Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 247-All For A Pail Of Water

GN Rao

Picture by GN Rao - The Hindu 9 Mar 2010 in an article entitled "All For A Pail of Water"

I was googling images of  -A pail of water- when I saw this picture. It was taken by Mr. GN Rao and published in The Hindu, India's national newspaper on 9 Mar 2010 in celebration of International Women's Day. This picture shows a group of tribal women fetching water from an agricultural well at Govind Tanda Karepalli Mandal in Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh. I dug  a little deeper and found out that the Khammam District has a sizable tribal population of the Banjaran people so these women are likely to be Banjaran ladies. No wonder, I thought...

Now, I found Mr. Rao's picture only yesterday and I don't want to sound like a braggadocio (don't you just love that word) or a fanfaronade (and this one too), but when I first saw the thumbnail of Mr. Rao's picture on Google Image, I thought it was mine.

Scene composed for "Fetching Water" a post I did more than 1 week ago (2 posts down) 

Alright, maybe for a split second only (and if Mr  Rao is reading this, he will probably want to shoot me-and not with his camera-for my audacity) but you must surely agree that there is some similarity between my Banjaran girls and the very adventurous ladies in the Khammam District.  I have to confess I was mighty pleased with myself. At first. Art (dare I say it) imitating life without me even knowing. Until I realised of course that Life had taken a leap my art did not manage. The women in the Khammam District were incredibly braver than my dolls would ever be! So kudos to Mr Rao for consigning this special moment to posterity!

And while we are at inspiring pictures, I have to share with you the works of 2 more photographers I have recently found. The one above is by Mr Sami ur Rahman whom I discovered in the same search.  Would you believe that this picture was also taken in March 2010? These ladies were fetching water in the Thar Desert, the world's 9th largest subtropical desert that spanned between Rajasthan in India to the Sindh and Punjab province in Pakistan. 

Picture by Mr Sami ur Rahman entitled "A Helping Hand"

Mr Rahman is a retired government servant living in Lahore, Pakistan and thanks to him, I will never look at a government servant the same way again. Who knows what kind of a giant artist is behind that desk looking at you looking at him, already framing a picture in his head. Mr Rahman has been described as  not only a great photographer but a great gentleman too, with all the qualities that a gentle soul must possess. I believe his work is also a testament to that. I was lost in his Flickr album for what seemed like an eternity on Sunday afternoon. Breathtakingly, I was transported back to various places in Pakistan,  the country where I fell in love and could never forget.

Claude Renault

Picture by Claude Renault entitled "Keta. Ludyia. Gujarat"

The picture above was taken by Claude Renault of a girl named Keta Benesar fetching water to prepare tea in her kitchen. Keta lives in the village of Ludyia in the Great Rann of Kutch. 

Claude is a photographer from Brittany, France. One of his love is India where he regards almost as a 2nd home. One day I hope I will have a chance to meet him when we are both in India so that I can shake his hands and tell him how his pictures have touched me to the core.

This is just one of the many, many pictures by Claude that I love. Thank goodness for these miniature clay water jars or I would never have been able to just pick two of Claude's work for this post. It is impossible for me not to be affected by the photos he took. Aesthetically mindblowing, each picture tells a story I can relate to because of my project here. His blog was left opened at my laptop yesterday at home and also at the one in my office today. I must thank Minka of Minka's Studio who gave me the link to Claude. Somehow she knew instinctively that I would love his work after reading just a few of my posts. 

At this moment, all I want to do is to make miniature scenes of all these pictures by my favourite photographers. I  want to thank you both whole heartedly for allowing me to share these photographs here and for the kind words in your emails.

My Own Pails Of Water

Picture taken last night

This is the reason why I was googling the images of a pail of water. I wanted to make two for my tribal house.

 Pail of cucumber with cucumber skin shavings 

I made this food pail first. When I was in the ashram, one of the chores we did in the morning was to cut the cucumbers and carrots for the garden salad to be served at lunch.

 Pail of cucumbers floating in water 

The vegetables were put into a pail of water like this one and we just cut them with knives and our palms as the chopping boards, slice by slice into the pail of water. These cucumbers were bought in JJ market, Bangkok. The bits of green you see are cucumber skins that I made from tiny flower petals.

