Friday, 21 January 2011

Days of Convalescence

It's been 10 days since my last post. I haven't been busy, in fact, it's quite the other way around.

For the 1st time in my life, I am on extended medical leave that could go beyond  a month. Lucky me and  I mean it .  I am not seriously ill . I have just undergone a procedure which required a  period of convalescence, that's all.

So I am now the envy of all and sundry, alright, maybe just my sisters. I get to rest at home all day and only wake up to mum's gentle voice urging me that I must eat so that I can take my pills. My dear sweet mum, who is already well known on this blog, brings me her comfort food in the green enamel tiffin carrier every day, twice a day. As a special treat today, she prepared cut fruits in plastic containers  wrapped  in a kerchief which I gobbled in 1 seating. And of course, her endless supply of ginger date tea which eases my troubled tummy.

Details from tiffin carrier

I always thought that if  I were on medical leave, I would  have some quality time to spend on my minis. Alas, this is not the case so far because of the lethargy. I could only stitch and only a little.  But today, mum and her food warranted some pictures and a post.

And so I finally open my laptop....

...and it was especially nice to  read that my ribbons have arrived in various parts of the world . When I read your posts or your emails telling me about the ribbons, it's like receiving bouquets of flowers  from you.Thank you, my friends. I just want you to know that you have been very good company for a convalescing me today.


Marta said...

Hi Sans, I hope it's nothing important and you recover soon. I am sure that with the help of your mom to take good care of you will become much easier convalescence. It will not get bored with so many people who love you and so many friends you have. A big kiss for you.

cockerina said...

Sans! oh! Sans dear! how are you? what you had? I hope nothing serious! in Italy we all ill with flu, fever, stomach ache, but then slowly heals ...
I hope you heal very soon however, so that you can go back to your life peacefully, and why not, your beautiful minis!
see the positive side, now you are envied by all, because all the love and cuddling are for you ... I get sick every time I even just for that .. ah ah!
many kisses and wishes for a speedy recovery! You are a ray of sunshine in the blogosphere, without your light we are sad!
kisses, Caterina

Oese said...

sounds good!
all the best for you and enjoy the recovery
hugs from oese

Flora said...

Sans dear, I do not ask more than what you say in these few lines.
I just know that you are assisted by the loving care of your family, hugs and chicken soup made by their mother, are irreplaceable medicine :-)
Also help messages friends, so here's another one :-)
Enjoy the state of catalepsy, daytime sleep, cuddling, flowers ...
However, heal soon!
I send an affectionate embrace,
P.S. The world is certainly a little better now that they're invading by your colored ribbons :-)

Janice said...

Hi Sans, wishing you a speedy recovery from your post op lethargy so that you can spend some of your leave enjoying your minis!
I cannot tell you how much my admiration for your work has increased since visiting your part of the world. I thought I would find lots of interesting materials. beads and items but I guess a hobby like ours is a real luxury.
You must have to do lots of internet research and shopping for all your magnificent projects.
Mostly,however, I realise you must have an incredible talent for using whatever you can find!
Incredible Sans!

Drora's minimundo said...

This is to wish you quick recovery. You have a grand mom.

Susanne said...

Dear Sans
I am sorry to hear, that you are ill, I hope you will feel better soon. It´s good to hear, that you have your family to take care of you.
Love, Susanne

Kim said...

oh Sans! I am also sorry to hear you have been unwell- but I am so happy that your sweet family is taking good care of you! I hope you get stronger and better each passing day-but don't push too hard and go backwards! I have to tell you that your wonderful ribbons and trims arrived to me this week and I was so surprised! What a generous gift- I can't do more than just touch them and ponder what I will use them for right now- I don't want to waste them!! You are a sweet and thoughtful friend- I am so glad to know you!! I also have to tell you- a bit off topic--that I really covet and adore your Mom's enamel tiffin carrier--gorgeous!!! I imagine it must make the meal inside those tins so much more delicious too :) Ginger date tea sounds so wonderful also- wonder if I could find some here in the states. Anyhow- many, many wishes for a good recovery and a big hug too ♥

rosanna said...

