Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day 286- 287 Sewing Kit

I believe I acquire the love for gadgets and gizmos from my dad. In some ways, I am even more of a gadget fiend than he is because I buy them even when I don't understand them. Like these sewing gizmos I purchased on 4th November 2011 at the Golden Dragon Store, possibly Singapore's oldest haberdashery. Manufactured by Clover, these accessories were part of their Antique Range and I bought almost every item available that day, even the completely useless ones, just because they were too pretty to resist...

or maybe not, like this one for instance.

It looks like a weapon, doesn't it? A finger duster?

It is actually a thread cutter ring and is supposed to make cutting thread easy. 
Verdict: 100 points for cool factor but 50 for convenience-
easier to use a pair of scissors or your teeth.

About this one that looks like an iron mask, I have a secret to confess. I had never really understood thimble and how it was used until a month ago and this was after I had started stitching for 2 over years. As far as I was concerned, thimbles were vases for dollhouses.

It was only after I had started on the 32 count canvas, broken about a dozen needles and suffered from really sore thumbs that I appreciated thimbles.  Now I wear three of them when I sew. 

This one I bought without knowing what it was for. 

I only found out it was a threader after I reached home and looked at the cover carefully. It is way too big for petite point needles and is therefore completely useless to me. In any case, I have never used a threader because I don't need it. Yet. 

If you think this one is a pin cushion (the red part), then you and I think alike

but we are wrong. 
This is a needle sharpener and polisher.
It is no use for cleaning rusty needles though.

Can you guess what the bigger thimble is for?

Yes, that is a pencil sharpener

and they are for sharpening these.

I went shopping at Golden Dragon Store because I started stitching again on 28 Oct 2011. This carpet was started on 3 February this year and it was so difficult I stopped for more than 8 months. I also made a mistake (as usual) with the count and had to undo the stitches at the border. It is the hardest carpet that I have done to date because I used 4 threads for a 32 count canvas and I am going blind trying to find the holes. 

This is where I am now, going very, very slowly. 

You know what they say about how a bad workman blames his tools?

For me, it is a case of a bad workman needing many tools, the fancier the better.

So I say, indulge, my dear friends,when you can. Spoil yourselves with pretty tools especially if they can make you pick up where you left off and love what you do again. And now, for some late night stitching.


Rosamargarita said...

Son auténticos tesoros Sans! unas antigüedades maravillosas, tu alfombra luce muy al estilo del palacio, no importa que tardes, será un gran trabajo

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I love your new tools!
The thread cutter ring looks really handy to me. I too love gadgets and am always looking for the perfect tool :)


Kikka said...

Sans: I must say I also Love your Collection of beautiful and rare (I haven`t seen them before) tools!
They look very interesting in shape and color. Just adorable!

cockerina said...

your tools are really quite fascinating, shame are useless ... about the "threading needles", well you're lucky! I do not even see the needle, without my precious red glasses! ha ha!
the piece that I prefer is the sharpener for the needles, but be careful not to prick your finger!

The Old Maid said...

I love the whole collection of the sewing kit you bought, deas Sans! They are actually really charming!
And for stiching this carpet I am left with growing admiration for your patience and skills. I don't think I will ever even want to stich a carpet myself. I'd better buy ready one at once. LOL! Have a good night sleep dear!
Sent you and email by the way...;)

dale's dreams said...

Sans! What wonderful little gadgets you have acquired there. My mom was a real gadget hound, I'm on the simpler side and just need needle, thread and scissors. ;)

That rug seems to be quite the under taking. It looks fairly large, how big is it? I'm sure it will be gorgeous when you are finished with it. :)

I didn't forget, I owe you an email! :)

Ara said...

Beautiful items!! I think I would have bought them too! That carpet is going to be amazing but I would go blind too.... and deaf from all of my own screaming. That's why I stick with wood mostly! I can't wait to see it finished! hugs, ara

rosanna said...

Hi dearie, love everything you bought! I cannot resist to scissors but your needles sharpener wins my heart. Although I have to say that the Japanese needles I bought at Mustafa are wonderful!! veeeeery veeeery thin and sharp and yet with a wide eye; just perfect!
I was so glad to find a new post, I was already thinking of you buried in work stuff.
Hugs Rosanna
BTW tonight I finished my stuff for KDF !!!! happy dancing, now 10 days of holiday are ahead of me :o))

carmen said...

que objetos tan increibles, me fascinan...

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat said...

Fun post, Sans! I like your Aum ring and that cute monkey-like critter on your bed! I know what you mean about tools. I think having them gives me confidence! :-) When I started sewing again after many years, I bought every notion I could find. Unfortunately, I haven't ever used half of them! ;-)

BiWuBär said...

Thank you very much for this guided tour in the fascinating world of sewing gadgets. A needle sharpener! I would never have guessed something like that could exist (LOL). And I agree with you, I think of a vase when I see a thimble. This cutting ring is spectacular, I've seen a report on TV about orange harvest in Sicily - and they used similiar finger cutters for cutting the oranges off. But cutting thread with these doesn't sound comfortable to me, what should I do with the saved time I usually spend searching my scissors! Happy stitching to you!


CWPoppets said...

Lol, very funny!
I have never in my life seen a needle sharpener. Interesting.
And just last month I gave up on a stitching project. After 15 month of struggling with it I gave up and put it in the last corner of my studio. Now I've started a fresh project.
Wish you more success with yours! It will look very grand when finished.
Happy stitching!

