Friday, 22 October 2010

Day 200- A Baluchi Flying Carpet

If you are as well-versed as I am in the art of making flying carpets, you will know that they are hardly extra-ordinary in appearance. Here you can see one of these flying contraptions parked at a car park, I mean, carpet park.

So unremarkable and disappointing it is in the looks department that many have said they preferred the back of the carpet for at least, it looked more like a real carpet, they claimed. As its maker, I am of course a little offended at such an insensitive comparison. I mean, this is after all a  magic carpet! How can they compare it to a real carpet? 

Perhaps if I can demonstrate its flying prowess, you will see what I mean.

So ABRACADABRA, FLY carpet, FLY.......

Here it is, seating one comfortably, floating over what appears to be an extinct and long eroded volcano. This is my flying carpet in poetic motion. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Flying Carpet announces, please remain seated and fasten your seat belt, for we are landing in Sigiriya where it's rock walls has housed frescoes since the 5th century BC and is said to be the largest natural picture gallery of the world!

Now swooooosh, off we go again, amidst the 1000 year old roots of the Old Banyan Tree, as we fly through 18th century Galle Road in the new capital city, Colombo.  Can you see how this magnificent tree grows across the road like a triumphal arch, ooooh, watch your head, ladies and gentlemen.

How about some meditation time in the niche of  Sri Maha Bodhi, said to be one of the oldest planted tree in the world? All the way in Anuradhapura, the ancient capital of Ceylon? Well, why not? With my flying carpet, all that's impossible becomes possible! So close your eyes and be brought back 2000 years from now and when you open them again.. may be atop giant foliage in streaks of pink, matching your flying carpet, matching your new sari , in perfect fashion harmony.

 So can you see now? 
Can you see how my magic tapestry  

make the ordinary, extra-ordinary?

And for those of you sceptics who need proof before you believe, go read  this article about  Harvard Professor Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan. He thinks its possible to make a flying carpet, as long as it is no longer than 4 inch and no thicker than 1/10th of a millimeter . Mine is close. It is 4 inch wide, 6 1/2 inch long and 1 millimeter thick . It really almost can fly.




I started making this carpet on 25/4/2010. It was my first one in 25 count canvas. After making 4 miniature rugs in 18 count, I thought I was ready to embark on a finer one. I gave up after 2 weeks because I spent thrice the amount of time unpicking my mistakes than stitching. It was only after Rosanna came to visit in late July this year that I started again because she was so encouraging when she saw my completed rugs. I finished  the rug last Friday, 15 Oct 2010 and yes, so far, most people prefer the back than the front.

And by the way, Rosanna, as a reward, you get to go wherever you want, on my carpet of course! Don't worry, I will test it first next Wednesday and see how far it will take me. I am hoping it will be as far as  Sri Lanka. 

Pattern of rug from "Making Miniature Oriental Rugs and  Carpets" by Meik and Ian McNaughton. Baluchi rug c.1900.
Description : Baluchi rug does not come from Baluchistan ; they are woven by tribes in the north east Iranian province of Khorasan. This example is based on an original displaying strong Turkoman influences, both in the field, which is filled with modified guls (elephant feet) and in the border, which is very similar to some Afghan weavings. The colours however, are typical of Baluchi weaving, as is the outer border which is often described as the "running dog" pattern. 

In my rug, I have replaced orange with pink.For fashion harmony.


Susanne said...

OOOOMG It´s beautiful Susan! And of cause you can fly it and go where ever you want got the power..
Love, Susanne

Kim said...

It's so beautiful! Looks like it works amazingly well also! I have a carpet (non-flying) started in a smaller count also- forget now- perhaps 24? I have abandoned it twice- they do take more time and patience :) What a wonderful result for all your hard work though- the details are fabulous! I wish you would now make one life sized so that you can come pick me up and I can visit you and all the other fab bloggers out there- wouldn't that be fun??!!

Sans! said...

Thank you Susanne and for believing, you can fly after Rosanna has her turn :):).

