Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 284- Piccola Posta delle India

13th October, I arrived at work,  after a sleep deprived 4 days in Bangkok,  to find this beautiful box on my desk. It was at once familiar and surprising. 

Familiar because I have seen this envelope before. How can I forget the Persian blue peacock sprawling in the background of handwriting that I see only in old documents these days? I  also remember how it made me pine for good old fashioned letters written entirely by hand. 

 I really did not expect a box of these letters to arrive right at my doorstep. How was it that she could read my mind? Maybe if you pine hard enough....these thoughts made me smile and for the rest of the day, I forgot to be grouchy from sleeplessness. 

The box came with two carpets which Flora printed. It was as if my letters flew here on these magic carpets. Air mail could not have been delivered in a more charming way.

Shall we rummage through the box 
and see what secrets await us? 

First, a trio of Ganesha postcards; so delightfully illustrated 
that they could only be meant for the young mistress of the house. 
She, who loves to write and who will surely treasure these for life. 

Here are more from places that our girl has yet to see. 

Destinations where love ones once stood 
at a particular spot in those places, 
had written to say they missed her, 
loved her 
and how they wished she was there too. 

One day, she too may stand at that spot 
write a similar card for another whom she love as much.

And look at these envelopes!
Do you know how precious these are? 

Not only are they pretty to look at,
they also serve as priceless records.

A reminder of where, who, when 
someone sent news, thoughts or gifts.

Something which might have made you smile
or cry 

or jump up and down in excitement, 
sometimes anger.

"And then there's the mail.

Old yellowed letters, written with pen and ink, stained with tears and rain....

words she used to express why she loved old mail and why 

"For a few pennies, I take home letters from people who do not know, 
who have lived their lives when I still did not exist 
and continue to live between the lines of their letters..."

Although Flora had created these lines for me in words that are foreign to us, I understood her meaning completely. Her gesture is a clear and unequivocal one of love. 

I can never thank her enough, not even with 1000 words.


I have not been able to write much since my return from Bangkok. Trust me, I have tried to, many times but the words won't flow from my fingers. Every line is an effort, each word a chore . The writing finally happened with this post on Flora's mail. Writing about writing letters, maybe that was what did the trick. Or maybe it is because I truly understand the significance of mail.  I never throw old letters away and believe it or not, I have kept each and every brown envelope that contain miniature gifts made for me. There were so many of you from all over the world who have shared my journey and made me smile, and I want never to forget who you are, where you are from and when you did what you did. 

Quite by chance, I found this video which I thought was really apt for this post. The song is called "Postcards from Italy" and I want to especially dedicate it to my dear friend, Flora, who is feeling really down with a bad flu that will not go away. So scroll up, my friends, switch off the darn music (which incidentally is the instrumental version of this song) and watch this instead.

The person who posted this video described it really well-  

"Two figures emerge from one and set out on their own journeys, coming together in the end"

Just like how we connect through our shared love for miniatures and the gifts for each other, don't you think? 


Margriet said...

What a beautiful gift from Flora!! I love the peacock.
I hope Flora feels better soon!
And I hope you will find your words again....but this post was a very lovely one!!! :-)
With love, Margriet

Drora's minimundo said...

What a wonderful gift from Flora. I hope your are well and wish Flora a quick recovery.
Hugs, Drora

Alexandra said...

Very beautiful.
What an incredibly beautiful treasure you have received from Flora.
I can imagine that you're happy with it.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures you have made.
So we can all enjoy.
kind regards,Alexandra

The Old Maid said...

Althought I joined her blog quite recently I've already noticed Flora makes very special miniatures, most of all because they are made of friendship:)And so are yours:)
Funny thing - again ;)- I also keep all the letters I got from Blog Friends but also the ones I was getting from my family when I was at high school in Wrocław;)Sentimental value is priceless;)
Hope you feel good enough to write posts again, dear Sans:) Can't wait to read your stories! And hope the trip to Bangkog was good?

Norma said...

