Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Day 135-A Dream Home For Sans!

It was love at first sight.

Strange, isn't it, how you may have never seen it or imagine how it looks like and yet,
the moment you lay your eyes on it, you knew.
This is you! And yours!
That is exactly how it was for Sans! When it came to this house.

You must agree with me that this eclectic,eccentric and irrationally beautiful house which comes with a "formal garden" is so very Sans!
And how appropriate it is that the 1st home to be completed at the palace grounds should belong to the palace craftsman.

"Formal Garden" with a magnificent courtyard, 2 benches, 2 "jewelled chairs", 2 mythological chairs, a fountain, a trellis and a "harem girl".

I found the wonderful Ilisha Heffman through Penny Plain, Two Pence Coloured , a magical blog on toy theatre (another one of my many interests) owned by Trish Short Lewis. I think I read all of Trish's posts in 1 sitting, including clicking through all her links. One of them, Hestia House led me to my kismet moment with Emily's Dollhouse.

Sewing Room with "Emily", sewing machine, sofa, mirror & mannequin

I knew then that this is the dream house for Sans! And as if to confirm our destiny, the house bears the name of the street I live on, "Emily". I was thus anxious to get in touch with Ilisha so I emailed her twice and when she did not reply immediately, I left a comment on her blog, Sunday Magazine Paper Doll Challenge.

I was stuck at her blog for a while, thanks to Ilisha's 1" scale paper dolls (another of my love). Each o f them comes in a kit and are really made for budding fashion designer to play with.

Victorian Samplers

I also found out that Ilisha is a graphic designer and a toy maker who loves buttons, printed fabrics and the wonderful world of fashion.

Childhood Miniatures

To me, Emily's Dollhouse is a culmination of how Ilisha has so boldly and effectively combined all of these talents.

The pop-up dollhouse is half scale. There are 50 animals hiding in the full set.

Master Bedroom

Ilisha mixed patterns and imagery from all periods of history, all over the world so it could not be pinned down to one specific time or place.


As an example, one doll has a skirt from a Russian Icon, a blouse fashioned from Indian fabric, Italian mosaic flowers in her hair and a face from a Pompeian fresco.

Details of Harem Girl and the 2 mythical chairs

Another doll has a skirt made from an Indian parasol.

Guest/Craft Room

Ilisha made patterns from her Italian mosaic pins for the quilt on one of the beds (a "glass" quilt!)

Reading Room

and for some of the upholstery (the blue flowered club chairs).


Fountain and Chairs

She made the fish in the pond from Chinese clouds....


She said "I also made way too much furniture than could ever fit in at one time because when I was a child I was intimidated by toys that had a right and a wrong place for things. "

Kitchen & Dining Room

"I was afraid to play with them, so with this house it's impossible not to play."

Sitting Room

And so play I did, till the wee hours of the morning yesterday.

And I fit every piece of furniture inside the house and on the courtyard,
which makes a very happy Sans!
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TreeFeathers said...

WOW! That house is FABULOUS! What imagination that lady has, I just love it! If I were you I'd never stop playing with it, lol. Very cool find, congratulations!

- Grace

Liberty Biberty said...

Oh! Sans, it's a gorgeous house, just perfect for you...reminds me of a certain movie!
I love books that turn into houses. Liberty has several but nothing as colourful and imaginative as yours.

Meli said...

Sans, As Mercedes says is perfect for you. Amazing lovely house with all the details!!!
Your are realy and ooak miniaturist!!
Warm regards,

rosanna said...

WONDERFUL!!!!! Sans,that's really yours! when I come can I play with it? please please please....

Lize said...

A true house for a craftsman and a connoiseur . On a miniature scale (no pun intended), he is certainly upstaging the Maharajah!! I love the colours, Sans. It is certainly bohemian chic! An with such interesting 'guests' in the formal garden.

Love that you have the history pinned down up to where the inspiration comes from...

You are only allowed one guess where I am heading off to now!

Josje said...

What a fun and beautiful house. I LOVE all the different patterns and colours!
Like your Beatles song playing on your site too.

Norma said...

What an incredible creation! And yes, so very YOU Sans :) Have fun!!

contar said...

