Saturday, 9 January 2010

Day 108- 1st 2010 Project

Thanks to the generosity of my dear ones (including my brother who gave me this beautiful blog design), I am ready to start on my mini projects again.

Statue of David Apron from SuZ
( present given because I have been hankering for one-27/12/10)

I put on my apron and started my preparation.

The 1st thing I did was to bring this table from my storeroom to the craft room so that my very own printer has a place and I can work there with my laptop. Where's the printer, you asked. Here it is:

HP Deskjet F300 All-In-One Series from Andrew
(Gift of Love after Xmas 2010)

As you can tell, I am not a fan of appliances and equipment.
I think they are adorable as minis but in real life, they should not be seen.
That's what I did with my spanking new toaster oven as well

Philips Toaster Oven HD 4494 from Banker
(gift redemption from credit card points-last week)

I placed it in the corner of the room right next to the door so that when I open the door, it is well and truly hidden.

I then moved on to the best part of my prep, i.e. taking out the darling minis I hope to use and playing with them.

Imported Perfume Bottles from Helene (less than 1"h)
(Ones below are new-Xmas present-16/12/10)

Took me a while to lay out all these bottles because there were so many. There were the ones Helene gave me on Day 96.
There were also the new ones, 2 of which were made by Mari (2nd tall one from the left of the purple range) & Bendik, Helene's children.
The purple one with the spritzer was made by Bendik and much as I love all of them dearly, Bendik's is my favourite.

Tin Mugs for Chai from Cindy (about 1/2"h)
(1st mini gift received this year-6/1/10)

Cindy gave me these because she had never seen any of my dolls drinking anything.
You can read all about it at her blog.
By the way, this is exactly how chai is served at the Indian coffee shops near my home.
Cindy made two types of tea.

There's the Masala Tea which really looks like it has been brewed for hours. Yes, the chai does "swirl" especially under lights.

Then there's the Saffron Tea. Look closely and you can see that there are tiny strands of saffron in her tea. I just want to take this opportunity to say that I am really proud of Cindy because she is one of the artisans who have put Singapore on the map with her wonderful work.

I looked at the rest of the gifts I have from Helene and wondered if I could use them. Beautiful as they are, will they fit into my 1st 2010 project?

Elephant & Tree of Life "Stained Glass" Bookmarks from Helene - (less than 3"h)
(gift from Day 96)

Old Victorian Little Girl Picture with Frame from Helene (less than 2" h)
(Xmas Present-16/12/09)

Iconic Chanel Handbag from Helene (5/8" h)
Xmas Present- 16/12/09

Then there is the even more unlikely salt, pepper & toothpick holder set from Mum.

Vintage "Gift" from Mum. Something she owned for a long time and which I just took from her kitchen after she sighed and said "oooook". Toothpicks (not in pic) unused.

It is getting late.
So I quickly gathered the rest of the things which I have bought especially for this project.

A Plate Mat made of wood (diameter 11")

2 Porcelain Trinket Boxes (1 1/2"w by 1" h)

3 "screens" bought from Daiso KL (7 3/4" h by 5 1/2 w each)

Tomorrow, I said, tomorrow, I will start.
And promptly packed everything into a box.


rosanna said...

Cannot wait to see what you are aiming to!! I guess you are VERy pretty with your Venus apron on. Thankfully you have arms to go with it :o))) I like the new oven, does not look shabby at all ;o) hugs Rosanna

Sans said...

O yes, Rosanna,I feel very pretty in the apron because it makes me look really skinny. I just realise that this cannot be your countryman's David because she has breasts. Ahh Venus De Milo! Anyway, I am not going to change it! lol

Actually I am very happy with the toaster oven since I only paid S$19 for it with the points redemption. It has a temperature gauge which I have read is very important for baking clay.

I am glad you like the oven too although I am not sure if you will be happy sleeping next to it? ;)

Caseymini said...

Sans, I love the new blog design! What a lucky girl you are. Wonderful presents!

Pubdoll said...

Bendik was very pleased his bottle was your favourite :-) But I'm a bit ashamed becaus when I see the close ups of some of the bottles, I can see traces of glue, I must admit I never have been very good at using glue without any mess.