Oh I can imagine how your heart would skip a beat when you opened that little package, it is truly magical. And made even more so because it came from such a special friend.

I can't access the video link at the moment but I'll try again later.

Flora said...

From you I have received so many surprises ... This was created so spontaneously and almost made ​​it alone :-)
Sorry to be so culturally distant from you, and do not know might be, and understand the best, all the poetry that always pervades your stories and your miniatures ...
But, slowly, I'm absorbing a little of that magic :-)
The video is stunning, thanks...
Mini hugs,
P.S. Now I just still coughing, so I think will survive :-)

carmen said...

bellísimo regalo y bellísimo post....Flora tiene razón,siempre hay algo de poesía en tu blog...

Maria Ireland said...

What a wonderful treasures you received. They are gorgeous. I hope you feel better soon. I also hope Flora is well again.
Hugs Maria

Ara said...

Beautiful postcards and lovely song! I hope your friend starts feeling better soon! hugs, ara

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

What a beautiful gift for a Beautiful friend.


BiWuBär said...

This is more a treasure- than a letter-box... what a beautiful gift. I bet most of us have such a box with souvenirs, old letters, postcards etc., don't we? I'm not able to throw things like that away, would be like erasing memories... - Sorry to hear about your writing difficulties, looks like you've overcome these with ease!


Rosamargarita said...

Querida Susan, recibir regalos es siempre una gran emoción, los regalos de Flora son doblemente emocionantes por su contenido y ser dedicados a ti.
Un fuerte abrazo

Lataina said...

Sans, how I love your gifts! They are absolutely precious and so very thoughtful. Enjoy! =)

Sans! said...

Dear Flora, I am so happy to see that you have visited; and within 3 hours after my publication of this post while I was sleeping too! :). You know sometimes that's the thing I look forward to the moment I wake up. Some people reach for their cigarettes while I look to see who came by my blog:).

It is strange that you felt a cultural distance. I have never felt that way when reading your posts and especially not when I read your response to my posts. And when you made things for my houses, I felt like you really understood , even without me saying so.

Thank you my friend , not just for the mail but also for bringing my writing back :).

GET WELL SOON and watch your postbox. :)

Sans! said...

Margriet, that peacock is a stunner, isn't it? How is it God make some creatures so beautiful they even look great with words scrawled across them?

It is so good to see you. I have been so remiss in blog visits, something I really enjoy doing too. I must go see if there are any updates in that market of yours and check on the poor guy with the very skinny arse. :)

Sans! said...

Drora, I have been suffering a little from October Blues. It seemed to happen in October of alternate year so far (teehee) where I get a little insecure. Perhaps it is the start of the the last quarter of the year...time to reassess. But I will be as good as new again. Then again, who wants to be new, not me. :) I like old, dusty and rusting to the core haha!

As for Flora, she is now only coughing she says :)

Sans! said...

Alexandra! So pleased to see you!

My camera can only make beauty when the subject matter is already beautiful.

Poor Flora ..her gifts to me are always so pretty whist mine to her are rusty and old :)

Sans! said...

Ewa, Bangkok was very good, especially JJ market. But the sleepless nights were hell. We shared an apartment, my 2 sisters, dad and me and Dad's snoring kept me awake. At one point , I felt like grabbing a pillow and suffocating my father..do you think I have father issues? teehee...I love my dad to bits but no more sharing apartment with him.

I knew I had writer's block when I tried to write about JJ. But come and see the pictures ok when I complete the post? I want to bring you window shopping there.

Sans! said...

Norma, you could not have described my reaction to seeing the mail any better. My heart did skip a beat. You know how when you became familiar with something distant and then that something appeared magically before you, the surprise and of course the pleasure doubled?

Go to this link at youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByMkYRT3AGI&feature=player_embedded to watch the video. I am in love with that song and the animation.

Sans! said...

Gracias Carmen para el gusto de mi mala poesía:)

Voy a visitar su blog nuevo. El último comentario me fui fue por la glorieta en una linterna. :)

Sans! said...

