Saturday, 25 September 2010

Day 187- Life Imitating Art-The Rolla Story

They first appeared here on 8th March 2009. It was  Day 35 and I was showing off my palace dolls and inviting my friends to help contribute to my palace stories . Back then, the Rollas were nameless and toured my always-under-construction-palace as part of 8 Banjaran gypsies. 

 As some of you may have known already, I  habitually  named my dolls after some of the friends I made in blogland and then spun stories around these characters as a tribute to their talents and generosity.  I exercised immense "artistic licence" with these stories and of course,  my characters  live very different lives from their namesakes. I was unrestrained and since I had yet to meet any of my blog friends, my stories became weirder and wilder as I got to know my friends better. This was because I knew they would be quicker to forgive me for some of the liberties I took.

My Rollas were the first of these characters. This was their debut on Day 52 (9th April 2009) when I told the story of Rosanna's magical pillows and how these pillows could induce sweet dreams of your love one if you fall asleep on them. 

A month and a half later, they appeared again on Day 68 when they brought Sissy to say hi-ssssssssss.

Here they are again on Day 84 (13 July 2009) with Rosanna's miracle nursing chair where you have a 50-50 chance of having a boy if a pregnant wife sits on it. This chair was given to Ranjit, the evil Maharajah in exchange for a new house. Yes, the very same one that is now being built by Sans!

This is Rosanna on Day 88 when her baskets were used as fashion items...

and when some of her girls went a tad too far.

Them on Day 93, also the opening day of their shop, Rolla and Ro.

A most momentous moment when my Rollas were planning their trip to Italy.

In Genoa, in a Back-to-the-Future paradox when the 19th century Rollas confronts the 21st century sexier and more daring couple.A turning point, or rather , the starting point of The Merger.

On Day 131,  in a post titled "Our Gondola, The Trishaw" (obviously a parallel to the gondolas in Venice"), Hassan and Suri were created. The trishaw was a gift from MarG, who had also travelled with the Rollas to Europe to meet Rosanna and Walter. 

And on Day 187,  here is Rosanna and  Walter playacting Hassan and Suri,

playacting The Rollas...?

 Or are the Rollas playacting them?  

And that was how the world I created merged with the real world I lived in. When these 2 worlds collide, sparks fly and magic happens. Now who say we can't live in our mini world ? The best part is you don't even need to shrink yourself.


It happened one night when MarG could not sleep and she had the brainwave of using Rosanna and Walter as models for the brochure of her new Trishaw route in Little India -while they are visiting us in Singapore, of course.  Rosanna and Walter were to play tourists, acting as themselves and I guess, occasionally as Hassan, Suri and the Rollas. 

They got to  pick their own salwar kameez which I swear, mimiced the ones the Rollas are wearing.  Tell me if it isn't so.  I think subconsciously, they really want to be the Rollas, at least for the day. Actually, now they can be the Rollas anytime they want because the clothes went home with them. 

More pictures of our super models can be seen at The Trishaw Uncle website. Today, Singapore, Tomorrow, The World. Now when you are famous, Rosanna, don't forget Sans! 

And for those of you who are coming to Singapore, don't miss the trishaw uncle for an exciting  time in Little India. The Rollas swear by it.


Katie said...

I love the picture of the Rollas in that little dining area!! Sooo sweet! And I love the brochure! How smart! Makes me wanta take a ride!! :)

Sans! said...

That is definitely my favourite Clash of the Rollas pic, Katie. I am still patting myself on the back for having taken this picture when I visited Rosanna. hehe. I don't think Rosanna knew until I posted the picture :) that I had taken the roombox down for a pic. I just had to. Everytime I see this pic, I think of the paradox of the past Rollas meeting the future Rollas..haha.

I am getting a bit of a headache after writing this, thinking about how the real Rollas who inspired the creation of my Rollas are now playing the Rollas. Time to sleep or watch a sci fi marathon :).

Nite Nite!

TreeFeathers said...

Lol, that's pretty cool, Sans. I love how the brochure turned out, too (and yes, I noticed the matching clothes, too, right off!)

- Grace

GB said...

Another fun art mimics life mimics art tale. I loved seeing the evolution of the rollas (real -life and not-so real life!!) and the trishaw ride sure looks like fun!

Don't think too much about it dear sans...go catch your 40 winks!! bon nuit!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

What fun!!! Glad I'm not the only one who lives in "Doll House World" as my hubby calls it. Magic is real and Dreams really do come true. The brochure is awesome.