It is a marvel, the house of the dreams of any child, with so many details it looks like a lie that everything is of carton.
It is lucky to possess something so wonderful.
An embrace

Es una maravilla, la casa de los sueños de cualquier niño, con tantos detalles parece mentira que todo sea de carton.
tiene suerte de poseer algo tan maravilloso.
un abrazo

julie campbell said...

oh Sans, this house was meant for you. Its so beautiful and so colourful and eccentric too !! I loved al your photos, I think you wil be finding new details to see for a long time to come,
enjoy your wonderful house,
julie xxx

dora said...

No wonder, that has been up to high overnight hours playing.
It is wonderful simpemente, a jewel. I congratulate you on the acquisition and the narrative, which I always love reading, as explains things.
A Carmen hug

Tallulah Belle said...

Wow, wow, wow...this house was indeed made with you in ind. It is so perfect for you.

I've spent ages on here looking at all the tiny details...I need to go check out her website now.

I think like Julie said you'll still be seeing little details weeks from now.

Eva J said...

Oh wow! I have been sitting here
looking and looking and totally
fascinated! I love all the colours
and the mix of different patterns
and to me this is so very very
excotic! Congratulations to having
found the house that you feel is
totally you! What a wonderful
experience that must be.

Eva J

Pubdoll said...

Like Eva J I too have spent the evening marvelling over all the pictures of this house! Congratulations with this fabulous find, I love, love love it, and as the others say, this house really is very you with it's bright colours and patterns, the fantasy and imagination that went into making it and all the stories one can imagine taking place in it. And I'm sure you will provide us with many of them :-)

Snowfern said...

oh Sans! i hope that playing with that cute (yes i find it adorable!) little house is not keeping you away from much needed rest! XD hope you are feeling better!

Roberta said...

I can't believe it!!!!!
This house is very very fantastic!!!!!
You was very lucky to find it and I think it is perfect for you....I can see you to play with it, with your beautiful dolls to make dinner, have a sit on these fantastic benchs...have a big fun, baby!!!!!!
A big hug to you and your dear friends

Sans said...

Oooooo Lize, you have got me so excited I have to reply to you 1st!

You are coming to THE HOUSE OF SANS! I don't care, I DEMAND that you stopover here en route to wherever you are heading (don't tell me it's India! I will just die from envy.) Seriously, my houses need some loving and I will put fresh sheets for you in the guest room. You are probably used to some dust (damn minis)/ mossies and heat? But I promise you, you will be treated like a true Maharani, limitless supply of food (hope you are on a diet), plenty of slave boys with platefuls of grapes, guarantee sweet not sour.

Just want to let you know that all the descriptions of where and how The House of Sans! was created are Ilisha's own words.

Back to your impending visit, you know my email, so write and let me know when I (or Hassan :) ) should pick you up from the airport!

Sans said...

Grace, that's why I was so impatient when I didn't hear from Ilisha. By the way, according to Ilisha, she is known as Hestia House in the miniature world. She makes tiny buttons and buckles on display cards and also loose for sewing onto tiny clothes, paper doilies, braided and buttoned ribbon rugs, pop-up houses and paper furniture, carved wooden platters, tramp art miniature button samplers and of course, paper dolls. She exhibits at Chicago International, Philadelphia Miniaturia and the San Jose Miniature show in California.

If you guys are near her, go check her out!

Sans said...

Mercedes, what movie? what movie? If it has a house like this, I want to watch it!

I have loved pop up books for the longest time but knew I should never start collecting them or I won't ever stop.

Then I fell in love with toy theatre and bought a couple when I was at the folk museum in Innsbruck. It seems everything just fell into place. After I bought the house from Ilisha, I found the famous Victorian Dollhouse Book by Willabel Tong (http://www.amazon.com/Victorian-Doll-House-Willabel-Tong/dp/1581170297) being sold for a mere S$9.90 ( about USD7) at a 2nd hand book store! It is almost new with only 1 piece of the item missing. It is almost never that you find a dollhouse book here!

I think pop up books are work of art and should be kept as heirlooms.So ask Liberty to take care of hers.

Sans said...

Meli, she is, isn't she? I also bought a gas station from her for my car crazy nephew..lol! But I have to say,her house is my true love :). If I ever make a Sans doll, I will give her a wardrobe full of wild crazy clothes in the most wonderful prints, just like her house :). No one can find her in the house. She will totally blend in with the walls :).

Sans said...

