Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Between Day 78 & 79- Jodhaa Akbar

The world's your inspiration,
Anything you see,
No matter what it means to you,
It means the same to me,

The world's a stage for actors,
Hitched up for a show,
It's a canvas to an artist,
Tells a story blow by blow,

Excerpt from the poem "The World's Your Inspiration" by Abby Wall.


Mine is truly from the real "stage for actors", movies.
Epics, romance, tragedies, fantasies,
if they have an Indian palace in it, I'll watch it.
Movies I love have great stories but movies I'll never forget, have great scenes.

My all time favourite, like Katie's, is still Mira Nair's Kama Sutra- A Tale of Love. I watched the heart-wrenching, hauntingly beautiful and mythic tragedy in 1996 when it first came out,
And there I found my Jai, Raj, Maya, Tara.
Since then, I have been searching for another epic romance, majestic setting, larger than life tale.

On 21st June 2009, 4am in the morning, I came home with the DVD of Jodhaa Akbar from the ever reliable Mustapha and found my fix.

I love this movie on many levels.
Not least of all the sumptuous settings.
Be it

The Maharajah's Chamber
where the saga of a historical romance begins and ends

The Royal Tent
when a Rajput princess awaits her fate

and the Emperor begins the conquest for the heart of his queen

Beyond the tale of love is also a miraculous union of religions.
And I love how in
The Queen's Palace
this is symbolised by the housing of her Hindu temple (top pic)
under the grandeur of Islamic Mughal splendour

I even love
The Simple Courtyard
which became a grand platform
when the Sufi dervishes dance in divine celebration

and then transforms again into
The Playground For Courtship

And who can resist the most beautiful woman in the world (1994)
portraying the fiery yet graceful
Rajput Princess

Her glimmering costumes

Those ostentatious ornaments

And finally, the awe-inpiring, perfection personified and swoon worthy
Mughal Emperor
a warrior and a philosopher, a visionary and a ruler
at once, powerful and unflinching

yet compassionate and romantic

And with that, may I share with you the final song of the movie mainly for the setting which I hope to recreate in my palace. For those of you, who may want to watch the movie and don't like to know the endings before hand, well, this is a spoiler. But really, this movie is not about endings, it is all about the journey.


Ara said...

Sans.... you have inspired me to take a good long trip to the video store and see what I can dig up. I am sad to say I have not seen much Bollywood.... I need to fix that!! -ara

dora said...

Me encantaria ver esa pelicula, tiene que ser preciosa para inspirar tanto.
Las fotografias son una maravilla

Katie said...

Oh Wow! The pictures you choose are beautiful!!! I still need to go back and watch the end, too....and maybe I can find it in DVD....watching it online, and trying to read along is hard, lol. Thanks you for sharing these with us....So beautiful!!! ....who could resist the Emperors eyes???

I did a movie the other day that made me think of you.....'The Wind and the Lion'....starring Sean Connery and Candice Bergen. Didn't know if you have seen or heard of it.....I was making stuff when I was watching it, so I missed a lot.....but what I saw was really good. I love Sean Connery!!! And he's just as awesome in this one! Not sure if it's actually India now that I think about it, but there's a lot of the same colors and designs. Just thought you may like to know!

Sans said...

Ara, I am not too big a fan of Bollywood either :)! In fact Kama Sutra was really more Hollywood and the leading actress who played Maya, Indira Virma whom I think has the face that can sink 1000 ships is part Genoese Italian (like Rosanna). She was in the HBO series, ROME. I am not big on Bollywood's song and dances. In Jodhaa , it was very appropriately done. Emperor Akbar was not made to break into a dance except for the Sufi whirling scene.

Sans said...

Carmen, usted también debe intentar y mirar Kama Sutra, un Cuento de Amor. He mirado Jodhaa 3 veces ya:)

Katie, the pictures are all from the official website.

I have heard of the Wind and the Lion. I have MGM and Turner on my cable and often, I get gems. In fact, yesterday, I watched The Kite Runner about the lives of 2 boys in Afganistan and cried buckets. It had snippets of a fabulous Afghan bazaar (really made me miss Pakistan, I went as far as Peshawar, like the movie). It was so good, I watched it twice on the same day because the 1st time, I was blogging as I!

Pubdoll said...

Swoon worthy emperor indeed :-)
Gorgeous palacescenes and a great romance, sounds like a must see!
In the meanwhile I have to settle with less palacy Slumdog Millionaire. (Have just bought it and haven't had the time to see it yet)

Eva said...

I have seen the two You tube like that you have posted. It is amazing As Ara says I have not seen to much Bollywood films, because it is no frequent in Europe but probably it will change soon.
They are magic, aren't they?
By the way, I have seen your works reference in

Sans said...

Oh oh oh, Helene, I absolutely love love love Slumdog! The soundtrack! Oh yes, I have written in my last few posts about how I have listened to the soundtrack ad nauseum. You must see it soon :). AR Rahman who did the soundtrack for Slumdog also did Jodhaa Akbar. One of my favourite song is Latika's theme. Try and get hold of it and you will know what I mean.

Sans said...

Thank you Eva for telling me about the link otherwise I would not have known. I am pleased as punch that someone think my one is interesting enough and I am happy that Sumaiya's dolls too got a mention! Must go tell her :). We are listed under "unusual minis" lol! I like that very much :). And you must watch Jodhaa Akbar, Eva. I think you will love it, its for all the diehard romantics in the world.

rosanna said...

Good evening my dear.
The pics are wonderful, I have not seen much of Bolliwood even though this summer one of the national channels performed a movie every Sat night. I love the colours of these movies and the musics but I find the stories so naivé. The Wind and the Lione is set in North Africa and, yes, Sean Connery is definitely handsome in that film. I have not seen the Kite Runner, I did not want to because I read he book some years ago and I cried far too much. I cannot stand screenplays about abhused, illtreated children. I feel too much envolved and I suffer thinking: what if my son were envolved? too nasty to think about it. Stop with this nonsene. Big hugs

Sans said...

I am looking for the book, Rosanna. I believe it is a must read. I totally agree with you on the plot of most Bollywood movies. They churn out so many movies that there is now a formula. But once in a blue moon, they have gems although most of the time, the gems are made by Indian directors who are no longer working in India like Mira Nair. To be perfectly frank, I only watch them if they have a palace or haveli in it.

Meli said...

My goodness Sans!!! I have a lot of reading and seeing!! Everything you post is great as always!! Need this week-end to update me on your blog!!
Mini hugs

Sans said...

LOL, Meli, I haven't posted for a long time. It will be a easy read this month, I suspect ..3 weeks on and still 2 posts . Making things for swap so embargoed anyway!! LOL!

Anonlee said...

Since you love havelis, you should check out Sanjay Leela Bensali's Devdas which has the most amazing homes. It is very operatic (tragic romance) and stunningly beautiful.

Sans said...

Oh yes, I have seen Devdas and really love the houses. Hope to re-create some of those scenes too.

Marie Antionette said...

Beautiful,I love it.The palaces the costumes,jewelry,The story.What a beautful people.The Maharajah is so handsome.To die for.XXOO Marie Antionette

Sans said...

Marie, thank you for your comment! :)

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