Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Day 96 & A Moon-Up From The Basement-Pt 1

I HAVE LIVED the last moon in a daze. It was as if someone had brewed a curse, blew the smoke my way and vhooooooom, my muses disappeared and could not return. I was at a creative low, blocked and uninspired, my mind trapped in a dark dingy basement.

The dark, dingy basement of The Emperor's Emporium- THEN

The dark, dingy basement of The Emperor's Emporium- NOW

My memories are not clear (it was a daze, remember?) but I believed it all started the day the HalloWitch Sisters flew in, as early as Early September, right into the"Jai Ho" celebrations of Rolla n Ro (originals only).

In their dull, drab dresses and wind-blown hair, the Sisters stood out like sore thumbs at our fashionable Bazaar. But the Bazaar was the reason why they have flown the many light years. They have heard that this is where you can find the best pot and the best ingredients.

No, no, no, the witches are not junkies. You see, the HalloWitch Sisters are preparing for the 2009 World Horror Convention ("WHC") in Canada on Halloween. A big deal because all the who's who will be there to showcase their latest poison. The WHC is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Brew) P-A-R-T-E-A. The Sisters will NEED the best if they are to stand a chance against the likes of Tessie of Spiderwort Manor or The Addamses of their Mini Mansion or The Ghost of Haunted San Fran.

But 1st thing 1st:

a makeover for our girls so that they could blend in with the chic and trendy Chandni Chowk crowd. Out went the drab and in came the satin and lace, made in the same HalloWitch signature style i.e.:

A conservative neckline for the bodice
with an unmatching but shimmering kerchief at the neck for "drama" effect when flying.
Plain long sleeves with plenty of room for swinging brooms and stirring sticks.
Clashing aprons trimmed with inappropriate black laces along the hem.
No underskirt but a plastic black cone instead,
perfect for sticking the bustle skirt onto with clear scotch tapes so that
the girls don't have their overskirts over their ubiquitous pointy hats when flying in the winds.

The Sisters love their new dresses so much, they never took them off again.

I first spotted them, shaking their bums with their plastic cones showing, at the Rolla's opening acts. It must be just after they have found their claypot/ cauldron (details later). They were standing right at the back and gesticulating excitedly. No one else saw them then despite their garish fashion sense. Well, nothing unusual about the excitement, I thought, everyone was dancing to the music and the performances have gotten better now that Jai has his own Eva's Tabla.

And then, slowly and surreptitiously, I saw Mdm Khaki+Turquoise wriggled and wangled toward the stage. Nothing unusual still, I guess.

She shimmied "seductively" towards Jai..hmmm, well, ok, understandable, which girl wouldn't be attracted to him, right? On hind sight, my alarm bells should have rung then because face-down-flat-on -the -floor was a sure funny way to shimmy.

As if she could read my mind, Mdm Khaki+Turquoise immediately turned around and started to limbo rock! Wow, IMPRESSIVE! Her body was just 1 inch above the floor, completely parallel and levitating(?), heaving towards Jai's feet.

These are the close up shots I took for proof to see if she was indeed levitating or maybe she was just a great limbo rocker:

By the time I realised what she was really up to, like some of you now, the deed was done. Mdm Khaki+Turquoise was using her pointy hat to hook Sissy's basket so that she can steal her!!

And look! The Sisters are stealing away

with their claypot on their head, Indian Style!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO", I screamed! And they promptly dropped their pot!

Note To Audience: If you can, read the next part in slow mo ..

Upon hearing my scream, the Rollas sprung into cinematic action. In the art and magic of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", the pair leaped into the air and landed

on the turban of an unsuspecting dancer with Ro still strumming and singing so that the dancing continued and the enjoyment of the crowd went uninterrupted. And while they gracefully leaped and landed and danced through the air towards the HalloWitch Sisters, Jai leaned back in his chair, took a deep breath and threw with one hand (and this one, you must really imagine in slow motion)
the Eva Tabla toward Mdm Khaki+Turquoise

The tabla flew silently,
over the shoulders of the Rollas who were themselves
stepping over the heads of more dancers,
All of them,
zeroing in towards Mdm Khaki+Turquoise

And while the other 2 witches panicked and flew too

Madam was not so lucky.

For Eva's Tabla was right on target
hitting the back of Madam's head

And as you can see,
she has toppled over
right into her very own cauldron,
in complete humiliation and pain.
The bag dropped from her hand
and dear Sissy has escaped.

What a relief !
For this was to be Sissy's fate if our heroes and heroine had not reacted in time:

So round of applause for our brave men and woman please, ladies and gentlemen. I dare say though, and I am sure everyone will agree, that the real hero has to be Eva's Tabla. And that is why till today, it remains Jai's best friend and constant companion.

Now the story has not ended but for now, here is an excerpt of the relevant scene, for those of you who have not seen the Academy Award Winner, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (in case you want to know, Chow Yun Fatt is my all time favourite actor):


Texas Belle said...

Love it! I don't think I've ever read in slow mo before, but it added a lot to the story, LOL! You did a wonderful job with the witches' dresses, btw, the new look gives them so much more personality.