Ooook, Rosanna, you can play for 2 minutes! lol :)And yes, I will count. That's what my nephew always say to my niece..haha.

My dear, I am afraid the guest room has become rather crowded. Since my last photo, I have added a small bedside table which I found abandoned on the roadside, toys from my trip, a sewing box, more books and then when The House of Sans went to the top of the cupboard, FaiZ shook his head and wonder how you are going to sleep in this crowded room. I was more worried for Walter. He is going to have nightmares ..lol! Never mind, you both can stay awake and play *cough with my dolls *cough cough cough!

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Susan is a beautiful house and complements, congratulations, never watch similar think. Best wishes

Lize said...

Hey! Not fair!!!!

You have me all excited about a visit which I haven't planned! I am packing my bags, and in my mind, I can smell those fresh sheets which I am not used to. As you know, our tents are somewhat (ok VERY) dusty, and after the last 4 sandstorms I have not yet had a bath as the oasis ran dry.

I am a-coming... I am going to borrow a camel... See you in another six moths...the journey is long and the mountains high... I'll bring gifts though, as well as gold, frankincense and myrrh.

PS I'll need a bath when I get there... before I lay my head on that clean pillow!

Sans said...

Lize, this is toooo weird. In my 1st reply, I had wanted to tell you that the boys here will start work on a hamam immediately after you confirm that you are coming! Not kidding you :). I decided to censor that and deleted that line.

Anyway, so where are you heading "now"??? I am dying here. You better tell.

PS I hereby ORDER that if you are here in Singapore, you must come visit me :) And you can bathe outside where we wash our cars if you are arriving on a camel :).

Sans said...

Josje, I forgot to mention that Ilisha is a dollhouse enthusiast like us. She told me her house is a homemade one from the 30s!

By the way, are you preparing to visit the Ronan-Jim exhibition yet (on 27-28) ? I read that James Carrington will be there too . I understand there are many miniatures events happening in Arnhem right now? Everytime I see you, I have to ask about Sevellec. I must sound like a freaky broken record ..lol!

dale said...

Sans, this house is absolutely perfect for you. I love it!

I want to blend right into it, too. :)

I've ridden a camel, they're hard!

Please, put my name on the waiting list for the guest room. ;)

Sans said...

Yea, Norma, when I open up my parcel from Ilisha, I laughed out loud. I thought I went nuts with my living room, having all that Indian cushions mixing with my tapestry from Kathmandu, Syria, Thai cushions, the Chinoiserie day bed and Persian rugs. Everything in less than 200 sqft worth of space. What a riot of colours! Not everyone's cup of tea :).

This house is perfect for Sans! She is nuttier than me :).

Sans said...

Contar!!!!! You are sitting on one of my garden chairs! Hahahah! I love your new profile picture! You look like you belong at the House of Sans!:)

Where were you? With Alice in Wonderland?

Usted está sentado en una de mis sillas de jardín! Me encanta tu nueva imagen de perfil! Te ves como si pertenecen a la Casa de Sans!:)
¿Dónde estabas? Con Alice in Wonderland?

Sans said...

Julie, these pictures were so hard to take. Each one took me about 20-30 shots. I took the house outside when there is sun, inside near the window, under the table, up on the cupboard etc etc , I just couldn't get the colours out. I even tried taking pictures in the dark with flash until it got a bit spooky.

I don't know how some of you can take such wonderful pictures just using natural lights. I just wanted to do Ilisha's work justice. I think the courtyard picture is terrible. Should have just scanned it.

Sans said...

Muchas gracias, Carmen, thank you :)

I was looking for the 50 animals but kept getting distracted and then lost count! hahaha

Estaba buscando los 50 animales, pero mantuvo distraerse y contar luego perdió!

Sans said...

Maybe, Jayne, you will find the 50 animals :). Speaking of which, yours will only be posted out late this week. :) Watch out for them.

Sans said...

I am thrilled, Eva J , both over the house and you taking the time to comment :).Not sure if you know this but I am a regular at your blog. :) Your garden is gorgeous. I just love flowers.

Tallulah Belle said...

Waaaahhhhh your blog just scared the bejeesus out of me lol. I have the speakers on and all of a sudden john Lennon started singing :-)

50 animals....hmmm....Ok.

You are mailing me something ? Remember I moved house :-) I don't recall if you have my new address.

p.s a riot of colors IS my cup of tea. I am thinking of some henna art as big art for my room.

