The Old Maid said...

The one that is escaping - I think you should put it back in to the river, Sans.;) The fish are fantastic! The story of course as usual great!:)Love the bonsai tree!:0

BiWuBär said...

Visiting your blog is like having a short-time holiday... lovely story, you're a great narrator. And the three rules of fishing - so true... And it's fantastic how you get over from a kind of fairytale story to a real good gag - I agree with Ewa, you should throw this brave little fish back in the river... ;O) Btw - Kiva's fish are fantastic, her work is absolutely amazing.


Alison said...

3am here and my ability to fall asleep has left the building. I knew the fish were Kiva's from the first photo!

Great photography, Sans. And I swear the greenery and pond are alive :)

rosanna said...

Perfection! Kiva is great and you as well.

Sans! said...

Thank you Josje :). The "river" is actually the drain in my backyard :):). I love that it is moss ridden :). Actually the word "longkang" means "drain" or a "ditch" in Singapore Malay :) As kids, some of us just love playing in these drains which could be as small as 6" wide or as big as 3-6 ft wide. The one in my house is a teeny one :) which of course in 1:12, makes a perfect creek :).

The basket and fish trap and sieve are minis too. I bought them in Thailand. They are fabulous mini replicas.

I took the fishes outside next to the drain to take pictures 2 days ago and of course it started to rain. When the rain drops fell on the fishes, I could not believe how small these raindrops were and how the fishes seem to really come alive with the water.

That was when I thought of writing a post about river fishing in the rain. :)

Sans! said...

Querida Maria Luisa, es fácil tener una historia de buen pescado cuando tienes los mejores pescados :):). Usted debe visitar el blog de Kiva. Ella es mi artista favorito en miniatura. En mi opinión, ella es la mejor cuando se trata de pescados y carnes asadas. Sus frutos son también de primera clase! Y además de ser talentoso, Kiva es la chica más loca y más agradable en la comunidad en miniatura. En lo que a mí respecta, es imposible no amarla.

abrazos y besosss :):)

Sans! said...

Thank you Drora :). You are the best short commenter ever!

A good fish story needs good fish and when you have the best, well, it's hard to make the story bad :):).

Sans! said...

Ewa, I did try to put FlipFlop into my pond but it just flopped right back up! :):) I think it wants its own pond :).

I painted the resin bonzai tree on Day 224 for my lotus garden :). This picture was taken on that day for me to see if the trunk is realistic enough :). I had thought it looked quite fake :) but it turned out ok :).

Sans! said...

Birgit :):) What can I say about Kiva's work that hasn't been echoed a million times over by so many others? As I was telling Maria Luisa in very bad translated Spanish, Kiva is talented BUT also nice and Crazy!;p She's also beautiful. I know I know , she sounds like the kind of person you are dying to hate because she has it all, but you know, it is impossible not to love her :) cos she's too darn funny, like you :).

I am glad I did a good story to showcase her fishes :). And I love that you saw in my story both the magic and the reality. I quite like it as well :)

As you may have read, I have already named my mysteriously alive and kicking fish. This means the Rollas will have to go 2 days without meat.

Yes, Flipflop will live :).

Sans! said...

They are real, Alison :):). Except the Bonzai Tree :). That one is resin and paper. The tiny hedge in the 1st pic is from the bonzai so that's not real as well.

And those basket+trap+sieve, well I have a similar set which will be sent to a faraway place where there are real mountain ridges with exotic names like Maulanani and Diamond Head :).

And I think I too can recognise Kiva's fishes in a split second. Probably her roasts too and yes, those coconuts :):).

I will prepare the package this weekend :):) and it should be out by Monday :).

Sans! said...

Rosanna :):). Thank you! I still remember what you said about how a house guest and a fish are alike after 10 days. They both stink! hehehe :).

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

amazing photos :)

Kim said...

what a treat it is to read each and every one of your blog posts. Do you know that if I don't have time to savor them properly I close the window and come back when I can relax and enjoy? I never ever rush your posts because each and every one is like a little book- a small piece of art- you have a gift Sans. Kiva's fish are amazing- but as so many have already said- everything she does is amazing. She has a special gift also. I am now wishing it was raining- my favorite. I am always happy when it rains and I can smell the earth. I think I am happier in rain than in sunshine :) Beautiful Sans ♥

cockerina said...

Kiva is extraordinary! and as King Midas, everything she touches turns into something of great value .. You're lucky to have these fish, also because it does not stink after three days! ah ah! I hate the smell of fish!
great job, even with the baskets!

Glenda said...

I was thinking that this was 1:1, and when I saw the fish I thought 'gotta be kiva!' - perfect as usual :)
Your story is like a mini-meditation for me - the rules of fishing are so apt, we could do well to follow them in our lives, and learn to love the rain :)

Norma said...

How can a drain be so pretty? It is the perfect setting for Kiva's perfect little fish.

Loved reading your post. I agree with Glenda, it's like taking a few minutes away from the real world into the dream world that you create so beautifully :)

I know I've said it before, but I just droooool over that turquoise colour.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Sans! you made me smile with your beautiful little tale. The little fishes by Kiva look so real, her talent amazes me.