Sans! said...

Kim, you must pick it up again, your 24 count carpet, I mean. I think I will continue working in 25 from now on until my eyes protest. Maybe even then :):). Just need to rest longer now in between stitches and carpets :).

I have also learnt not to beat myself up over the mistakes . In fact, if you enlarge the carpet, you will see the white border on the right side (width) has an additional row of white :). After unpicking rows and rows , I decided this one, I will keep and pretend that that's the side facing Mecca even though it is not a prayer rug!. :)

By the way, you do know it is easier to shrink ourselves to fit onto this flying carpet than for me to make a life size one, right?

Now according to Professor Smally Shrinkamathig...

Kim said...

ah- of course- silly me! I should have thought I should just shrink to size! How much more fun I would have that way anyhow! I think mistakes make items more charming in a way- probably the only person around that thinks that :) If you get shrinking instructions from the Professor please forward them on to me!
PS- I'll finish my caroet yet!

Sound Horn Please said...

Gosh! Its so gorgeous! I can't even imagine the effort it has takenyou to weave it!

Miniatures by Natalia said...

What an amazing rug you've completed! Congratulations! I especially admire the back of your rug. You must be proud. It is neat, without any thread tails, knots and bumps. I am sure it flies smoothly and that's why Rosanna is not in a hurry to come back. Natalia,

The Old Maid said...

WOW it is so pretty in pink :) I admire your patience Sans! Have a nice flight to Sri Lanka and back home :D I love the picture with the flying carpet - is it a phoenix in the glass cage? ;) Great carpet Sans!
ps I miss your music...;)

GB said...

Oh, I want one (a real one). It looks exquisite!

I like your "princess" too! How pretty she is!

bastrota said...

Your flying carpet is beautiful, Sans. I love pink ;-) You choose wonderful colors.

And the photo story you showed and told us is fantastic. The doll sitting on your magic carpet is very pretty.

The big old tree is gorgeous.

Have a good fly
hugs and greetings

Ascension said...

Una alfombra fantastica, se ve tan bonita, me encanta el color que has elegido, te ha quedado perfecta.
Una historia maravillosa, venir a tu blog es pasar un rato muy entretenido ademas de ver maravilloso trabajos.
Feliz viaje
Feliz fin de semana
besitos ascension

Piikko said...

Sans, I'd love to have this kind of pink magic carbet for myself. I could go where ever I want when ever I want!!! And I love pink♥
Your carpet is just perfect!

Eva said...

Carpet park!!! ha, ha, ha, ha....Beautiful fairy tale post ::)
Your carpet is extraordinary, beautifully handmade. Carpets are not my favourite items but yours is really really pretty.
And the tree my dear!! You are right is MAGNIFICIENT!
It cross the street!
Thanks for make us dream and sharing this tree

Glenda said...

Simply brilliant, Sans!! Your carpet and story made my spirit soar :)))

Now if you can only do magic to make me as lovely as your lady passenger . . .

rosanna said...

Oh Sans, I told you that it would have become wonderful! and it truy is ! I love it, every single stich. I have to admit that your backs are really impressive, stunning! Hugs Rosanna

Pubdoll said...

Fly me to the moon...
The carpet is so lovely and thin, and I'm impressed the back look so perfect too! And what great photos! You really have managed to get your carpet up and about in the air. And great links as well, I love Sigirya with it's frescoes and the old Banyan tree, bowing down to greet the travellers underneath it.

Daydreamer said...

Sans! You are amazing! That is the most beautiful flying carpet I have ever seen! BOTH sides are so perfect! And every stitcher knows how hard it is to make the under side look good at all! Not to mention the colors .... beautiful.... and your expert "flying" pictures.... so MAGICAL! I love it all!
As for those frescoes.... I think they are so beautiful and well preserved... are you going to go see them? Lucky you!
I first saw Banyan trees when I went to Miami, Florida when I was young... I could not believe that trees grew that way! Some people had whole fortresses surrounding their houses... with the roads going under the trunks just like that! As usual a wonderful and magical post... a joy to read! Have a wonderful magic carpet ride and a smooth landing!

