Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 315, 34something and 394- Birgit's Cards

Inside of a card from Birgit received sometime in August 2012

Befriending Birgit is like befriending one of the most  popular girls in school except she is one of those really rare popular girls who are ultra nice. Few who knew her could resist her charm and if you had read her comments, you would understand why. Her special gift is her words; encouraging, witty and always sincere; words she unfailingly leaves with many of the blogs she follows. And she follows many. 

Gift from Birgit when I visited her last year

Birgit recently commented in my blogpost about the handmade gift I did for my 80 year old friend. She wrote about how she often personalised and handmade her cards. She added that she was surprised how appreciative one recipient of those cards were.

Well, Birgit, I was one of those lucky recipients and today, I want to show everyone here how you must not be surprise at all why we love your cards.

Assortment of colourful beads and findings from you during Europe 2012

This was the peacock-centric parcel you gave me because peacocks often remind you of me. Not only did you give me a peacock envelop, you made little peacock cards for me to use in my projects.

Inside the card was a little plastic bag holding 2 peacock China plates. 

You said they made you think of me immediately and you just had to buy them for me. Of course, you didn't forget that I love marzipan and accompanying the card and the gifts, was a box of the best marzipan in the world, the Niederegger Marzipan.

Almost exactly one year after my visit, you gave me another box of Niederegger Marzipan and a load of woodcuts that looked like they were made for my abandoned house. You said in your card this time that you just felt like sending me a gift because it's the one year anniversary of Europe 2012. 

That, my friend is the Birgit we have all come to love. Beyond the gifts and cards, her generosity to spend time on our blogs with loving comments, there's that consideration she extends to all her friends, that assurance from her that somewhere out there, we have a friend who is thinking of us. 

We, the recipients of her cards, are we not the lucky ones? 


The Old Maid said...

You said it all about Brigit, dear Sam. I am still ashamed as she - just like you - sent me Christmas package while I still don't have the time - not to mention ideas,lol - to send something nice to both of you... Shame on me!
Love you both Ladies!
Hugs and kisses

Maria Ireland said...

I also feel very lucky to call Birgit a special friend. I agree with all you said of her she is a wonderful lady. Your gifts are all very beautiful. I love the peacock items.
Hugs Maria

Plushpussycat said...

Everything you say is so true, Sans! We are all so lucky to have such a good friend in Birgit! Her comments mean the world to me. There is a depth there that is so refreshing. She's always kind with her words, she tells such fun stories, and her gifts and handmade cards are precious. I have a special card from her that has an honored position near my computer, where I see it all the time. It's a lovely reminder of the special person who made it. :-) xo Jennifer

Ilona said...

This blog post says all about Birgit! I totally agree with you, Sans!, she is a very special lady, who always has warm hearted words for each of us! She deserves your compliments, no doubt!
Like many of us I am glad I can say Birgit is my friend too.
Her cards are specially made for us, I cherish them in a special cards book. In the meanwhile I secretly take a piece of my beloved marzipan, taste it and think of her ;)!
Enjoy her lovely gifts, Sans!
Hugs, Ilona

Liduina said...

Hi Sans, I am not really sure I have already "met" Birgit on Blogspot but you have a very kind, caring and generous friend in her indeed. Your post shows it all.
In return, I think you are a good and loyal friend to her as well. I am so happy for you both. I hope you will enjoy this friendship for a very long time ahead. Friendships make life very rich.
Hugs, Liduina.

Drora's minimundo said...

Yes, I agree with every word you wrote about Birgit. I love her wit, first thing I look for is her comment, not only on my blog but in other blogs we both follow. It always leaves me with a smile. Birgit is kind, generous and and warm as well as a wonderful artist. Her stories are fun to read.
Enjoy and cherish you lovely gifts.
Hugs, Drora

rosanna said...

You are absolutely right and I am absolutely ashamed of myself for not having written anything even close to this post of yours.
Birgit IS a very special person.
Whenever I think of her I feel calmer and better (this at least I told her) and I do often think of her.
She is warm and nice and generous, one of loveliest people I have ever met.
Thank you Sans for this words about her and thank you Birgit for being the special woman that you truly are.

Norma said...

What am amazing array of goodies, and the cards are truly superb. You are not only lucky to have a special friend in Birgit, but a friend with such taste and talent is also a rare find, you are truly blessed on both counts.

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! Your words are so True! Even though I have not met Birgit in person... or even in "Bearson" :) (That's for you, Birgit!) I feel the warmth and kindness of her in all her comments and the stories she tells and of course, in the Little "Bearsons" she brings forth with her imagination and her needle! You are lucky to have visited with her and so many of us are lucky to have her visit us on our blogs! I agree with Drora, her comments are always so witty and warming! It is not at all surprising that her gifts are so thoughtful and generous!!! But we all know, Sans!, that YOU bring out the BEST in so many of us!!!

Eliana said...

Birgit is really a lovely lady. =)

Fabiola said...

Birgit is a beautiful person, very very kind and sympathetic.
Beautiful gifts and purchases.
Bye, Faby

BiWuBär said...


Thank you very much, ladies, from the bottom of my heart for all these kind words. I'm sitting here with a bad case of flu at the moment with my head full of filthy rotten slime - reading this post and all those comments was the best medicine I could get! ;O) The truth is I am blessed with all my blogfriends who share their beautiful work with me and inspiring me in many, many ways!


Lucille said...

Lovely gifts from a lovely friend! You are both blessed to have found one another. A true friend is such a precious treasure!

contar said...

es lo que me gusto desde un principio de este mundo de miniaturas, que se encuentra gente asi como su amiga, que uno no pensaba que quedaban en el mundo.
un abrazo

Sans! said...

(((((((((((( Birgit )))))))))))))))

*achoo! Guess I have caught the virtual cold from you :).

I am sorry to hear that you are down with a dreaded flu. Pick a Spring day to bug you, that darn flu !

I am glad though that this post came at just the right time for you and did managed to cheer you up.

You have many fans, my dear and many friends :)

Ascension said...

Hoal Susan
Estoy de acuerdo contigo en todo lo referente a Birgit.
Es una de las personas mas generosas y cariñosas que he encontrado en la globosfera.
Siempre esta cuando la necesitas y ademas estoy enamorada de sus trabajos.
Enhorabuena por todos esos preciosos regalos que has recibido.
besitos ascension

Virginia Isabel CoMa said...

Cuantas cosas mas bonitas has comprado. Ahora a ver lo que haces con ellas.

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