Dearie, your first post ! and you are brilliant as ever. You received lovely flowers. I thought of sending some to you but it would have been cheaper to come and give them to you by myself ;o)) not that I wouldn't have loved it. Your Mum has the most gorgeous carrier; I wish I saw and bought one when I was in Singapore. I send you my warmest hugs. I'll write again later.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Sans! I hope its nothing too serious and that you get to feeling more like yourself soon. A most beautiful envelope arrived in my mail today. I could tell from the colorful stamps it was from an exotic far away wonderful place. The trims are the most beautiful I have ever seen, I will use them for very special miniatures and think of my friend Sans when ever I see them. I too will have to find date/ginger tea, it sounds delicious. Lucky you to have such a wonderful mother to take care of you when you need it most. I hope you get to feeling like working on minis before you have to go back to work.

Take Care
Victoria ♥

Eva said...

I am so happy to read you again...I was thinking on you all week :)
yesterday I had the ribbons too!!! YEAH! Beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful! I have to think what especial project can be...I have something in mind to start in some months.
It is wonderufl that you have all this flowers around you, they will help you.
When a person is in period of convalescence like you is better to be in the middle of pretty things because the rest is tough.
Thake care and get well soon dearie!!
A lot, lot, lot of besos

PS Use this time for you, it is like a gift...

BiWuBär said...

Best wishes for a better health... take your time and do whatever you like or makes you feeling good... except for one thing: Listen to what your mom tells you to do... ;O)

Get well soon!

Papillon Bleu said...

My poor Sans!!! I hope you get well soon!
Take some rest and take your time.
I feel sorry you are ill.
Lots of love to you!

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! I was afraid you were not well... I am so glad to hear it is nothing serious! I too, wish you a speedy recovery.... but be careful not to push yourself too fast! Knowing your Mum is watching over you is a comfort to us all, too far away to add our own little touches :(!
Your ribbons arrived here tonight... I have been SOOOO patient, and the wait is SOOOOOOO worth it! They are beautiful Sans! I can't wait to put them to use.... I will have to do a blog post..... and your words are very accurate... :):)!
Rest and be well! Much love to you from this side of the World!

Sans! said...

Thank you Marta . I am lucky this time because it is not serious :):). I just could not move much at the moment or otherwise I would be bending and sawing and cutting for the tribal kitchen :). It is a pity that I have so much free time and yet can do so little . :)

But the luxury of so much free time is good . I don't think I have it since I was maybe 6 , just before I started schooling. :)

The boredom is kept at abeyance thanks to visits from friends and family and the drugs that made me drowsy all the time!:)

Glenda said...

Sans, take very good care of yourself and do everything your dear mum tells you!! We want you to get better!!
xxx Glenda

Piikko said...

Sans, I hope you'll get well soon! Drink all the ginger tea what your mum gives you and take good care of yourself!

CWPoppets said...

Wish you a speedy recovery, Sans. But DO enjoy the time to just do nothing! It can be quite good for the mind, too.

contar said...

espero que su convalecencia no tenga una gran duración, y que se recupere bien y muy pronto.
le agradezco que en este estado se pasara por mi blog a dejar un comentario.
un gran abrazo desde España y mis mejores sentimientos para usted.

I hope your recovery does not have a long shelf life, and he recovers well and soon.
I appreciate that this state is passed through my blog to leave a comment.
a big hug from Spain and my best feelings to you.

The Old Maid said...

Dear dear Sans! I too hope it is nothing very serious and your sweet Mum's care will help you to come back to the best health soon. Please take good care of yourself as we all, as you can read, are worried about you and want you to be and stay healthy(well, we are selfish and want to read your splendid posts very soon ;D)
All the best wishes of the best health and good feeling to you all the way from far away Poland! Big hugs to your Mum and you!

cockerina said...