Flora said...

I am glad that you do not surrender!
The result is truly magnificent and in my opinion, the carpet really fly ...
At least, that's been flying our imagination :-)
A wonderful photo set!!!
Mini flying hugs, Flora

Nina said...

Your little carpet is so nice and your little play also.

contar said...

pues yo tengo que ser especial pues me gusta la parte delantera, jajaja
y esa forma de volar que a logrado plasmar en su historia no creo que la logren otras mejores.
un abrazo

because I have to be special because I like the front, haha
and this form of flying that has managed to capture in his story do not believe that to achieve better ones.
a hug

miniaturista said...

Me he quedado alucinada, preciosa la alfombra, el personaje, el conjunto y las fotos, PRECIOSO
Un abrazo

Sans! said...

NO WAY! Et tu, Kim ? :):):) I thought I am the ONLY ONE who thinks mistakes add charm. In fact, I will go as far as saying mistakes add character, personality and depth! HAHAHAHA! The worst thing is I really do believe that because if you are creating an item that is supposed to replicate "handmade", then it should be quite imperfect.

I find that mistakes allow me to also create stories around the object.Like the other time when I was bashing this cupboard into a domestic shrine and broke a piece of the facade when I was cutting it. I decided to glue them back and painted over that part as if it was cracked. As I was working on it, I began to think of stories for how this crack came about , like maybe the husband and wife were quarrelling and she threw a cup at him and it missed and hit the cupboard instead, nah, too violent..maybe this cupboard was left out in the sun for too long...pfft, too boring....LOL

Now you know how my mind works:) But I suspect many of us work this way :).

Sans! said...

Divya, I bring it with me in my rather big bag and every time I have some time to kill, I stitch . It's quite a conversation piece because over here, stitching a dollhouse carpet is like a melodic thrash metal song, virtually unheard of :)

I finish this in 3 months ONLY! If I work hard, I can make 4 a year, 40 in 10 years! WOW!

Sans! said...

Natalia, I really appreciate you taking the time to give me such encouraging feedback. With your experience and background in embroidery, I am really honoured.

I am afraid although I use extra large pics so that all the details are clear, the bumps somehow don't show up in pictures. I do have knots although I try to make them very small. I put my face 1 inch from the computer screen with the pic of the back of the rug enlarged and I think I can just make out the naughty knotty bits.

Poor Rosanna, her ride is going to be slightly bumpy especially when cloudy :(

Sans! said...

Ewa, you don't need patience when you enjoy doing the things you do ...lalalalala:):) (its a song I composed, you can add the music) LOL

And YES! It is the painting of the Russian folk hero with a captured phoenix in the cage. I am sooooo in love with the picture. After your comment I have edited my post to add that this is "The Flying Carpet" by Viktor Vasnetsov. I gather you must have heard of this story? Why do they call him Ivan the Fool? but in Chinese Folk Tale, we have a character like this as well. A simple-minded person but who has a pure heart and therefore always get lucky :)

Sans! said...

O Ewa, my next post will have music. I hope you like Sri Lankan music :):). Only if they are melodic, I promise :).

Minnie Kitchen said...

love the design on the carpet!

CLARA said...

Una alfombra preciosa. Esta muy bien que sigas haciendo. No te canses. Este tamaño está perfecto.
Las fotografias un placer verlas.
Besos Clara

Sans! said...

Gagan, the little doll, my all time favourite , her name is Maya :). I have always wanted dolls to inhabit my palace and the 1st 4 characters I wanted were Maya , Tara, Jai and Raj, characters from the movie :Kama Sutra , A Tale of Love by Mira Nair :).

Maya is made by Sumaiya Mehreen :):). Her blog can be found on the left bar listed under Artisans and Artists :)

Sans! said...

