Saturday, 10 January 2009

Day 16-Going To India!

WOOHOO INDIA HERE I COME! In the most delirious spur of the moment way, I made a mad decision to tag along with SuZ to the Fashion Fair in Gurgaon. Free hotel stay- courtesy of SuZ's suppliers. And remember Mustapha, the Indian Mall with everything? Well, they have a 24 hour travel service and I was there at 3am this morning applying for my VISA to glorious India.

(Pic above is Humayun's tomb in Delhi-striking resemblance to my palace? I think so too)

A 4 day trip in the week just before Chinese New Year so that we can be back in the nick of time (same day) for Xander's "Full Month" party and the reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve.

It will be Delhi-Gurgaon-Delhi-Agra-Delhi.

Pic on left titled "Delhi Durbar Art"

Although Gurgaon was a very important Hindhu mythical city, it being the ancestral village of the Guru in Mahabharata, it is today the "Mall Capital" of India. Please, the prospect of browsing the windows of Chanels & Guccis holds no thrill for me. it is Delhi and that one full day at Agra -Taj Mahal that I am really looking forward to.

If I have the time and funds, I will have loved a 7 day ride on the "Palace on Wheels". It is apparently a super lux tour a la Orient Express on a train with 14 carriages. The original carriages when they 1st started in 1982 were in fact the ones owned by various Maharajahs but alas, they have since been replaced as they have become too old and worn. This train tour brings you to the various forts and palaces in Rajasthan. The train may not look very impressive (see below for my understatement) but there were some good reviews about it being a quick (but oh so costly!!) glimpse into the opulent world I am trying to build.

THE OTHER THING I am really excited about is roaming the Delhi bazaars and meeting Sangeetha, a rather talented and industrious designer whom SuZ is working with for Lifebaby. She will hopefully point me to where these exquisite jaquard ribbons and indian laces can be found. Here are some samples I borrowed from Lifebaby's treasure chest, embroidered and handwoven for our pleasure:

Hopefully, I can find my builders in Delhi as well... are you beginning to wonder if my palace will ever be built? Have no doubt, It WILL happen.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

These ribbons will make wonderful wall borders. You could probably use thick brocade to create the wallpaper, and use ribbons for borders.

When in India, look for miniature musical instruments like the "harmonium" and "tabla" in miniature size.

Have a fun trip...can't wait to see what you bring from your trip.


San said...

Thank you for your suggestions Sumaiya.

Yes, the ribbons will be so great for my palace walls. Would have started making some cushions too if not for the fact that the ribbons are not mine.

I do hope I can find good miniature musical instruments in Delhi cos the ones in Singapore are not to scale and quite badly made from the 1 shop I found in Little India.

Anything you looking for that I can help you with while I am there?

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