Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Day 92-Indian Throw Cushions

In India, where furniture was not introduced until after the 16th century and even tables and chairs were regarded as Western and untraditional, an important furnishing must surely be the floor cushion.

Even in decor books or movies on great Maharajah's palaces, I often see vast sitting rooms of beautifully tiled walls and intricately carved columns standing on floors that appear to be covered in miles and miles of the most luxurious carpets with nary a piece of furniture. But always, there are pillows, bolsters, floor cushions.For even the Kings and the Queens sit on the floor.

And thus these floor cushions were made using my most precious material, so that they be fit for the most delicate of bottoms.

The most exquisite jacquard ribbons I have ever seen, I found them in a quaint little shop on a side narrow lane in Delhi, India.

For those of you who do not feel like clicking through to Day 21-22, this is what I had written about the shop:

"I shall not tell you how badly I was fleeced at the lace shop but no, no, no regrets for it is the most incredible tiny 3 level lace shop I have ever seen. Can you imagine 3 levels of lifesized room boxes filled with nothing but ribbons, laces and tassels of all shapes and sizes and every colour ever conceived or not? Yes, I swear I met a few new colours at the shop!"

It was a good thing I only had 10 minutes at the shop or I would have been completely broke.

With this range of ribbons, I already knew they were going to be fashioned into floor cushions because of the designs. Each "mandala" is a 1 3/8" square and there are 2 alternating patterns and 4 combinations of colours. So each ribbon can make 2 different cushions with 2 different sides.

I cut 2 "mandalas" for each cushion and used glue instead of threads. This ensures that the integrity of the designs remains with no unsightly sewing.

I then stuffed the cushion with dried shells from bean sprouts before the last side was glued.

The eventual cushion measures 2" by 1 5/8" (because of borders). I believe they are the perfect scale for the smaller life sized throw cushions.

I am going back to India, even if it is just to buy more ribbons.


rosanna said...

They are really beautiful. I have never seen that kind of design. I really love them. They will make an awesome sight when piled up in the palace.Hugs

Pubdoll said...

Except for Rosannas cushions of course, I think these are the most beautiful miniature cushions I have ever seen! What a great find!

Katie said...

What a perfect find! I bet I'd be in heaven shopping with you! You always find the most perfect stuff!! :) Love the floor pillows:)

And thanks for understanding!! And just think....when I do get around to mailing a box, it will have all kinds of goodies in it:)

Snowfern said...

*holds on to your left leg*

TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

The pillows are really lovely!

Sans said...

Rosanna, I first fell in love with these ribbons when SuZ showed me her stash for making LifeBaby clothes. After that I scoured all nooks and corners in Little India and the Indian wedding shops near my home for them but no luck. I must confess, I did go to India for these ribbons. I haven't stopped looking for them here though :).

By the way, these pillows will not go to the palace yet.

Helene, I agree with you on Rosanna's pillows. These ribbons may be beautiful but they are after all made by needle looms i.e machines. Hers are made with her own hands and that's why they are even more amazing. Its like comparing humans with robots. Not the same :)

Liberty Biberty said...

The cushions look spectacular!

Sans said...

Katie, THANK YOU :). I think you and I scour for bargains the same way ..lol! I hope to have your eye for detecting "mini-wannabes" from objects that don't look "miniable" at all!

I am trying to figure out how to share a movie with you that I think you will like. And yes, I am very sure, your box of goodies will be nothing but GOODies! lol

dora said...

Son una maravilla, que suerte que ha encontrado todos estos tejidos adaptables a la escala 1/12. Me ha dejado con la boca abierta, le ha quedado precioso.

Sans said...

Cindy, thank you for trying to lengthen my leg but you better hold on to both. LOL, although at the rate I finished dawdling in the Army 1/2 marathon (almost 3 1/2 hours!!! Last 6% of the entire participants!) you'll probably run faster than me ..lol. Better yet, just bring your passport and rupees and India, here we come!

Sumaiya, bet your in laws or family can get you some of these?

Mercedes, I think yours are spectacular too!

Sans said...

Carmen, when I saw the pattern on the ribbons, I was so happy because they were already to scale. So I bought all the different colours that I can find..lol! I am very greedy and now I want more !!

Carmen, cuando vi las el diseño de las cintas , yo estaba tan feliz porque adaptables a la escala 1/12. Así que compré todos los diferentes colores que puedo encontrar .. lol! Estoy muy codicioso y ahora quiero más!

Eva said...

those pillows look great!!

Sans said...

Muchas Gracias, Eva. Gracias a todos los materiales!

dora said...

That I love everything you do.
Came by my blog Awards, I have one thing for you.
Kisses Carmen

Sans said...

Thank you Carmen :). Is it the Premios blog and is it the "One Lovely Blog Award?" You did not list the names LOL!

Ara said...

How beautiful and colorful!! I would be so scared to cut up that gorgeous ribbon but of course you turned it into something wonderful!!! Such a genious idea not to have furniture! my house is over run with furniture and I remember how roomy it looked before we moved in - haha!!

Sans said...

Oh trust me, Ara, I was very scared to cut up the ribbons. It has taken me 6 months before I summoned enough courage :).

Even without that many furniture, I am quite sure my little houses will be just as crowded.LOL

Mussa said...

I love your blog, you have a lot of very beautiful things!

Sans said...

Thank you Mussa. I have just checked the links (1/2) that you put up for the tutorials on your blog and so far those are truly wonderful links. I have not seen those sites before :). You have put in a lot of effort so thank you again.

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