Hi Marion :):). It's funny I should pick pink because I have never really been a pink person :):) except for a very very short phase in my life when I thought, hey, let's see what being pink is like :). Didn't last very long but I now can appreciate pink :).

Plus this particular pink is very bright and is not a common colour for tribal rugs I think. I am partial to Bokharas with the reds blue and accented white but I wanted to use up my pink threads..haha :). This rug will go to Maya's room in the palace which will be pinkish :):)

Sans! said...

Ascensión, siempre es bueno verte aquí. Estoy muy feliz a alguien como mi historias :):). A veces no sé lo que me hace más feliz, amar a alguien lo que hago o digo la historia :):).

May said...

Ver una entrada tuys es una sonrisa y un placer.
La alfombra es maravillosa así como sus poderes magicoas.
Tejes muy bien, pues el reverso esta tan perfecto como el anverso.
Espero que Maya siga haciendo viajes tan maravillosos.
Besitos, May

The Old Maid said...

So sorry to say I don't know Russian stories, Sans :( But I love the picture anyway ;)

dale said...

Please, keep your hands and legs inside the carpet at all times during the ride. ;)

Sans! it looks wonderful, very magical, able to fly any where. :)

Snowfern said...

you know, last sat i was eyeing and eyeing the carpet, thinking ehh?? new item or old? or one of those mousepad thingies that we saw around arab street area??? then you whisked it away into your room....

and then NOW I see what it is!! :O :O :O somemore got funny carpet ride story....*chuckles at Dale's flight stewardess imitation*

i'm off to the pool....abit late, but not too late to comment! hee *queen of procrastination mode*

p.s. somemore my word verification is "rebeater", carpet rebeater wuh what????

Sans! said...

Piiko, it's real easy to make one ;p. Especially when it is mini :):).

Just for fun, I threw my little pink carpet at my big ass fan (do you know there really is such a fan, go check out and it did sort of fly for a while :).

Anything is possible, they say and I believe that.

Sans! said...

Eva, why do you think I love your work? Because I believe in fairy tales :):).

In real life, I have very selective taste in carpets. I only like the tribal ones like kilims, bokaras etc not the super refine ones like the Tabriz, Kashan or Ishfahan.

I have been so busy this past few days because I needed to finish my work before I leave for this trip. But I have seen so many pictures of where I am going and I am trying so excited. Sri Lanka is breathtaking!

Eva, you must must must watch my post on this particular hotel I will be staying in. Because it has a lot to do with trees :):). And since we both love trees so much, I am sure you will love it too.

Sans! said...

Glenda, currently I am concocting something which will hopefully turn me into someone as pretty as Maya (and I agree, what a doll she is!)

It is a dose of humour with 2 tablespoon of exercise , loads of vegetables and 1 big bottle of tequila. The bottle is for the people looking at me :):) to be drunk in 1 session. :):) I will let you know if it works. Anyway, these ingredients are easy to get, you try 1st and let me know if it works. :)

Meli said...

Sans, a bit late in visiting your blog... but so glad to see the carpet!!! I't extraordinary and so beautiful!!!
Your are a great stitcher can't find too much difference between front and back!!!
Outstading work!

Sans! said...

Rosanna , a huge hug and a big fat kiss flying your way. I wanted to write you a long email but I am running off to meet the dancers in 1/2 hour! I have arranged for so many things to happen before I leave that I have absolutely no time for the really important things like replying to comments and emails :).

I think you will really enjoy Sri Lanka. I suspect it is the New Zealand of India :). Picture perfect! Of course it is independent now but you know what I mean. Between Goa and Sri Lanka, I think there may very well be paradise on earth.

You know, dearie, if you didn't encourage me to start this carpet again, I am POSITIVE that it will still be languishing in my plastic box, totally neglected :).

I started a new one yesterday :) and OF COURSE, I make mistakes again and had to unpick one whole row..hahahahaha.

Sans! said...

Woooohoo, Meli :):) Had to say hi to you before I run off again :).