Victoria ♥

Kim said...

This is exactly why I love to visit your blog Sans- it is magical how the worlds have inter-meshed. I love the brochure- Rosanna has the most gorgeous smile ♥

The Old Maid said...

Great photos, great story great friends:D

Ascension said...

La realidad se funde con la ficcion y es una gran aventura.
Aunque a veces puede provocar alucinaciones jejeje
Me encanta el follet.
La foto de Rosanna es preciosa.
Los amigos son lo mejor!!!!
Feliz fin de semana.
besitos ascension

Fiver said...

So much fun to read your blog Sans! The little scenes you've set up for the pictures are great.
ROFL about the basket fashion items!

Flora said...

Ha ha ha:-D
Too funny this storyboard.
Rollas sure they are always overloaded with luggage and merchandise!!!
But it was worth it, if they became testimonials of an advertising campaign so beautiful :-)
Your idea of creating stories about dolls, imagining a double life, or perhaps giving them an identity beyond suspicion, is very poetic ...
This means always stay close to friends, even from a distance :-)

Glenda said...

What a lovely intriguing circular story, Sans! :)))
I do like the Back to the Future scenario :)

Norma said...

What fun this story is Sans!! And such fab pictures - of all the Rollas - I swear I'm not sure now who is 'imaginary' and who isn't ;)

Great photos on the Trishaw Uncle website, I hope Rosanna and Walter have hired an agent because no doubt this is just the start of an international modelling career :)

On another note my dear, you must thing that I've almost abandoned you because I haven't commented here for ages. As you know I'm a bit challenged with RL at the moment but a couple of your previous posts haven't slipped under my radar, I've had a very quick look and am totally intrigued. Does it sound really silly to say that I'm 'saving' them to savour when I've done with my uni work and can sit back with a cuppa and can read through them slowly and take it all in. It may well sound silly indeed but that is the truth of the matter.

And I'm also hoping to hear that you have taken the plunge and enrolled in an art history degree...

rosanna said...

It's late night, I still have to eat but when I saw this post...I had to stop!!
I'll not add anything but to say that real life can really be as magic as the fictional one and much more rewarding too.
Yes, we had lot of fun and laughter at the shooting. We would not have lost it for all the tea of China.Tonight at a birthday party we shared the pics and told the story to our friends and everybody was amazed.
Magis is all around us :o))
Hugs Rosanna

Daydreamer said...

I Love it Sans! The interweaving of life and love, both big and small, real and imagined until they become one, bigger and more than they were before! I Love the life imitating art... so well done! And such perfect subjects... The Rollas are gorgeous! Both as themselves and as their namesakes! I think we make these mini scenes because we want the "real" world to be like we imagine it can be.... we think we are copying the real world in miniature, but perhaps we are creating the big world too?
BTW, I had just recently discovered your blog when you went to Italy and I saw your doll Rollas in the snowbank in their little box looking out and I was ENCHANTED! And the idea that you were visiting your blog friends from the other side of the world was just awesome! You are amazing! Your creativity shines in so many ways! Thank you for sharing! And thank you for blending the big and little worlds so beautifully!

Sans! said...

Rosanna :),boy, we sure have come a long way, baby! I think I found you sometime in March last year? I still remember my reaction when I saw those pillows, how my jaws droppped! They truly were one of the prettiest mini things I have ever seen.

And I can't help marvelling at how far and stretched this mini world has taken me :). Many thanks to MarG who must surely be the conduit. I should create a character call MarG. She will be the soothsayer who can make dreams come true ..haha!

Rosanna, the 3 leaf brochures have yet to be printed. This is a single page one and the picture here is of the front and back . Do you like it?It's a standard brochure that is brightened up by your big smiles :) I will make sure the proper brochure is sent to you when it is done. Will 1000 be enough ? ;p

Sans! said...

Grace, isn't it a hoot! When I first saw the salwar kameez, i thought the dress was really pretty and very Rosanna. Not too garish and blue, a colour she loves but it didn't strike me as familiar.:) It was only after I saw their photos that it struck me!

I think I am psychic :):):)..hehe. It isn't really Rosanna picking what Ro (my doll) was wearing but me picking the doll that most resembles her a year ago. heh heh! I am not boasting but I made 13 pairs of shoes for my doll Walter before I knew the real one loves shoes.

Sans! said...