Sans hello, I went to see how are you today ... better? want a cup of tea? You also want a biscuit with the tea? Today I had lunch at my mother-in-law, like every Saturday (from 16 years ..), and it was not funny .. like every Saturday, from 16 years ...!! :))
My husband's sister is pregnant at the 8th month, she will have twins girls! if all goes well, will be born in late February, and I will be aunt to four grandchildren. My brother has two children, including, but not twins! :)
here the weather is bad, it's cold and raining.
This afternoon I started to make a small box hat, is the first time I do something with ribbons and flowers ... the result is satisfactory, it seems a little shabby chic style, nothing major, but I like it very much!
I'm not female, and this was my first experiment in this style .... made me embarrassed! I'm used to doing things rustic!
are you comfortable? I bring you a pillow? you do not strain ...
I'm glad to see you're pampered, friends of the blog, from your relatives, from your mom! I'm sure you get well soon!
But now it's late, I have to prepare dinner.
my men are hungry .. have you ever tried fasting to leave a husband and two sons hungry?? worse than going into the jungle at night, very dangerous! ha ha!
step tomorrow to chat with you again.
I wish you good night and sweet dreams, dear Sans!
a kiss! Caterina

Eva said...

Mmmmmmmm.....again in front the PC??? You need to rest at least the first 10 days!!! So go to bed o to the sofa!!
After two weeks you will improve a lot...believe me...I know it :) and probably sooner, then you will be able to spend more time with minis.
I am still thinking on you, mi guapa Susan :)
Do not forget your painkillers...they are absolutely great..LOL
Sweet dreams...

christine said...

get well soon sans, don't do too much too soon.... xxx

Sans! said...

O dear Catarina, I think what I am having is better than a flu, fever or stomach ache! I am just sleepy ..teehee! So to all the Italians, GET WELL SOON!

Most of my friends think I look better now than before and comment that I even have rosy cheeks and pinkish lips now! That surely means I am recuperating very well. Either that or I must have used to look really terrible!

I feel very ambitious today and thought about reading all the political books that I won't even touch when I was well. So this could be a good thing!

Sans! said...

Petra, thank you for your concern! As you can see, I am getting better.

*whispers ..last night, I sneaked out with a friend to watch "Burlesque" ..shhhhhh... but it was soooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood! I really enjoyed the show because of the cabaret dancing and Christina A's voice and Cher and Stanley Tucci are such a pleasure to watch!!!!!!

Sans! said...

Flora, I have already completed my anti-biotics :) and weaning off the painkillers. You are right, I can survive well without the medication but without all the affection from family and friends, I think I will just ...dunno..too bleak to describe.

As I have said, this is my 1st time I was even in a hospital not to mention go under a knife. The attention and consideration I am getting at home is just beyond my expectations!

There was a big party in the garden of my home last night for my housemate, something planned way before, an annual event and this was to be the last. They were going to cancel because of me but I just could not allow them to. So yesterday, little children were scared to come into the house because their parents have told them that I would need rest! Gestures like this really moved me :).

But you guys really cheered me up with the ribbons. Looks like Italy is one of the last places to receive them though but now we know, they will eventually get there!

Eva said...

Good Morning!!
I am happy to read that you enjoy the party in your garden.
Are you better...I think so because of your comments :)
Un beso

Rebecca said...

Dear Sans, what lovely flowers, and how wonderful to have your mother bring you food every day! My mother came and stayed with me when I had a similar procedure. I hope your recovery is going well - it's slow getting more strength and feeling less pain, but how I remember the pinkness returning - for me, it was most noticeable in my pink fingernails :-) Best wishes, enjoy your enforced rest and don't do too much too soon!

Sound Horn Please said...

Oh OH- I wish you a very speedy recovery! And do spend a lot of time sleeping and helping your body heal.

Lots of love,

Ascension said...

Querida Sans
Siento muchisimo que no te encuentres bien.
Seguro que con los mimos de tu mami y tus hermanas pronto te vas a recuperar.
Te agradezco de corazon que a pesar de no encontrarte bien, hayas respondido a mi email.
Eres un cielo y eso seguro que tiene que ser conpensado con que muy pronto estes recuperada.
Te mando mis mejores energias!!!!!!
besitos ascension

Por cierto, son unas fotografias preciosas y llenas de amor.

cockerina said...

Sans dear, how are you today?? I like coming to chat with you, I really like the music on your blog, and I really love the atmosphere here, so relaxing!
so, I think I talk with you again today ...
I am creating objects for the swap with a girl in England, for his Victorian house .. I thought I was not able to do things feminine! I do not love the lace, and satin ribbons, but I'm discovering that I like .. you like things simple like myself, or do you like the shabby chic style, also? pastel colors, which their nature and in particular the sky at sunrise? pink and light blue .... give a feeling of clean and simple!
I leave you a slice of cake, soft and fragrant orange-flavored ... I hope you can eat something loaded with sugar! you're eating? You do not have to give up food, it gives you energy, health to resume soon!
Your cheeks are pink? mean you're better, and I'm happy!
I embrace you with affection! take care of yourself, I step back to find out how you are, tomorrow!

