Saturday, 20 August 2011

Day 252 & 254-All Quiet On The Kitchen Front

19th June, Dusk

Dear Diary, 

Finally, I am able to steal a little time and I am now sitting here on the kitchen floor, all by myself. Just me and the silence , you, and a pencil in my hand. And it is so, so nice.  This is my favourite time of the day. Dusk. The time for a little respite before dinner is prepared. When the sky is at its prettiest and the evening wind's really gentle, carrying with it the fragrance of the lotus flowers right here into the kitchen . I call this "My Evening's Bouquet". What do you think, Diary, is that clever?

 I am writing this quickly by the last dusk light because soon, night will fall and it may be too dark for me to continue. There just aren't enough oil lamps around the house and Mama has forbidden us to use any candles again. Until dinner time, she says because Papa has not gone to town to replenish our supplies. It is a good thing we grow our own vegetables and the river bless us with fishes each day or we may starve waiting for Papa to go into town for supplies. He hates it there, all of us do

Uh Oh, Mama is calling, I have to run but I will be back ..


rosanna said...

Ohhh, who's she ? does Ro begot a daughter ? if so,I already love her.
Minihugs Rosanna

Papillon Bleu said...

hmmm...I wonder who is writing this.
All I know is that I want to know more about her life.

Sans! said...

And she loves you , Ro ;).

Sans! said...

Patricia, you know what's constantly in my mind when I was writing both posts?

The echo from your book :).

Thank you.

Papillon Bleu said...

Love you lots Sans!!!

Daydreamer said...

OOOOOHHHHH! SO Worth WAITING for!!! I LOVE this new person.... and her Diary....! And the KITCHEN!!! And The STORY!!!! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!

Sans! said...

J'etaime bien, mon amie, Papillion Bleu ;)

Sans! said...

Betsy, your words are like music to my ears, like the best lullaby . I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Snowfern said...

been checking for updates, you were gone so long and BOOM 4 posts! and lovely little diary ones too! i love them! now to spam the other posts :D :D :D

p.s. my fave is of course the plate rack cos i'm a little nutters about plates LOL

Sans! said...

Ooooi Cinds! :):) How's office? Teehee!

I recovered only after 14th :) and after handling all the backlog in work , finally sat down and post something. Didn't start off thinking I will be writing so much. :)

My personal fav (fixture only) in this kitchen is also this plate rack. Took me 2 days to make and another 2 days to put up because it kept coming apart. LOL. You know me, no precise engineering involve.

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