Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day 86- Honest sCrap Award

When I was in Bangkok, Jayne gave me the Honest Scrap Award which I seriously read as the Honest Crap Award.

Jayne's post was really funny and that last bit about her on the toilet when she felt the earth moved was probably why I thought this award is about Honest Crap.

The rule is to reveal 10 honest things that people don't know about me so here they are:

I was on the cover of an obscure magazine called Accent. The date is on the cover. Yep, it was a long long time ago. This magazine was so obscure, no one I know had read it or even heard of it except my ex-boss, (magazine was for some Visa Gold Membership Club, I think) who passed me this issue. I tore out the cover, put it in a nice frame and it has been sitting on my bedside table for the last 20 years. Happy anniversary, Cover!

The picture was taken when I was a '60s cabaret girl (chorus) in a musical called "Beauty World" . It was a big deal because this was the 1st musical in Singapore . I believe the picture was taken during a performance, so no, I didn't pose for it. Back then, none of the actors were acting full time because it didn't pay enough. I got S$300, I think, for the whole run which lasted 2-3 months including rehearsals. There were 4 re-runs between 1988-1998 and I was in everyone. We toured 4 cities in Japan in 1992.

I could dance but not sing. My audition song was Karen Carpenter's "A Song For You", which I practised a million times. I got the role because they did not have enough dancers.

As you can see, I am not Indian. Nor am I from India. I am a Singaporean Chinese.

I was 24 in that picture. Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror without my glasses, I fancy I still look that way. But then I can also look like a shabby grandma in paparazi shots (ie photos of me taken when I was unaware). I guess I have a versatile face, depending on your eyesight.

I skipped my own "engagement" party when I was 27. Today, my "fiance", who now has a steady boyfriend, and I still laugh about it. He was also in "Beauty World" with me.

I have never wanted to be in the entertainment or story telling business. Before the start of this blog, the last time I wrote stories for leisure (and they were all tragedies) was when I was 13 or 14.

Unlike most of my "cabaret" friends, I have never liked miniatures as home decor items because I thought they were tacky. I still feel the same way. Yet I now own thousands of them, sigh...

A year ago, I found out that my nephew ,who got into law school and is now in the top 10 percentile, has ever only read "Bambi". Since then, I only read children's stories (and the covers of Visa magazine) but no, I have not read any of the Harry Potter's.

And lastly, I don't like talking about myself. And I bet you didn't even know that!

And now, for those of you below, this one's for you (this one is hard so do as you please with it):

Texas Belle of Myrtlewood Manor, Rosanna of la casa rossa, Mary of Miz Mary's Minis, Jean Day of Jean Day Miniatures and Mdm Ang.


rosanna said...

OMG, Sans how could you do it to me!!I shall think seriously about it... well, not too seriously, big hugs

Ara said...

Sans, so great to learn a few more things about you!! Great magazine cover too! I think I have one of those versatile face too... i never look the same in any photograph (according to me) -ara

Mary said...

I second Rosanna's comment. OMGosh what I am going to do with this one?! We shall see :)

Snowfern said...

Sans, i didn't know that about you :O i thought you are younger than i am > <

apologies for my disrespect :O

Beautyworld, cha cha cha!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Like Cindy, I thought you are my age! :D ... I guess all of us dollhouse fans are stuck at 7 years old! :D

Liberty Biberty said...

Well, well, well...what a fabulous picture!
Your real life sounds like one of your fantastic stories, lol!

Katie said...

You just keep getting more and more interesting!!! I LOVE that magazine cover of you! How awesome is that! I'd have it framed, too!!! Your stunning Sans!! :)

Texas Belle said...

What a great picture of you! The guy whose knee you're perched on has "crazy eyes," lol!

You mentioned that your nephew is in law school. Do you by chance also do something legal-related? Just a feeling I have . . . .

Eva said...

Wow! Nice to mmet you Susan...:)
Great cover

Sans said...

You all have been too sweet. I took a very long time with this one. I never thought I would end up revealing so much! In fact, I was rather determined not to.

Very few of my friends have seen this cover since it is in my bedroom and I hardly talked about it. It's just a nice pic to frame and display. I have a Times magazine flyer with my name on the cover (very clever advertising gimmick). I framed that one too ..haha.

Belle, I have already given 10 truths, so no more revelations. *giggles. Will you play too? I hope so. :) but no pressure.

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