Sans! said...

Good morning Eva :):) , I have been thinking of you today.

Well, it all started with my first post op checkup with my doctor yesterday and I have the final confirmation that I am A-OK and disease free! :):). I also look at my wound and I swear they are INVISIBLE. Just a little fold. My doctor has magic fingers with the needle and thread like Rosanna and Caterina, Natalia and many of you :).

So I was thinking of giving my doctor a little something and I thought of the roombox you made your doctor. I don't know if I can do it in time or if I can do it at all but I am very sure she will love a roombox of an operating theatre :). Once again, inspired by you, Eva, even if I never make the roombox. tee hee

Sans! said...

Caterina, you don't know how much I have really enjoyed you popping in now and then to tell me your day.

I am waiting for Cindy of snowfern clover to pop by my home for a cup of tea :). Poor Cindy, it's raining now.

Everyone's a little worried that they may disturb me with their visits so I have decided to make a sign that says "Disturb Please" to hang on my door :).

You think one day, you will visit me for real , Caterina? I say this because I live in a shabby chic house. More shabby than chic. I have old furniture distressed by age and not paint. Really rusty ironware and enamel pots that chipped :). So yes, I do love the shabby chic style and in fact lived it. But my shabby is more Asian than Western. I think you will really enjoy my house. I was just thinking this really is a perfect period for me to host one of my mini friends from afar because I am home. But you may have to see the sights yourself if it is any longer than 2-3 hours :).

I am afraid I am not a lace and frills kind of girl but then again who knows. I do love period dramas and British India is Victorian.I will eventually like to do a British household living in India.

And dearie, I am not eating much.Is it ok if I give your wonderful orange cake to my nephew who likes strawberry :)?

Sans! said...

Good morning Janice, it's 11.38am here in rainy Singapore and you were just around this area , what last week?

Thank you for your warm thoughts and well wishes :).

Poor you, mini shopping in Malaysia must have been a bit of a bore! You need a local to bring around. In Singapore, we know the haunts but you are right, they are not well known :). I do love how that makes me more creative with the materials. I read that our Brazillian counterparts have the same problems too and they do such amazing work, don't you think? Hongkong and Japan, maybe even Taiwan have far better resouces.

Janice, I have to tell you something. You are a really really funny writer. I do love your sense of humour and reading your Malaysia adventure is such a treat cos you made me laugh so hard , it hurt, literally! Don't know why but you reminded me of Mrs Rumpole, She Who Must Be Obeyed :):). I have always loved her in the Rumpole of the Baileys books. Kiss your husband and tell him how lucky he is to have you :).

Sans! said...

Thank you, Drora!! I am so happy to make a new friend from Israel! :):).

Sans! said...

My dear Susanne, I am doing very well. This has been a blessing in disguise. :)

If you see me now, you will just think I am skiving and playing truant from work and not ill at all! haha

Sans! said...

Kim, if you can get to an Asian market, I can give you the recipe for ginger date tea. I will ask my mum later for details but I believe it is real easy to make. Just boil ginger, red dates and rock sugar in a pot of water. In fact, I can even send you a packet of red dates if you want. You know what the tea does for you? It makes you pass wind and go the toilet more :). A good sign to show that I am recovering well on the inside as well :).

I wish you are close, Kim, even here because I will bring you for a consult with my Chinese doctor. I think I am recovering well because of Chinese herbal medication. I am afraid I don't really like all the western prescription with the side effects.

I am lucky my mum is a damn good cook. :)

I am glad you like the ribbons Kim. And I hope you'll get well soon too!

malu2 said...

He llegado aqui por casualidad,y te he leido,espero y deseo de todo corazon que cuando leas estas palabras estes muchisimo mejor,solo decirte que ya tienes una seguidora más y que no sera la ultima vez que te visite.Besos.

Sans! said...