I don't mind if you change the picture in the victorian frame, I bought it mostly because of the frame anyway. And feel free to use or not use whatever you want, I think it will be very hard to find one project which everything here could fit into :-) Love the pictures from your workroom, you have so many beautiful things!

Pubdoll said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lize said...

Nooooo! This is not fair...
Got my tea, sitting rooted in my chair, ready for action. Enjoying the pictures and references...
Ah, there is a story coming...
Not fair Sans! Not fair!

I'll be back tomorrow...ready for my story or NOT! And that ain't gonna be pretty!

PS Nice stuff you have though. Enough perfume there to keep a harem going.

I don't like appliances either. If it did not prove to be a fire hazard, I would drape a cloth over the stove.

Lize said...

Ps PS My friend used to make chai tea, it is delicious. She has since moved to Dubai, and how I miss her and chai tea! I think I need to try my own hand at it.

Josje said...

Your craft room looks very cosy and comfy, and so NEAT! I wouldn't dare show you my room now, haha!
Lovely gifts you have received, I especially like the collection of perfume bottles.
Look forward to seeing what you're up to tomorrow!

rosanna said...

PS I forgot to say: I love chay! and I prepare it quite often in Winter.Hugs Rosanna

Snowfern said...

^ ^ so glad you like them! i went through almost all your posts (THERE WERE SO MANY!!! ) and gave up and clicked on the tags "palace foods" to check and re-check if you really had drinks in case my memory failed me. see i'm a cyberstalker :X

let me know if you need more. would give me reason to restock my supply of 'cups' eheheh

gratz on the new appliances! that oven looks so swanky :O since clay bakes at relatively low temperatures, i wouldn't think it would harm your wooden (?) chair much but that table cloth next to it....:-/ i'd also pull it out a little while baking as there are usually vents at the back of the oven. /fire safety manager armband off XD

i'm so nervous about stuff catching on fire my oven is on the floor, almost smack in the middle of the hall, next to the standing fan XD crazy is as crazy does....*staggers off*

Sans said...

Thank you Casey! Sometimes I do think that I must be one of the luckiest person in the world. At least in many aspects.

Sans said...

Helene, please don't worry about the glue. That's the easiest to fix. Remember how when my howdah candle holders reached you, they all fell into pieces? Now, that's a person who really didn't know how to handle glue. I will remove the traces with a needle. It's a 2 seconds job. By the way, some of the glue was also my fault, like Bendik's spritzer. Cos it came off the bottle.

I am still not sure if I will use everything in my next project (although I will use them all eventually) but I can tell you the stained glass looked fabulous when I tested them out for what I wanted to do. Now is to research a bit on the use of stained glass in India during the colonial days.

We all know Coco Chanel started her company in the early 20th century so it would still work if a terribly fashionable European lady carry her bag ? We'll see.

The frame is perfect and I too was wondering if I should change the picture. It can also be used for my British Victorian family staying in India at that time.

Your gifts are all very useful .

Sans said...

O yeah, Helene, I forgot to mention that there was one tiny mistake you made with a bottle that cracked me up. I will tell you in my email..hahaha! :)

Sans said...

You know Liz, I used the term "chai" to just mean "tea". Over here, I understand that "chai" also only mean "tea" for Hindi & Punjabi people. In Mandarin, the word for tea is "char". I only found out after doing this post that many Europeans use the word "chai" (apparently even the British during the colonial days) to mean Masala Tea.

My favourite tea is Masala chai. Next is ginger milk tea. My order for a masala tea often took ages because a good masala chai is made by boiling the milk with the tea leaves and spices and then leave for a while for maximum taste. Then when I was in KL, my tea came within 1 minute. We were told that you can now buy masala tea all in one tea bags now from India. That's
definitely on my shopping list now.

Should be quite easy for you to get the spices in KSA? Maybe even the tea bags.

By the way, how do you know that my next project will involve the harem girls again? *eyes narrowing with suspicions.

Sans said...