Maria Ireland :) I definitely felt better after this post. Thank you for asking.

Sans! said...

Ara! What have you been up to. I see you are on blogland again! YAY!

I will check on you soon at your blog!

Sans! said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, Victoria but did you mean to say beautiful gifts "from" (instead of "for") a beautiful friend?

It's ok. I accept your mistake ..teehee and graciously thank you for your compliments :)

Sans! said...

Birgit, not with ease at all! I almost felt like giving up on writing. I blame my dad of course. teehee

I love how you said throwing away things like this is like erasing memories. You are so right about everyone having a memory box. Even in this day and age, when a memory box is often associated with some hard drive in a computer, it is still a keepsake treasury and we want to decorate it with poetry and songs. I think the magic of the written words will never die.

Sans! said...

Rosamargarita, al igual que lo que pasa cuando yo la tuya recibir:). El pasado sábado, que estaba mostrando lo que me dio a mi amigo que también le gustaba tejer. Ella dice que usted me hizo una bolsa de macramé:)>

Sólo puedo hacer un post sobre sus regalos después de revelar un personaje más en este blog:). Usted también tiene que venir y leer más tarde.

Sans! said...

Lataina :). Long time no see. Sorry I haven't visited more, I will soon. I am not surprise that you love the mail. I can tell you are a romantic like Flora :).

Patty said...

Sans, Flora has sent you the most incredible gifts that are perfect for you! I really love the mail with the peacock and the images of Ganesh are great. He probably helped a little with the writers block too. Sweet Flora is very thoughtful. I am happy to read that she says she is feeling better!
Love the carpets too!!

CWPoppets said...

What a wonderful and special gift.

contar said...

son unos regalos realmente bonitos, todo un tesoro.
un abrazo

are some really nice gifts, a treasure.
a hug

Flora said...

Dear Sans, I dont smoke too, so I often turn on the PC, even before pee, in the morning, to wake up :-)
It is necessary to clarify the term "cultural distance", constituted only by the profound ignorance that I have, not from a psychological aspect, indeed ... I'm attracted to, and want to know more, it will certainly be well :-)
Mini hugs,

rosanna said...

My dear I have been home only 29 minutes by now and the first thing I did was switching on the pc.
I went on Sylvia's blog at first and immediaely after I cameat yurs. I was so afraid I might have lost any of your posts.
I did not and I'm sorry to read that you were in a blue period but I am so glad that you started writing again.As you know it has been a tough period for me as well but the last three days shared with friends with alike passions and minds have really made me new. I don't know how to properly thank them.
You are damn right when you say that we are connected. And the bond is much deeper than we might think or believe.
My dear, welcome back and yes, Flora's gift was a wonderful one but she is truly a lovely Lady.
Hugs, Rosanna

Daydreamer said...

WOW! What an Amazingly Beautiful and Thoughtful Gift! That is SO like Flora.... sensitive to the core... knowing through the ether JUST what is needed... and the treasures she found for you! Just Beautiful! The Peacock is exquisite.... and so are the Ganesha and so are the hand written letters.... as a calligrapher I have to confess a LOVE of the Handwritten letter..... *Sigh* the days are Gone.... but we have this Other Magical connector... the internet... so who am I to complain? I Too have boxes of saved letters from the days when that WAS how we communicated... and I too, save all the envelopes from all my mini-friends' gifts.... there is something magical about sending things around the world and being SURE they will get to the right place.... through HOW MANY HANDS they must pass?
This is a treasure!

dale's dreams said...

Oh, it is all so fabulous! All of the images and the writings, so sweet in mini version. True treasures! :)

Sans, I think I like it best when you just speak from your heart like this.

I think that is what drew me to you and our affinity for color and all cultures. :)

I can attest, Sans has everything still in the paper wrappers. I was a bit surprised, but, I realize, I do the same exact thing! :)

Hugs to my Sans! :)

Sans! said...