It is another rainy afternoon here, Rosanna and I am in heaven. You know how I love rainy afternoons :). If not for the fact that I am waiting for a friend who should pop up in 45 minutes, I will probably snuggle up in bed for a nap :).

The tiffin carrier is a free gift when I was shopping in one of Singapore's oldest and largest retail store called CK Tangs. It is on Orchard Road. I think it was their 50th anniversary. So this carrier is not available for sale. It is very hard to find tiffin carriers like this now in Singapore. Malaysia is a better bet but the artwork is often not so beautiful. This one is a Peranakan one with the love birds and my mum's favourite flowers, the peonies. So I gave it to my mum who will find better use for it, like bringing food to me..teehee.

Do you know, Rosanna, that CK Tang started out as a door to door peddlar selling lace and embroidery from China? :) He carried his goods in a tin trunk which apparently remained in his possession while he was alive as a reminder of his humble beginnings. I think it must still be in the premises somewhere. I wonder if it is like the one I rusted :).

Sans! said...

Victoria, I have a gentle reminder to be careful in the form of a very very dull and slight ache where the knife went but otherwise I am feeling great!

I am glad you like the trims and I am really looking forward to see what you will use them for. Todate, I think Petra of Raum has made a dress and 2 hats from the trims . When I have enough photos from all of you, I will love to do a post on all the creative uses of these ribbons :).

Have a great Wednesday, my dear V.

Ana Anselmo said...

My dear Sans, i don´t know why but just today I saw your post...I hope you are recovering very quickly, I miss you a lot!
Lots of hugs from Lisbon

Eva said...

good morning dearie! :)
Take care :)

Titta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Titta said...

Hi Sans! I am your new follower and I hope you feel better!

rosanna said...

Then CK Kang is Singapore Mr Ikea, humble origins and great success. May be this is a lesson we all must learn. Struggle and fight for what we want and believe and we can reach what we wish. Hopefully...
Is your friend still there ? I can well imagine your home in a rainy day. I can almost hear the drops on the roof and savour the smell of the wet trees and grass. I can see your windows with the blinds down and I can see Fafa going to and throw the house. Most of all I can imagine you, seated on your colourful sofa resting on your cushions. I can imagine everything cos I remember every detail so clearly that it's nearly like being there. And I don't know if it's a nice feeling or if it stings a bit. I really wish we could make a good chat.Have a nice night Rosanna

malu2 said...

Gracias por tus comentarios,en mi blog.Besos.

Alison said...

Dearest Sans, I regret not reading your post sooner, but am glad to know that you're healing well and enjoying your time off!! I usually save reading your blog for a quiet time and enjoy with a cup of tea :)

Your sweet mom is nurturing and compassionate...reading about her bringing fruit and you inhaling it in a sitting brought back memories for me. I'm fortunate that my mom is the same. Through childbirth and surgeries, I (and my lucky husband and kids) enjoyed her homecooking...yay for our moms!

Wishing you peace and enjoyment (more movies?) :) Aloha, Alison

Sans! said...

Good morning Eva :):). It's Saturday today and I am waiting for my nephew to come over in a while. Once he is here, he will be hogging my laptop :). So until then, I will see how many comments I can reply.

Arggggh, I am so dying to catch up on all the blogs but to be perfectly frank, I rather have my nephew here to cuddle and kiss. Poor him, he won't like that very much ..haha!

Sans! said...

Thank you Birgit for your well wishes and kiss Flutterby for me for bringing a smile to my face this morning. I just read about his little wash :).

I almost always listen to my mum except when she does not agree with me ..teehee! The Chinese has many taboo food during convalescence especially after surgery. Like I am not supposed to eat eggs, all seafood except fish, and cold stuff. I am to cut down on chilli as well. Everything is easy for me except the chilli :). I love my food tongue numbing hot! But yes, I will listen to mum and cut down. :)

Sans! said...

Patricia, if you asked me about 3 weeks back, I might have felt just as sorry about being ill. But not anymore.:)

Thanks to the rest and a stress free 2 weeks , I am looking better (the weight loss helps too :) ) and feeling very calm and collected most of the time. I seem to have lost my temper , I mean literally, my temper is gone, vamoosh :). I went back to office for a while yesterday and my colleagues thought I look like a different person.

