Saturday, 11 May 2013

Borneo International Marathon 2013

City Mosque, Kota Kinabalu , part of the race route

I have been away from blog land because I have been away in Borneo from 2nd -9th May 2013. This was a trip planned since our last Borneo run. I had spoken longingly of seeing Sipadan, a destination on my bucket list. 3 out of 4 of us were really keen to register for the Borneo run one last time this year and then to fly over to Sipadan straight after the run. Although Doc did not join us, a new member, CaRy did and so did MarG. 

Borneo International Marathon 2013 did not happen as scheduled. 1st, it fell on the same day as the Election Day of Malaysia, which was called just 3 weeks before the election when the run was planned many months before. At first, the organisers managed to persuade the authorities to allow the race to go on but pushed to an earlier time like midnight, 5th May 2013. There were many Malaysians who wanted to vote as this was to be a watershed election. They would have to of course return to their home states to vote.

Just one day before we were due to leave however, we received an email to inform us that the race has ben cancelled. There were talks that it was because of  the reported missing 700 explosive items from a quarry. Fearing the repeat of the Boston Marathon this year, the police advised the organisers to cancel the run and they had to.

Since we had already made all preparations for the trip, we decided to go anyway. 

And we did run, an informal race where about 100 over of the runners turned up late at night to fulfill their intended full or half marathon. The unrelenting spirit of the runners enervated the organisers, many of whom turned volunteers, offering their vehicles as make shift drink stations, the sight of which spurred the runners even more.  The sea breeze and the coastal route, the magnificent university campus and the grandeur of the City Mosque made me run like I could run forever. And we did, all of us completed the route and ran till well over midnight. It was to me, the best kind of race to run. 


contar said...

admiro su espíritu, y como supera las dificultades, aunque corrieron ustedes un riesgo real.
la felicito por hacerlo.
un abrazo

I admire your spirit, and how to overcome difficulties, but you ran a real risk.
I congratulate you on it.
a hug

The Old Maid said...

I thought you must had been away as you went quiet for sometime, dear Sam! I am sorry to hear about official marathon but I think this way of running must have been a joy and even bigger fun for you.:) Guess it also must have given all the runners the sense of unity.:)
Good you all went there anyway.:)
Hugs and kisses

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Sans! Good on you! Life often throws us curve balls but you didn't let the possibilities of disaster deter you and your objective. YOU rose to the challenge and you completed your course! You are amazing.


CWPoppets said...

Oh, what a shame. It would have been a great event I'm sure. But I like the idea of making still something out of it.
Life is getting difficult. Or maybe it's just me getting older. I don't know.

BiWuBär said...

It's always good to hear from you! That's kind of a pity they had to cancel the race although they've had of course very good reasons. Safety always goes first. But it was great you traveled and above all ran anyway... and I bet this was in a way better than it would have been in the official race. Those spontanous things are always the best, bringing people together and creating life-long memories. It's only sad for the medal, I remember the one last year with that gorgeous ape with the teenytiny nose on it... *grin*


Daydreamer said...

Hooray Sans! I echo the others who feel that your running anyway in a spontaneous run was maybe even better than the organized race would have been!!! The energy and commitment and the running just "because you feel you have to" are the true reasons to run! I am glad you went on your trip anyway and that it was such a beautiful place to run. (But I am glad your run is over now and you can get back to the REAL Important part of life... namely minis and blogland! :):))

Drora's minimundo said...

So you did run afterall and that's as good as a race and safer. Bravo!
What a beautiful serene corner of the world the city mosque is. I love this photo.
Welcome back to blogland.
Hugs, Drora

Plushpussycat said...

How exciting! Thanks for sharing your story with us. What a thrill! xo Jennifer

Sans! said...


Sans! said...

Ewalina, May is such a hot month and the heat always makes me a little lethargic. So my mind is still in Borneo where we went snokelling in one of the most beautiful marine worlds :).

Ahhh that and a can of coke zero. I think I am very addicted to coke zero :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Elizabeth :). It's not that amazing, really. The endorphin is well worth it :). Making minis is more challenging :)

Sans! said...

Christine, life is getting crazier and the cruelty unfathomable. I am so thankful for boring days when nothing much happens :). Maybe that's why we retreat to our small worlds.

Sans! said...

You are once again spot on, Birgit. We didn't get any medal this year but I have a box full of them and I will just throw this one in there with the rest. It is cute isn't it, the proboscis monkey?

One day, if i ever get a finisher medal with a bear in it, I am going to gift it to Fluby :).

Sans! said...

Haha Bets, I am afraid my mini mojo has gone to sleep for a while. I am so sorry but I can't seem to summon enough energy to do anything mini. The working life is putting a spanner in the works as well. Can't seem to have both lives co-exist harmoniously. Like the giveaway for instance. I have to hold back until I find that thing (apart from the sunflowers) I want to gift my friends. Afraid this simple giveaway is going to take as long as the last one :). Hoping for everyone to understand. :):)

Sans! said...

Drora, I am afraid I may bore everyone with even more holiday pictures. But Borneo 2013 is probably THE trip of the year for me :). Hope to share why soon.

Sans! said...

Glad you are here, Jen :)

Kikka said...

Wow Sans! Congrats!
You did it! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! :)

Piikko said...

Well done girl! Congratulation to the winner of the world! HUG!!!

Ascension said...

Una buena iniciativa, no me extraña que disfrutases de esa especial carrera.
Enhorabuena, eres una campeona!!!!
besitos ascension

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Me alegra saber Susan que pudiste correr, a pesar de esas trabas y lo mejor que ya estés de vuelta y satisfecha.
Te mando un beso muy grande.

Lucille said...

Hi Sans! You are one courageous and persistent lady! Most admirable traits! Thank you for that lovely photo!

Sans! said...

Thank you , Kikka, Piikko (hehe..winner of the world indeed :)) and Lucille.

The good thing about sports is the training of one's discipline and perseverance. Long distance running especially. I think I use the same doggedness in running to help me overcome life's difficulties. :)

Sans! said...

Eva y Ascensión, gracias por el aliento. Fue un descanso maravilloso, pero también estoy feliz de estar de vuelta. Ahora espero mi inspiración para hacer minis como me parece que he perdido!

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