Patty, I bet Flora did not know her mail could help my writer's block :). Sometimes, a kind gesture works more wonders than you expect :).

I saw from her etsy page that Flora has completely sold all her boxes of letters. I can totally understand why. :)

Sans! said...

Good to see you , Christine! And yes, it is a special gift and I really love my box of letters :)

Sans! said...

A treasure it is, Contar :) Thanks for popping by!

Sans! said...


Ooops, I might catch the cold from that hug :). My sister is having a bad cold too.

It is the time of the year here when it is cold again. In my sleeveless t-shirt sitting here typing, the cold feels a little like that rainy day in Genoa when we 1st arrived there. My hands are at least 5 degrees cooler than the rest of my body, having held my glass of ice cold coke zero :). That coke zero is giving me a bit of a brain freeze too. I guess this is as close to winter as I can get over here :).

Looks like the difference in our lives extend to more than just the cultural but the climatic as well :).

By the way, I too will always be regarded as an outsider to the Indian culture. We both have much to share when it comes to each other's culture :).

Sans! said...

RO-SA-NNNa, RO-SA-NNNa..never knew a girl like you could care soooo much (Toto- Rosanna circa 1982)

I was typing you a thesis when I accidentally clicked "yes" and the computer shut down. I am trying to sing to Toto so I don't tear my hair out..haha!

But Rosanna! Isn't it way too early to be back home?? Anyway, I am excited to see you back and here (may not sound as excited the 2nd time typing but I am , I am!) I will go check out Sylvia's posts to see what you all were up to. :)

And about blog friends, OMG, I think the special camaraderie I share here with you guys borders on the fantasy (maybe that's why my stories are like fairy tales)! I said it when I started blogging 3 years ago and I will say it again now, this community is like Wonderful-land. You know I have many interests with different groups of friends and they are all very very special to me ; be it the guys I run with or the girls I dance with but we don't make things for each other. Nor do I feel like calling them frequently to chat the way I want to "chat" here with you guys about our projects. I mean, 1st thing to do when we wake up? Before we pee? Right after we come home from a trip? Nahhhh... :)

It's like that video, you know. For some of us, our mini worlds and the real ones are poles apart. Yet, our starting points are all the same. We are a very rare and small group of people who love dollhouses. People who create passionately for dollhouses are even rarer. And despite our differences in style or genre or preferences, we enjoy each other's worlds. I think however that it is when we get involved in another's world that we create MAGIC! We are happy to do something not of our usual style to see if it fits into a friend's world and yet, we do not lose ourselves in the accommodation because the work is still inimitably ours. It is like being selfless without losing yourself?

Everytime I receive gifts like this, there is a high that I associate with being loved and being special. How can I explain all this to someone else without sounding like I am over the top?

Sans! said...

Betsy, you have got me thinking again as usual :). It is a terrible sacrifice, trading handwritten letters for an ability to connect with the world in an instant. But it is a sacrifice I will make, in a heartbeat.

Only because I can still work with my hands in other ways :) AND we can always print handwritten letters, make them really small and send a whole big bunch across the oceans to wherever :).

It's funny how I had just met a friend today who told me he had forgotten how to write.

Sans! said...

And hugs to darling Dale! :) I read what you wrote to Kim and I just want to tell you "Well said, my friend"!

It is rare to see you reading blogs these days and I am thrilled that you are here. But even when you are not, we still connect on FB :). I must confess I still don't like FB much. I am on there just to check on My Zoo ..haha!

Las pequeñas cosas de Victoria said...

Hola Sans:
por ese hermoso regalo !!
pequeñito pero con un gran realismo ,y muy elaborado !!
es verdaderamente una caja preciosa !!
las alfombras tambien son espectaculares !!
Felicidades a Flora por esos preciosos trabajos y enhorabuena Sans ,porque te lo mereces !!

.. * . (\ *** /) * . *Un besito
.* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * .cielo
.* . * (_ /|\ _) . * .que tengas
.* . * . /___\ * . . un buen dia

Ascension said...