So this is a good thing! Not sure how long it will last, but I shall enjoy it while it last!

Sans! said...

Betsy, you have written a wonderful post about the ribbons. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You know this convalescence is made more fun because every time I need some playing, I come here to watch you guys with your dolls and houses and there's bound to be one of you who will make me smile.

I know I sound like I don't have a life if I say this but being a part of this community makes me feel very busy :) like I always have a list of things to do so it keeps boredom at bay and I feel, well, useful. There is not much of a life when convalescing so blog world is helping me loads during this time :).

Writing this makes me miss reading the posts. I must find some time today to catch up with what everyone's doing. And I know , soon I will want to work on my house again.

Sans! said...

Glenda, I will I will :).

I have recovered enough for me to go back to the office yesterday. I only wanted to stay the morning , doing nothing much except paying my bills (tis the time of the month again :) ) but since it rained, I stayed till 3.30pm. It felt so good that I think I may go back to work twice a week after Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is next week :).

Sans! said...

Piiko , the ginger date tea is the only thing I drink these days. That and my Chinese medicine :).

Thank you for visiting, my dear!

Sans! said...

Christine, I think the GA has caused me to lose my mind a bit. I am a little more forgetful now and sometimes cannot remember if I had taken my medication. Good thing I weaned myself off the painkillers early. :)

No wonder my doctor friend thinks plastic surgery is crazy (I don't agree of course :) ). He thinks no one should go under GA especially if it is for unnecessary procedures :). I still disagree with him ...

Sans! said...

Contar, I had to leave a comment, your latest furniture work is astounding! :)Congratulations again and it is clear that you should never stop working on the minis no matter how busy you are. I enjoy reading about your progress! And thank you for visiting.

besos y abrazos

Sans! said...

Good morning Ewa. I just got a call from a dear sweet aunt whom I haven't met for sooooo long. She is coming to see me and she's bringing food :). She's also at least 77 years old ? (don't know her real age)

This is a good time for catching up. Remind me, my dear that when I am well, I will never neglect my friends and family and that no matter how busy I am , I must make time to go see them , have a meal, stay for a chat. Sighhhhh.... I forget these things and can be so neglectful..

You left such a sweet comment about my posts :). I try to make at least a post every 5 days but looks like I am already missing my target the 1st month into 2011! But wait, I have a few days left and I have some presents I wanted to show...

Sans! said...

Caterina, thank you! Thank you for writing to me and then posting about the ribbons. I have also word from Flora that she has received my ribbons which means that they have arrived in Italy! Yay! Now that leaves Genoa . Postman should be knocking very soon!

I have just read about the adventure you had with your husband in 1992 when you drove from Greece to Istanbul. When I was in Turkey, we went to the island of Cyprus and I think we went over to the Greek area. Just so I can say I was in Greece. :):) I can't remember now if really did cross over, must check passport but I remembered being on a hill and looking at what was the Greece part. I like doing this , being in 2 countries at once :).

Sans! said...

Christine, my dowager, you have been on my mind since last week. I have been meaning to email you about the floods in Brisbane and Victoria :(. Hope you are not affected in anyway.

Thank you for your well wishes and I too hope all are well with you.

Sans! said...

Eva, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for popping in so often. Your visits are better than flowers or gifts in the mail :). They brought my spirit up and made me heal faster. The wonders of friendship.

So you think I need 10 days of lying in bed? I don't know, I am walking too well to lie in bed. I have even started driving yesterday. I think it is safe without medication.

And now Nathaniel is here now.

hi eva

And that was my nephew saying hi! Bye for now ! :) He's already pestering me to stop typing and complaining that I am writing a long story!

rosanna said...

My ribbons are here ( me with a huge smile )
Have to run to work. Have a nice day, Rosanna

Sans! said...

Yay, Rosanna!!

Sans! said...

Eva, the little one has finally been sent home and my aunt too has gone shopping . By the way, she's 82 :).

And I have taken the time to catch up with all the blogs. Now, I just put my leg up and take a nap :). I don't think I can make a squid ink dinner date at 6.30pm. All the visiting is making me tired :).

But squid ink..... always remind me of the time I was in Barcelona. Did you guys invent the squid ink paella?

