Sunday 5 March 2017

Day 423 - 434 The Heart of The Home

What conjures up a home? 

Surely it must be the sounds and smells emanating from its kitchen.

Home is the tranquil song the tap sings when water runs through a colander of  potatoes and fresh greens;

the tenor and bass in rhythmic staccato when a chopper goes through a juicy chunk of meat;

it is the chorus of the pots and pans clanging in anticipation of some sizzling crescendo;

culminating in the sweet sweet sense of bliss when chicken broth is boiling on the stove.

It took me a long while to build this kitchen, a week and 5 days in fact. 

And as my kitchen is fully exposed to the elements, things aged really fast.

But the romance of washing the dishes on a rainy afternoon,

or watching dusk falls on my steps of succulents as I am making dinner,

 I will not have it any other way.

My kitchen may only be a stretch of table along one wall

But with it, Abandoned House is finally a Home.


Daydreamer said...

Oh, My Dear Sans!!! I just don't know how you do it! You conjure such pure essence and beauty in the smallest things, in the tightest quarters! This Kitchen that is outside the Home, yet still brings to that Home its heart.... yes, it is Perfect! This Abandoned House with all its secrets and ancient mystery, holds the Kitchen on its edges, but in doing so, makes the outside as important as the inside.... keeps the Living in the Real world and under the sky and stars and rain! I did not realize it was missing... but it was! Now I see it in all its worn but simple glory... plants growing all around... only a step from Paradise!!!
I am so So Soooo happy you are back here in Mini-land!!! :):):)

claude said...

what a beautiful and colorful kitchen ! it's perfect!

Susi said...

How cozy your kitchen looks, such a great scene!

rosanna said...

You made my day my dear.
I love the new/old kitchen, its colours and your words
Tight hugs, Ro

Fabiola said...

This old and colorful kitchen is amazing.

carmen said...

como se echan de menos tus colores cuando no publicas ...

BiWuBär said...

I'm really glad to see the Abandoned House is now finally a home - I must agree... the kitchen is so very important. And it was also good to hear the kitchen of the Abandoned House... you've described the choir of voices so very well that I was able to hear this kitchen symphony. It's great to have you back in blogland.


Piikko said...

Sans, what a magical kitchen you created! The colours of it are also so delicious. ♥ Hugs, piikko

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