I have always tried not to make my food containers look like they have corroded too badly for obvious reasons. I mean who will want to use a rusty crockery for food? Not even the hardiest of dolls, I always say.  It was not easy for this one as I wanted my pail to look used and a little dirty. I didn't do a good job. Verdict: Not pleased but I don't want to waste my cucumbers.

 Just finished "rusting"

When I removed the stem from this pail, there were 2 holes at the bottom so I put a tiny piece of aluminium to cover the holes. That was also why I decided I would rust the inside of the pail as well. 

I thought that once I added water (I used glue for water), the depth and density of the glue would trick the eye into not seeing the aluminum foil. I was right. It even stood up to the scrutiny of the camera in macro.

 Picture taken after I wet cloth and drape it over the pail.
 The other thing I found out was how to style a cloth in a setting. Would you believe it is simply water? Well, of course, just like in real life. Many of you probably knew that already but not me.  I have always had trouble with displaying cloth in my setting, from  a sari over the edge of a bed to  billowing curtains to just putting a blanket over a doll's knees. This time,  I tried making the cloth wet first with just water and true enough, it was easy to drape it over anything.  After the cloth was dried, it stayed pretty much in the position that you left it. This was exactly what I did with the rag over the pail of water. 

 Picture taken 24 hours later . Rag stays in same place, nicely folded.

For this rag, I had also lacquered it with gloss and then a matt varnish but I don't think it is necessary. If you let it dry naturally, it will be even more realistic. Verdict: Happy but may want to make the water a little dirtier and yet translucent enough to still see the rust at the bottom.

The Before Pictures- Big Pail with the "stem". Galvanised pail on a stick for beautifying garden.
Big pail- 1 1/2" high (not including sides) and 1 1/2" at its widest
Small pail- 3/4"tall and 5/8" at its widest


Janice said...

Beautiful pictures as usual and I can see exactly why you thought it was your photograph.
I think the buckets have come out really well. Just glue has created the water in the buckets? I must try that out, it looks so effective.

Drora's minimundo said...

Oh Sans, Mr. GN Rao will not shoot you, he'll proud of you! What similarity. I love your rusting. Looks so real. Hugs

rosanna said...

Wonderful wonderful pictures. You have given me a new homework for tonight, I am alone at home and I can stay up as long as I want without anybody scolding me while I'll look into the links you gave ;o) Thanks again Rosanna
PS I love your buckets !!!

The Old Maid said...

Gosh, I don't want to believe the photos are real scenes of real life! The colours are soooooooooo pretty and the women look so ... tidy and beautiful wearing these stunning sarees and posing with grace it looks like the photos were planned with some actors or models to look impressive!
As far as I have learned - correct me if I am wrong please dear Sans - these clay and metal pots are called a "matka" in India. Now that was a complete suprise for me as the word "matka" means "mother" in my language!:D Seeing these photos I thought that since a water is life then who is going to bring it home if not a matka? LOL!;D
I must admit I adore your rusty miniatures! So naturally I love your buckets too!
And thank you so much not only for another great story but also for the tip of styling a cloth! This is so easy for me now!:D

Ana Anselmo said...

beautiful pictures, catching the soul of those women....love your rusty pail, seems so real! Sans, do you know what i like most in the miniature world/blogs? It is to see the huge diversity of things everybody does, refleting their own culture, history, taste, memories, everything that makes each of us, unique, and I find this, specially in you.
love from Lisbon

BiWuBär said...

Thank you for this wonderful pictures, the background to the pictures... at least for everything that makes this blog of yours so very special... And your buckets turned out fantastic, I love that rusty one with the rag, clever idea.


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

The pictures are amazing Sans! I can see why they touch you.
Your pails came out great, was that a special glue you used? It looks like water, I am a big fan of rust. Rusting the pail was a huge transformation.