GB said...

I bow to you Sans, for taking up such an arduous task--that carpet looks divine!

And am soooooooo envious of your marvelous little collection of tools. btw, I got the tool admiration/collection gene from my dad too.

And, I love your bed/diwan/couch?--those are some interesting pillows you have up there!
Hello raggedy black bunny and baby-in-a-hat.

Sans! said...

Rosam, espero que se complete la alfombra para el próximo año. He estado tan ocupado en el trabajo que no he cosido nada por una semana! Todo el mundo está soñando con la Navidad, pero he estado soñando con trabajar a tiempo completo minis:)

Los accesorios de costura no son auténticas antigüedades:). Estoy seguro de que eso ya lo sabes.


Sans! said...

Victoria, have you found your perfect tool? :) Maybe it's just a myth heh!

I break even the hardiest of tools when I sew. Scissors, needles of course and even frames! Can you believe that?

Sans! said...

Kikky, although I love vintage stuff, when it comes to tools , I like them made in the old style but with modern features..haha. I am not a purist , convenience still rank high for me.

One exception is pretty. As you can see, I buy pretty tools even if they are quite useless.

Sans! said...

Pricking my finger is almost certain when I sew, Caterina! :)

Sans! said...

Ewa, I am sorry that I have only just read your email a few days ago. My inbox has 2-3000 emails just for this blog and I have not have time to go through them. After the 30th, I swear or maybe when I am in Kuala Lumpur. I will be there for a few days in Dec.

I can't afford to buy a mini carpet, Ewa, that's why I picked up stitching. True story! A mini one is as expensive as a real life Persian carpet, some even more so. Although the machine made one is good too. I have a few of those. They are a very nice substitute. But I like stitching :) and if I do them small enough, they really do feel like kilims.

Sans! said...

Dale, the rug will be about 6" (15cm) by 3 1/2" (8.5cm) when complete. It will be my smallest :) and will fit quite nicely at the front of a room.

Do you remember how I have carpets all over in my real house ? My dolls must have them too :).

Sans! said...

Hahahahaha, Ara, you are funny!

Stitching makes you very calm. That's why I like it. Under any other circumstances, I will be spewing foul words a 1000 a minute but when I stitch, the only 4 letter word I use is "dear". I may go "dear, dear, I made a mistake , again , for the 200th time" or "dear me , where's that hole?" I am a lady when I sew.

At least in my head :). teehee

Sans! said...

I am buried, buried, buried, Rosanna! And super stressed!!!! Quick , give me a virtual hug! :)

This post is buried behind my 2 other posts because I started it (just the title on the 5th) . I am too lazy to do anything about it. :)

I am super jealous of your 10 day holiday! But you have worked just as hard if not harder and deserve every single second of that break!

AND I want to hear allllllllllll about KDF. So does Cindy and Steph.

I have also read your email (the day I looked for Ewa's!) Super duper excited for you! Trying to find a time when I am not crazy busy to write you a nice email :).

Sans! said...

Estoy feliz de haber demostrado que estos accesorios para que usted, Carmen:) Me alegro de que os gusten!


Sans! said...

Jen, I got the ring at Rishikesh when I was at the ashram :). Haven't taken it off since.

I want Felix the cat and until I have it, this black rabbit (from Taiwan :) ) will have to do. I know you will like him!

And about notions, there is an incredible range of sewing knick knack , many of them looks like they belong in space!

Dale is right, all I really need is needle, threads and a pair of scissors :). A good light of course, and canvas and patterns and....

Sans! said...

Birgit, you can spend the saved time cutting oranges of course! Imagine having a tool at your finger that can cut everything and which you can wear everywhere! From your bed to the garden! Set some diamonds in that ring and you can even wear it to a fancy dinner and eat your steak with it! haha!

Do I sound like info-mercial?

Sans! said...

Christine, I am a little OCD . I can't start another stitching project without finishing the last one 1st. So I know I will finish this carpet eventually :).

I think carpet stitching is the most time consuming work when it comes to mini making. I am in awe of people who can finish a carpet in a matter of weeks. Secretly, I think they must be robots :) :)

Sans! said...

Heh Gagan!!! Bunny and Sheep say hi! That sheep is designed by a Hongkong artist, Carrie Chau. It's called the Black Sheep and it has different shoes on each leg!

As you may be able to tell by now, I have a soft spot for black soft toys :).

That's my bed by the way :)

rosanna said...

Dearie, I am not on real holiday. Actually I had to shout , I even shed atear, in order to have 2 days off for KDF. They didn't want to leave me !!! I have 3 monthe of holidays still to do and they made a riot for 2 day. I was so angry that I bursted out.
My holiday is NOT stitching ;o) I begun to be fed up !
Loveloads, Rosanna

halozero said...

Dad is not a gadget fiend. He is a compulsive shopper. It just so happens when the compulsion hits, he's usually around a gadget store.

I'm the gadget fiend. He probably gets that from me.

Lataina said...

Wow Sans, those are some truly great finds! =)

Sans! said...

Rosanna, I feel for you! Let me trot down to your office next year and give your boss a good talking to! No matter how much we love our work, we need our breaks!!!!And stop making me us feel guilty for wanting to do so! Arghhhhhh!

Pheeeeeoooh ...ok, I have let it out of my system ..heh heh!

Sans! said...

Thank you Iris!

Kikka said...

Sans my Friend: Thank you for so nice word, it is nice to know You are with me at the Fair... :)

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