Victoria ♥

Jollie said...

What a beautiful story Sans!
I agree those fish are sooo real!!
Kiva did amazing work with them...
I adore your baskets :)

Hugs, Jollie

Daydreamer said...

Sans! You have done it AGAIN! (Transported ME, that is.... right into your little river.....!)The rain drops as your sound track are so soothing.... I LOVE the sounds of water.... (I think it must be because I am a Pisces!:)) And Kiva's fish are amazing..... and I will confess that for ONE tiny moment I thought Oh, Sans is learning how to make fish too!.... but truly, Kiva's fish can ONLY be Kiva's fish and anyone who has ever seen Kiva's work will recognize it anywhere!
I agree with the others, it is like a tiny voyage to Paradise to come and visit your blog.... I save up the reading of your newest post until I can truly give it the time it deserves.... and I leave it open so I can hear the soundtrack for a while.... You create the magic and share it in such a beautiful way! It is medicine for the soul! I will say it again... I LOVE your BLOG!
(And my cat is looking around to see where the birds are..... they have all fled south from here!)
There is no detail that you have overlooked (love the raindrops on the fish!)and your story is so simply, timelessly, genuinely, humble and REAL!
And the fishing baskets.... and the little tree...., and the floppy fish! I AM standing on your doorstep! :)

Snowfern said...


Sans! said...

Good to see you again Sumaiya! :)

I remembered how when I first read your posts, I was completely in awe of your photography skills :). I still am.

I find that my pictures outdoor are always much much better than the ones I take indoor.

Sans! said...

Sigh Sigh Sigh
With a tear in my eye :):)

Dear Kim, I don't know what can be more rewarding for me than to have someone say she takes her time to enjoy my posts. I am truly overwhelmed . I think I feel a little like ..hmmmm....JK Rowling? ;p..maybe how she had felt when she really didn't expect that people would like what she had written.

I think I am just soooooooo lucky!

Like you, my favourite weather is when it rains :), especially in the afternoon so we get sunshine and the rain since I live in a tropical country :).

This evening, I was walking home halfway when it started to drizzle. It was a good feeling :) and I was thinking pitter pattering , patter pittering as I was walking and singing in the rain la la la! tee hee

Margriet said...

You have a way with words Sans :-)
beautiful photos and the fish are so lifelike!! But I love the baskets...they are great!!!
I'm a bit tired, so I'm going to sit and listen to the rain calms me...thank you for a another magical story!!

Eva said...

Kiva's worh is really outstanding...this woman has an unique talent!!!
Thanks for haring another history with us....
Have a nice weekend!

Ana Anselmo said...

Kiva work is fabulous!!!!!and as always I love to read your posts, they are like beautiful poems, full of your hear and soul, Sans!
Have a beautiful week-end
Love from Lisbon

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

Los peces son una maravilla. Me dan ganas de llevarmelos a la barbacoa.

Sans! said...

Caterina, you don't like fish? They are very good protein and excellent for the skin :). Especially if they are steamed with ginger and pickled vegetables :). It's a popular Chinese / Cantonese dish.

How's your weekend been? Mine has been mostly lying in bed :) and not doing much.

Sans! said...

Glenda, they look as real in your hands as they are in these pictures. Kiva is a true master. I mean, my brother was holding a teeny one in his hand and he said it was real :). Is it any wonder that her work is scattered in museums all over the world? Her fishes really elevate any scenes, I feel :).

And I like those rules too. :)

Sans! said...

Hello Norma, so good to see you here :).

I love that turquoise too and just last week, I was trying to re-create that particular shade for an outdoor "wooden" chaise converted from a stone one. I mixed a few times and still didn't manage to :). Wasted loads of green & blue, white and black !

By the way, I didn't know my drain can be so pretty too :). tee hee

Sans! said...

Thank you, Victoria :) for visiting :). I get lucky sometimes with my stories but with Kiva's work, it's almost always a sure bet!!

Sans! said...

Thank you Jollie, for liking the tale, the baskets, the fishes :):).

Sans! said...

OMG, a Piscean???!! Betsy, your birthday does not happen to fall on next Sunday? If it is, then you will join the good company of my mum, my almost 8 year old niece, Qesha and my good friend Pam, whom I went to Sri Lanka with :).

I don't know why but I get along especially well with Pisceans. Maybe it's the fact that you are so adaptable :).

Of all the 5 elements, I love water the most. Do you have a water feature in your home? It is very good for feng shui :).

Do you know I savour your comment as well? You really make blogging so rewarding , Betsy :). On days like this weekend, when I am feeling a little lethargic, I read your comments to get perked up. Gives me the energy to go and do something :). So after this, I am going to pick up my needle and thread and go stitch my rug :).

I have a ladder to make too, maybe I will leave that to tomorrow or sometime next week.

Thank you, my dear Betsy! You are really one of my most encouraging blog friends :).

Sans! said...

Cinddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyy!!! :)

How about next Sunday? It's alot of people's birthday but we are celebrating it on Saturday. That will be the weekend before I leave for India.

If not, we can do it after I am back :).

Sans! said...

That makes both of us, Margriet :). Not sure why the lethargy though, I haven't been doing much :). But yes, I too find nature's sound very calming.

Sans! said...

Eva :)How has your week been?

Kiva has also given me some fruits which I will show in another post. The tribal house will display a few of her work :).

Sans! said...

My dear Ana, kisses flying from Singapore to Lisbon for you :).

Thank you for your compliments . These stories are simple but they are from my heart :) often inspired by all the beautiful work of my friends :) and of course, nature! Mostly though it is through the encouragement of friends like you that I improve :)

Sans! said...

Virginia jejejejeje. Estos son trout.You río toda la razón. Son perfectos para un asado con pimientos! Espero que os guste el picante de pescado:)?


Ascension said...

Sans estoy de acuerdo contigo, Kiva es una fantastica miniaturista.
Hace los mejores pescados y carne del mundo, ademas de tener un sentido del humor genial haciendo imaginativas minis, me encanta.
Y me encanta tambien leer tus preciosas historias, quedan un realismo genial a todas tus minis.
Estoy de acuerdo con tu hermano, ten cuidado que algun pescado se va a escapar, es normal son pescados "frescos" jejejeje
Señora....ha sido un placer visitarla!!!!!
besitos ascension

bastrota said...

The fishes are real. I can not believe that they are not real.

The fish outside of the basket is still living. Probably we will see this fish in your next post in your lotus pond?

Thank you so much for your lovely story, Sans.

Hugs and greeitngs

Sans! said...

Señora de la Ascensión, el placer es todo mío!

Kiva es ahora de vacaciones. Me acordé de ella me dijo que se quedó en la noche sólo para terminar mis peces en el tiempo antes de que ella va en sus vacaciones! Ella es realmente el mejor de muchas maneras:).

Y usted es demasiado, Ascensión:). Vi que usted ha ganado tortas de Kathy:). Estoy muy emocionada por ti. Sé que realmente les va a encantar! :)

abrazos y besos

Sans! said...

Hehe, Marion, you and me and my brother too :):).

It's good to see you :) and thank you very much for being here , my dear.

All of a sudden, I have a big bad yearning for some barbecue stingray smeared in red hot chilli paste...yummmmmmmmmmmms! Thanks to my surgery, I am not supposed to eat red hot chilli paste yet! 3 months of abstinence! Arghhhhhh!

Kikka said...

Hello Sans!
Thank You for Your interest to my blog :) !

When I joined your blog I sure was to write something...I did like everything I saw so much, that I didn`t really have the words to say it ! Your blog is Wonderful and so creative, full of gorgeous details! Just can`t wait to see more...

Ana Anselmo said...

Nature....Sans do you know I am a biologist?
lots of mini hugs

Sans! said...

*waves at Kikka :)

Those are mighty sweet words you have left me. Thank you for coming back again and leaving me a comment :).

As I have said to you when I visited your blog, you have a really interesting project and I will visit you every time you have a new post :).

Sans! said...

Ana:) are you really? Now all that bat saving thing you and your husband did make even more sense now :). I am afraid of bats (like batman) but you made it look so ....harmless :).

You are just amazing Ana, a biologist who make fabulous minis. Wow!

Liberty Biberty said...

Wow! Those fish are awesome, as are the baskets!

Sans! said...

Hey Mercedes! :) How are you??? NZ is in the news again this morning :(. Hope all is well at your end !

If ever you need to go fishing, you know where you can find "weavers" for your baskets. Although if you want to fish in Longkang Ganga ,you will have to make your own :).

Ani said...

Hi sans! how are you? I right now enjoying a stroll through your blog which is always a pleasure for the senses! Each entry is a work of art .. It makes me feel so much! thanks!

I love the name for the prize (happy tigers) .. but I 'm from Spain! but if you can not change it does not matter!

Happy week!! a hug!!

Sans! said...

Good afternoon Ani. It is past 12 and time for lunch here in Singapore :).

I am glad you are here for a stroll and that you have enjoyed yourself :).

Of course I can change it and have already done so! Now why did I think you were from France when your post is in Spanish? LOL!

TINK-SONIA said...

Amazing tuto Sans,I invited you to participate in my little giveaway.Mini regards from Spain.

Sans! said...

Thank you Sonia! I won't miss your wonderful giveaway!

dale's dreams said...

Kiva does make the most awesome live looking fish on the planet!

Recognised that immediately! ;)

Pubdoll said...

I'm so late, so I'm sure all the fish have been eaten up by now, I just had to comment on how good they looked! Kiva is truly the goddess of miniature foodmaking! I also love your creek!

Sans! said...

Dale, Kiva and Mother Nature :):). Kiva is the Mother Nature of miniature fishes :)

Sans! said...

Helene :) the creek ensures an endless supply. So no fear, no matter how late you are, there will be some for you.

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