Victoria ❤

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! I am Not surprised that your Beautiful Ladies climbing the mountain for water are as REAL as the Beautiful REAL ladies descending the cliff for water..... I thought so TOO! You amaze me with your ability to find Beauty EVERYWHERE! I Too, want to drink in the details of those pictures and feel their lives to my core. Those pictures are SO Gorgeous! The COLORS, the Patterns, the Pure BEAUTY.... so stark, so essential, so rich with feeling, SO BEAUTIFUL!
And as for your PAILS of water so PERFECTLY rusted that I was not sure at first if I was seeing the real thing or a mini.... not satisfied??? You are just too tired.... You will see their perfection tomorrow! I am amazed at your skill with the rust!!! I bow down to your VISION... to see the perfectly rusted and chipped enamel in the brand new original..... and the water..... and the cukes! You are just TOO MUCH! I just ADORE your whole blog.... the Pictures, the music, the SUBJECT, and of course, your ability to describe your adventures so well.... be they in India or your own back yard! I will have to go explore your links when I have some time to indulge.... You have enriched my life yet again! Thank you for bringing us on your journey!

Sans! said...

Janice, I have used glue for my lotus pond as well. Not every kind of glue is suitable. Some evaporates completely overnight.

The one I used is craft clear glue from my S$2 Japanese shop. The quality is good and so far it hasn't turned yellow. I tried UHU glue and it turned yellow within months. But you can paint over it easily. You will need to experiment. Glue is cheaper but bubbles are common. It seemed to work much better over a small surface area (the one in the cucumber pail has turned out really well).

I have just looked at the "water" in the rusty pail this morning (after 48 hours) it is still not set/ dry yet. Also bubbles have formed. Not a lot but still...so I may want to paint over the surface after it is completely dry to mask the bubbles.

Sans! said...

You know Drora, I was only half joking when I said I thought it was mine. You see, I usually don't wear my glasses / contact lenses when I am surfing on the net. That way, I will not need my reading glasses :). I did do a double take and was cracking my head for that split instant on why my google search "a pail of water" would show my dolls :):) hahahaha! Such ego :).

I love Mr Rao's picture. I saw it on a few sites. It is a good picture to celebrate International Women's Day with :).

Thank you , Droram :)

dale's dreams said...

I right away saw the similarity of your photo and his, too funny! I thought it was yours at first glance as well.

I just love the bright vivid colors of the ladies clothing. :)

Sans, you are like master of the rusting and aging. You know, normally I like all that is sparkly, shiny and new, but the aging process is beginning to grow on me.

(I know, I'm behind again, as per usual, had a, well, let's just say, busy week last week and let it go with that. ;) )

Ascension said...

Sans preciosas fotografias, parecen modelos que posan y sin embargo son prsonas reales.
Tus fotografias tienen un color especial que hace soñar y tus relatos son como conversaciones sentadas en un sofa jeje
Soy fan de tus envejecidos y oxidados, no se como consigues esa perfecccion, que envidiaaaaaaaaaaa
Fantastico el cubo y el trapo cayendo como si estuviese mojado, perfecto.
besitos ascension

Kim said...

Every time you have a new post it is almost like Christmas. I save it to read again and again before I comment. I've said it before- but Sans you are truly gifted at sharing your passions with us. The first picture is so similar to yours with your dolls! I love the pail of cucumbers- especially the bits of skin in the water! I did not know about simply using water for draping either- how simple but very useful! I look at the photo by Mr Sami ur Rahman and I feel like it cannot be real- it must be a painting. The colors are so very vibrant and the shadows- incredible! There is a magical quality to his photos for sure.

Neomig said...

I love the music and the beautiful photos you've shown!

Kikka said...

Wow. Now I am wordless. Have had a difficult day...

This water thing and women with those photos... So full of strong meaning.

That cucumberstory was also touching and fresh, maybe because it has it`s part in the water story :) !

But somehow today, with my english, I am not able to write my feelings down...


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Sans,

The pictures are lovely but YOUR work is amazing! Love the women fetching water and the pails. They look similar but you do have your own unique style. :)

Piikko said...

Dear Sans, I agree that there is 'some' similarities between those pictures. Have you ever been thinking that maybe you have a gift to see things advance?:D Any way, we all can read your stories and see from your photos AND your rusted pails that YOU are very gifted!
Hugs, piikko

Sans! said...

Rosanna :):), a day has passed and I hope you had a peaceful restful day yesterday :).