Hola Sans.
La cajita de Flora con sus cartas es una autentica maravilla al igual que sus alfombras.
Flora es una gran artesana, ademas de un cielo de persona.
No me extraña que se te quitase el sueño de repente jejeje.
Caundo he visto tu post y sin todavia traducir, he pensado que los trabajos eran tuyos, que bien ha sabido plasmar ese aire hindu en sus maravillosos trabajos.
Espero que Flora ya este recuperada.
Me ha encando el video.
Mis colores favoritos los puedes ver en cualquiera de tus post jejeje
besitos ascension

Piikko said...

What a lovely gift!!
Just a little while ago I read about Ganesha tradition from my local paper. Ganesha statues looked so pretty with all their blingbling.
I'd love to have one statue for myself, but only the small one..:D You are lucky to have these beautiful postcards.
-Nighty night now..:z
Hugs, piikko

Mona said...

Love the envelopes. They are sooooo beautiful!!!

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat said...

Wow! What lovely, thoughtful gifts from Flora! So glad you are writing again, Sans! I always love seeing your thoughtful and thought-provoking posts.

Ascension said...

Sans, te he mandado un email.
besitos ascension

Amy said...

Sans-First, thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending so much time and bringing your beautiful heart and soul to my blog. Every time I saw a new comment from you I smiled! I'm so glad you're back from Thailand, posting so wonderfully again.

The video makes me want to try animation-maybe someday-it's so often the most transformative of art-thank you for sharing it with us.

And letters-yes. Something that we can hold in our hands, something that actually travelled from one place to another, handmade, hand written. My Dad had never been much of a writer, or at least, he didn't think he was. But the letters he sent me when I was away for a summer in Maine when I was a teenager-they were so alive, funny, intricate. He completely surprised me, and I'll keep them forever.
Your beautiful friend Flora sent you treasures-what a lovely thing to do. And the carpets-magic, truly.

One more thing-the little card made from the Air India poster - our family friend David designed and painted it back in the early 1960s! He was an incredible artist-my Dad met him first, when they worked together designing textiles. He illustrated posters, books, images for the theater. We used to visit him in his old four story brownstone in Brooklyn, New York, where he worked on the top floor in a space filled with books, and at his house in the country, a beautiful little place by a stream, with a garden packed with new vegetables. As a kid I was astounded by what he could paint, which seemed to me, to be anything and everything. It's so terrific to see his poster there, in tiny form, in your home.

The Old Maid said...

Hahahaha Sans how good I underestand you when it comes to snoring's fathers! LOL!I had the same situation when we went on trip once. Since then I book one room for my parents and one for me!;D
Can't wait for your posts:D

Eva said...

When I was in my twenties I used to write a lo of letters to some of my friends and boyfriend ;). But then emails and Internet, SMS and others appears, also live bought me responsibilities and I lost this capability to write letters.
Sometimes early in the morning, before going to work, I leave written messages to Alex o small letters. Then when I am at work I imagine that he wake up and smiles when he see my written words. I have a box full of old letters, a treasury, because as you said is part of my live with my thoughts or the thought of my friends. A jewel. Un beso my friend.

Eliana said...

A wonderful gift, full of poetry. What a surprise you got!

Jollie said...

You are so very lucky Sans with these precious gifts from Flora! The miniworld we found with blogging is a wonderful world! ;-)
Enjoy!! :-)

Hugs Jollie

Snowfern said...

you know, how we talk so much whenever we meet, that i hold little 'conversations' in my head with you each time you have a new post, and wind up thinking i've commented when i have not -_-"



o.O ahhhh november is our next meet then! it seems we will have lots to talk about again :O

Kalyan said...

Simply beautiful...lovely treasurable collections!

Virginia Isabel said...

Una caja de recuerdos preciosa.

Sans! said...