Talk to you guys tomorrow or maybe after I wake!

Sans! said...

Hi Rebecca, it is so very sweet of you to leave a comment and visit me :). I didn't even think you read my blog because our styles are so different.

I have however always enjoyed reading yours because the information your provide for your collection is plain amazing. It's like reading an encyclopaedia on modern dollhouses. You are a solid authority!

My pinkness came to my lips first I think but now that you mentioned finger nails , I am looking at them now and liking the salmon pink very much!

I just had dinner with my mother and as I sat there a little drowsy, she was rattling off all the recipes for what she made me. One day, she said , when Tasha (my eldest and 10 year old niece) is in her confinement (after childbirth) I am supposed to cook these food for her!!!! I??? whose food no one loves, not even my mother!?? :):) Who knows though, maybe some miracle happened during the operation and I suddenly can cook .

Sans! said...

Divya, have you ever slept so much you have rings under your eyes? Would you believe that has happened to me ? hahaha!

Sans! said...

Ascensión, me siento muy, muy buena. He perdido 5 kg. Así que estoy en el cielo:). jajajaaja

Yo sólo deja de hacer ejercicio, pero el doctor dice que puedo empezar a correr tan sólo 6 semanas después. Ha sido dos semanas en otra 4 semanas para ir. Me siento más fuerte y creo que para el lunes, puedo empezar a ajardinar mi casa tribales.

Para los próximos 3 días, voy a tratar de terminar mi alfombra:). Costura es todo lo que puedo hacer por ahora.

Gracias, mi querida Ascensión para siempre me animando!

Besos y abrazos

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias Malu.

Yo también han visitado tu blog y ahora soy uno de sus fieles seguidores:). Espero que se visitan con frecuencia para los chats!


Sans! said...

Dear Sweet Aa, I know why you have just read my post. It is so I have a new comment today :).

Thanks for cheering me up!

Love from Singapore to Lisbon

Sans! said...

Thank you Titta :). I too have visited your blog and really like what I see ! :) I am so happy to make a new friend from Finand . I wonder if you know Ira? :):)

Sans! said...

Rosanna, tonight it is my turn to yearn for a chat! I was just telling Fai this morning about 2012 and that we are serious about it!

My home is still the same except now the guest room is empty. For me and for tonight, it stings more than anything :).But I will write . :)

Sans! said...

Dear Alison, aloha :). I see you have on your blog, a Keep Calm and Carry On message.

Fyi, I went to this huge bookstore just yesterday hoping to get this canvas tote with the very same message but alas, it was sold out! Guess if I can shop, I must be feeling well enough :).

I a really touched that despite your crazy schedule, you have taken the time ti drop in here. Thank you, my dear. And yes, I am looking forward to your post o the reweaving because I have rush place mats like yours which I am dying to transform maybe into baskets :)

miniaturist59 said...

Susan sweetie, I hope you're feeling better!!!! I swear that I now have the flu....I feel like I've been hit by a frigging mack truck :-/.

Sounds like you've been getting some much needed pampering, though ;-)!!

Norma said...

Hope you are now well recovered and on top of the world!!

And God bless you mum and her green enamel tiffin carrier :)

Sans! said...

Kiva, what I went through, except for the 1st day, is way easier than suffering from a bad flu!

I haven't had so much attention and looove as I had now. :)

Sans! said...

Norma, I am almost like new now! :) All is good , actually could not be better :)

bastrota said...

I am very happy to read that you are feeling well again, Sans!

Hugs and greetings from Germany
(we have a lot of snow again and it is very cold here)

Ana Anselmo said...
Sans, look here if you have time.

Sans! said...

Marion, I am reading posts all over blog land on the unusual amount of snow some of you are experiencing. I was in Slovenia this time last year and although snow can be fun , it's only so from afar for me:). Stay warm, take care.

Over here, I am experiencing histamine hives from the cold. I seem to have develop this allergy to cold only after the op although I have always had sensitive skin, thanks to the asthmatic heritage from my dad! :)

Sans! said...

Ana! OMG, I am now in love with Portuguese designs! Did you see the chsion she stitched? WOW!

Thank you for the link, I will be back there again to check out more designs. You should try stitching them, they are soooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!

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