I am going to get a new tattoo on Friday :):) teehee.

I worked on Om on Saturday. You must come and see when I post :):). And don't tell your dad when you do:)

Jean Day said...

You lived in an Ashram, wow!!! That really would give you inspiration to do what you do now!

I think that is so fabulous that Life has imitated your Art!! Your minis and the photo are so alike, you should be so delighted. I loved your rusted pail, aged pail and cloth, looks so real. Mini Hugs, Jean

Sans! said...

Ewa, I know exactly what you mean ;). Those women are quite a sight, I mean, who wears such beautiful clothes while carrying out strenuous and backbreaking chores? But really, Ewa, they do. When I was in Rajasthan, I was enthralled with the bright saris that seemed to appear everywhere. These women sashayed with matkas (earthen pots) on their heads in their sexy saris. Is it any wonder photographers of the world are fascinated with them?

Claude has just posted another picture from Rishikesh (to think I was there just 3 weeks ago :) ) It's here : http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gNTwJrqk8ps/TaW_CTAADTI/AAAAAAAAEyY/Z5gmrkoHcRA/s1600/_MG_8811.jpg


And Sami ur Rahman's photographs . I think there must surely be some tricks these pro photographers deploy. I must ask my friends who may know..teehee . But having said that, what I really love about these photographs is the subject matter. The immaculate composition and vibrant colours may be technically achievable but subject matter is something that only a person with a good eye and maybe a quick reflex if it is not staged, can achieve :).

That's why I love "all for a pail of water" so much :):) and it is NOT because they reminded me of my dolls. :)

Ewa, matkas mean earthen pots so I don't think the metal ones are called that. This post about matkas http://gaatha.com/blog/?p=354#content talks about how the matkas in India haven't really changed in the last 5000 years :). Recently I saw many plastic versions in India. I am not a fan of plastics at all but the colours of the different plastic pots make interesting photographs :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Ana :):).

I too find it fascinating when looking at the work of someone that is reflective of their own life or culture or heritage. It is somehow different when you portray something so close to you. I think maybe that's why some work is more soulful. Yet, it is also interesting when it is the perspective of an outsider looking in.

I love the Indian culture and having lived so close to Little India for the past 20-30 years, (my dad and mum both grew up in this area ) I feel like I know it well enough and yet, I am still an outsider. I think that is why I remain fascinated with it for so long. I am unable to say the same for my own culture, which is Chinese :):).

Maybe that's why I have this insatiable appetite for India :). I am close enough to love it but not too close to hate it :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Birgit :). This morning I was late to work because last night, I found I could not tolerate the not so many bubbles I saw that the glue had formed. So I meddled with it, poking the bubbles with toothpick and then, you know, one thing led to another and before I know it, I had removed almost all the paint in the bucket as I was trying to remove the glue ..hahahaha.

This morning I spent about an hour repainting the rust :):) . Came to work 1 hour late :).

Sans! said...

Hi Vic, as I was saying in my reply to Birgit, I have scraped off the glue I used in the big pail last night.

On a smaller surface like the cucumber bucket, the glue worked great! Its called Daiso Craft Clear Glue (or something like that) I will take a picture of it but it is unlikely to be available where you are unless you have a Daiso (S$2 store) near you.

I have switched to using resin liquid gloss with hardener. Very easy, no bubbles. Will take 48 hours to set.

I will show pics of both items in my later posts about the exterior of the tribal house.

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

La alfombra es una de verdad. Que se ponen en las entradas de las habitaciones.
Si tu dices de mi alfombra, yo de tu bomba de agua. menuda compra. me encanta.
Y el cubo precioso.

GB said...

Lovely life imitates art imitates life pictures! You're living in the wrong country!

You could have used the bucket as is--in the older days, when people used brass utensils, every village had a man who would come and polish your utensils for you. it was a simple existence but no one gave up these small luxuries. Quality of life was actually better then--they ate fresh food, shopped local, had a thriving culture. The population boom and urbanization in India has actually done it more harm than good. The stark poverty you see, and accompanying filth wasn't really there back then (sourced from my parents' tales). So anyway, in a village, the utensils were mostly good quality, and were maintained by a "kalai" wala (I don't know the equivalent English term, but it would be the guy who put on a nice shiny layer of nickel or tin on your utensils. Rusty pails belong in the present. :D

Sans! said...