Sans said...

OMG, Jayne, thank goodness you reminded me and I was slow in mailing your parcel. Can you email me your new address plz? PHEWWWWW! The animals (only sending you a fraction, not 50) will go well in a room with colours. I think Henna is a damn bloody great idea for BIG art!

Tallulah Belle said...

LOl I've emailed you

Sans said...

Helene, I seriously think the life size version of this house can work too. What do you think? Not sure if we will feel like we are living in a kaleidoscope. Especially if the occupants start dressing up like the walls and walk about. Ok, I am getting dizzy now, thinking about it lol.

This house is already so busy I don't think anyone will pay attention to any other stories except what inspires Ilisha :).

Josje said...

Yes, I'll be going to the exhibition on Saturday the 27th! Yippee! It is all one big event though, taking place in an old church. James Carrington will be there, and many many others.
I just got off the phone with my friend, we have been planning a 'where we intend to spend our money' route through the church :))))

Sans said...

Cindy, did your ear itch tonight? I met Chris by accident on my way to watch "The Lovely Bones" and we talked about you :).

Do you like ghost stories with fantastic visuals and dollhouses? If yes, then you must go watch Peter Jackson's "The Lovely Bones". It is about a girl who was murdered by get this, a dollhouse maker! This is not a spoiler as they tell you almost at the beginning. Go for the stunning visuals and of course the dollhouses :) It's not scary. I know I may be shot for saying this but I prefer Bones to Alice in Wonderland ..lol

Rest? Life is too short for rest :). lol.

Mar said...

Hi Sans

You must have indead a good printer, lovely work you be done, and great stories. Great that I have your blogaddy now and will change it on my blog.

You definitly see me back, have a wonderful and creative day,


Eva said...

Wow! Yes...it is SANS!! *grin*
Wonderful...I would spend hours playing with it too or just looking at every tiny detail.
So coloured and just wonderful!!
Yes, definetily it is Sans!!

Snowfern said...

Sans, my ear -always- itches. i think it has to do with recurrent sinus infections LOL!

i do plan on catching lovely bones, thanks for the review! i recall trying to read the book, but you know me and my attention span.......i consider it an accomplishment if i remember to brush my teeth every morning! HA HA!

oh yes. dangit. rest interrupts my minis all the time.

i really do wonder what else you have up your sleeves...:P i know you wear them long to hide all the goodies!!! :P :P :P

Sans said...

You know Roberta, this house did make me feel like a little girl again :). I carry it here and there like a handbag ..lol :). I finally have a house where I can use paper printies :). Instead of "cooked" food, there will be packets of junk food like chips, boxes of cookies and paper bags of candies..haha!

Sans said...

I fully agree with you Gemma, that the design is unique, whimsical and fabulous. Ilisha did it perfectly because as she said, "there were no rules :)"! This house shall also be known as "The House With No Rules" :).

Sans said...

No waiting list for you, Dale! You are in the express queue cos of your VIP status :).

Sans said...

Mar, my printer is not thaaaaat good ..lol. I bought the kit from Ilisha Heffman of Hestia House. :)

Now your printies will definitely go into this house. I only have to find a boyfriend/boyfriends :)for Sans! Since your printies are for men. You have been very generous with the giveaway :)

Sans said...

Eva, this house would have been great for your son's project :). A house with all the elements of the world :)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

It does indeed look custom made for you! So many patterns, textures and colors! It's quite beautiful and exotic!


Sans said...

Right up my alley, Jody :).

Papillon Bleu said...

This house is extraordinary! can I come and play with you?

Thank you for letting me know about Moshe, I am sure he will take care of my kitty.

Sans said...

Anytime, Patricia, anytime. By the way, I have a mini Moshe who will be staying at the house :).

Ara said...

Wow - this is such an amazing house!!! And I can so see why you love it! There is so much detail everywhere - I would be lost in it forever.

Sans said...

I have just been told by Ilisha that I have put the back part of the dresser in the master bedroom the wrong way around..lol. It has a mirror but really, however you fix it, they are pretty. Ilisha made sure of that :). So yes, Ara, it is easy to get lost in here :).

Jean Day said...

This house and furniture are so fantastic, love all the rich patterns. It would be so wonderful to live in a house like that.

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