I still ahven't packed and I have a full day at work tomorrow and I have to be at the airport by 11pm tomorrow night and I am thinking, hmmm, maybe after work, I can pack and still squeeze in 2 more posts :):).

SO! I am thrilled that you are here and double thrilled that you approve of my rug :):).

Flyyyyyyyying oooooooooffff!! Swooooosh!

Sans! said...

Ooops. Shoootz. Bumpety bump!

As you can see, Helene, my carpet didn't go far :):) so maybe I will try again in 15 minutes after the engine cool down :):).

So strange that you are always commenting on my flying posts . remember the witches when I "make" them fly? You too commented on my photos. A secret, I used the same candle stand I used for the witch to make this one seem like it is floating on air. If you enlarge the pic of the giant foliage , maybe you can see a bit of the stand's bottom :):).

I am very very excited at going to Sigiriya :). The names are very hard to pronounce. I just realised that the painting Carmen did for me are very similar to the ones at Sigiriya. I will of course take pics and show you :).

Working on a smaller count canvas for my carpet means thinner fabric. I also save a lot of threads :)

Do you really want to go to the moon? I heard its real boring :):)

Sans! said...

Betsy, thank you :):) but I bet this is the only flying carpet you have ever seen ? hehe!

Sri Lanka is a dream trip. I have always wanted to go. Now that the war is over, I can again. A friend of mine was there when the tsunami hit but her family managed to escape to safe grounds. But the country has always mean magic to me.

On the back of the carpet, I have made it a point from when I started stitching to make sure the back is not messy. After a while, (maybe after 2-3 rugs)you kind of acquire a knack of knowing what it will look like at the back when you stitch and you just make sure your stitches go the same way to ensure uniformity. It's a little more effort but not difficult . :)
Seriously, if Miss Clumsy Finger Me can do this, anyone and everyone can, even my father..hahahaha..ok that sounds funny even to me. I have never seen dad hold a needle in my life!

Sans! said...

Flora, this is the absolute last comment before I absolutely have to fly again! :):):) But I really want to say hi and fly :):) hehe.

Thank you, my dear :). I wanted to tell you don't read my next post because I wanted to post what I did for you. But I have changed my mind because I found something last night which really reminded me of Mrs R.

So maybe I will combine the 2 of them , I don't know yet. Maybe 1 won't have time at all.

Ciao, Flora, Ciao....

swoooooooooooooooosh! Agaaaaaaaaain!

Yayin said...

No conocia su blog y me ha encantado.Tengo que felicitarla,es una artista,la alfombra es maravillosa,la historia y las fotos me han encantado.Besos

bastrota said...

Hi Sans :-)),

the pink rug will go to Maya's room? And that room will be pinkish ;-))

How many rooms does your palace have? I tried to find out - I am allways busy reading your imaginatively and informative posts. I can learn a lot from your posts.

But for now I say good night

Sans! said...

Hey Nina :). Thank you for visiting! :) Come by to play again please! :):)

Sans! said...

Contar! Usted está definitivamente especiales :):). Es tan bueno verte aquí de nuevo! Estoy muy contento que está aquí volando conmigo:).

Un abrazo

Sans! said...

Maite, he estado a tu blog y he visto tus bordados espectacular! Me siento honrado y halagado por el cumplido! Es usted muy amable!

Un abrazo

Sans! said...

Minnie, the pattern from this book "Making Miniature Oriental Rugs and Carpets" by Meik and Ian McNaughton. It is supposed to be based on a 1900 Baluchi rug. :):)

Sans! said...

Clara, querida, eres siempre tan alentadores:). Atesoro cada palabra de usted :):). La gente como usted de verdad que me va! Muchas gracias, mi amigo :):)

un abrazo

Sans! said...

May, Maya :):):) Tal vez los dos son gemelos:). Maya está de vuelta a salvo de todos los que vuelan. Se queja de que la alfombra no es cómodo. Ella siempre tiene miedo de dormirse en caso de que se cae de la alfombra. jejejejejeje

Estoy tan feliz de verte aquí de nuevo, May, para recibir su correo electrónico. Me encanta leer sus mensajes y ver su nuevo trabajo.

abrazo y un beso

Sans! said...