Me encuentro aquí de nuevo en este post, Victoria, cuando acabo respondido a tu comentario en mi último post. Usted ha sido tan bueno con sus visitas y le doy las gracias desde lo más profundo de mi corazón. Flora será tan feliz de leer sus elogios de su obra. Usted es un ángel!


Sans! said...

Más querido de la Ascensión, el trabajo de Flora es mucho más delicada y más bonita que la mía. :) Me halaga usted diciendo que usted pensó que hice las letras:).

Estoy muy contento de oír hablar de tus colores favoritos. Me siento muy cómodo haciendo algo para usted saber que usted aceptará mi estilo.

Recientemente he tratado de hacer algo "shabby chic" para un amigo, pero no puedo hacer que sea menos sucio. No puedo hacer que sea más bonita. No puedo escapar de mi estilo que siempre está sucio. También traté de hacer algo "estilo de país" y que uno es un desastre! Hasta hoy, no puedo enviar el "estilo rústico" regalos y se ha pasado meses! jajaja. Tengo que intentarlo de nuevo, espero que para este fin de semana.

Sans! said...

Piiko, you want a miniature Ganesh? That I can help you with :). Have you seen the one in the Rolla House? I intend to make a post with a better picture of my Ganesha and you let me know after you have seen it if you'll like the brass version, ok?

Sans! said...

Thank you Mona! Your 1st visit? WELCOME! And congratulations for winning Sylvia's giveaway :). It is beautiful!

Sans! said...

Jen :) I am always really happy to see you here reading my posts. Thank you!

Sans! said...

Amy,if only you could see my face lighting up reading your comment..

And if only you know how much influence your writing has over me...I want to first tell you something you should already know. I visit your blog because I had to. It is like a book I could not put down and I just want to keep reading. My Name is Sans and I am an AmyLookCloserholic :)

And now this incredible revelation about David. It is too much! And the whole writing thing :) OMG! How can I even put in words our connection? Suffice to say it all started with you making me believe that maybe I can write and publish a book :). And then the block, and the unblock. And me asking Flora how in between all this. :) A full circle :)

Maybe it is Ganesha like Patty suggested or Flora's letters or David's poster, more likely it was everything and everyone, always encouraging, sharing and giving. I don't think there is a better environment to thrive in than this one!

Thank you Amy for always being here.

Sans! said...

Eva :) that is possibly the most romantic thing you have ever shared with me :). Life's little episodes that I will never forget even if I suffer from Alzheimer's, I tell you. Many many kisses to you too, my friend and send my love to Alex and Arnau . If God's willing, we will meet next year!

Sans! said...

It was indeed a lovely surprise, Eliana :)

Sans! said...

Jollie, this blogging world is possibly one of the best worlds there is.:)

Sans! said...

It is good to be crazy, Cinds. :)

Sans! said...


I am thrilled to have found your blog. Your last post on Chaath Puja or the sun worship is fascinating. Early this year , I was at an ashram in Phool Chutti and I bathed in the chilly water of the Ganga, an experience I will never forget.

I am so glad you left a comment, Kalyan.

Sans! said...

La caja de recuerdos es un tesoro, Victoria y gracias por estar aquí.

Sans! said...

La caja de recuerdos es un tesoro, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia y gracias por estar aquí.


I apologise for the typographical error

Amy said...

Sans, forgive me for being so self-involved-I get so preoccupied with all the things I do that I don't check in enough-I just wanted to let you know that what you wrote, and continue to write, fills me with such gratitude and joy. I love visiting your elaborate, intricate, colorful, joyous, imaginative world, it doesn't seem far away at all, even when you show me things I've never seen before. I agree with you completely-sometimes you get to meet people without really meeting them, when you share your imagination and heart and love of life with them. It still amazes me. Thank you, my friend.

Sans! said...

Amy, I am puzzled. Self involved? Never! :) And as far as I am concerned, you checked in all the time! And the conversations we have had that never seemed to end. How we pick up each time like we never left? Precious.

Is that why this world is a little like Hotel California?

You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave! :)

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