Now G, that's some invaluable info you have just shared with me. THANK YOU! I googled kalai wala and got this interesting post : http://aarkay-musings.blogspot.com/2011/04/kalai-wala.html .

Even when I am researching village life and utensils, I don't see rusty ones. I really cannot imagine anyone wanting rusty utensils in their kitchen, no matter how poor the person is.

The rusty galvanised pail is for outdoor use. You will see what I mean later. The cucumber bucket is not supposed to be rusty..just a little old and dirty because it had also been dragged outside the house for food preparation. I have always loved the idea of cooking outdoor. Over here, it is still common for Asian families who live in a house to build an "outdoor" kitchen in the backyard. I can imagine peeling cucumber and potatoes out in the yard instead of the indoor kitchen :).

I definitely will keep the kalai wala in mind when I build the kitchen for the tribal house.

Thank you, G!! You have once again helped me in my project :).

Sans! said...

Ahhh, Virginia, por lo que la alfombra es real! Compra maravilloso en verdad, Virginia. ¿Has oído hablar de esta señora Ludwina Akbulut? Ella teje alfombras mini a la manera tradicional. Se puede ver aquí: http://dekorativ.tripod.com/doll_house_miniature_carpets/index.html. Usted verá que estas alfombras costar tanto como la cosa real! :):)

Sans! said...

Thank you Jean you are always so encouraging!

Yes, I lived in an ashram for about 7-8 days mainly for the yoga practice. I have not done yoga before this except a course where I attended once a week for bout 6 weeks :). In that 6 days, I learnt to do things I could not do for years :).

I am already missing my ashram days but it was a surreal period. I will post a little about it :).

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

The pictures are fabulous!

Sans! said...

Piiko, I am as always, moved by your compliments . You made me happy :):).

I don't think I have foresight but maybe a subconscious retentive memory that manifests itself only when I create. Because I am actually quite a forgetful person :). Very irritatingly forgetful :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Norma (NZ) :) I am really flattered by your compliments :). The perfect soothing words for a sleepy Saturday afternoon :).

I know you like photography and hoe you enjoy the works of Claude and Sami ur Rahman as well:)

Sans! said...

Thank you Kathy! :):) Am glad to see you here after your fabulous trip to Chicago ! :)

Alison said...

Catching up with posts and as usual saved yours for last with a cuppa. Haha moment - you used "immaculate" in your comment on my post...first thought was hmmm, not good, Sans is a basher and ruster. And I'm now looking at your expertly rusted buckets :) Think both are perfect. I like the result of the cucumber bucket, beginning to rust on the outside and old but CLEAN on the inside. Don't want to risk sending the dolls to the emergency room ;)

Marie Antionette said...

Dearst Sans,
Your work is awesome. But there is alot of people in this big world.I have come up with the same problem. I would create something and sure enough...I will see almost the same thing.
Your images are fantastic.
Your pail is outstanding Dear.I love it.
Yes I took the pictures of the peacocks.LOL
They are mine.I raise peacocks.I have about 20...3 of them are white.5 are the blue.One is a Pie, which means a mixure of the colors. The rest are peahens.
It s not a park. Its my yard.
I have 10 acres in the woods. Also raise Koi fish.I wish you were here.I just know you could make something special with the scenery .LOL
I have better pictures on some of my older post of the peacocks.
You keep creating your beautiful art.I just love all the color and people.So gorgeous,
May God bless,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Flora said...

Sans dear, forgive inaction: tempus fugit!
I always have a lot of things to do at home and time in front of the pc is always a little :-(
But I could absolutely not tell you how much I like the two buckets :-)
And the cucumbers? They look so fresh and aqueous ...
Wow, you did an excellent job!
What glue did you use for water? For me it is a mystery ...
Beautiful pictures and reflections on the water: it is always women's responsibility to quench ...

Mari@ said...

I love to visit your blog. You make me dream with these pictures and with your works. I'll give you my compliments. Write in English for me is always a limit, but I do my best. Hugs :o)

Sans! said...

