Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 401 & 402- Experimenting Rust

I had a gaudy tree I badly wanted to love but I just couldn't because it was so shiny and tacky and gold. Helpless and desperate, I looked up at the sky and shook my fist at the sun,  gold and shiny as my tree, and I shouted Help Me! 

In the blinding glare and giddy from the heat, I swear I saw Mother Nature smiled at me. Alright, my child, I heard her raspy voice sang, slightly out of tune, I will see what I can doobedoobedoooo.

But there are some things you will have to doobedoobedoo 1st, she continued in a terrible falsetto, before our collaboration starts. 

First you must tie a yellow ribbon of iron round the gold *oops tree, then you must sprinkle a spoonful of copper on the leaves to make the medicine go down, ow, ow. After that,  you can leave it walking on sunshine, woh-oh. 

I was over the moon. Who cares if our collaboration was born, Mother Nature and me, out of the worst medley of songs ever. I knew then that this tree would be covered in patinas of nature and I might just finally love it .

I went to lie down after that conversation with Mother N, my head still throbbing and my heart thumping. I didn't sleep easy although my real mama claimed I snored. 

I tried to tell her I wasn't snoring. It was this rusty tree I kept seeing in my dreams, mama. It had real roses growing on it and it looked crazy scary. I wasn't snoring, mama, I was SNORTING. I was snorting at what a nap mare that tree was!


The Old Maid said...

Such a pretty work, dear Sam! Good you listen to Mother Nature! ;) I really love the tree with roses. Unique and beautiful!
Hugs and kisses

Eliana said...

Mother Nature knows what she says. It is appropriate always listen to her. Even with a bad soundtrack.
I can see how well that worked out this weird equation: Mother Nature + little crazy dreamy girl = Perfection!
Beautiful work!

Emanuela Valenza said...

Cara Sans,Un bel binomio tra madre natura e te, avete realizzato un albero stupendo!

BiWuBär said...

"Hey, Soul Sister", you can truly say "I did it my way" of course "with a little help of" not "Ma Baker" but Ma Nature. And now "(Rust) is all around here" and I can truly say "What a difference a (rust) makes". And if you'll "listen to your heart" carefully you can hear the "beautiful noise" of that beautiful tree whispering its song: "Dream a little dream of me". And if I was allowed just one more attempt in ABBAdooooing then I would say "Gimme gimme gimme some rust after midnight". Yes, bad soundtrack, great result! ;O)


Daydreamer said...

Oh Dear, I LOVE your little "Nap Mare" tree!!! Even before the roses are rusted to death! You must Always listen to Mother Nature... no matter how crazy she sounds... she knows what she is talking about and can make ANYTHING happen! And knowing how Quickly Real Live Roses wither and "Rust"... I am eternally trying to hold their beautiful blossoms Preserved in Time....But even the Painted ones Age and change with Time! Yes, you are Truly Collaborating with Mother Nature... she who Makes and Destroys ALL things!!!
I want to see more of your Beautiful Studio Creations!!!

Sans! said...

Hmmm Ewalina, as usual, you are way too kind. I was rather uninspired after the butterfly sculpture. The only thing I knew I wanted to do with this second one was to use rust as a concept.

When I showed SuZ my sis the tree with the roses, she was lukewarm about it and all of a sudden it stopped being acceptable and became a "nap mare".

Just wanted to know if anyone here thought the same. :) I am sure my friends would be too polite to say how they really feel so gals,common, don't worry, go ahead and throw your eggs, tomatoes or mud..

Sans! said...

Hahaha, I just thought of an idea! Maybe I should also stick broken eggs, squashed tomatoes on the tree. I have already got mud...hehe. :)

Yes, Eliana, the only thing spot on about your equation is CRAZY! :):)

Sans! said...

Ahhhhhh Manu, questo non è un albero bellissimo, è un incubo! :) :) Ma ancora grazie :)

Sans! said...

Hahahahahhahaa, Birgit! You WIN! You are the true ABBA Queen.

Confession, I was a little tipsy from some beer and wine on an empty stomach when I started this post. I don't know how it ended up with Ma Nature singing a little Desafinado :) because I really didn't know how to weave this one.

I am pretty sure my subconscious mind went back to our sing-a-long of Abba songs and I came up with this medley thing :).

But great result, hmmmm, nahhhh, I don't like this tree anymore than I did when it was tacky and shiny and gold.

Sans! said...

Betsy, do you have a crystal ball? Is that how you can see the future of this post which has now become the past but which remains the future because I have not posted it yet? Did that sound confusing?

Confession: that's how the engineering bits of your posts sound to me sometime BUT it is not you, it is definitely ME. You know how some people's mind shut down when it comes to Math? Mine is engineering.

I really hope you will come and see more :) because you have the most wonderful way of saying something should be changed without throwing the mud or the eggs or the tomatoes. :)

I am really beginning to like this "mud slinging concept" . Hah! I see another project for "When-I-am-in-my-studio Hour" :).

Lotti said...

The little tree is so nice. A very good idea. I really like it.

Lotti :0)

Eva said...

Magnífico contraste. Un saludo, Eva

Lucille said...

It's a cute little tree, especially embellished with the roses. You have such a wonderful imagination, Sans!

rosanna said...

Dearie, may I say that I don't like the roses at all?
I like the tree and I agree that it is way better rusty than it might have been "gold", but the roses...too much of them.
Said that I always love your imagination :o))) and I envy your mini making: I am not doing ANYTHING! but yesterday night I had a moonlight sea bath...the water was lukewarm and the sky was so blue... I hope that mini worls will forgive me :o)
Hugs, Ro

Sans! said...

Lotti, if you click through the link, you can see the original tree. :) Bought it at a cheap accessories store :)

Sans! said...

Gracias, Eva :):)

Sans! said...

Lucille, I am afraid I was rather uninspired ..teehee but thank you , my dear, you do say such sweet things :). I really hope that you like the follow up better.

Sans! said...

:):)YES! I so agree with you on the roses. :) It was quite lazy of me and I wanted to use up some roses that broke from the stems. teehee.

Ro, I am IN LOVE with my latest exercise class!!!! ZUMBAAAAAAAA!

OMG, I think I may have found the 1 exercise I want to do for the rest of my life :):). No matter how tired I am from the day's work, once the music is on, my body just naturally starts to gyrate..hahahah! It's also Latino music. Shikes, I love them all but I wish I understand what they are singing.

So I am busy too and like you, a good kind of off-mini world busy.You are looking so energised and spirited and every bit like the athlete that you truly are. So of course the mini worlds must bear no grudges against that. We cheer you and urge you never to let that part of your life go! :):):)

Liduina said...

Dear Sans, with the guidance and endless wisdom of Mother Nature you learned to love your tree.No doubt part of Mother Nature is in you, for the tree has indeed become lovable :-)
Thanks for your kind words on my latest post and please don't feel obliged to comment every time I post something: just like you I follow many blogs and sometimes it simply isn't possible to leave a comment due to lack of time (or energy). Hugs, Liduina

Elizabeth S said...

Tee hee!... What a pretty little tree you have dreamed up, Sans! Sewn with the seeds of songs and Grown in that fertile mind of yours. Bearing the flowers which 'Rose' from Your creative genius. I Likey, a Lot!


contar said...

la historia de su árbol es tan preciosa como el resultado
un abrazo

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