Haha Gagan, if you checked the traffic to your blog last night, you would be able to see me lurking there at the post where you "interviewed" me . Had to reference so many past posts for this one and I found myself going over there to see what I said about creating characters. LOL

Rosanna and Walter are really perfect models. I saw all the shots taken of them and they look like they were having fun even in the test shots!!

Sans! said...

Victoria, I am right there with you! Magic has happened so much here that I have come to accept it as a very real part of life. Almost commonplace :). I hope never to take it for granted :) but I have come to expect it :). Loving every moment:).

Do you know I used to take the trishaw with my aunt to the market? Back when I was a child and just like Suri :).

I saw "Delhi 8" last weekend. LOVE IT! Can't forget the scene when they were rushing the ailing grandmother to the hospital in a rickshaw and how she recovered when the rickshaw was stuck in a jam because everyone has stopped to watch a white cow give birth :). For luck they say , and magic :)

Sans! said...

Thank you, Kim :):):). Good things happen in our small world because we will it and if we will hard enough, it happen in the real world too. haha :):)

Rosanna not only have the most gorgeous smile, she has the personality to match :):).

Sans! said...

Ewa :),

High praise, a high 5 and high time I meet mummy for breakfast :):).

Chat later :):)

Eva said...

LOL...The brochure is great and all the are not sure when are in real world o in out mini wonderful world ...LOL

Papillon Bleu said...

Oh Sans! You are so funny! I wish I could spend some time with you when I will go to Australia. I usually stop at Singapore ( apart from my last trip)

I thank you for your comment . I do love making animation so much! Maybe I should come and make one with your Palace!

All my love to your home Sans.


Susanne said...

Ha, ha Sans, you are so funny! I can´t wait till you will feature me as the read haired belly dancer... LOL
Love, Susanne

Sans! said...

Jeje, Ascensión, tengo que confesar, yo realmente creo que el mundo es muy real mini :):). Y yo no estoy soñando:) hablando como si alguien un poco loco.

Y que ganó un sorteo de nuevo !!!!! :) Ahora, eso es una locura Suerte! sombreros de Rachel es muy agradable! Usted debe tener un gran fin de semana, querido:).


Sans! said...

Before I forget, Ewa, I just watched Avalon. It is about a Polish man who went to US in 1914 and built a family in Avalon. It is very interesting how a Polish family can be so similar to a Chinese one :):) I like it a lot and if you get hold of one, you should watch it too and let me know if it is anything like that :)

Ara said...

HOw wonderful to see the real world and the mini world collide! Sparks really do fly!! I love their clothes matching and everything! The brochure is fantastic! Love everything as always!! - ara

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Hello Sans, wonderful history, is incrdible. I loved your dolls. I liked very much your anteior post too beautiful piece. Best wishes

Piikko said...

Sans! Your story is so great and funny. And the brochure is awesome:D I agree with you, living in mini world is a magic! We can travel all over the world just like that!
In real life I wish that I could travel to Singapore. Well, maybe one day..but this weekend I sent F1-Heikki Kovalainen to check the place for me;D lol ;D

Sans! said...

Kristy! You know how it is when you sometime look at what you did in the past and groaaaaaan? I do that with some of my stories :). But the one on Rosanna's baskets as fashion items? Hehe, I still get the giggles looking at the pictures of the "Madonna-pointy-bra" inspired baskets and the elephant-ear-rings. I know it's lame to laugh at your own jokes but hehehehe hehehhehe..I just can't help it :).

Sans! said...

Flora, Flora , Flora, this weekend is all about you, where I am concerned! Woohooooo, I finished and tomorrow I will send them out. I told myself not to look at your blog when I am making the items and just concentrate on what you said about the Victorian kitchen :). You know, your Victorian lady will fit well in my world as well, since it is about the same era :). Later on, when I move to creating homes for merchants, my world may include European families :).

I do however have an ultra soft spot for my gypsies, peddlar lady and all my girls :). They are always creative, hardworking, smart and brave :), and they do like being silly sometimes. And yes, it is exactly how I keep close to my friends far away :).

Sans! said...

Thank you, Glenda :)! That was my space-time continuum, not that I know what that means! :)

Snowfern said...

this whole post made me smile so hard my jaws are cramping up! ^ ^

life imitating art imitating life. NICE.

Sans! said...

Norma, you have left me a really thoughtful and sweet comment. Thank you :). I am just so glad you made time to come over here , it does not matter when .