My dear Betsy, if I have a muse , surely it must be you :). Thus henceforth, ye shall be knownst as Betsy, the Patron Muse of Sans ! :) Tee, Hee!

I am already thankful that I have fellow enthusiasts appreciating what I do. And when friends like you sing such praises, I feel like I have been undeservedly rewarded :). There is nothing more a girl can ask for. Your words are better than diamonds dear Betsy :).

I love your new acquisition, dear Bets. Your lovely new lovely old house. :). Forgive me but I couldn't stop imagining what I would do with it if it was mine :). I will say it again, you LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY girl!:)

Sans! said...

Dale darling, so good to see you here :). You, Cindy and Asuka do make a better threesome as you all share more similarities in taste and style than I with them :). You are the bright shiny trio! :). Seriously, I bow to your skills because in seeking perfection, you guys really work way harder than I will ever do. Much easier to destroy than to achieve perfection.

I hope you will have a more relaxing week . Was just thinking of you for some strange reasons. Ok, maybe not so strange since I am now officially addicted to Reese's peanut butter mini cups. They have Hershey's shops here now and I am buying these mini cups after work today :). Thanks to you , my friend who brought me my very 1st :):).

Sans! said...

Ascensión, muchas gracias, mi amigo! :):):) Un día, voy a tratar de responder a su comentario, sin la ayuda de un traductor. Esto puede significar que sentado en mi computadora todo el día tratando de recordar algunas palabras:). Gracias de nuevo, querido Ascensión, por sus amables palabras:).

Quiero hacerles saber, el pegamento no es una buena idea utilizar el agua. Esta mañana he comprobado mi cubo de pepino y vio que gran parte de la cola se ha evaporado!


dale's dreams said...

Sans! :) I love you. I was actually looking for a new post from you. Im having computer issues on mine and have not been able to make a post this week. :(

If we are the bright and shiny trio, you are the gold mine at the top of the mountain. You make the most glorious posts with all of your photos and education and all of the time that you spend researching... and, I'm sorry, dear, but, I know you. You are a perfectionist. You want everything just so and just right. We are all the same. :)

Just look at the time you have spent with water on this post and on the other. Trying to make it just so. And, you don't stop until it is just so. :)

I think of you and the other girls all the time, all my blog girls, my fb girls, I'm constantly thinking, how are they, are they okay, are they overcoming what ever obsticale that is in their midst. I wake up thinking about all of you all of the time, you are all on my mind, ever present.

I'm so glad you enjoy the mnis. We were just discussing this tonight, lol :)

I owe you an email to tell you what is going on, just life, not to worry. :)

I think of you so much, all the time, maybe it's weird, but, you have had a profound touch on my life and, I'm eternally grateful.


Sans! said...

Kim, thank you! :) And I think you have just given me the word to describe Sami Rahman's painti... I mean pictures. "Surreal" is the word!! I have been trying to find the word the whole time when I was enjoying his work and it just didn't come to me until I read your comment!

I know exactly what you mean when you say it cannot be real . Looks like something out of a fashion ad, right? But as I was trying to explain to Ewa, in some strange way, India and it's people are very photogenic and there are picture perfect moments everywhere even when you may be photographing a filthy corner of a dead end street where a cow is chewing on some rubbish heap. :)Or maybe it's because I am just in love with India :).

Sans! said...


Write me soon , babe :)!

Sans! said...

Neomig, thank you :):). Glad you enjoyed my music :). I am just making a new selection for myself .

Sans! said...

Kikka :) I hope your difficult days are over :). As a friend so rightly told me, don't worry so much, worries give us wrinkles ! Tee hee :):).

My next post is for you. :)

bastrota said...

You always have a surprise for me, Sans. Always!

I like to get the informations and photos, you give.

Thank you for your tips! I think, I will try your tip with wet textile setting.

You took water, only? No glue mixed with water?

Hugs and greeetings

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! I must admit that I thought of you as I was grabbing that New Lovely Old Dollhouse.... because I know how much you like my Old one.... and I was thinking how much I wished I could "share" it with you.... (and maybe feeling a tiny bit guilty that I now have TWO while you have none!)But even over here, this style is not that common, so I DO feel very lucky.... and I love that the houses are so similar, but NOT the same.... just like real old houses around here... each is unique. It will probably be a while before I decide just what sort of decor it needs.... we shall see...!
As for being a Muse.... We can "A Muse" each other :) because You already are an inspiration to ME :)

Sans! said...