Ewa, in another 3 hours , I will be waiting at the airport, checking in :):). I will see you when I am back!

Sans! said...

Dale dear, I remember you like tea. If I visit a tea plantation in , will get you some Ceylon Tea, nothing adventurous like Masala or Chilli tea ..hehe :):) How about some good ole English Breakfast? :):)

Sans! said...

Cindy, :):), right after this , I am going to email Asuka for you know why :):).

You have seen this carpet when it was nearly done. Too pink, you said :):). I know what you mean :).

Must try and do 30 laps on Friday :). The thing I will miss is running when I am in SL. But on Monday night, we ran to see the installations at I light Marina Bay. It's really quite interesting :). I took pics and may post it on the other blog.

Sans! said...

Usted es muy amable con los cumplidos, Rosa:):)

A estas alturas, usted sabrá que realmente me gusta su "letrina". Gran trabajo, Rosa y voy a visitar tu blog a menudo para ver su trabajo. Espero verte por aquí también:):) Siempre les encanta escuchar tus comentarios!


Sans! said...

Marion, way before I started making any miniatures, my brother drew me a plan for the palace but he never finished that plan :). At that time, I think the plan already had 3 levels with about 4-6 rooms on each level. And then , my sister, SuZ tried to tell me that it will not be a palace without a courtyard and that it should be shaped like a "U" with the courtyard in the middle. hahahahah. As you can see, its been almost 2 years and the palace plans have yet to be finalised :):).

At the moment, I am contend with building a 5 room tribal house :).

See you when I am back :)

Katie said...

Dang Susan....You got skills;) You're rug is Beautiful! It takes so much patience to make one of those! I just love the colors you chosse... and the scenery you used to photograph it:) Stunning!

...saw some measuring cups for the kitchen in the russian doll theme yesterday and thought of you. Oneday... when I pull the clay back out, I really want to try and make some:)

And yes, I'd love some sand:) I'll blog about it soon and maybe we see if anyone else wants to do a sand trade?


Snowfern said...

haha "too pink" is a personal preference thing :X it looks, very honestly, GREAT! and knowing you, you will 'dirty' it up, so that pinkness is actually necessary for it to show through!

you must be busy running about in Sri Lanka now, take care and hope to see pics pics pics when you get back!

Sans! said...

Greetings from Sri Lanka, Katie. I will get you some sand from a land so beautiful, I have no words to describe it :).

I am in Galle now and your sand will have such a historic significance since this is the ancient port from which King Solomon drew ivory, peacocks and other valuables.

So happy to you like my rug :):).

Sans! said...

Hey Cindy :):). We went to a museum today and saw old tatting tools. Took a pic to show you :).

As usual, I have taken so many pictures and it is only the 3rd day and the 2nd city. Everything is so interesting to me. This is a old Portuguese/Dutch /Muslim city and the houses here are just so quaint. While taking pictures, an old woman invited us into her 150 year old home. Maybe if I am not too tired I will do a post :). 1st time I have access to the internet.

I also saw old tribal kitchens which I am going to use as inspiration for my own tribal house :).

These pics will probably bore many people but I thought I hit jackpot today :):)

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

Me encanta la alfombra. Un trabajo estupendo.

Flor said...

Como disfruto esa magia fantástica , que les das a todo lo que en este blog aparece ...
Simplemente hermoso!!!
Un beso

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias Virginia :):)Así que bueno verte aquí. Tengo que visitar su blog pronto. Acabo de volver de las vacaciones y ya me siento como que tengo un montón de ponerse al día.


Sans! said...

Flor, que son siempre tan amable conmigo:):).

He llegado a querer mucho costura. Incluso cuando no me apetece hacer nada, siempre es bueno para coser. :)

Visitará su blog pronto!

beso y abrazo

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