Hope your creativity's flowing again; I so look forward to your stories each week and miss them when you don't post!

Snowfern said...

LOL i was thinking the same, Texas Belle, in my mind it played like a spoilt tape recorder XD

you're having too much fun Sans! that's a good thing!

Sans said...

TB (LOL!), you are the best! I was going to post more . I certainly have enough material for 4-5 more posts :) since my muses are back but I wanted to make this one 1st (embargoed till witches reach destination safely).

Too much fun huh, Cindy? :):) Well, actually the story didn't come until I started taking pictures and noticed that my nephew had placed the witches as if they were watching the show.So I guess you can say my nephew authored this. I truly was suffering from a bad case of ZeroIdeaNitis.

Eva said...

What can I say? Your way of telling the story has made I feel as if I was watching a movie and I was into it looking how witches made their misdeeds. I missed you and your creativity very much dear Susan. Do not disappears again please:)

How is it possible that we live so many miles away one from each other and our current projects go along similar lines? I love it!
And love the witches too!!!

rosanna said...

Hi Sans, if you have written all this in a underton mood, what shall we have when you'll be in a outburst of creativity? Your witches are so cute, mischievious and a bit wild,I love them and the story runs so well. Welcome to blogland my dear Hugs Rosanna

Liberty Biberty said...

Welcome back my friend! I feel like I've just been to the Premiere of a new movie - a great comeback! It definitely made me think of 'Crouching Tiger'.
You have been missed.

Ara said...

Sans, this story is too fantastic!!! And that you have illustrated is so well with so many pictures is great! I love how everyone that send or receives something from you gets their own personalized story!!! It makes it all the more fun! Thanks for participating in the swap! Hugs - Ara

Pubdoll said...

Great to have you back in blogland again Sans, I have so missed your posts! And it seems your muses have come back again too! Fabulous and hilarious story and with fantastic pictures! I really don't know how you managed to take all the pictures of the flying witches, Rollas and tabla! But it really was Chrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-like! I love that clip from the movie as well, great to see it again!

Snowfern said...

*Gasp* you let your nephew touch them!? I would NEVER let my nieces come even close to my minis LOL! I guess I'm more territorial than you are XD

re: your comments on my blog

yeah, i try to catch up on friends' blogs when my wrist isn't throbbing, and i don't know how to communicate in Japanese! the wonders of googletranslate. how many languages exactly do you know????? as to the mini drill/rotor, i also donno how to use, just anyhow whack la XD yea Daiso sells the drill bits, not the drill though.

Sans said...

Eva :), I am glad you read my Eva's Tabla post. I am so behind on everyone's posts as well but I think I have caught up with all of yours.

In a way, I am very glad I participated in this circle swap because otherwise I would never have anything ghoulish (since they are not very pretty :)) It is very very hard to make scary things when you are really trying. That's why I really love the tree that you are making!

Sans said...

Rosanna,guess you will understand best if I tell you I have grown very very fond of Mdm Khaki+Turquoise. Maybe that's another reason why it took me soooooooooo long to get everything done so I can delay the sending off. I never thought I could love but I did really love them even though they are very evil!

You guys really make it great to be back to blogland!

Sans said...

Mercedes & Helene, I can't believe you both have seen Crouching Tiger!! Must be so far out for you right?! Like who can fly and land on bamboo trees without breaking the branches right? Or walk on walls!! But martial art or "wuxia" in Mandarin is respected and very much appreciated here and I am a big fan :). That's why I had a lot of fun trying to create my own wuxia movie.

Eva said...

By the way, I forgot to say that I have seen the movie Chrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon at home!!
Although in Spanish the tittle was Tiger and Dragon...

Sans said...

Wow, Eva, et tu, Brute (Julius Caesar's last words)? No one does Kung Fu like the Chinese. I remember watching many where the heroes do use musical instruments as their weapons and the sound can create killer vibrations. In one fell note, all the enemies drop like flies while the hero flies around strumming the "Ku-chen" (looks like the sitar that Ro is holding). Cindy will probably be able to testify to that.

Sans said...

Ara, although your swap for Rosanna is the only one I have not seen (but I KNOW it will be great), let me tell you I think this circle swap is a huge success (modesty requires me to exclude mine, of course). I am very glad to have taken the plunge and say "yes". I have made things that I would normally not do. It was hard (for me) but well worth it. Everyone did such an amazing job (not being polite here). So congratulations, Ara! BRAVO!

Snowfern said...

haha yea the instruments, the invisible strings flying through the air, the hidden needles in the this sure brings back memories > <

according to my parents, i was named by grandma after a heroine in a popular tv series in the 70s...i gotta ask my grandma how true it is, my parents have been known to embellish the truth....

Sans said...

Helene, I used Blu Tac to stick Ro's foot on the heads. The Rollas fell a few times which added to my merriment! Tabla was stuck to Ro's shoulder. The picture where the other 2 witches flew, I used a real life candle holder and made them stand on it at different angles.

Sans said...

Cindy, my nieces and nephews can touch SOME minis. They are good with that and will ask me 1st if they want to play with anything else.

By the way, my mum told me I was named after an actress as well! LOL!

Miss jane said...
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