O dear Betsy, you mustn't feel bad at all! teehee I have 4 dolls' houses , one of them a massive Queen Anne !!!!!(see here : http://www.thelittledollhousecompany.com/dollhouses-miniatures-furniture-kits/queen-anne-dollhouse-kit-2/) in exactly the same colour as the one in the pic. I don't know if you know this house well but the truth is I can't stand it as is. You think I can bash it into a palace of the winds? See my next post) LOL! That will be one hell of a job, lasting a few years!

And on the subject of muse, we have a deal. Let's be each other's mew mew :):):)!

Sans! said...

Marion, yes, just water and no need for glue at all! After this post, I redid, re-painted/ re-rusted the pail. I also washed out the varnish on the cloth and re-style it just with water. Perfect! Looks really natural and the cloth stays in place. I will take a picture again in a subsequent post when I provide an update of my progress on the tribal house :). And you can see for yourself :)

Sans! said...

Mari, I love visiting your blog too. I see that you too you dwell into the history and explain the motivations of your work :).

Sans! said...

Dear , dear Flora, you have made me really happy with your visit and my pleasure is doubled knowing you have come despite your hectic life. I too have been really busy...and ohh! how I have ate too much during lunch today! I am no longer used to heavy meals :).

Anyhoooo, about the glue for water. I won't recommend it anymore. I re-did the pail because I dug out the glue and replaced it with water made with liquid gloss and resin. This is the link of the material I used for water : http://shop.metalclay.com.au/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=951

Sans! said...

OMG!!!! Marie Antoinette! Those white peacocks are yours!??!!! I am speechless! And envious! OMG! White peacock has now taken over white tiger as my favourite pet of all time! What I will give to be able to pop into your home to say hi :). Both to you and all 20-30 of your peacocks and peahens :).

Thank you Marie, your compliments are really appreciated!

Sans! said...

Teehee, Alison :), can you see my very healthy dolls waving hello at you? If you are here, they will give you a hearty hug each! :):)

Thank you, my dear for your compliments. You don't know how much they mean to me!

And dearie, I can appreciate perfection too! It may not be my style due to my own inadequacies but I will certainly bow down to the masters. Remember my penchant for Japanese craftsmanship especially in the making of their baskets? See http://www.google.com.sg/search?hl=en&q=japanese+baskets&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1366&bih=653

That's what I call immaculate workmanship . Totally to die for :).

Jollie said...

Nice work Sans!! I love it :)

Hugs Jollie

Norma said...

What a funny moment when you thought it was your own photo - but I can see how you could make such a mistake :)

I love your pails - perfect patina as always.

Sans! said...

Thank you Jollie! You can't imagine how often I thought of you this past hour. Nothing creepy , hahaha, just me trying to improve on my pots of cacti :)

Sans! said...

Yea, Norma :):) hilarious :) and me having the cheek to post it too..teehee :).

Good to see you here and glad you like my pails :).

Pubdoll said...

I thought it was your photo too first! I'm also amazed by the incredible courage of these women!
And I love the colours of the clothes of the waterfetching women in Sami ur Rahman's pictures!
As always you have done a great "rusting" job! Love the dirty cloth and the water effect from the glue. And the cucumbers look great as well!
Have to stop now, we're on the train back to Skien and typing while the train is bumping makes me a bit nautious I'm afraid.

Sans! said...

Darling Helene :):), you wrote on a train ? Awwwww :). You know I too suffered from motion sickness easily and gets a headache even just reading text messages on my mobile in a moving car. Strangely, I found out when I was in India that I could micro-stitch in a car!!! Weird right? I am beginning to wonder if t is just in my head?

Thank you for your sweet compliments, my dear :) . It's been such a long long day and another one tomorrow and it is so nice to read your comments after a very hectic day :):). It's like having a favourite piece of peanut butter mini cup before bedtime ! Sweeeeeet! :)

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