Josje, I am afraid I hardly craft (actually I have not) in that room. I am finicky that way and know that I will mess it up if I should work there. So I work everywhere else, mainly in the dining room with the messier work in the kitchen and "backyard porch" and stitching in my bedroom.

The craft room was and still is a guest room. So I can't afford to make it too messy. Now even more so since a mutual friend of ours will be visiting me in July/August (yay!).

I have just added even more things in the room now with the hanging of some Indian mobiles. I am not sure if it is restful enough for my guests with all the dolls, elephants probably causing a ruckus when I am not there.

Sans said...

O dear, Cindy, I am so sorry you have to go through my badly labelled posts. Thank you for kicking my butt because I have just went and change all the labels /titles. 2 hours just to do that and I can imagine what you had to go through.

Actually there was a post where my dolls were drinking. It was Day 82-The Story of Coffee but I used real!

Thank you for all your tips on fie safety. I had thought about it and I will be really careful when I finally use it. I don't think I will do it in the craft room. I will move the oven to the kitchen.

contar said...

Wave again to comment to him(her) that all his(its,her) works fill with enthusiasm me
An embrace

ola de nuevo comentarle que me entusiasman todos sus trabajos
un abrazo

TreeFeathers said...

Hi Sans, thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog! (I'm glad someone notices how much I work on it, lol!) I read your blog all the time, I really love seeing all the treasures you make and collect for your palace. Congrats on some awesome holiday gifts, too, love that Venus de Milo apron! :)

- Grace

Ara said...

Such lovely gifts Sans!! And that apron is just too funny!! I have a small trinket box just like yours that my sister gave me! You have so many goodies to play with now!! I'll be looking forward to seeing how you put this all together in your projects!! hugs, ara

Sans said...

Thank you so much, Contar for coming back here :). Can you see me waving back? *wave wave!

Sans said...

Grace, I think your books are beautiful and very reasonably priced. Now that your site is so easy to navigate, it is ever so quick to just pop over and buy something. If not for the fact that my library is not up and I am looking for readable books, I would have got something from you already. So I will never stop popping over to Treefeathers to check out your stuff .

Thank you for visiting :):) and taking the time to comment.

By the way, my sis got the apron from a friend in Thailand! I am happy that she finally decided to give it to me!

Sans said...

Ara, I know you will appreciate the apron. I was just thinking of you yesterday when I had to go through all my old posts. I read again my post about the wedding chair and wondered how you are doing :).

Funny you should mention the trinket box. I was told they were from China?
They are the 1st things I "played" with. Very small change but it sure took me a whole day! Hope you will be back to read about what I did.

rosanna said...

Sans, please, check in the mail :o))))

Tallulah Belle said...

Love it all but that apron is a hoot...I want one :-)

I love the room though....but where is the cushion ?

Snowfern said...

Sans, i didn't mean to crack the whip, OOPS! my own blog is a whole mess, i do try to clean up the tags as often as i can (maybe once every 3 mths?) but it would depend greatly on how much time i'd have to be away from clay XD

Sans said...

Jayne!!!!! My goodness, you can't see the cushion ?LOL Ok, my bad, maybe it really doesn't look like a cushion but it's on the floor in the 2nd picture. The round plush cloth thingy with the Indian embroidery? Ok, watch my next post, I will put up a pic of more cushions :).

Sans said...

Cindy, crack away, man! The way I title was a pain even to me. I was just too lazy. I use my tags all the time and curse just as much because I don't tag the posts properly or overtime, I changed my way of tagging..blah blah . Hopefully, no more labelling /labouring!

Papillon Bleu said...

Thank you for leaving such a positive comment on my blog!
I cannot wait to see your palace.I just love colours so much.
Your brother did a fantastic job with your blog.WOW!
Bye for now!

Snowfern said...

Sans, LOL @ labelling/labouring pains pun XD XD XD i love the alliterative, punny sort of humour XD XD XD probably why i cyberstalk you... tee hee

oh and btw, do you read the local chinese papers? today's might be of interest to you....:X :X :X *AHEM AHEM*

Sans said...

Hi P Bleu, I meant every word :). Thanks for popping by!

Tallulah Belle said...

Ok I see it now...I thought it was a pouffe.

I love it were right :-)

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