You know, I am not sure now if I really want to go back to school which will take me away from my passion :). Someone just asked me today if this (miniatures) is going to fizzle out anytime soon. He knows me well :) and I do become obsessive over an interest only to give it up entirely after I am "done with it". This one has lasted almost 2 years now. Not the longest but I think it will be like my running. As long as health permits, it is probably a life long passion :). So I am really not sure if I will ever go back to school but if it is studying a related subject like miniature art, then yes!:). Education here is not as cheap and easy as Australia. Maybe I will just sneak in to listen in on the lectures :).

I have a stronger resolve now to register for the workshop in India, thanks to your question on whether I have "registered" . hehe :)

Thank you, Norma, not only did you not abandon me, I felt like a friend has just come over and gave me a nice big hug with a much needed encouragement to go pursue what I love. :)

Sans! said...

Ello Rosanna :). I am slurping down my wanton noodles as I am typing this. My goodness , I have wolfed down all the noodles even before my colleague has settled down to start on their lunch..haha!

This post is a pleasant walk down memory lane for me to look at all of your contributions towards my projects. It is incredible the number of pressies I have received from you. I took a picture of the bowls that you sent me but it didn't turn out so well so it is not in this post. They are ready to be put up in the tribal house though so I will show them off soon:). Probably next month. :)

Sans! said...

Betsy, I hope you come back for the next post because it is a subject YOU are passionate about. I am so excited about it, I may very well post it tonight. I haven't done 2 posts in 2 days since early last year ! :)

You know, I am always wondering if I ever will keep this up. Right after my run yesterday, I just came home and started working on the minis . In the same conversation with my friend on whether this passion will last, I told him, very flippantly (since I don't know the answer) that it will last until I am the only one interested in it. LOL!

I think meeting my mini friends and bonding fuel the passion. Having "them" in my scenes definitely gave me the impetus and motivations to finish something. The possibilities are endless, don't you think and it becomes multi faceted and not just from my viewpoint. It makes my project more interesting for me :) as I consider "who" I am building the house for. That's why the mini world is real to me :). And magical at the same time.

Sans! said...

Eva :). I know where my doll Eva is concerned, her life is totally different from yours.

So funny that so many of you figured in my conversation with my friend this morning. I picked you as the next person I will love to meet. :) because I hope you get sent to this part of the world :) hehe

Sans! said...

Patricia, I know in my bones meeting you is likely to happen because I know you'll visit your sister in Australia. The next time, please make sure you do stopover here in Singapore. You don't need to book a hotel or anything because making a video of my dolls will mean you need to stay with me :)!

OMG! A Papillion-bleu production! OMGOMGOMG! :) Yes, you are that good :).

Sans! said...

Susanne, better yet, wait till I build my harem :):). Oh my, such fun I will have with all my girlfriends here:). And you, my dear, not only will you be a great dancer, you can turn your enemies into rust! :):)

Sans! said...

Ara, glad you enjoy this scifi post. Hehe :). Thanks to Wednesday and her love for explosives and experiments, you must dabble in these as well.

Every time I see your profile pic, I see a nurse in her white cap. :)

Sans! said...

Gemma, thank you ! :):) When I go to Spain, will you meet me? :)

Sans! said...

O Piiko:):), FaiZ my housemate had tickets to the F1 last night and he said he REGRETTED going!! hahaha. Too noisy, nothing to see except flashes of the car and the tv was too far away !

I think watching the F1 live for the racing is like saying you watch porn for the acting. hehe.

Is Heikki Kovalainen cute? I am an Alonso fan (and he won) but can switch for cute factor :). As you can tell, I don't watch F1 enough. Didn't even know Alonso switched to Ferrari until 3 days ago!!!

Sans! said...

Cindy, I succumbed over the weekend and made rusty cans your way :). Will show you :).

While making this post, I kept thinking of what you told me sometime back about NOT making you the village gossip in my palace...hehehehhehehehe. My jaws are aching too :).

Liberty Biberty said...

Those Rolla's (real and otherwise) certainly have an adventure filled life!
Vive la vie bohème!!

Meli said...

Dear Sans, who many lovely pitctures and works you have since my last visit.
Sorry I was away for a long time but it was due to family issues.
Now I hope to be able to visit you frequently.
Thanks for all you nice comments towards my works.

Sans! said...

Meli, it is so good to see you here again :) and I hope everything at home has been sorted out :).

I was hoping you can show us some holiday pics too! :)

Sans! said...

Mercedes, I think it is pretty amazing to lead a Rolla Life :).

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